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Introducing a New Day for

Satellite Evangelism

Think NET evangelism has seen better days? Think again.


ET evangelism has made probably the most powerful impact on the global Adventist Church in the last 13 years than any other single evangelistic outreach that we have had," says Mark Finley, Hope Channel board chairman and vice president for the Adventist world church. Pastor Finley is the "father" of the modern NET evangelistic meeting. Starting with Finley's NET 95 in Chattanooga, more than 200 satellite evangelistic series have been held around the world by a variety of evangelistic speakers. Results have been staggering. An estimated 2.5 million new members have joined the Adventist Church through this method. The growth of satellite evangelism has created an irony in North America. Concerned members have observed that the frequency of NET meetings has probably diluted some church members' enthusiasm and participation. Some have even suggested that NET evangelism has seen better days. This sentiment is sure to change as people realize two very important things. First, NET meetings are making an enormous impact in the world church. Hope Channel's Safari Africa (September 2007) was phenomenally successful with 40,000 new members baptized. The Russian language NET 2007, covering all of the former USSR, had 5,000 churches participate and led 25,000 people to Jesus and baptism. In 2007, more than 200,000 new members joined the Adventist Church from NET meetings alone. Second, Hope Channel, Pastor Mark Finley, and the North American Division


have teamed up to bring back a NEW NET to North America in 2008. NET 2008 (October 24 to November 29) to be broadcast by Hope Channel will introduce pastors and members to a whole new way to do NET meetings. "This isn't going to be your daddy's NET meeting," promises Gary Gibbs, vice president of Hope Channel. Not only will the sermons and graphics be freshly created for this series, but topics for NET 2008 will be divided into teaching blocks. You may have a Bible study or a friend who is not ready to commit to an entire series, but they have an interest in the second coming. They can attend the teaching block that deals with just the second coming. Or perhaps, you have a neighbor who has recently lost a loved one. Invite them to the teaching block on "What happens after death?" The teaching block method will open the possibilities for many more people to attend who would not have come otherwise. Satellite evangelism will go to a new level in 2008 with the live call-in question and answer period. Pastor Finley will take questions from viewers across North America during the live program and immediately answer them on the air. Viewers will be able to video tape their questions and post them on You Tube to be broadcast and answered during the live shows. This live interaction will increase participation and help guests get their important probing questions answered. NET 2008 offers the first complete evangelism package of its kind. The program starts this spring with a dynamic

revival series in April called Empowered by the Spirit. This deeply spiritual sermon series by Pastor Finley will be on DVD and include study guides. A complete set will be given free to all registered churches and homes to prepare the church for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the fall meetings. Pastors and members will especially enjoy Hope Channel's evangelism training school to help them prepare for NET 2008. Classes by the most experienced evangelists in the church like Pastor Finley, Ernestine Finley and many others will be available over the internet and Hope Channel's satellite television broadcast. Here you will learn how to give Bible studies, how to prepare for evangelistic meetings, how to encourage decisions for Christ and much more. For a limited time, every church or individual who registers to participate in NET 2008 will receive free tuition on the best evangelism training available on the internet or television. Probably one of the most appreciated aspects of our new evangelism training school is that people can learn in the real world environment of their own church and city without ever leaving home. Space limits us to telling you about a fraction of the exciting new features that promise to make NET 2008 a year of revival and soul-winning. To get more information or to register for NET 2008, purchase equipment, or join the Hope Channel Evangelism School, visit or call us.

"Hello. I became a follower of Jesus Christ 8 years ago among a 100% non-Christian country. I watched Hope Channel to actually practice my English--it helps to find a better job. Although it is hard to understand the gospel preached in a language that is not my mother tongue, I was attracted to it. After 2 years of watching, I believe in Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Today, I am eager to tell anybody what I know about the Lord. I am praying for God to open a way for me to hear the gospel in my language. I hope I can see you one day; maybe not in this earth, but surely in heaven and the new earth." -Hamidi

Many viewers are discovering the gospel of Jesus Christ through Hope Channel's global broadcasts on:

· 7 full-time global channels · 9 satellites · More than 400 cable TV networks · 175 TV stations · In 9 languages

Hope Channel is taking the Three Angels' Message to every country, city, village, and town 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Your gifts and prayers are needed to partner with Hope Channel in hastening Jesus' return. Call our donation line today at 888-4-HOPE-TV (446-7388) and be a part of this exciting and growing ministry. If you've also been blessed or came to know the Lord through watching Hope Channel, we'd love to hear from you.





