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Professor Richard J. and Monene P. Bradley Director of Graduate Studies School of Hotel Administration Cornell University Ithaca, NY 14853

EDUCATION: 1972 M.S. (in Architecture), Cornell University, Graduate School. Thesis: "A Re-examination of Motor Inn Fenestration Requirements with Emphasis on Guest Needs." B.Arch., Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art and Planning.


EXPERIENCE: 2006-present Richard J. and Monene P. Bradley Director of Graduate Studies, Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration. 1986-present Professor, Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration. 2001-2002 Senior Architect, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Architecture Group, White Plains, NY (sabbatical leave) Associate Professor, Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration. Project Planner, Hirsch/Bedner and Associates, Santa Monica, CA (sabbatical leave). Assistant Professor, Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration. Lecturer, Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration.

1978-1986 1979-1980 1972-1978 1970-1972

PERSONAL: Birth date Home August 7, 1946 PO Box 311 King Ferry, NY 13081 315-364-8825 607-255-8301 607-255-6673 607-279-0674 [email protected]

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Revised 12/2007

Richard H. Penner


PUBLICATIONS: Books: Penner, Richard H. Hotels (W.W. Norton/Library of Congress Visual Sourcebooks in Architecture, Design, and Engineering). New York: W.W. Norton and The Library of Congress, under contract, 2008. Rutes, Walter A., Richard H. Penner and Lawrence Adams. Hotel Design, Planning, and Development. Oxford: Architectural Press, and New York: W.W. Norton, 2001. Penner, Richard H. Conference Center Planning and Design. New York: Whitney Library of Design, 1991. Rutes, Walter A. and Richard H. Penner. Hotel Planning and Design, Guida per architetti, designer di interni, e manager alberghieri. Milan: Publistampa, 1990. Italian translation of the 1985 Whitney Library of Design book. Rutes, Walter A. and Richard H. Penner. Hotel Planning and Design, A Guide for Architects, Interior Designers, and Hotel Executives. New York: Whitney Library of Design, 1985. Penner, Richard H. Hotel Design and Development, an Introduction and Bibliography (No. 1399), Monticello, IL: Council of Planning Librarians Exchange Bibliography, 1977.

Book Chapters: Penner, Richard H. "Lodging Planning and Design," in David M. Stipanuk (Ed.), Hospitality Facilities Management and Design (pp. 419­459). Lansing, MI: Educational Institute of the AH&LA, 2006. Revision of 2002 chapter (below). Penner, Dick. "Operational Planning and Relationships," in Josef Ransley and Hadyn Ingram (Eds.), Developing Hospitality Properties and Facilities, 2nd Edition (ch. 10, pp. 195­214). Oxford: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, 2004. Penner, Richard H. "Lodging Planning and Design," in David M. Stipanuk (Ed.), Hospitality Facilities Management and Design (pp. 437­474). East Lansing, MI: Educational Institute of the AH&LA, 2002. Revision of 1992 chapter (below). Boothe, Sandra K., A. Neal Geller, Richard H. Penner, and Glenn Withiam. "The Team Project in Cornell's Redesigned Professional Master's Program," in Michael Lefever (Ed.), Hospitality in Review: A Capstone Text Complete with Senior and Graduate-level Projects (pp. 615­623). New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1996. Penner, Richard H. "Lodging Planning and Design," in David Stipanuk and Harold Roffmann (Eds.), Hospitality Facilities Management and Design (pp. 356­386). East Lansing, MI: Educational Institute of the AH&MA, 1992. Penner, Richard H. "The Renovation of Classic Hotels," in Anne Bradstreet Grinols (Ed.), Critical Thinking: Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (pp. 276­281). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1988. Reprint of 1984 Cornell University Press essay. Penner, Richard H. "Row Houses," in Roger Sherwood (Ed.), Urban Housing, a Comparative Guide (pp. 3.01­3.26). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University, Department of Architecture, 1970.

