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- A Weekend Workshop Presented by:

Roger Calliste Director of Studies of The House of the Ibis

November 12th - 14th 2010

The Book of Psalms can be considered one of the more inspirational books of the Christian Bible. Its author, David, was King of Israel during tempestuous times of the Hebrew people. It is said that though David slaughtered many and even caused the death of Uriah so that Bathsheba may have become betrothed to him he was still beloved by the Divine and was considered a man after the heart of the Elohim. The enigmatic writings of the Psalms have been used by various peoples and cultures around the world. Even more interestingly, they have been incorporated into spiritual traditions that are not part of mainstream Christianity. This may hint to the much debated idea among scholars that the Psalms bear a striking semblance to various prayers and invocations used by the ancient Egyptian priesthood. We will never know for sure where they originated and if David was the author of them all. What we do know is that they are filled with the cries and sorrows and also the joys and aspirations of humanity finding its way along the arduous path of spiritual development. The Psalms are filled with the power and glory of the realisations of its author and yet there are keys which can unlock its power even at a deeper level. Every Psalm contains a name of God, a symbol and a seal which can help the user to tap into its power. There are also chants which may be used to unleash the awesome energy filled within these writings. Join us for this weekend workshop as we explore the power and majesty of the Psalms to assist in bringing its blessings into our lives. For the weekend please come with your personal Book of Psalms. There are other requirements for this workshop which will be provided by calling the numbers listed below. Dates & Times: Friday 12th November - 7:30 pm to 9.30 pm Saturday 13th November ­ 10 am to 4 pm (Ritual 5 pm to 7 pm) Sunday 14th November ­ 10 am to 4 pm Venue: #2 Circular Road, Mount Lambert Cost: $650.00 (Inclusive of Workshop materials and Meals) R.S.V.P. - Limited spaces available! Contact: 706-8573, 355-7020, 746-4917, 684-2262, 684-2441, 497-5155 or [email protected]


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