QUARTER 1 · 2008


Prayer Request

As we begin this new year, pray for new programming we want to incorporate to reach other un-reached groups; pray for upcoming NET events that the messages will touch hearts and more will be won for His Kingdom.

Hispanic NET: August 10-16, 2008 (part 1) September 13-20, 2008 (part 2) with Pastor Bullion NET 2008: Oct 24-Nov. 29 with Mark Finley · Project Hope North America ­ Goal: 100 new music programs · Project Hope Australia To view these and other programs, order your Hope Channel dish by calling 1-888-393-HOPE (4673).

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TV Viewing Guide--1st Qtr 2008

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It Will Cost You

8,000+ New Churches Get Hope Channel s Get Hope Channel 40 00 40,000 Baptized 0,00

signals carried the powerful messages of Pastor Mbwana everywhere. God's truth sought lost souls behind the walls of the most sophisticated city apartments as well as in the humble m bomba huts of the Maasai. b God used Pastor Mbwana mightily during the series to m Safari Africa: lead tens of thousands on l · 150 programs.


ow much is a person's salvation worth?" This thought ran through my mind as I heard what Pastor Muasya, president of the Adventist Church in Kenya, said to a Maasai church near the edge of the Great Rift Valley. He shared with the congregation the powerful opportunity to give the Three Angels Message to their community during Hope Channel's NET evangelism broadcasts called Safari Africa.

Partnership Partnership Report Report

Pastor Mbwana, one of the speakers for Safari Africa NET meetings.

our Hope Channel team · Each sermon repeated 4 times Kandus Thorp, Joe Sloan · 7 languages and Andrew Hunt to do · Area broadcast to: All of Africa the · 10,000 sites participated the television production. · 40,000 baptisms average skilled laborer a The goal of the meetings earns around $200 per e was to help people take month. A satellite installation in a church h ll the most meaningful safari of their lives...a means at least two months salary to projourney to the kingdom of God. vide for the dish and projector. Would Would having an African preacher really you spend your entire two months salary make a difference? In a land where poverty is to install Hope Channel in your home rampant and dollars are scarce, could people or church if you knew it could win souls afford to equip their churches and homes for God's kingdom? with the television reception equipment?

In Africa,

God did not disappoint us. The plan was enthusiastically embraced by church memPastor Muasya urged them to host the bers across the continent. They sensed the meetings by saying, "It will cost you only two meetings would have a very special appeal cows to equip the church with a dish and to their fellow Africans and result in even TV. You can afford it. You have cows. God more souls for God's kingdom. has blessed you and this series coming on Previous NET events had involved less than Hope Channel will be a wonderful benefit a hundred sites in Kenya. This time, things to your friends. Sell a couple of cows and were different. Incredibly, in Kenya alone, get your church involved!" there were more than 8,000 new downlink In the past, Hope Channel has sponsored sites in homes, churches, and institutions. nine other NET evangelistic meetings in Contextualizing the meetings was working! Africa that resulted in tens of thousands But would it appeal to the public? of baptisms. But two years ago, as we laid The answer awaited plans for Safari Africa, it was us decided to make this series u on opening night, Safari Africa September 15, 2007. uniquely different from all S Speaker Killed That previous NET meetings. This T evening, the Safari Each night during the Safari Africa programs blantime we asked a native AfriA Africa programs, Pastor William Mutani presented a relevant family keted the continent can to preach the messages k life series. He was tragically killed through our extensive in the Kiswahili language. t along with a fellow pastor in a Hope Channel network Pastor Geoffrey Mbwana, H terrible bus accident in southern Tanzania on November 10. His of president of the East-Central o 80 million viewers. gentle, practical, humorous, and In Africa Division of SeventhI order to cover mulcourageous presentations blessed millions and will continue to do tiple time zones across day Adventists, accepted t so through the rebroadthe the challenge and became t African continent casts. His wife and and the main presenter each a the many diverse four children look forward to Jesus' people groups, it took evening. We also partnered p return with two broadcasts and six with the Adventist Church t special anticipation. translation languages. of East Central Africa led t For by Pastor Steve Bina and F three weeks, the TV