Richard H. Penner


Encyclopedia Articles: Penner, Richard H. "Hotels," The Oxford Companion to Architecture, Patrick Goode (Ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2008. Penner, Richard H. "Hotel," The Dictionary of Art, Jane Turner (Ed.) vol. 14, pp. 786­789. London: Macmillan, 1997. Penner, Richard H. "Hotels," Collier's Encyclopedia, vol. 8, pp. 293­302. New York: Colliers, 1997. Penner, Richard H. "Restaurants," The Encyclopedia of Architecture, Joseph Wilkes, ed. vol. 4, pp. 244­ 261. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1989. Journal Articles: Penner, Richard H. "Essay: Hospitality Design" Architecture and Urbanism [Tokyo], 2005:07, No. 418 (July 2005) 7­15. Rutes, Walter A., Richard H. Penner, and Lawrence Adams. "Challenges in Hotel Design: Planning the Guest-room Floor" Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 42 (August 2001) 77­88. Penner, Richard H. "Changes in Hotel Guest Bathrooms" Hotel Management International, no. 13, (Spring 2001) 79­82. Penner, Richard H. "A Hotel Doctor Prescribes a Renovation," Lodging Hospitality, 52 (April 1996) 36. Rutes, Walter A. and Richard H. Penner. "Hotels: Organizacion Arquitectonica," Escala [Bogota], 28 (1995), 13­19. Penner, Richard H. "A Growing Market for Conference Centers," Urban Land, 53 (August 1994) 17­19, 80. Penner, Richard H. "Obiettivo Cliente," Bargiornale [Milan], 12 (February 1990) 84 (excerpted from November 1989 speech). Penner, Richard H. "Architectural Marvels," Travel Weekly, 44 (April 30, 1985) 54­56. Penner, Richard H. "Hotel Design Moves to Forefront of Industry," Travel Weekly's 25th Anniversary Issue, 42 (May 31, 1983) 212, 214. Penner, Richard H. "On Teaching Interior Design," Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 23 (August 1982) 31­33. Clark, John J. and Richard H. Penner. "Hotels and Life Cycle Costing," Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 16 (February 1976) 49­56. Clark, John J. and Richard H. Penner. "Life Cycle Costing in the Hotel Industry," Industrialization Forum, 6 (Winter 1975) 25­32. Penner, Richard H. "The Commercial Lodging Market," Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 16 (May 1975) 33­37. Penner, Richard H. "New Windows for Guest Rooms," Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 13 (February 1973) 35­45.

Richard H. Penner


Book Illustrations: Kira, Alexander. The Bathroom, 2nd edition. New York: Viking, 1976. Bristol, James D. and David A. Penner. Exercises in Plane Geometry. Wellesley Hills, MA: Independent School Press, 1976. Hanfmann, George M.A. and Jane Waldbaum. A Survey of Sardis and the Major Monuments Outside the City Walls. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1975.

PRESENTATIONS AND WORKSHOPS: "Hospitality Design Roundtable" (chair for one-day program), Cornell University, Center for Hospitality Research, School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca, NY, October, 2007 (Chaired similar roundtables, October 2005 and May 2004.) "Hotel Planning and Design" (three-day professional seminar), Cornell University, Hotel School Professional Development Program, Ithaca, NY, July 2007. (Taught similar course yearly since 2003; revised program based on previous week-long courses taught in PDP.) "Hotel Planning and Design" (week-long graduate seminar), Associazione Istituzione Libera Università Nuorese (AILUN), Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy, June 2007. (Taught similar program yearly since 2002.) "Managing the Club Renovation" (half-day professional seminar), Cornell University, Hotel School; for Club Manager's Association, BMI-IV, Ithaca, NY, March, 2006. (Taught similar program, August 2005). "Hotel Planning and Design" (week-long professional seminar), Cornell University, Hotel School Professional Development Program, Ithaca, NY, June 2002. (Taught similar course each summer since 1994; also additional week-long course for PES, Japanese architectural firm, July 1996.) "Trends in All-suite and Extended-stay Hotels" (conference presentation), Prague, Czech Republic, International conference sponsored by magazine Stavební Fórum, February 2002. "Creating Competitive Advantage through Design" (panel moderator), London, Cornell Strategy Conference, May 2001. "Creating Competitive Advantage through Design" (panel moderator), Washington, DC, Cornell Strategy Conference, March 2001. "Designer Hotels: Learning from the `Fashion Terrorists'" (panel moderator), London, Cornell Strategy Conference, May 2000. "Marriott Harbor Beach `Resort Audit'" (panel moderator), Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Cornell Strategy Conference, March 2000. "Boutique Hotel Market" (panel moderator), London, Cornell Strategy Conference, May 1999. "University Conference Centers: Design for Success" (conference presentation), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, November 1998. "Hotel Development and Planning" (week-long seminar), EADA, Barcelona, Spain, March 1994. (Taught similar course in 1993.)

