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Monday, April 2, 2007

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Call to Order Approval of Agenda Moved: Dick Rastin. Seconded: Bob Sexsmith. No objections. Carried. Mission Statement (Shelley Yeo) Introduction Of and Welcome To those in Attendance CHAIR: Yeo, Shelley ­ WCH PAST CHAIR: Rastin, Dick ­ Street Connection SECRETARY: Sanders, David ­ LCRC Ball, Michelle Binder, Judith ­ CMHC Bodkin, Debra Bryant, Judy ­ Councillor, Ward 13 Connoy, Martha ­ MSL CMHP Curry, Chris ­ LCRC Davies, Linda ­ LCRC DeBrabandere, Joanne Devine, Christine ­ UWO (Student) Eastabrook, Henry ­ LIHC-HOHP Ferrreira, Sandy ­ JHS Fraser, Gwen ­ Anglican Diocese of Huron Hamou, Mariam ­ Office of Glen Pearson, MP Hardy-Trevenna, Melissa ­ LSTAR Hodgkinson, Maureen ­ Elizabeth Fry Society Hunter, Kelly - CAS

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Jeng, Mo ­ City of London Johnson, Trevor - YOU Lazenby, Chuck ­ Unity House Lester, Brian - ACOL Macphail, Susan ­ MSP Mathyssen, Irene, MP McNeill, Janet ­ LMHC Molineaux, James ­ City of London Morris, Vic - LIFT Pittao, Sarah ­ Asst. to Neil Watson Quinn, April - WAYS Ritchie, Darlene ­ At^Lohsa Sexsmith, Bob ­ Independent Smith, Cheryl ­ City of London Staley, Dave Stickling, Jens ­ Westany Holdings Van Beers, Michele ­ CMHA Watson, Neil ­ City of London Housing Development Consultant. Yost, Mag - MLHU


Minutes General Meeting of March 5, 2007 Minutes Motion to approve as amended: Henry Eastabrook. Seconded: Bob Sexsmith. No objections. Carried. Business arising from March 5, 2007 minutes SCPI, HPS, Interim Funding, the "Community Entity" model & transition funds

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General Meeting ­ Monday, April 2, 2007 ­ MINUTES, page 2

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Item The City signed the contract with HRSDC for the City to be the "Community Entity"; now drafting new Canada-London contract. · There will be contracts drafted for each agency1 receiving funds; these will go before Board of Control on Wednesday, April 25, 2007. · If your program started April 1, 2007, Service Canada can go back to that date and fund forward from that point. · The City is looking to "up front" fund the first couple of months. S. Macphail: MSP's contract signed by the Minister; $59,781; told by Joe Preston, MP. C. Smith: The Application is in two parts: 1. omnibus; 2. individual. TheMinister has signed off on every project. D. Rastin: $22,366 capital project for Street Connection. Cheryl Smith: total signed for the City [for the transition period]: $300,754, for 6 mos.

Decisions, if any Actions, if any


Transition Funds and the quantum problem D. Rastin: LHC Steering Committee had met and decided on $300,000 for the 6 month period out of the total of $513,000 for FY 2007-08. Problem: Half of $513,214 would be $ 256,607, [so the first 6 months would be 58.45% of the total, not 50%]. As of September 30, 2007, all LHC agencies eligible to apply for funds, [whereas the transition funds apply only to SCPI-2 EY agencies. That additional [8.45%] is therefore in violation of the Terms of Reference2 and so the additional $43,3933 should come out of the transition period and be applied towards the remainder of the year. C. Smith: The funds can be applied back if LHC so decides. Decision (no motion): There will be a meeting on Thursday, April 5, 2007, at 1 p.m. at LCRC to discuss the amount will be for the amendment to the contract.

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Report of the Community Developer ­ Chris Curry Community Developer's Contract The contract for Chris Curry has changed re: timelines and duties. The new contract is specific to the Community Plan Assessment. He will be working with the Consultant on the structure. Community Plan Update It has to be completed by May 31, 2007; it is a review of recommendations from the 2003-4 Plan, with evaluations of how we have done.


Note: The agencies which were receiving funds under the SCPI-2 Extension Year ["EY"]. Legal Note: This is Mr. Rastin's opinion, and does not represent a legal opinion nor the position of the LHC or its Steering Committee. 3 Note: Rounded numbers (eg: "$44,000") were used in the discussions, and were so marked in the handwritten notes of this meeting available at LHC. The un-rounded, correct numbers are used for these Minutes.



General Meeting ­ Monday, April 2, 2007 ­ MINUTES, page 3

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Item Community Plan Assessment Part 1: This is to be a wide, global overview. How has the community reacted to SCPI/NHI and programs funded by same? Part 2: Governing structures and Terms of Reference; bring in consultant. (London received an extra $10,000 to look at our governance model (due to new CE model). The time frames for this are very tight. The Assessment is so broad that much of the information to complete it will be obtained under the Update process. It is to be based on a new government framework when we get it. Community Plan 2007 To be completed by September 30, 2007. Notifications to LHC There is a need to notify LHC of related events; key events can be been missed simply because some agencies don't keep the Coalition "in the loop".

