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Feature Review--New and Improved functionality

" See the new face

and try the new features of our award-winning software."

Homestead is excited to announce a new version of our drag-and-drop software: SiteBuilder LPX. Our completely redesigned application moves beyond single page editing to allow multiple page editing and quicker file management. With a host of new features incorporated into a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface, SiteBuilder LPX represents the next step in web site building software for those who do not wish to learn HTML or complex web development applications. This feature review outlines the innovations and improvements of HomesteadTM SiteBuilder LPX.

The Page Editor of SiteBuilder LPX

Speed through page editing with our new more helpful interface

New Feature Improved feature

The redesigned Page Editor moves powerful commands out of the menu bar and directly into the interface or shortcut menus. The Element Category menus allow for quick selection of Elements without taking up valuable screen space. The Properties Editor allows for immediate and accessible editing of Page and Element properties--with Help incorporated right in the interface. Open and edit multiple pages at once with our new multiple document interface (MDI). SiteBuilder LPX maintains a history of your last 30 edits, allowing you to Edit multiple pages quickly by switching between page tabs undo unwanted changes. Edit Elements quickly by using the fields and controls provided in the Properties Editor panel appearing to the right of the editing stage. Align and group Elements with the click of a button in the Multiple Elements selected view of the Properties Editor. Right-click support allows you to use the most common commands for editing such as Cut, Copy and Paste, as well as having access to Layout tools such as the grid and rulers and other commands such as Preview, and Element Layer order. Use more fonts and see what they will look like without needing to preview the page. Add bulleted lists as well.

Align and group multiple Elements more quickly

Preview your pages without needing to save first using the new embedded web browser. 1

Manage your pages and files quicker and easier

The new File Manager provides a familiar means to import and manage pages and files with its Windows® Explorer® style interface. Import files more quickly than ever. Manage your entire site and get information on which files need to be published and which files have been changed. Drag and drop multiple files or even folders with images, sounds, or HTML pages directly from your computer into the File Manager. Importing files has never been easier. Move folders or files within your site by dragging and dropping selected items. The File Manager of SiteBuilder LPX Create new folders and add imported files to the root directory.

" Drag and drop

files directly into the File Manager "

Get an overview of your files by viewing the status including the date last modified and date last published. Quickly scan your File Listings for files that are published (check mark) or files that need to be published. View the file type and and file size with detailed file listings. Preview imported files by selecting and clicking the Preview button in the toolbar.

Drag and drop files or folders from your computer directly into the File Manager

Get more information about your account

" The Home

module serves as the control center for your site . . . "

The new Home module serves as a control center for your site, taking most of the important links and information available at Homestead and integrating them directly into the application. The Home module will allow members to access site and account information such as disk space and bandwidth usage, site statistics, and other useful information. Shortcuts to the most common sitebuilding functions View disk space and bandwidth usage Get the latest system and service announcements as well as release notes for SiteBuilder

The Home module of SiteBuilder LPX


General Improvements and Advanced Features

System Requirements

· Intel® Pentium II® processor or other comparable speed processor · Microsoft® Windows® 95 , Windows 98, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows NT ,Windows XP Home/Pro · Internet Explorer 4.x or later · 64MB of RAM · 50MB of available hard disk space · 56 Kbps speed modem or faster

There are a host of changes included in SiteBuilder LPX, all of which are intended to provide a more powerful yet easy-to-use application for building custom web sites. Some of these features include: Site Navigation Wizard integrated directly into the application enabling members to build and view navigation menus directly on their pages. Help incorporated directly into the Properties Editor for answers to questions while you work, and Help documents available both online and offline. Custom color picker accepts both hexadecimal and RBG values and custom colors remembered between editing sessions. Insert HTML and JavaScript into the HEAD tag and within the BODY tag for dynamic page effects and custom elements.


All materials of the Service and the Software (as well as the organization and layout of the Homestead Web Site) are owned and copyrighted or licensed by Homestead, its affiliates or its suppliers. All rights reserved. No reproduction, distribution, or transmission of the copyrighted materials of the Service, which includes the Homestead Web Site and/or the Software, is permitted without the written permission of Homestead. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. Homestead,, the Homestead logo, Homestead Sitebuilder, Homestead SiteBuilder LPX and other Homestead logos and product and service names are trademarks of Homestead Technologies Inc. (the "Homestead Marks"). Persons may not display or use the Homestead Marks in any manner whatsoever without Homestead's prior permission.

The Help contents window (above ) and embedded help available in the Properties Editor (right)

About Homestead

Homestead Technologies Inc. offers the leading Web site building service that provides consumers with a complete, non-technical way to build and maintain an Internet presence on their own. Homestead offers a complete package of website creation software, ad-free world-class hosting, extensive e-commerce capabilities, and comprehensive marketing services to professionals, small businesses, non-profits, clubs, families and hobbyists. Homestead's award-winning SiteBuilder software has remained the industry leader and one of the Internet's most popular software offerings by combining tremendous ease-ofuse with unlimited power, functionality, flexibility and scalability. More than 12 million registered members have built customizable Web sites using Homestead's services, with hundreds more joining each day. The company is based in Menlo Park, California and its services are available at

More Info

For more help using SiteBuilder LPX consult help in the application or on the site or contact Customer Support using the Support Form available on the Homestead site. 3


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