Richard H. Penner


"International Economy Lodging Design Trends" (half-day program and conference chair for international design seminar), Third European Meeting on Hotel Interior Design, Fair of Rimini, Italy, November 1993. "Hotel Development and Design" (coordinated week-long seminar, taught four days), Cornell University, Hotel School Professional Development Program, Ithaca, NY, June 1993. (Coordinated and taught similar course yearly since 1987.) "Conference Center Design" (half-day program and conference chair for two-day international design seminar), Second European Meeting on Hotel Interior Design, Fair of Rimini, Italy, NovemberDecember 1992. "Design Trends in Conference and Training Centers," Tradeline Seminar, Philadelphia, October, 1992. "Hotel Renovations" (half-day program and conference chair for two-day international design seminar), First European Meeting on Hotel Interior Design, Fair of Rimini, Italy, December 1991. "Renovation Management" (half-day program), General Manager's Program, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, June 1991. "Hotel Design and Renovation" (one-day program), 40th International Hotel Exposition, Rimini, Italy, December 1990. "Hotel Development and Design" (three-day seminar), Portuguese Hotel Association, Lisbon, Portugal, November 1990. "Hotel Development and Design" (three-day seminar), Harvard University, Graduate School of Design Professional Development, Cambridge, June 1990. (Taught similar seminars yearly since 1986.) "Resort Planning" (half-day program), Japan Travel Bureau, Ithaca, May 1990. "Trends in Hotel and Resort Design," Technotel Fair, Genoa, Italy, November 1989. "Designing Profitable Hotels and Resorts" and "Managing Hotel and Resort Renovations" (four one-day seminars), Chapman College Centers, Southern California, October 1989. "Strategic Hotel Development," Keeva Kekst Architects, Cleveland, October 1989. "Resort Development and Planning" (four-day program), Kitakyushu City, Japan, July 1989. "Hotel Planning and Design" (three-day seminar), Hilton International Hotels, Sydney, Australia, January 1989. "Hotel Planning and Design" (three-day program), Bergen, Norway, Solstrand Fjord Hotel, January 1987. "Hotel Development and Design" (coordinated two week program, taught three day), Hotel School Center for Professional Development, Ithaca, NY, June­July 1986. (Taught similar course yearly since 1981.) "Hotel Restaurants as Profit Centers," RHIDEC, Chicago, April 1986. "Architectural Traditions in Today's Restaurant and Hotel Industries," Chatwal Hotels and Restaurants, New York, February 1986.

Richard H. Penner


"Hospitality Education," Allied Fibers, Richmond, VA, December 1985. "100 Years of Restaurants," UCLA Hospitality Design Symposium, Los Angeles, November 1983. "Hotel Development and Design" (half-day program), Japan Travel Bureau, Ithaca, May 1983. (Taught similar program in 1981 and 1982.) "Rehabilitation of Hotels and Resorts" (one-day program), Department of tourism, San Juan, March 1983. "What's New in Hotel Design" (half-day program), Portuguese Hotel Association, Ithaca, July 1981. "Hotel Planning and Development" (half-day program), Ecoplan, Mexico City, November 1980. "Hotel Planning and Development" (one-week program), SENAC/CEATEL, Sao Paulo, Brazil, August 1980. "Hotel Design and Renovation" (one-day program), Ecoplan, Mexico City, June 1979. "Lighting and Hotel Architecture," Illuminating Engineering Society, Philadelphia, February 1975. "Solar Energy for Hotels," Cornell Seminar, New York, May 1974. "The Impact of the Energy Crisis on the Hospitality Industry," Cornell Seminar, Boston, January 1974. (Similar programs offered in Washington and Ithaca.) CONSULTING PROJECTS: Weintraub Financial Services, Malibu, CA. Reviewed space allocation program and schematic architectural design for luxury resort in Malibu, CA. September 2007­present. Collins Gordon Bostwick Architects, Cleveland, OH. Prepared space program and consulted on early design strategies for hotel operated by the Cleveland Clinic. December 2006­January 2007. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, White Plains, NY. Revised space-allocation program (Excel model) for the architecture and construction group, for most Starwood brands. November 2004­present. Candela Hotels, Seattle, WA. Assisted COO in establishing space requirements to meet operational goals for new luxury brand. December 2005­April 2006. Boykin Lodging Company, Cleveland, OH Audited quality of design work and fees charged by company subsidiary Spectrum Design Services. May­July 2005. SMA Architecture Studio, Las Vegas, NV Reviewed space program, operational criteria, and schematic design for high-rise condominium hotel on the Las Vegas strip. February­March 2005. Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE. Reviewed Inter-Continental Hotels' space program and architect's schematic designs for major resort development. April 2004.

