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Model Description

The FORTE is a redesigned 4-5 person hot tub with progressive styling, form, and function in mind. The two fully therapeutic deep seats, along with the convenient bench seat provide all the options you need in a hot tub. Two Aqua Rail Water Falls serve the dual purpose of a unique water fall and a sturdy handrail. Other features include fold-down cup holders, foot jets, neck jets, our exclusive Quick DrainTM system, and a special storage bin which is perfect for ice, beverages, or toys for the kids.

Great Lakes Hot Tubs Forte Model





Premium Weatherable Polymer Alloy Shell 2 lb. Density Urethane Foam Insulation Plastic Base Enclosure Interchangeable Jet System Manifold Plumbing Balanced Pressure Distribution




Cabinet Options

Whispering Pine, Black Walnut, Forest Glen or Sandalwood Maintenance-Free Natur-all Paneling

Power System

Balboa GVS500 Digital System 3-button Digital Electronic Control Panel 2 HP (3.5 BHP) 2-speed Jet Pump Delivers 165 gallons per minute at 15 PSI 5.5 KW Stainless Steel Heater Dual overheat/freeze protection circuits Requires 230 volt/40 amp GFI circuit Convertible to 110 volt/20 amp with optional GFCI cord, and 1.5 HP pump.

A2 Filtration System

Automatic - 2 cycles per day Programmable duration ­ 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 hrs/cycle Suction-Side Skimming Filter 35 Sq Ft Filter Cartridge Ozone Ready


Maximum Capacity: 260Gal. Normal Operating: 200 Gal. Dimensions: 76.5"L x 67.5"W x 32.5"H Empty Weight: 410 Lbs. (Approx.) Seating: 4-5 Persons - Bucket & Bench Total Jets: 24 2 - Aqua Rail Water Fall Jets 1 - 5" Double Roto Jet 1 ­5" Pulsating Jet 4 - 5" Directional Jets 6 - 3" Double Roto Jets 2 - 3" Directional Jets 2 - Neck Jets 4 - Foot Jets 1 - Ozone Jet 1 - Priming Jet Other Features: 2 - Air Controls 4 - Fold-Down Adjustable Cupholders 2 - Molded Head Cushions 1 - Top-side Storage Compartment 1 - Light with 2 Interchangeable Color Filters 2 - Suction Fittings 1 - Quick-Drain

Hydrotherapy Controls

Pump The pump has both a high and low speed. It is controlled by the Jets button on the digital control panel. Air Controls When adequate water is flowing through the jets, opening the Air Controls will allow air to mix with the water providing a different feel to the jet massage. Each control supplies air to a jet or group of jets. A1 supplies air to the jets in the seat 1 and two of the foot jets. A2 supplies air to the jets in seats 2, 3, 4, 5, and the other two foot jets. Interchangeable Jet Faces The jet faces of the various 5" and 3" jets can be easily interchanged with others of the same size. This allows you to customize your hot tub massage therapy. Each style of jet provides variable intensity and sensation. Water Flow Control on Individual Jets The volume of water through each 5" jet and 3" jet can be adjusted by rotating the jet face. Aqua Rail Waterfall Jets One Aqua Rail waterfall jet is located between seats 1 and 2, and can be adjusted by turning the flow control valve handle located under the Aqua Rail waterfall jet. The other Aqua Rail waterfall jet is located between seats 4 and 5, and can be adjusted by turning the flow control valve handle located under the Aqua Rail waterfall jet. Neck Jets The Neck Jets jet can be adjusted by turning the flow control valve handle located under the Aqua Rail waterfall jet between seats 4 and 5.

Hot Tub Cover

Heavy-Duty Marine Grade Vinyl Self-Draining Vinyl Mesh Underliner 4"-2" Tapered Polystyrene Foam Core Polyethylene Vapor Barrier Extruded Aluminum Hinge Reinforcement Four Locking Safety Straps


$Please Call for Pricing

includes: Tub, Cover Delivery and Warranty (10/5/2)

HTWD Recommended: - Ozone Water Purifier: - 5" to 4" SuperTherm Cover: - Thermo Shield : - QuickDrainTM: - QuickVacTM:

$125.00 $125.00 $175.00 $65.00 $35.00

Other Options Available: - SoftGlo Lighting Package: - AquaSound Stereo System: - Custom Shell Color: - Extended Warranty (10/5/5)

$365.00 $650.00 $225.00 $300.00

Get all the Recommend Options for: $425.00 And save: $100.00


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