a journey to the foot of the cross. Using African stories in the Kiswahili language, viewers connected with him and the Bible truths he shared. With God's blessing, more than 40,000 have been baptized! In coming weeks thousands more will also make their safari through the waters of baptism. This passage to Jesus has brought many peace, forgiveness, and hope. Wachira Paul, a young professional in Nairobi, says he has found freedom from sin and its bondage. "I have a relationship with Jesus Christ whom I accepted as Lord and Savior. I believe he died for me and took my sins that I may be forgiven. I am a child of God and learning to walk with my Father. Although I stumble, I'm in better hands now." How much is a saved person in heaven worth? Two cows? A hundred dollars? A thousand? Heaven's price tag for our salvation is the life and death of God's very own Son. That is what you are worth in heaven's currency. And this is the value of each precious person who gave their heart totally to God during Safari Africa! Thank you for what your prayers and financial partnership accomplished in Hope Channel's Safari Africa evangelistic meetings!





QUARTER 1 · 2008


New Programming

Call on Him

Denise Kellerman with son Joel and husband Todd.

Joel Kellerman recovering in the hospital.


hen I handed my baby to the nurse, I did not know if I would see him alive again." For years, Denise Kellerman could not conceive; not to mention the fact that she suffered from a condition that caused her terrible pain. Year after year, she would see friends and family bear children. How she longed to hold her own baby! The doctor's words one Friday pierced her already broken heart--"I'm sorry, I don't think you will ever be able to conceive." Sitting at the piano that Friday evening, Denise battled with the Lord. Tears of sorrow, anger, and defeat flowed down her cheeks; she cried until she could not cry anymore. At that moment, she wrote the chorus to what is now known as Call on Him. But God had a surprise. A week later, sorrow turned to joy when Denise found out she was pregnant. A few months later, the Kellermans' welcomed 7 lbs 3 oz. baby Joel. What a special gift from God. But all was not well and only days later; the doctors discovered a hole in baby Joel's heart and told Denise and Todd their prayed for

baby would die without open-heart surgery. "Die?! What do you mean die? Okay, Lord. You didn't just give me this baby to now take him away." Many questions rushed through Denise's mind. "This cannot be happening!" During the several weeks of anguished waiting that followed, Denise turned back to the song and began working on it again. Before Joel's admission to Children's Hospital in Vancouver, Canada, Denise finally completed Call on Him. Her song of inspiration, written amidst trial, will be featured on Hope Channel's My Story, My Song series in 2008. My Story, My Song is a brand new Hope Channel series featuring Christian musicians in interviews and inspirational music. Artists from various backgrounds, ethnicity, and varied music genres will sing/play and share their story. Originating mainly from North America, they will talk about how their music talents lend to their personal worship experience and how they bring listeners corporately to a greater experience of worship.

Our second new music show is Praise Hymn, Praise Him. Join producer Lori Bryan and her talented team in a sing-along of many old hymns, scripture, and worship favorites. In the month of January over 100 music programs were taped for Hope Channel including Hope Channel Concert Series on location in the beautiful sanctuary of Spencerville church in Silver Spring, Maryland. This program will bring you an hour of solid music performance featuring groups such as the renowned New England Youth Ensemble, Metropolitan Singers, and other choirs and groups. Submissions for future productions of these three music series can be sent to Hope Channel.

A CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY-- A Win-Win for You and Hope Channel

ould you like to increase your monthly income so you have the ability to increase your support of Hope Channel's 24/7 life-changing, soul-saving television ministry? THERE IS A WAY. No, it's not a "get rich quick" scheme but an IRS recognized instrument called a Charitable Gift Annuity. It is an extraordinary way to make a gift, increase your income and cut your tax bill--all in one easy transaction! The pay out rate is age dependent and reaches 11.3% for our more senior supporters (even higher than 11.3% for the Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity). For many of our viewers the pay out rate is TWO or more times their current CD rate at their bank. Call today for your age specific pay out rate. Now let's look at the tax savings of a Charitable Gift Annuity. A large part of your monthly income is U.S. federal income tax free. Another tax saving benefit is the large charitable deduction you receive when you obtain a Charitable Gift Annuity. What can you do with the deduction? Use it on this year's income tax return and you may decrease your U.S. federal income taxes. With tax benefits like these, you could increase your support of Hope Channel with the U.S. government's assistance!


We would be pleased to prepare a personalized color Charitable Gift Annuity proposal for you. You may contact our planned giving specialist, Dr. Al Navarro on our toll free line, 888-339-PLAN(7526).

Legal Notice: Charitable gift annuities are NOT AVAILABLE in the following states: AL, MD, NJ, NY, WA, and WI. Annuities to benefit Hope Channel for CA and IL residents are provided by the Pacific Union Conference of SDA: for HI residents they are provided by the HI Conference of SDA. Annuities to benefit Hope Channel in all other states are provided by the Western Adventist Foundation.





QUARTER 1 · 2008



Dialogue with Father Dialogue with Father

More than 3 million people speak Arabic. This segment of the world's population has largely not been reached with the gospel message. Hope Channel is excited to announce the premiere of Dialogue with Father in Arabic to be carried on the Hope Channel Europe network. By doing so, we are following the commission given to us long ago, to take the gospel to every nation, kindred, and tongue. Viewers in the territories of Europe and Africa will take a journey into time and trace the roots of the Arabic people to Father Abraham and Ishmael.

Hope Channel's Brad and Kandus Thorp checking programming of Dialogue with Father show segment.

nel dish and life is different. Having messages of hope, inspiration, and music have lifted her feelings of despair. Terri now faces life with renewed vigor and spirit. Since being restored, she opens her home for health outreach programs to the community. One single mother struggled with a way to raise her children to love and honor God. Now, she has a new tool--Hope Channel's programs bring positive Christian messages to her children. "Hope Channel saved my life," she said. "I am delighted at the response we have gotten," said Pastor McMurry. "Several of our people have called me this week just to thank me for bringing Hope Channel into their homes. Our idea is to encourage the natural development of friendships and to give our members a personal experience in the thrill of soul-winning." If every church pastor takes the Homes of Hope challenge, we will have more than 4,000 churches in North America alone! All it takes is one pastor and a Hope Channel dish. You can make your home a Home of Hope for Jesus today! Call 888-393-HOPE (4673).

need to say tuned in to Hope Channel." [WIU Reporter Mandeville]

Esperanza Now On Esperanza Now On Blue Mountain TV! Blue Mountain TV!

With the number of Hispanics watching television in portions of southeastern Washington and northeastern Oregon nearing 19%, Blue Mountain Television (BMT) understands the importance of reaching this segment of its viewing audience. November 28, 2007, BMT began carrying Hope Channel's Spanish channel, Esperanza TV (ETV) on channel 22. Officially launched in March 2007, ETV has been an inspiration to many Hispanic viewers in North America. Just recently, a viewer shared this testimony with Hope Channel staff: s "Brothers and sisters in Christ, My husband and I purchased a satellite dish, and we watch your programs. Honestly, my husband and I were having serious marital problems. We have two small children at home with us. I purchased a satellite dish as my last attempt to work on the marriage because I had heard that your network offered programs on marriage...and began to watch it. A few days later my husband began watching too. Now, in our home we only watch Esperanza TV. We both have learned so much in our marriage. While not yet perfect, it is much better than how it was. Thank you for the work that you are doing. I pray for you every day." ­ A Thankful Viewer BMT is the second most watched Christian i h d h d Ch i i television station in a market that stretches more than 130 miles over six counties. "The reason people watch Blue Mountain TV is because we offer a mix of Christ-centered family-friendly, community-focused programming 24-hours a day, 7-days a week," said Dan Thesman, station y y manager for BMT. m Asked about the new partnership with n Esperanza TV, ThesE man reported, "This m partnership with Espep ranza is exciting as it r allows us to continue a communicating the c Station manager gospel to thousands g Dan Thesman of Spanish-speaking o homes within our coverage area." Broadcasting since April 1990, BMT is a nonprofit, non-commercial, viewer-supported television station. (BMT/HC)