Richard H. Penner


Raspberry Plain, Leesburg, VA. Served as expert witness for country inn in court case dealing with historic easement. August­ November 2003. Furman University, Greenville, SC. Reviewed existing demand studies, met with campus officials, and prepared space allocation program and preliminary budget guidelines for campus conference center. December 2002­February 2003. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, White Plains, NY (sabbatical leave). Assigned to several special initiatives in the Architecture & Construction Group. October 2001­May 2002 (space program continuing consulting to 2007): · Revised both the Sheraton and Westin Hotels architectural standards. · Developed Excel-based space allocation program for new hotels. · Participated in prototype development for both the new 150-room Sheraton and 200-room Westin hotels. · Prepared numerous space program and design reviews including Westin Boston Convention Center Hotel, Westin Denver Airport, and Westin Annapolis. Oglebay Park, Wheeling, WV. Prepared expansion and renovation master plan for Wilson Lodge. March 1997­January 2000. Prepared criteria for and redesign of conference center expansion. February 1996. University of California­Davis. Prepared public assessment of PKF feasibility and economic impact reports for the University to use in gaining public approval of proposed university conference center. December 2000­March 2001. Creative Hospitality Corp., Oakland, CA. Participated in team proposal to University of California­Davis, to develop and manage new university conference center hotel. December 1999. São Paulo Hotel Jaragu & Convention Center, São Paulo, Brazil. Prepared comments on renovation proposals of office building into hotel. October 1999. Western Missouri State College, St. Joseph, MO. Prepared needs assessment, conference center program, and recommendations for college trustees. June­July 1999. First Carolina Management, Rocky Mount, NC Prepared program analysis and schematic review of new beachfront resort development. April 1997. Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables, FL. Prepared conference center program and schematic design for renovation of original Country Club building. February 1997. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH. Prepared conference center program, advised university architect on development team responses to RFQ/RFP, participated in developer interviews, attended frequent design reviews. July 1995­July 1998. Huntington Town House, Huntington Station, NY. Expert witness on conference center design and operations. July 1993­Sept. 1995.

Richard H. Penner


Inn at Belhurst Castle, Geneva, NY. Advised on siting, program, and schematic design for the 60-room addition to the historic inn. September 1992­June 1994. Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD. Prepared space program and design criteria for new hospitality management program and adjoining conference center. October­December 1992. Thornfield Conference Center, Cazenovia, NY. Provided regional market analysis and operations review for not-for-profit conference center (with P. Rainsford and D. Blair). June­July 1992. Wooster Country Club, Wooster, OH. Assisted in the assessment of alternative schemes for expansion and renovation of the golf clubhouse. March 1990. United States Army, Hospitality Management Group, Alexandria, VA. Prepared "Transient Lodging Facilities Design Criteria," a 30 page design manual for Army guest houses in the US and Germany. January­March 1990. Statler Hotel, Marriott Executive Education Center, School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca, NY. For many years served as design coordinator and assistant project manager for the Statler renovations; established meetings with faculty and staff to determine academic and conference center program requirements; participated in consultant selection; attended all design and project meetings; coordinated numerous details such as furnishings, artwork selection, signage, etc. Summer 1982­March 1989. Shamrock Properties, New York, NY. Prepared schematic designs for marina/restaurant development and program for conference center at SUNY Stony Brook. August 1986. Anthony Athanas (Pier 4 Restaurant), developer, Boston, MA. Developed hotel program and reviewed preliminary design for 250 room deluxe hotel on Boston harbor. October 1985­March 1986. Tara Hotels, Braintree, MA. Prepared brief hotel design reviews for Sheraton Tara Hotels in Springfield, MA and Parsippany, NJ and met with developer and management company officers. January­February 1986. Shockoe Slip District hotel project, Richmond, VA. Reviewed planning to convert proposed office building in historic district to a small, rooms-only hotel; prepared full plans for all guestroom levels. November 1985­January 1986. Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Chicago, IL. Organized and managed space survey of 14 Hyatt Hotels using three teams of SHA students; prepared detailed analysis of space utilization at each hotel and made recommendations on planning of future Hyatt properties (with D. Oswald). January­February 1985. Travis and Travis, developer, Ithaca, NY. Developed space allocation and operational program for proposed Collegetown hotel; reviewed architectural planning; prepared outline FF&E budget. Nov. 1983­January 1984.