Decisions, if any Actions, if any




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Announcements; Other Business; New Business. Policy Paper ­ David Sanders Review and vote. Motion: That Membership will accept the Policy Paper as drafted and corrected. Addenda to Motion: (a) that any successes in this area will become additions to the Policy Paper; (b) the Policy Paper will be become an addendum to the new Community Plan; and (c) that the Paper will be kept reviewed and updated. Motion: David Sanders. Addenda: Bob Sexsmith and Dick Rastin. Seconded: Henry Eastabrook. Motion and Addenda carried. LIFT - Vic Morris The London InterFaith Team. There are 11 downtown churches involved in working for the homeless; 3 housing units have been built. There is a current need to raise $260,000 for 446 King Street near Burwell; this is a property bought from London Homes Unlimited, and is currently going through the approval process. Details have been provided to LHC and are available on request. Future Plans for the Minutes of General Meetings & related planning matters.4 David Sanders' contract concludes at the end of March, 2007; a discussion ensued as to what is to be done regarding Minutes. Options discussed were: City funding, due to LHC role as cohesive, inclusive voice for the City. Allocation of part of the $513,000 to maintain LHC administrative tasks.



This discussion was extensive, in-depth and involved many differing views which were too extensive to summarize here. LHC members are free to examine David Sanders' notes which are kept on file at LCRC.


General Meeting ­ Monday, April 2, 2007 ­ MINUTES, page 4

Item No.

Item Most people in coalition too busy to see to these matters. C. Curry: Under the Community Entity model there is scope to have 12-15% (max) to be allocated as a function of the Entity. C. Smith: That percentage is to administer the money, [not the organization]. D. Ritchie: We must be cautious: too much of this funding should not go to the City. We must also not lose sight of what we are as a Coalition, what we are to be and our people (ie: our clients). C. Smith: a portion ($15,000 of the $513,000) goes to the City to cover their costs. C. Curry: No; any such allocations were to contracted through LHC. There was disagreement as to which level of government (the City or the federal) should absorb the administrative cost. Councillor S. Eagle: The LHC should be cautious of becoming a City advisory committee; potential members have to apply to -- and be approved by -- the City. LHC's current advocacy role is too valuable and too valued to lose. "Being `City' means that you are still vulnerable to the people who don't want to be advocated at." L. Davies: These discussions should take place when discussing the governance model. B.Sexsmith: Seek short-term funding for vital administrative activities from United Way. D. Ritchie: The urgent need to move beyond dependence on government funding. B. Lester: The need to recognize that there is always a "true cost" of doing this. Melissa Hardy-Trevenna will handle the Minutes for the May, 2007 meeting.

Decisions, if any Actions, if any


New Housing- RFP & Door, City of London ­ Neil Watson. The City of London is in the process of issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to develop affordable housing units in the City of London and County of Middlesex. Full details are in Appendix "A" to these Minutes. Request for Proposal 07-10 Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program (PDF format) can be downloaded from: The deadline for proposals is Friday, May 25 2007 at Noon (local time).


Capital Upgrades at Street Connection ­ Dick Rastin · The City and Service Canada were thanked for their efforts to enable us to retain services which otherwise would have ended March 31, 2007. · The staff and LCRC were thanked for the "tremendous job" they have done. Spring Soup n' Bread ­ Shelley Yeo Goal: Community Awareness. "How" was discussed Potential dates were discussed. Is the general approach to be changed? Decision: A working group is to look at these questions. Volunteers: M. an Beers; L. Davies; H. Eastabrook; M. Hamou; S. Ferrreira. "Dying for a home" ­ Catherine Crowe ­ S. Eagle Ms. Crowe is to address CAPs on June 18th. A "lunch with Cathy Crowe" is to be



General Meeting ­ Monday, April 2, 2007 ­ MINUTES, page 5

Item No.

Item scheduled.

Decisions, if any Actions, if any


"A Taste of for Life" ­ Brian Lester Wednesday, April 25, 2007. 25% of meal costs donated to ACOL. Please see website for details: Fanshawe College Fashion Show ­ My Sisters Place. Thursday, April 12, 2007, Mocha Temple. "Refashioning" of donated clothes. WCH Party ­ Shelley Yeo Friday, June 22, 2007. For further information, call Shelley Yeo. "Breakfast of Champions" ­ M. van Beers May 10, 2007. Full information available on CMHA website. Housing Help Centres Association of Ontario May 10-11, 2007. For further information contact M. van Beers. SOLE Project ­ Henry Eastabrook The SOLE Project closed its doors on March 31, 2007; the staff have been laid off. It is uncertain as to whether it will be operating with the transition dollars. House of Sound Concert ­ Susan Macphail All day all night concert. Information is available from Susan Macphail. Aboriginal Forum ­ Next Steps ­ Judith Binder Evaluations at the event asked for people to volunteer for a committee; many have. What are the next steps in aboriginal housing to be? 836 Lovett Street ­ "Home-at-Last" Partnership ­ Melissa Hardy-Trevenna CMHC, LSTAR, LAHF, London Home Builders' Association [and others]. Target clients: family and social housing but can afford a small mortgage. They are looking to repeat the success of this experiment and "improving one thing at a time". Street Connection ­ Harley-Davidson fundraiser Contact Dick Rastin for further information. Press Relations Members are free to ­ and encouraged to -- speak of the LHC, but only the Chair of LHC, or a delegate, speaks for the Coalition. David Sanders The membership thanked David Sanders for his work during his contract period (June, 2005 to March, 2007), and presented a card and a gift.












