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About HCN

HCN is a not-for-profit hospice organization that has served patients and families in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens Counties with care and compassion since 1988. HCN utilizes an approach that cares for the total person, addressing the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families. Care is provided by an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, social workers, home health aides, dieticians, pastoral care providers and bereavement counselors. A member of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, HCN is committed to the highest quality care and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations as meeting the highest standards expected in the field. Please visit for more information on our organization and the services we provide to our patients, families and the community.

...of caring

Meg Walsh loved the good things in life; she was a faith-filled woman who enjoyed cooking for her family, gardening and singing with the St. John's University Choir. In 1994, Meg was diagnosed with breast cancer. Seven years later, the cancer spread to her bones, and when Hospice Care Network at Franklin opened in 2002 she became one of the center's first patients. Meg truly made her room at the hospice and palliative care center her home. She surrounded herself with the things that made her smile: dozens of family photos, cards, flowers, knickknacks and her beloved teapot collection. Her husband Bob was by her side every day, and most days at least one of their five children, their young granddaughter or friends visited with Meg at her "home away from home."

Care Outside The Home

There are times when a patient with an advanced illness may not be able to receive care in their own home, whether it is because their particular pain and symptom management needs require a more technically advanced setting or because their caregiver is unable to facilitate their care. HCN believes that these patients' special needs should not preclude them from the special care hospice provides, and so is actively developing new options that allow patients to receive expert hospice and palliative care in settings that feel more like home. In 2002 HCN opened Hospice Care Network at Franklin, the first hospice and palliative care center in Nassau County, through a unique collaboration with Franklin Hospital Medical Center, another member of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System. Located within Franklin Hospital Medical Center, Hospice Care Network at Franklin offers patients and their families all the comforts of home ­ private rooms, comfortable parlors for respite time, unlimited visiting and sleep-in accommodations ­ combined with round-theclock expert hospice and palliative care.

ry Bill Galle Photo by

"I can't say enough about the extraordinary staff at HCN at Franklin. They are professionally competent, compassionate, caring people who were always there with answers to our questions and support when we needed it." ~ Bob Walsh

Since its opening in June 2002, Hospice Care Network at Franklin has earned a 100 percent patient and family satisfaction rate, and was even called the "Ritz Carlton of hospices" in a patient satisfaction letter. Due to the success of Hospice Care Network at Franklin, in 2003 HCN will open the Hospice Inn at Huntington, a 17-bed freestanding hospice unit with the warmth and comfort of a country inn.


...of compassion

On March 7, 2002, the Farmiloe family received tragic news: their beloved 22-year-old niece Jennifer had been killed in a car accident. Having lived with them for several years after the death of her own mother when she was a young child, Jennifer was like a daughter to JoAnn and Joseph Farmiloe and like a sister to their two children, Brianna, 9 and Zack, 6. The family was devastated. A friend recommended they contact HCN's Bereavement Department for help in contending with the tragedy, and one year later, the family says it was the best decision they could have made. HCN worked with each member of the family to help them cope with the loss of Jennifer - JoAnn and Joseph began individual bereavement counseling and the children joined the Tiny Hearts and High Hopes groups. HCN's Bereavement Program helped them work through their grief, so they can now say the name "Jennifer" and think of happy memories they will always have.

Community Commitment

HCN's commitment to the community does not end at providing care to patients with advanced illness ­ it is continually evolving to extend care and comfort to new members of our ever-changing population. As part of this commitment, in 2002 HCN's award-winning Bereavement Department provided care to hundreds of children and adults through its counseling services, many of whom had no prior affiliation with our hospice program. The Bereavement Department also conducts seminars and programs with businesses, schools and houses of worship on a regular basis to educate these members of our community on coping with grief and loss. Members of HCN's clinical staff actively work within their communities of care, whether it is by sponsoring a patient and family for the holidays or identifying and reaching out to underserved populations such as children, the developmentally impaired and those with cardiac disease.