Richard H. Penner


Hill and Barlow, attorneys, Boston, MA. Began preparations for court case concerning dispute over quality of design services, fee, and supervision of interiors installation; settled out-of-court. September­October 1983. Mad River Valley Enterprises, Warren, VT. Reviewed site planning, architectural design, and operational program for condominium project in Sugarbush, VT (with M. Noden, T. Kelly, R. Compton). May 1983. Hirsch/Bedner and Associates, Santa Monica, CA. Developed revised architectural and interiors concepts for resorts in Tucson and Miami. January 1983. Paul L. Snyder, developer, Buffalo, NY. Retained as hotel planning consultant to owner of Hyatt Regency Buffalo. Assisted in the selection of architect and interior designer and the negotiation of consultant's contracts; revised architectural program, continually reviewed conceptual design and design development, helped develop cost reduction strategies; attended all project meetings over ten month period. May 1981­March 1982. Hirsch/Bedner and Associates, Santa Monica, CA. Planned all public areas and developed interior concepts for complete renovation of the Parkview Hilton in Hartford (original Statler Hilton); met in Hartford with developer and architects, provided total redesign, collaborated on interiors, coordinated construction documents. December 1980­April 1981. Marriott Corporation, Washington, DC. Participated in faculty research project as part of strategic planning study for Marriott; contributed to three of five sections of report. October 1980­February 1981. Hirsch/Bedner and Associates, Santa Monica, CA (sabbatical leave). Functioned as "project planner" and, on the Sheraton hotels, additionally, as "project manager." Also, contributed (less than one week) to numerous other hotel projects. August 1979­June 1980. · Hyatt Regency, Austin, TX. Planned the guestrooms, public and office spaces; developed interior concepts for the lobby, meeting, and food and beverage areas; laid out furnishings for all spaces. · The Mayflower, Washington, DC. Planned reconfiguration of all 800 renovated guestrooms; consulted on the redesign of the public areas. · Sheraton Harbor Island Hotels, San Diego, CA. Prepared the master plan for the expansion and renovation of both the Harbor Island Hotel and the adjoining airport inn; planned all public spaces for both hotels; developed the design concepts; established renovation budgets and schedules. · Hyatt Regency, Oakland, CA. Coordinated with the architect and owner strategies to reduce the hotel gross area and cost; planned interior spaces; developed concepts and furnishings plans. · Holiday Inn, Seattle, WA. Proposed major architectural modifications; developed interior concepts for all guest and public levels. Kenyon College, Gambier, OH. Prepared recommendations for the redesign of the college dining facilities and for the phased refurbishment of the kitchens (with M. Redlin and A. Ma). January­February 1979. Berkshire Place Hotel, New York. Consulted on scope of renovation and project budgets (with J. Clark, J. Eyster). January­February 1978. Realty Hotels, New York. Prepared site-specific emergency procedures--fire, blackout, etc.--for the Biltmore, Barclay, and Roosevelt Hotels (with R. Compton). August 1977.