HC on Cable in HC on Cable in Jamaica Jamaica

Efforts to get Hope Channel on cable TV in Jamaica have finally paid off. Pastor Patrick Allen, president of the Adventist Church in the West Indies territory, proudly announced in October. Hope Channel is on FLOW All Digital Cable Service on Channel 655 which covers the Kings-

Dialogue with Father will be available on DVD for those who want to share the programs with friends and relatives. Visit for a more detailed schedule in the near future.

What Can One What Can One Pastor Do? Pastor Do?

More than you know. Pastor Jim McMurry, senior pastor of the Sonora Adventist Church in Central California dreamt of making each home in his congregation a Home of Hope. Homes of Hope is a way for church members to help their friends, neighbors, and family watch Hope Channel. Seeing the tremendous opportunity in winning souls for the Heavenly Kingdom, Pastor Jim approached the local conference to help fund the purchase and installation of satellite dishes for members who would agree to host two netevangelistic meetings in their homes during the next two years. To date, 25 dishes have been installed. The Homes of Hope program is not only bringing hope to neighbors h and friends, but to members as well. mem Terri suffered from depression for many dep years. When depresyea sion hits, all she sio thinks about are her th failures, and she's fa unmotivated to do u what needs to be w done around the d house or at work. h But someone gave B her a Hope Chan-

Above: Jan Paulsen, president of the Adventist worldwide church, congratulates the West Indies Union and Hope Channel for the success of getting Hope TV on cable. Below: Pastor Patrick, president of the Adventist Church in the West Indies territory.

ton and St. Andrew, St. Catherine, Hanover and St. Ann territories. "This service will be available Island-wide, in the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago and wherever in the region that FLOW operates," said Pastor Allen. "This is `the voice' of the church," said Pastor Jan Paulsen, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide during the inaugral cable distribution of Hope Channel. "If you want to stay in touch with what the church is thinking and how the church is communicating, you

Watch Adventist Watch Adventist Channels on your TV Channels on your TV

Can't get the Hope Channel signal where you live? Good news. With a $149 equipment fee and a monthly subscription fee of $14.99, you can watch Hope Channel, Esperanza TV, Novo Tempo TV and Radio, Nuevo Tiempo TV, Loma Linda Broadcasting, Three Angels Broadcasting, and Life Talk Radio via your own television. To do this, you also need high speed internet connection.





QUARTER 1 · 2008


NET series is unavailable through this option, but you will still get all the programming on your favorite Adventist channels. 1-888-393-HOPE (4673). Interested? Call 1-888-393

Biking and Talking Biking and Talking About God About God

At 83-years old, Alvin of Kettle Falls, WA still bikes regularly. Frequently he meets people and talks to them about life and God. One day he met Will and they struck up a conversation. Pretty soon they were biking to the c Columbia River, the fourth largest river in the United C States. Will, who is about 30 years younger than S Alvin, remembers the grueling ride. He was amazed A at this 83-year old man's stamina and health. a It was not long after this that Alvin invited Will to attend church. Some time passed and W Al asked Will to sign up for Bible studies. For six A months, Will attended Bible classes. He also found m answers to his Bible questions from programming a on Hope Channel. Will's satellite dish was a gift o from Alvin. Today he regularly attends the local f Adventist church and even cooks for potlucks! A He is also teaching classes to people suffering H from depression. f