"Hospice took us right in and took very good care of us. They really listened and gave us the tools we needed to help us heal." ~ JoAnn Farmiloe

HCN continues to identify and develop new ways to build and strengthen community ties for the future, such as the Marks Center for Caregivers, formed through a generous gift from Board of Trustees Member Cynthia Marks and her husband George. The Marks Center for Caregivers will provide education, services and support to caregivers as they assist their loved ones in managing the advanced illness experience.


...of life.

In the fourth month of Chris Nugent's pregnancy, her unborn baby was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 and a hypoplastic left heart, a genetic condition that doctors expected would take the child's life within days after birth. At the time of diagnosis, the Nugents were not aware of the support and services available to them. Then Chris Nugent was introduced to Mary Gravina, director of HCN's Pediatric Hospice Program. The family began receiving "hospice in the womb" and HCN helped them develop a birth plan that would allow the entire family and their friends to be present in the hospital on the day of the baby's birth. "Amazing Grace" came into the world July 26, 2002 and HCN helped the Nugents bring her home and keep her comfortable as she defied the odds to live 62 days. Grace's two sisters continue to attend counseling through HCN's Children's Bereavement Program.

Pediatric Hospice

Pediatric Hospice is a small but important program within HCN that serves patients diagnosed with life-limiting advanced illness from before birth through the age of 18. Pediatric patients represent some of HCN's most unique and challenging cases, often coming to us with rare genetic syndromes or diseases that may affect one in every ten thousand people. Through its Pediatric Hospice Program, HCN develops an individualized plan of care designed to maintain each child within his or her home and community and to promote the goals of achieving developmental milestones and maintaining quality of life. The program also provides bereavement outreach to the child's family and community, including school, religious and social groups. HCN's Pediatric Hospice Team is comprised of speciallytrained pediatric professionals, including physicians, nurses, social workers, pastoral counselors and aides, as well as a child-life specialist and art therapist who utilizes creativity to help children understand and cope with their illness. In 2002, HCN enlisted respected Pediatric Intensive Care Specialist Dr. Scott Klein to serve as medical consultant to the Pediatric Hospice Program, bringing to the team his broad pediatric expertise and understanding of how hospice can help families during this difficult time in their lives. Additional milestones achieved include securing seats on Schneider Children's Hospital's Tumor Board and Palliative Care Board, with a goal of becoming as involved as possible in the care of children with advanced illness.

"Hospice helped us to appreciate every moment we had with Grace. Because of the care and support we received, we never gave up on her." ~ Chris Nugent


A Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Having spent more than 25 years working in the fields of hospice and home health care, I have seen time and time again the impact our care has on patients and their families. Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you have made a true difference in someone's life when they need it most: when they or a loved is diagnosed with an advanced illness. It is the hospice philosophy to care for the entire person ­ their physical, emotional and spiritual needs ­ and to support their loved ones. At HCN, we continually look for ways to expand on that philosophy. We are not content to follow the status quo. For example, nearly forty percent of our patient population has a caregiver that is elderly or compromised, which can make the difficulties of caring for a loved one all the more difficult. To address this important issue, we have established The Marks Center for Caregivers through a generous donation from Board of Trustees Member Cynthia Marks and her husband George to provide support that goes beyond the typical scope of hospice care to offer early caregiver education, extra hours of personal care aide time and transportation to visit loved ones in any of our inpatient facilities. Essentially, our minds are always on ensuring that our patients and their families receive the best customer service there is. In this annual report you met three families who have benefited from HCN's care and support in different ways. Each of their stories, along with the experiences of the many others who write and call to express their appreciation for all HCN did for them in their time of need, were made possible in part by the support you have given our organization through the years. Know that through your commitment to HCN and the special gifts you have to offer, you have been an angel to someone in need. Maureen Hinkelman

