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Pocket Tissue Cover

Created by Aimee Larsen

Materials: 2 coordinating fabrics pattern coordinating thread

This pattern is available for personal and commercial use. If using commercially, my website name should be clearly and visibly displayed with the item being sold. THANKS!

Step 1:Cut pieces according to pattern. Step 2: Sew right sides together on the short side as shown on pattern. Step 3. Turn out and Iron seams flat Step 4. Inside fabric down and Outside fabric up, fold short ends to center, over lapping slightly as shown below. Pin in place. Step 4. Sew as shown ¼" on each open end. Step 5: Trim rough ends with pinking sheers to prevent fraying cut neatly and use fray check or an over casting stitch. Step 6: Turn out and iron

You're done!

This pattern was created for by the owner and can be used commercially if written credit is given in the description of the item being sold. Website address should be clearly represented.



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