orld-renowed Chef Sualua Tupolo is creating tasty food and healthy habits in Hope Channel's new cooking program Cooking Vegetarian. With 25 years of experience in the culinary arts, Chef Sualua is committed to promote heart-healthy foods. "Healthy dishes don't need to be bland or boring. I use recipes that are simple to make, yet incredibly delicious," said Sualua. According to Sualua, many people are still unaware of the dangers of unhealthy eating habits. One of his goals for this new program is to inspire the use of more health promoting foods. "I hope Cooking Vegetarian will inspire viewers to use more legumes, vegetables, fruits and grains in their diet." And with his new program going around the world through Hope Channel's global broadcasts, millions will be able to benefit from solid information on how to live healthier. Chef Sualua has literally prepared meals fit for a king. He was lead chef for three governors of American Samoa and prepared meals for the King of Tonga, members of Parliament, heads of state, and other dignitaries. He also has


held positions as Sous Chef, Chef Departie, Chef Tournant, for esteemed resorts, such as Intercontinental Hotels, Hyatt Regency, and Lacosta Hotel and other fine restaurants. Audiences can tell that Chef Sualua enjoys teaching people how to cook delicious meals. His cooking programs are garnished with helpful information on the nutritional benefits of his recipes. His engaging teaching style and expertise has opened doors for him to present vegetarian cooking classes for the US House of Representatives, members of Congress and their staffers on Capitol Hill, and all across the United States and the Pacific Islands. Cooking Vegetarian is co-sponsored by Worthington/Kellogg, a leading producer of vegetarian foods that USA viewers can purchase in their grocery stores. For more information on their products, visit www. You don't want to miss this delectable journey to tasty meals with one of the world's fine chefs. Cooking Vegetarian premiered in January. More episodes will air at the following times: Hope Channel Monday, 3/3/2008 Tuesday, 3/4/2008 Thursday, 3/6/02008 Monday, 3/3/2008 Wednesday, 3/5/2008 Thursday, 3/6/02008 12 noon EST 9:30 p.m. EST 6:30 p.m. EST 0900 GMT 1700 GMT 0700 GMT 1430 GMT 1000 GMT

Hope Channel International

Alvin (left) with Will.

Hope Channel Europe Sunday, 3/2/2008 Thursday, 3/6/2008

"Looking back at my first encounter with Al i "L ki b k t t t ith Alvin, it seemed like it was all meant to be," recalls Will. "I had just broken up with my girlfriend and was depressed. I had asked myself if this is all there is to life? And then God put Al in my path. I've been truly blessed by our friendship. I can now enjoy programs on Hope Channel. Al gave me a wonderful gift."


ideon was one of the most wanted and feared persons in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As leader of a rebel group, he was responsible for killing 3,000 persons, raping, burning villages, and displacing hundreds of thousands of people since 2002. The simple rumor of his approach caused entire villages to flee for their lives. Especially unnerving were stories that Gideon and his men were cannibals. Hunted by United Nations forces, Gideon surrendered, along with 150 of his fighters, in May 2006. This resulted in

Gideon and his wife, Monga, being arrested and formally charged with insurrection, crimes against humanity, war crimes, and terrorism. While in prison, two church members invited them to watch Hope Channel's Safari Africa NET evangelistic meeting with Pastor Geoffery Mwbana, president of the East-Central Africa Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Even though Monga practiced witchcraft, she decided to attend the meetings along with Gideon. At the end of the series Gideon and Monga laid down their weapons and witchcraft at the foot of the cross and accepted Jesus as their Savior. Monga was baptized and Gideon is preparing for baptism. This is just one more example of the amazing things God is doing through the global outreach ministry of your television

network. And you are a very vital partner in making it happen. Without your gifts and prayers, these miracles of God's saving grace could not... and would possible. Our success in reaching lost men and women is directly proportionate to the commitment of God's people to give the last-day gospel to the entire world. Thank you for your partnership in finishing God's saving work for planet Earth. Visit to read more about Gideon's conversion.





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