A Message from the Chairman of the Board

2002 was a very busy and exciting year for all of us at the Hospice Care Network and 2003 promises to bring even more challenges for a program that currently serves over 300 patients and their families each day. Working together, the staff and Board has successfully built upon the program to enhance service while also turning our eyes to the future to develop new, innovative programs for our patients and their families. In June on the South Shore we opened our inpatient Hospice and Palliative Care Center at Franklin Hospital Medical Center. This dedicated 12 patient wing is a huge success and has been embraced by the community and staff. We've also worked hard to negotiate additional care facilities in our community. I am pleased to announce that later this year we will be opening The Hospice Inn at Huntington, a 17-bed facility in Melville just off the Long Island Expressway. Additionally, our ongoing search and dream for a piece of property to build a freestanding 24-bed facility has been answered. Through the generosity of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System we will be developing a parcel of land on the campus of North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset. These facilities when completed will make hospice available to all families in need in Nassau, Suffolk and Queens. As we celebrate our 15th year, it is important to remember that none of these endeavors which service our community so well would be possible without the support of our friends and volunteers and the dedication and vision of our staff and board. To all of you, I offer my thanks for your friendship and caring. John King


Year in Review

· HCN served more than 2,500 patients and earned a nearly 99 percent satisfaction rate · HCN received a major gift from Board of Trustees Member Cynthia Marks and her husband George to establish the Marks Center for Caregivers · Jeanine and Charles Ferraro were honored at the Friends of Children's Bereavement's 13th Annual Dinner held in April · HCN opened Hospice Care Network at Franklin, a hospice and palliative care center within Franklin Hospital Medical Center, marking a unique collaboration between the two members of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System · Kim and John Voltz, longtime HCN supporters, were honored at HCN's Annual Cocktail Party held at Susan and Steve Maisto's Brightwaters home in June · HCN formed the Blue Team, designated to care for patients in its inpatient facilities · HCN's 11th Annual Golf Outing co-chaired by Mary Ann and Ken Tully, Richard J. Ranieri, David Sweeney, Patrick J. Maas and Leslie J. Cuneo was a great success, raising close to $100,000 · Sixty-five children participated in HCN's seventh annual Children's Bereavement Camp held in October, themed "Color Your Grief" · Caring individuals gave more than 14,300 hours of their time to further the hospice mission through HCN's Volunteer Program · Director of Bereavement Services Mary Gravina was named Clinician of the Year by the Hospice & Palliative Care Association of New York State · HCN was honored by the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization for its Emergency Response Team's actions to aid the community after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 · Beatrice Greenbaum, president of Friends of Hospice, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at HCN's 9th Annual Crystal Ball Gala in November · Twenty HCN nurses and six home health aides received special certifications in Hospice & Palliative Care and two pastoral care staff members were certified by professional chaplaincy organizations · President and CEO Maureen Hinkelman became chair-elect of the Board of Trustees for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, assuming the role of chair in 2003 · HCN's medical directors made nearly 700 visits to patient homes to provide personal attention and enhance quality of care · HCN was selected to participate in a grant program sponsored by the United Hospital Fund to strengthen the delivery of palliative care in our area


Audited Statement for Financial Operations

January 1, 2002 ­ December 31, 2002 Public Support & Other Revenue Hospice Service Revenue Contributions (Individuals, Foundations, Corporations) Special Events (Net) Government Agencies Other Revenue Total Revenue Operating Expenses Contracted Services Salaries & Related Expenses General & Administrative Expenses Bad Debt Expense Total Expenses Before Depreciation Net Income Before Depreciation Depreciation Expense Operating Income Non Operating (Losses) Gains Change in Unrealized Losses on Investments Net Income Fund Balance ­ Beginning Fund Balance ­ End $ 158,232 $ 7,643,480 $ 8,803,096 $ $ $ 609,514 68,461 35,666 2.4 0.2 0.3 100.0% 47.7 43.6 8.2 0.5 100.0% $ Amount $ 23,996,723 555,783 % 94.9 2.2

$ 25,266,147 $ 11,874,742 $ 10,860,337 $ 2,040,626 $ 125,448

$ 24,901,153 $ $ $ $ $ 364,994 77,343 287,651 (17,675) (111,744)

How Funds Were Spent

1.0% Community Outreach & Fundraising

17.6% Management & General

81.4% Program Services


Special Thanks to Our Donors

In 2002, HCN received over 10,000 gifts from individual donors, businesses, corporations, foundations and bequests. Whether a memorial, a grant to support a specific program or participation in a special event, each gift is important and appreciated. A gift may be $5.00 from a family or $25,000 from a foundation; each one makes a significant difference in helping HCN provide important services to our patients and families. Space prohibits us from individually acknowledging each contribution, however we take this opportunity to offer those who have given at the $500+ level.