General Meeting ­ Monday, April 2, 2007 ­ MINUTES, page 6

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Decisions, if any Actions, if any


MOUNTING FATALITY RATE 5 D. Ritchie: Oneida alone has lost 27 people to early street- or homelessness-related deaths since January 1, 2007. For a recent such visitation and funeral, 500 people attended over three days, and food had to be found for them for that time; it was. The work of LHC is vital to solving problems like this, and member agencies should each contribute $500 to hire a fundraiser. There is a vital need to rise above treading water. Donation to the LHC to create a seed fund. Perhaps a JCP position for fundraising? The vital need to minimize going begging to government. M. van Beers: CMHA supports this, and would contribute $500. N. Watson: supports this and would personally contribute $500. H. Eastabrook: LIHC supports this, and would contribute $500. S. Yeo: WCH supports this, and would contribute $500 if board-approved. N. Watson: Is D. Sanders willing to work on such a contract? D. Sanders: Yes, very much, if compatible with new LUHC position. Legal and practical questions : 1. Need a separate account be set up? L. Davies: No; LCRC can handle it. 2. Can a charitable organization contribute funds to another charitable organization? 3. Need for a budget.


Date and time for next LHC General Meeting Monday, May 7, 2007. Adjournment


Appendix "A" ­ City of London RFP to Develop Affordable Housing

The City of London is in the process of issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to develop affordable housing units in the City of London and County of Middlesex. The RFP is expected to be released around the middle of April 2007 and close by the end of May 2007. Non-Profit organizations and private sector companies with strong development, management and financial capabilities are encouraged to submit a proposal to create affordable housing in the City of London. The federal, provincial and municipal governments will provide funding and other incentives. For information go to the City of London website after April 12, 2007 ( and refer to RFP on the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program.

This was actually raised during the discussions on future plans (see 8.3) but is placed as a separate agenda item because of its importance.


General Meeting ­ Monday, April 2, 2007 ­ MINUTES, page 7

Highlights of the RFP to Develop Affordable Housing The RFP will invite proposals to develop Affordable Rental Housing units in the City of London and County of Middlesex. The exact number of units funded will depend on the submissions received and level of funding required to meet program objectives. Through the RFP, the City may make available to Successful Proponents a range of federal, provincial and municipal financial assistance to facilitate the development of Affordable Rental Housing. The RFP will be for proponents who will be bringing forward their own development sites. The financial assistance that could be made available to Successful Proponents under the RPP includes: · An average combined Federal and Provincial Government contribution of $70,000 per unit; · A maximum City contribution is not specified in the RFP. Instead, Proponents are encouraged to provide information in their proposal that would highlight their ability to achieve greater affordability and other special project considerations if additional City funds were available. · Additional City funding considered for accessible units and/or building design; · Additional City funding considered to cover development charges and other municipal fees; · Property tax reduction from the multi residential rate to the residential rate; · Other City Incentives for Downtown and Old East London Development such as: interest free loan for upgrading to building code, interest free loan for façade improvements and lower parking requirements. · An exemption from City of Toronto Development Charges In order to obtain financial assistance under the RFP, Successful Proponents will be required to enter into a Contribution Agreement with the City and to agree to establish and maintain affordable rent levels in the Assisted Affordable Rental Housing units Units and to make the Assisted Affordable Rental Housing Units available to households with income below the Maximum Household Income Limit (5x monthly affordable rent) for a period of at least 25 years from the Project Completion Date in accordance with the RFP. Initial Monthly Occupancy Costs for a Unit of Assisted Affordable Rental Housing will not be permitted to exceed 80% of the CMHC Average Market Rent for that unit. However, if an Assisted Affordable Rental Housing Unit becomes vacant after the 20th anniversary of the date on which it is first occupied by a new tenant with income below the Maximum Household Income Limit, the Successful Proponent may make the Unit available to a new tenant without inquiry into their income level. Full details of the Successful Proponent's obligation to make Assisted Affordable Rental Housing Units available will be established in the Project Agreements.

Bids must be received by Purchasing and Supply in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the name and address of the responder, title of file and file number. Completed bids can be mailed to Purchasing and Supply, P.O. Box 5035, London, Ontario N6A 4L9 or Hand Delivered (in person or by courier) to Purchasing & Supply, 267 Dundas Street, 4th floor. London, Ontario N6A 1H2. Respondents are solely responsible for ensuring bids are received by Purchasing & Supply prior to the closing date and time. Failure to submit the bid as requested may result in it being disqualified. Further information on purchasing in general can be found at the City site for same:



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