Richard H. Penner


AWARDS / COMPETITIONS / OTHER PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: Advisory Board, WATG, Irvine, CA. Assisted senior management of global hospitality architecture and interiors firm in setting strategic goals and policies. May 2007­present. Hospitality Design Roundtable, Center for Hospitality Research, Cornell University. Organized and chaired meeting of hotel design professionals. October 2007, October 2005, and May 2004. Hospitality Teacher of the Year selected by the graduate students of the School of Hotel Administration. May 1993. Platinum Circle Award from Hospitality Design magazine. Named to Platinum Circle for contributions to hospitality design as an author, teacher, architect, and consultant. May 1992. DEPA Middle East Hotel Awards, Dubai, UAE. Served as juror for the awards program recognizing outstanding creativity, service, and performance among Middle East hotels. April 2004. Australian International Hotel School, Canberra, Australia. Chaired Cornell faculty committee that developed the curriculum, searched for Dean and instructors, and provided academic oversight; consulted on AIHS and Hotel Kurrajong design; conceived and managed "Semester in Australia" study-abroad program for American university students. 1994­2002 Restaurant/Hotel Design International magazine, New York, NY. Participated as juror for the 7th annual design competition judging over 150 hotel, restaurant, and club submissions. June 1990. Also juror for the 2nd competition in 1985. Eagleridge Design Competition, Steamboat Springs, CO. Submitted site and building designs for mixed-use resort and condominium complex; organized team of hotel, architecture, and design students (with L. Mankowski [Cornell, DEA]). May­July 1981. Hotel Berlin International Design Competition, Berlin, Germany. Participated in winning submission for new convention hotel (with O.M.Ungers [Cornell, Arch.] and others). Summer 1977. Harvard-Cornell Archaeological Expedition to Sardis, Turkey. Served as staff architect for three summers; surveyed site, prepared drawings of historical (Greek and Roman) remains, managed architecture and survey department; prepared many drawings included in expedition publications by Harvard University Press. Summers 1968, 1969, 1978.

Richard H. Penner


COURSES TAUGHT: Graduate: Properties Development and Planning (HA 751): Project development, hotel planning, operational criteria, and building systems; conceived and initiated integrated student-team hotel development case study. Undergraduate: Hospitality Facilities Design (HA 351): Interpretation and analysis of hotel and restaurant plans, drawing conventions, and information needs of design professionals; several planning and design problems; handdrawing skills and introduction to AutoCAD software. Hotel Planning and Interior Design (HA 352): Market criteria, hotel space planning, interior design, and renovation requirements leading to a major interior design presentation. International Hospitality Development (HA 459): Strategic development of international hotel projects including corporate expansion strategies, international development process, viewpoints of public and private stakeholders, and various development challenges. Former courses: Resort Development and Management (graduate) Hotel Planning Techniques (graduate) Hotel Development and Planning Seminar in Hotel Operations Physical Plant Planning and Construction Seminar in Environmental Control Financial Charts and Graphs

Richard H. Penner


COMMITTEES AND SERVICE: Hotel School: * Australian International Hotel School (AIHS) Committee * Faculty Policy Committee * Graduate Committee * Graduate Admissions Committee * Undergraduate Admissions Committee Academic Integrity Hearing Board Academic Area Directors Building Committee Capital Campaign Advisory Committee Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, article reviewer Curriculum Committee Executive Education Committee Executive MMH Committee Faculty Personnel Committee Financial Aid Committee International Strategy Committee Master Advisors PDP Restructuring Committee Student Affairs Council Spain Initiative Committee Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee Undergraduate Petitions Committee * Numerous tenure, search, faculty reappointment, and other ad hoc committees Cornell University: * Campus Planning Committee CPC General Planning Subcommittee; CPC Design Review Subcommittee * Committee on Residence Life * Committee on Transportation Services * Cornell Abroad Advisory Board * University Unions Task Force Academic Records and Instruction Committee Committee on Copyright Guidelines Committee on Dining Services Comprehensive Master Plan Working Committee Division of Unclassified Students Advisory Committee Educational Policy Committee Faculty Council of Representatives FCR Academic Programs and Policies Subcommittee Hotel School Dean Search Committee National Scholar Selection Committee University Appeals Board University Calendar Committee University Library Board Industry: AH&MA Construction/Development Committee DEPA Middle East Hotel Awards, Dubai, UAE, judging committee (2004) European Meeting on Hotel Interior Design, Rimini, Italy (conference chair, 1991­1993) Member: American Institute of Architects (Associate) Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education Restaurant/Hotel Design International design awards jury (1990, 1985) University of the West Indies (Jamaica), external reviewer

* Chairman


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