$1,000,000+ Cynthia & George Marks $50,000 + The McMahon Family Memorial Golf Outing Suffolk County Department of Mental Health Mr. & Mrs. John King The Fay J. Lindner Foundation The William Marx Foundation United Hospital Fund $25,000+ Estate of Frances C. Beyer Estate of Joan Agnes Rice J. Kings Food Services $10,000+ A. J. Pegno Contruction Americana Manhasset Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bloomgarden Cottage Pharmacy, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. George W. Frank, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hagedorn JP Morgan Chase Bank Michael McCarthy Foundation N.Y. Mercantile Charitable Fondation Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. O'Meally The Moyer Foudation Tully Construction Co $5,000+ Mr. Matthew Arnold Combined Federal Campaign Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Dailey Damianos Realty Group Estate of Herbert Kramer Long Island Charities Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Mallah Mr. and Mrs. Richard McSherry Microwave Distributors Mr. & Mrs. Webb Morrison NSUH Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William O'Connor Schultheis & Panettieri State Employees Federated Association St. John's of Lattingtown Episcopal Church The Roslyn Savings Foundation Varnum DeRose Trust Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Wessel and Wessel Fragrances $2,500+ Mr. Bernard G. Brophy III College Point Asphalt LLC. Community Chest of Port Washington

Dutch Door Realty Co. Edward Ehrbar, Inc. Endico Potatoes Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Fabuss Mr. and Mrs. Bob Fisher Friends of Hospice Fuller & O'Brien Insurance FX Concepts Garden City Irrigation Mr. & Mrs. Sandor Garfinkle Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Greenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Emanuel Greene H.O. Penn Machinery Co., Inc. Hill-Rom Hitachi Data Systems Jenna Concrete Corp. KeySpan Energy Kitchen Kabaret Fine Foods Mrs. Romayne P. Kovach Troy KR Capital Advisors, Inc. Kustom Equipment Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Llobell Long Island Board of Realters, Inc. Materials Testing Lab Inc Maas Living Trust Moretrench American Corporation National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization Purdue Frederick Company Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ranieri Reichenbach & Associates, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. William Shellard Stanley & Catherine Maas Foundation Suffolk S.S. Chapter L.I. Board of Realtors T.N.P. Enterprises, Inc. $1,000+ Able Health Care Service Act Communications Group, Inc. AIG Trading Group Inc Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, PLLC Ms. Patricia H. Arnold AT&T Wireless Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Bahnik Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Barbiero Barclays Capital Bartok Records Mr. John Batyr Mr. Kenneth Batyr Mr. Michael K. Belford, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. John Belt Biscotti, Toback & Company P.C. Dr. Harris C. Brustein Mrs. AnnMarie Buglione Cabinetry By Castle, Inc.

