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When putting an LT-1 into a pickup it is better to find a `92-'96 Vette engine and transmission because the accessory layout can fit between the frame rails. The IROC/TA, Impala, Cad and Buicks will require relocating the A/C. The Vette fuel rails exit from the passenger side, all others exit from the driver side. You will have to change from the Vette exhaust manifolds to headers or `93-'97 IROC/TA, Impala, Cad and Buick factory exhaust will fit the truck. `93 IROC/TA and `92-'93 LT1 Vettes have 4L60 overdrive transmission and `94 up have 4L60E transmissions. This is just a sample of need to know information you will find by reading on.

Danny Stillinger brought this truck to S&P with a salvaged LT1 engine and 4L60E transmission setting between the frame rails wanting us to complete the project for him. We started by removing the engine from the `86 engine compartment to clean and detail the LT1. Note: it is very important to be careful washing around the distributor and throttle position sensor as moisture can damage these components.

The LT1 requires 38 to 47 lbs of fuel pressure. S&P recommends the use of an intake fuel pump such as the AC DELCO EP-241. The sending unit in the photo on the right is from the `83 truck tank. The unit on the left is from a `87 to `95 throttle body pickup (GM PT#25090837). This sending unit will require the installation of the EP-241 high pressure pump as pictured. This unit will work in all single truck tanks from `79 to `86. Visit under projects and read about the dual tank in a `77 pick up.

After cleaning the engine bay, we then install the S&P engine and transmission wiring harness. All S&P wiring harness come shrink wrapped using packard weather resistant connectors which are labeled and cut to the proper lengths for effortless installation.

After the engine was cleaned, the block was painted, then the heads and water pump were polished. We then began to install the accessories such as the S&P chromex coated headers and triple chrome plated throttle body.

`94 trans have 12 pin plug `95 up have 13 pin plug Spark plug wires for factory exhaust manifolds and headers are different and Taylor makes both types of wires. Shown to the left are Taylor custom wires which are cut to length for the S&P headers and wire separators . `87 and earlier trucks used a manual speedometer so we used S&P's tail housing kit to adapt the 4L60E tail housing for the `86 manual speedometer and the computer electric vehicle speed sensor to insure proper shifting of the transmission. In order to be supplied with the correct components, S&P must know the vehicle gear ratio and tire rollout. To install the kit you must remove the old tail housing.

The tail housing comes with everything that you will need to make the conversion. You will have to cut the gear from the shaft with a cutting disc or a puller can be used..

Slide reluctor gear/ drive gear assembly onto output shaft and position gear assembly so drive gear is centered in sleeve opening. It is important that the drive gear is indexed properly to ensure speedometer gear alignment. Slide tail housing into transmission until seated and visually confirm that the drive gear of the assembly is centered in sleeve opening. Remove extension housing. Being careful not to move the reluctor gear/ drive gear assembly, tighten the three set screws with an allen wrench to secure assembly to output shaft. Install extension housing onto transmission, fasten with bolts, and tighten evenly. Install sleeve assembly into extension housing opening. Secure sleeve into extension housing with clamp and bolt provided. This completes extension housing installation. The kit comes with detailed instructions.

Install the Power Steering Pump Bracket using three 3/8-16 bolts into the two vertical bolt holes to the drivers side of the balancer and the upper side of block. The S&P LT1 Power Steering Pump Bracket has a multiple bolt pattern so that the pump can be clocked for better positioning of the pump fitting per your application. Rotate the pulley to allow access to the two 5/16 bolts that go through the pump into the mounting bracket. RIGHT: Mounting passenger side LT1 Vette Style air bracket with three 3/8 mounting bolt provided. Always use Anti-seize compound on all bolt threads

Bolting driver side LT1 Vette Style alt bracket with 3/8 mounting bolts provided with bracket. After putting anti-seize on the mounting bolts provided with the idler mounting bracket, install the driver side idler bracket, this is then repeated on the passenger side.

Remove the two lower spark plug wires from the distributor for the mounting of the coil bracket as per instructions that come with the bracket kit.

With the belt in place, pull back on the alternator to tighten the belt and bolt the adjusting bar to the alternator. A Goodyear Gatorback belt #4060900 is used.

