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T The PrintPro Album is designed for the customer w who needs a large adjustable work area with easy a and open access to locate their product. The P PrintPro Album is also designed for printing on tall or bulky objects. It is perfect for printing on album o covers, leather products, tall products and large c products, as well as standard hot foil imprinted p items. it

· Large Print Area: Capable of printing a full 2" X 9" area, even on hard to to print materials. · 10" Throat Depth: Will print to the center of a 20" album cover or other products. · Adjustable Head Height: This machine can imprint on any product from 0" to 10" tall. · Extra Large 14" X 14" table plate has 8" of fine line adjustment to make product positioning accurate and easy. · The Print Pro Album gauge bar with adjustable side stop will locate product left or right up to 14 1/2" from center. · Digital Temperature Control holds temperature ±1°. · This machine is incredibly rigid and there fore extremely accurate for a greater than 10" overarm machine that weighs less than 80 pounds. · Warm up time is usually under 5 minutes due to an oversize 550 watt heater. · Multiline Type Inserts and other user friendly accessories are all machined to aerospace tolerances. · All 100% made in th U.S.A. · Fully warranted for 3 years.

PrintPro Album

Included with each PrintPro: · Multi Purpose Self Centering Typeholder · Adjustable 14" x14" Centering Base Plate · Accurate Line Locator · Complete Set of Type; Caps, Numbers, Punctuation · Set of Spacers · Adjustable Right Angle Fixture System · Leather covered wood type boxes w/coded inserts · Album tools and Accessories kit · Training Manual · Party Pack of 5 Imprinting Foils

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PrintPro Album

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The New Album Master Stamping System



Description The Album Master Machine EXT-1 w/ Adjustable Head Digital

List Price


heat control LED read out, 9" throat depth, 10" adjustable height with EZ Drive control, Twin Column Support, Contemporary Design & Powder Coat Finish. Designed, Manufactured & Assembled in the USA


Multi Purpose Self Centering Typeholder

2"x9" Self Centering, 18 square inch print area, Holds many sizes of movable Type & Dies 1

Adjustable 14" x 14" Centering Base Plate

With XY axis movement Largest Base Area with side extension and squaring attachments 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 5

Accurate Line Locator Measuring Dial & Gear for precise movement of

the Centering Base Plate

36pt Letter Set (or your choice) OPTIONAL Caps, Numbers,

Punctuation, & Spanish accents ment of printing material

Adjustable Right Angle Fixture System Fixtures for accurate placeSpacer Set Leather covered wood type boxes w/ coded inserts Albums Tools & Accessories Kit Training Manual Assorted colors 200' x 2" Imprinting Foil Matte Gold, MatteSilver,

Brilliant Gold, Brilliant Silver, Red Plus Freight Total Price * 4207.81

* FOB Winchester, VA

1 141-2 Marcel Drive * Winchester, VA 22602 Ph: 877.343.4321 * Fx: 877.448.1001

Orders cannot be altered or returned w/o prior approval. Restocking fee is 25% on all returns. Open Type is not returnable. Prices subject to change.


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