Mrs. Jane Cardel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Carpenter Christ Church Oyster Bay Confort & Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cray Credit Lyonnais Mr. and Mrs. Junius C. Davenport III Mr. and Mrs. Martin Dawson Dell & Little, LLP. Mr. Seymour Diamond East Islip Lumber Company Inc. Equity Settlement Services, Inc. Estate of Marvin L. Lindner Executive Nurses Home Care Inc Mr. James G. Fanning and Family Ms. Nancy L. Fardelmann Mr. Theodore Farynick Mr. Daniel Ferguson Finkelstein Family Foundation Mr. William Fitzgerald Mr. Stephen Flaim Floral Park Jewish Center Mr. and Mrs. James P. Flynn Formula Equipment Franklin Medical Center Auxilliary Friends of Hospice, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Goldberg and Family Mr. and Mrs. Michael Goldfarb Mr. Alfred Gravina Ms. Elizabeth Gravina Great South Bay Seafood Co. GSE Lining Technology, Inc. H.J. Behrman & Company, LLP Mr. and Mrs. John J. Halleron III Hampton Inn, Commack Mr. & Mrs. William Haugland, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hinkelman Holtz Rubenstein & Co., LLP Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hoynes Hunterspoint Steel Co. Industrial Financial Services Corp. International Union of Operating Engineers J.C. MacElroy Co Inc Harry Jensen, Sr. Memorial Golf Mr. Thomas Junor Kiwanis Club of Sayville Inc. Knapp Swezey Foundation Mr. Richard Landress Mr. Claude LaPointe and Ms. Tina Decelles Larkfield Apothecary Inc. Mr. Victor Lehman and Mrs. Susan Lehman-Mills Mrs. Rebecca Levine LiRo-Kassner, Inc.

Long Island Commercial Bank Ms. Thea Lorber Manafort Brothers Inc. Margaret Tietz Center for Nursing Care Mr. & Mrs. Brian McCarthy Mrs. Frances McGrady and Family Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart McLaughlin Merrill Lynch & Co. MFS Investment Management Midland Marine Corporation Modern Italian Bakery Ms. Jane Nelson Nestle Waters North America Inc New York Paving Inc. Mr. Michael L. Nolan North Shore University Hospital O'Brien's Juice & Cream, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Emmett O'Hara Overton Funeral Home Mr. James Pariti Parkville Plaza Delicatessen Perth Amboy Tire Putnery, Twombly, Hall & Hirson LLP Mr. Brian Rabinowitz Dr. and Mrs. Kanti Rai Reddy Raw Rittenhouse Mrs. Sondra Rosen Mrs. Roslyn Rubler Safeway Electrical Contractors, Inc. SAI, Inc. Saturn of Massapequa & Smithtown Scent and Sensibilities Mrs. Lola Schack and Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schaefer Schreiber Foods International Mr. & Mrs. Michael Slade Mrs. Janet Spool and Family Stadtmuller Jewelers of Sayville Steel Equities Mr. and Mrs. James Steers, III Sun Lakes Plaza Associates Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tasco The Community Church of East Williston The George Link, Jr. Foundation The Iovino Family Foundation The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Mr. and Mrs. Martin Thomas Mr. and Mrs. William M. Thomas, Jr. Trintiy Lutheran Church of Islip TriStar Sales and Marketing Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Trunz, III Trunz Food Stores UBS Matching Gift Program Mrs. Eileen S. Umbedenstock




Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church Weber & Grahn Welsbach Electric Corp. White-Voltz Funeral Home Willets Point Asphalt Corp. William Burns Foundation Mr. Kristian C. Woppel $500+ A.J. Finkelstein Aides at Home Mr. Daniel Altman Amcrete Products, Inc American Bridge Manufacturing Arkwin Industries Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Arnold Mr. Edmund Bartlett Mrs. Alice J. Bartner Mr. and Ms. John H. Benisch Bessemer Trust Company Bestcare Inc. Better Home Health Care Agency Mr. & Mrs. John Betz Bloomenthal Foundation Board of Directors, Friends of Hospice Bradley & Parker, Inc. Mr. Neil Breen Mr. James Eric Brophy Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Brownyard Mr. Sean Brownyard Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Bushey Ms. Justine Butz C.O. Bigelow Chemists, Inc. Cal Contracting Inc. Captain Bill's Ms. Patricia Caracciolo Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Chapey Chapin Home for the Aging Charles Goodman & Co. LTD. Dr. Julianne Chase and Mr. Bob Elliot Clare Rose Inc Ms. Danielle S. Clark Clique Limousine Servive Inc Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. Coleman Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Collins Mr. and Dr. Paul Collins Community Reformed Church Manhasset Ms. Maryellen Conk Mr. Kevin Connelly Mr. and Mrs. Michael Connors Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cook Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Coraci Mr. Raymond L. Coxe Mr. John P. Cristello Crown Commodities Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cunningham III