To install the air cleaner, use the set screws to tighten the air cleaner to the throttlebody by pulling it to the passenger side. Make sure that you check for clearance of the throttle arm and binding of any cables. When all connections are made you should make sure that the throttle arm will return freely to idle position. This practice should also be used when any interior work is performed. Note the screw in type air temp sensor that is used on the S&P air cleaner in the right photo is a GM P/N 25036751. The LT1 with all the S&P wide style accessories installed. This was done because the factory Camaro/TA or the Cad. Buick and SS Impala air compressor is too low on the passenger side of the engine and will not clear the front crossmember. If this engine had been from a Corvette, than the factory air would have cleared the frame because it is mounted high on the driver side. The engine is now ready to be placed back into the `83, install the sensors, hook up the wiring, plumbing, exhaust and drive line.

We used the S&P rear exit fuel line kit to prevent the fuel lines from crossing over the valve cover because the Vette fuel rail exits over the passenger side rail and valve cover. S&P also provides kits for IROC/TA, SS Impala, Cad. and Buick to convert from the factory exit on the driver side to a passenger side rear exit. This was done because the trucks fuel line ran along the passenger side of the frame.

An S&P AC DELCO GF-481 polished stainless steel fuel filter and bracket kit was used. This filter is designed for the high volume of fuel flow that the LT1 requires. A carburetored inline type filter WILL NOT allow enough fuel flow and cause the engine to starve for fuel. The S&P filter kit comes with 16mm to AN6 adapters which will allow the filter to be attached to the Tube Tech braided rear exit fuel line kit from S&P. The `86 trucks passengers side motor mount will work when you remove the factory compressor from the lower mounting position. S&P can provide an AC DELETE pulley for the factory accessories if not running air. IROC/TA use only one knock sensor on the passenger side of the block. Vette, SS, Cad., Buicks and Cast Iron head LT1's use two knock sensors. (one on each side of the block where the coolant drain is located ) Passenger side knock sensor We can not express the importance of proper clean grounds. You must have bare metal showing under the connections or use star washer and ground from the battery to the engine or transmission, from the engine to the frame and the engine to the body. The coolant temp sensor from the original `83 engine was installed into the drivers side cylinder head using the original lead. The original oil pressure sensor is also used in this installation because we will still be using the original gauges in the dash.

Since we used the 4L60E transmission with the modified tail housing we can now attach the factory manual speedometer cable on the drivers side. We then are able to make the electrical connection from the S&P wiring harness to the speed sensor on the passenger side of the tail housing. ( The electrical speed sensor is what tells the computer when to shift the transmission based on the programmed gear ratio and tire diameter. You will have to reprogram the computer if the gear ratio or tire diameter is different than on the donor vehicle. Street & Performance can reprogram your computer or exchange your computer for a reprogrammed one with your settings.

The factory oil pressure sending unit was located above the oil filter by adding length to the original wire due to the lack of room between the manifold and the firewall. The pigtails from the 02 sensors were then connected to the S&P wiring harness. The LT-1 uses two O2 sensors that are placed as close to the engine as possible. This installation is using S&P chormex coated headers which has the 02 sensor bun on the collector. If you do not have S&P headers, S&P can provide you with an 02 bun that can be welded to your exhaust pipe. `92-'93 LT's use a one wire sensor GM# 25166916 and `94-'97 LT's use a four wire sensor GM# 25312184.

Thermostat Hose to the bottom of the radiator

Driver side outlet to top of radiator

Hose to Return Hose Heater From Heater The outlet to the heater core is a 5/8 bibb at the upper passenger side of the water pump and the return hose from the heater core is on the lower passenger side of the water pump. The lower return heater hose we used an Goodyear P/N 63948 . The lower radiator hose is an Goodyear P/N 60867 and the upper hose is an Goodyear P/N 61410. NOTE: thermostat/waterneck hose goes to the lower passenger side of the radiator. All LT1/LT4's have the thermostat on the suction side of the water pump. Pressure from pump

Pressure to Gear Box

Return from bottom of reservoir

To side of S&P Reservoir

The pressure side of the pump is 16 mm O-ring fitting and the return from the reservoir in an AN8 fitting supplied with the S&P pump. The fittings in the gear box are a 16 mm and 18 mm O-ring fitting. Use a lite motor oil on the fitting threads to insure a proper seal and be sure to use two wrenches when you tighten the hose to the fitting.

The AN6 hose is attached to the side of the S&P reservoir and the AN8 is the return from the bottom of the reservoir to the large fitting on the pump. CAUTION!! The AN8 HOSE MUST BE RATED FOR 20-27 INCHES OF VACUUM OR THE SUCTION SIDE WILL COLLAPSE STARVING THE PUMP FOR FLUID. S&P recommends the use of GM Power Steering fluid P/N 12345867.