DCS Transport and Logistics Mr. and Mrs. Albin Dec Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DeCillis Mr. & Mrs. Roger Delisle, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Derrenbacher Diamond Demolition Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne R. Diesu Mr. and Mrs. Carl Doerge, Jr. Dollar King Limited Douglas Tent Company Inc. Mr. and Dr. Kostas Douzinas Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Duke, Jr. Mr. Edmund M. Duncan Elmhurst Hospital Center Mr. and Mrs. Warren Ewald Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ferraro Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fieldsteel Mrs. Eleanor Fowles and Family Francis J. McLoughlin Electrical Contracting Franklin Hospital Medical Center Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fraser G M D Sales Incorporated Dr. Ronald Gade Dr. Jerome M. Garber, O.D. General Mills, Inc. GFH Orthotic & Prosthetic Labs, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Giles Mr. and Mrs. Garett Goldberg Gould-Shenfeld Family Foundation Grande Cheese Company Green Mountain Video Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greene The Grova Family Dr. & Mrs. Ray A. Haag Mr. and Mrs. George Haase Dr. and Mrs. Edward Halbridge Ms. Chris Hall Health Care Answering Services Mr. Mark Heinemann Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Helmick The Family of Zenir Hernandez Hinck Electrical Hofheimer, Gartlir & Gross Homemakers Council of Suffolk County Drs. John Huberman Hunter, Walton & Co., Inc,. Independence Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ioppolo, Sr. Irish Coffee Pub Island Container Corp. ITT Industries J.D. Posillico, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jaroski John P. Picone, Inc. Mrs. Elaine Karpf Kate & Isaac Brody Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Katz Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, P.C. Lamb Weston, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lang Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lange Mr. and Mrs. David Lederman Lessing's Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Levy Mrs. Angela Liakis-Pirpinias Mr. Sandy Lindenbaum Dr. and Mrs. Felix E. Lopez Mrs. Mary Ann Maccone and Family Mr. John Macejka Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Madigan Mr. Todd A. Marion Mrs. Lorene Marks Mathis Pfohl Foundation Ms. Olga Mavrogiorgis Mr. and Mrs. Dan McNicholas Mr. Owen McTigue Mrs. Marion Mendola Mr. Richard E. Meyer MLS Property Appraisal Corporation Ms. Kathleen Muller Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn LLP Mr. & Mrs. George Mulry Dr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Napolitano Neil Spare Advertising Corp. N.Y. Citizens Committee on Health Care Decisions NHL Foundation North Shore University Hospital at Glen Cove Mr. and Mrs. Richard O'Brian Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison Mr. and Mrs. George O'Neill Ms. Stephanie Ovadia, Esq. Paon and Luksic, Inc. Mrs. Janet Parker and Family Mr. & Mrs. Steve Patsis Pav-lak Contracting, Inc. Peninsula Hospital Center Perdue Farms, Inc. Peter's Fruit Co. Dr. and Mrs. Reed Phillips Preferred Healthcare Service Printing Dynamics Putterman, Rothschild & Feuerstein Jaime Ramirez Rapid Portable X-Ray Service, Inc. Refrigeration Utilities Regan Agency, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Rettaliata Mr. Eric Ricioppo Mr. Roy Roberts and Family Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Rotchford Ruane, Cunniff & Co., Inc. Ms. Eleanor Ruk