Two Spal 14" pull fans were mounted to the radiator and connected to the S&P adjustable fan control. The temperature probe from the control is installed into the pitcock hole in the radiator with the adapter fitting supplied with the kit. An Infrared heat gun will be used to set the control by reading the temperature from the BOTTOM of the radiator and adjusting the control to turn on the fans at 175 to 185 degrees. The control is also tied into the high pressure switch of the A/C to activate the fans when the A/C is turned on and the radiator is not hot.

3 2 1

To install the S&P Dress up Plate, the MAP sensor is removed from its factory location at the top of the manifold, it is then repositioned between the injector and the manifold as shown in the right photo (1). (2) Shows a new hose which is hooked from the MAP sensor into a vacuum port in the side of the manifold. (3) Use Silicone and the plug provided in the top cover kit to plug the hole from the factory MAP sensor location. Apply silicone to the top of the manifold to hold the top cover in place. TIP: It is helpful in positioning the Dress up Plate if the top covers are in place. The Dress up plate will fit between the top covers. Check for fit before applying the silicone to the manifold.



A Lokar Throttle cable provided by S&P (P/N TC1000TP) is attached to the factory accelerator pedal then connected to the Lokar TCB-40LT4 throttle bracket, This bracket is used on `94-'97 LT-1 but a `92'93 LT must use a Lokar TCB-40LT1 bracket. S&P also provides the chrome cable hold downs which keeps the cable in place along the top of the plastic top covers.

Using a fuel pressure gauge to make sure that you have the correct amount of pressure at the fuel rail before startup is very important. You must have 38 to 40 lbs of pressure at the fuel rail when the key is first turned on. It is normal to see the pressure drop slowly once the system is pressurize. You should have about 45 lbs under acceleration. This is a good time to check for fuel leaks before starting the vehicle also.

If the engine will not start, spray starting fluid in the air cleaner to determine if the injectors are stuck. This is a common problem with LT's that have set for several months without running. You can sometimes tap the injectors to free them up, but you may have to have them professionally cleaned by S&P or your local GM dealer.

If the engine will start but runs rough, you can use a inferred heat gun to check and see which cylinder(s) are not firing. By pointing the red dot onto the header tube, you should read between 250 to 350 degrees and be within 40 degrees of each other.

S&P can program most GM chips or computers from `90 to present. We must know injector lbs, cam, cubic inches, type of transmission, using MASS air flow or not, gear ratio and tire roll out or diameter. Full emission or Street Rod programming available.

Street & Performance Engine and accessories 479-394-5711 Lokar Performance Products Throttle pedals and cables 1-865-966-2269 GM Performance Parts 1.800.GM USE US Tube Tech Custom made stainless steel fuel lines 479-394-6466

Passenger or driver side available

Street & Performance EGR Block off Plate (`74 earlier non emission)

1 2

Street & Performance Rear exit fuel line kit

Videos for T.P.I and LS1 also available LT1/LT4 Updated 2003 Update offers the latest information and products.Your complete guide to fuel systems, cooling systems, transmissions, electronics for all LT series engines, 92 - 97 From S&P or your S&P Dealer

3 5

3 5/16" 4"

4 6

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

LT1 VETTE BALANCER AND HUB LT1 Vette Balancer - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $160.00 LT4 Balancer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$319.00 Corvette/IROC/TA Hub - . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 67.00 Caprice Hub . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 66.67 S&P Balancer/Spacer (IROC/TA) . . . . . . . $ 65.00 S&P Balancer/Spacer (Vette) . . . . . . . . . $ 75.00

IROC/TA needs item (3) to align balancer and brackets. Cast Iron Headed LT-1's need item (6) for alignment

4L60E TAIL HOUSING KIT The 4L60E Tail Housing Kit allows you to install the manual speedometer on the 4L60E Transmission while retaining electric VSS. Please specify gear ratio and tire roll-out

#16159278 Harness Vehicle Speed Optional

LT-1 92 - 93 WIRING HARNESS This harness uses the 92-93 Corvette, 93 IROC/TA Computer #16159278, or 88999183, which enables you to run the 700R4 and other types of transmission and still use a manual/electric vehicle speed sensor. This harness can be used on all 92 - 97 LT-1 and LT4. Uses computer #16159278, or 88999183, which uses a chip, that lets us custom tailor to your application. Easy 4-wire hook-up. `92-'93 computer system is best for manual or 350, 400, 700R-4 transmission application