Mrs. Dolores Sanders Mr. Robert W. Schweizer Judge Jay Segal Selecto-Flash Safety, Inc. Ms. Virginia Sendor Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sharkey Dr. and Mrs. John Sheehy Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Shepard Shore Drugs, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Sibell Silverado Contractors, Inc SJP Properties Mr. and Mrs. Ed Slomin Mrs. Josephine Smith and Family Mrs. Selma Smith and Family Mr. Kevin G. Snover Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sobel and Family Ms. Susan J. Sommerville South Nassau Home Care South Shore Neurologic Associates, P.C. Southampton Cottages LLC. SPA Steel Products Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Spitz Mr. and Mrs. Vincent R. Stempien T. Mina Supply Inc. Ternovker Benevolent Association The Andrew J. Bernstein Foundation The Bank Of New York The General Contractors Association of New York The Oar Steak & Seafood Grill The Sollar Foundation, Inc. The Solot Family Foundation Mr. & Mrs. David Tieman Tiffany & Co. Americana At Manahasset Tilcon New York Inc. Mr. Harry Tregarthen Tropical Paradise Inc. Trylon Realty of Great Neck, Inc. Umberto A. Marcucci, LTD. Unlimited Care, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Valinotti Van Houten Construction Co., Inc. of Long Island Mrs. Ethel Veal and Family VNA of Long Island, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Voltz The Zaleski Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ziccardi


Hospice Care Network thanks its staff, volunteers and Board of Trustees for their dedication to furthering the hospice mission.

Board of Trustees

Officers Chairman John King Vice Chairman William J. Cunningham, III · Suzanne O'Connor Treasurer Martin Dawson Secretary Elaine Shellard President and CEO Maureen Hinkelman, RN, MA

Matthew Arnold Michael K. Belford, Esq Patricia Bloomgarden Jack Coulehan, MD Charles R. Dyon, Jr., SPHR Patrick R. Edwards Jeffrey Gabel, Esq. Dorothy Greene

Norma J. Henriksen Richard Klarberg Joseph Lombardo Patrick Maas Cynthia Marks Beatrix McKane, CPA Webb N. Morrison Patricia Mulholland

Michael Nolan Eric Ricioppo Edwin Stein Romayne Kovach Troy Mary Ann Tully Carol K. Wessel

Management Team

Business Services Chief Financial Officer Susan Mauro Dir. of Facilities Marie Zanotelli Community Relations Manager Laura Mroz Development Vice President Susan Sondak Staller Special Events Coord. Chris Court Planning Director Laura Hummel, RN, MSN Human Resources Director Elise M. Ross, PHR Patient Care Services Vice President Kristine Vogt, RN, MSN Asst. Vice President Maryellen Field, RN Dir.of Pastoral Care Rev. Frances Carr, M.Div., BCC Dir. of Social Work Ellen Cohen, CSW Dir. of Quality Improvement Roberta Gettinger, RN Dir. of Bereavement Svcs. Mary Gravina, CSW Dir. of Volunteers Lynn Kilgallon, RN Dir. of Admissions Mary Moore, RN Dir. Of Geriatric Svcs. Theresa Russell, RCSW Mgr. Home Health Aide Svcs. Mary Wrege Medical Services Sr. Medical Dir. Reed Phillips, MD Medical Dir. Lori Attivissimo, MD, Kathy Biersack, MD, Edward Halbridge, MD, Brent Spears, MD Team Managers Yellow Team (Queens) Monika Krahl Abrams, RN Blue Team (Inpatient) Patti Bookbinder, RN On-Call Team Lori Finkel, RN Purple Team (Suffolk) Patricia McKenna, RN Green Team (Western Nassau) Linda Niedzwiecki, RN Red Team (Western Nassau) Shirley Thomas, RN Clinical Outreach Coordinators Queens Joan Mason Nassau Elizabeth Dunn Suffolk Noreen Sokota, RN Nursing Home Suse Rogers, CSW Volunteer Coordinators Queens Marija Stelcer-Jereb Nassau Susan Samuels Suffolk Jennifer Baden

Hospice Care Network

wishes to take this opportunity to thank its

many friends for their generous response.

Without this assistance our good work would not be possible.

Headquarters and Nassau / Queens Bereavement Center 900 Merchants Concourse · Westbury, NY 11590 · 516-832-7100 Queens 718-939-CARE (2273) Suffolk Office 125 West Main Street · Bay Shore, NY 11706 · 631-666-4804 Suffolk Bereavement Center 14 Shore Lane · Bay Shore, NY 11706 · 631-666-6863 To make Referrals or Obtain Information 1-800-2 HOSPICE (1-800-246-7742)



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