94-95 Harness OBDI 96-97 OBDII Harness available

Comes w/anti theft bypass and Fuel pump relay

SMOOTH DESIGN w/LT-1 LOGO Street & Performance's own design valve covers,

machined to fit most roller rocker arms. Comes with s.s. bolts. (Gaskets and Breather are an Option)

LT-1 (94-95) & (96 -97) Wiring Harness Kits For use w/manual or 4L60E transmission w/9495 computer. Can be customized for a hot rod or as a full emissions legal kit. 94-95 Computer can be reprogrammed for either manual or automatic transmissions. When using manual speedometer on 4L60E you will need our tailshaft housing kit. The 4L60E uses Aluminum Computer (#16188051) and utilizes electric vehicle speed only. Can be used with or without mass air flow. For 94 & Later LT-1's not using the 4L60E transmission it's better to use the 92-93 LT-1 computer (#16159278). With 96 (#16214399) , 97 (16242921) computer has to be reprogrammed or use a 94-95 computer #16188051 which was used on 94-95 Camaro/TA, SS Impala's, Cadillacs, and Buicks. 94-95 Vettes used (16181333), 96 (16214399) Corvette Computers will have to be reprogrammed. The (#16188051) Computer requires reprogramming for gear ratio, tire diameter. We can remove vehicle anti theft from computer. Please specify full emissions when ordering. Computer and mass air flow optional. Easy 4 wire hook-up. Specify nonemission or emission, type & year of transmission, gear ratio, and tire roll-out.


Street & Performance own design valve covers, machined to fit most roller rocker arms. Comes with s.s. bolts. (Gaskets and Breather are an Option)

LT-1 style type III S&P thermal coated header used on late `60s and later non emission pickups.

OBDI `94-'95 Computers


THE S&P HARNESS IS EQUIPPED WITH TWO KNOCK SENSOR LEADS, DEPENDING ON WHICH KNOCK SENSOR MODULE IS IN THE COMPUTER. DETERMINE HOW MANY KNOCK SENSORS YOU NEED. CHECK THE LIST BELOW FOR WHICH SENSOR IS USED. IF ONLY ONE SENSOR IS NEEDED TIE EXTRA SENSOR LEAD BACK. PART NUMBER OF SENSOR MODULE: 16188309 ALL USE 2 KNOCK SENSOR 16188709 16177690 USES 1 KNOCK SENSOR 16177700 KNOCK SENSOR MODULE S&P can reprogram your computer to provide improved drivability, remove emissions and reconfigure your gear ratio and tire rollout for better performance. Computers can be programmed on exchange basis.


94 Computer #16188051 VIN# 2G2FV22P6R2202147 95 Computer #16188051 VIN# 2G1FP22P6S2128121

Corvette's, cast Iron headed SS, Cad,and Buick used two knock sensors. IROC/TA used one knock sensor.Check the knock module in your computer with the chart above to insure that you have the proper module for your engine.

Street & Performance, Inc.

(479) 394-5711

Fax (479) 394-7113


E-mail: [email protected]

OBDII `96-'97 Computers


THIS HARNESS IS EQUIPPED WITH TWO KNOCK SENSOR LEADS, DEPENDING ON WHICH KNOCK SENSOR MODULE IS IN THE COMPUTER. DETERMINE HOW MANY KNOCK SENSORS YOU NEED. CHECK THE LIST BELOW FOR WHICH SENSOR IS USED. IF ONLY ONE SENSOR IS NEEDED TIE EXTRA SENSOR LEAD BACK. PART NUMBER OF SENSOR MODULE: 16214399 (96 Computers can use a one knock sensor module (16214661) or a two knock sensor module (16214671). 16242921 (97 Computers Only use the one knock sensor module (16214661) KNOCK SENSOR MODULE S&P can reprogram your computer to provide improved drivability, remove emissions and reconfigure your gear ratio and tire rollout for better performance. Computers can be programmed on exchange basis.


96 Computer #16214399 VIN# 2G1FP22P7T2112925 97 Computer #16242921 VIN# 2G1FP22P7V2112925

Corvette's, cast Iron headed SS, Cad,and Buick used two knock sensors. IROC/TA used one knock sensor.Check the knock module in your computer with the chart above to insure that you have the proper module for your engine.

Street & Performance, Inc.

(479) 394-5711

Fax (479) 394-7113


E-mail: [email protected]



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