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The Jury wish to express their appreciation to the exhibitors for the excellent exhibits they brought in, given the short time since the announcement of the Exhibition. They are mainly thankful to our foreign friends, many of them honour us by being with us tonight. The Jury are thankful to the Organizing Committee of the National Philatelic Exhibition "Lavrion 2009" and the EFO (Hellenic Philatelic Federation) Consultant for the excellent cooperation and the immaculate conditions under which Jury work was completed. They are thankful to the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park for the Exhibition hall "Michanourgeio I" and to all the friends in Lavrion for both their enthusiasm and their kind hospitality. Jury work was conducted under the new General Regulations for National Exhibitions of the Hellenic Philatelic Federation, which stipulate: 1. exhibits are evaluated similarly to an F.I.P. exhibition, 2. lower margin of each Medal Class is set at five points less than in an F.I.P. Medal Class. The exhibit in frame nos. 225-229 was transferred from Class 8 to Class 1. Similarly, the exhibit 207-211 was transferred from Class 8 to Class 3 and exhibit 220-224 from Class 8 to Class 7. The exhibit in frames nos. 92-96 did not show up. Lavrion, 3 October 2009 The President A. Galinos The Members G. Thomareis A. Kambourakis P. Leoussis The Secretary C. Chazapis


CLASSES 1-9 1 Traditional Philately, 2 Postal History, 3 Postal Stationery, 4 Aerophilately, 6 Revenues, 7 Thematic Philately, 8 Maximaphily, 9 Philatelic Literature G1 Grand Prix (Resident), G2 Grand Prix (Non-Resident), GC Grand Prix Candidate SP Special Prize, FL Felicitations Large Gold medal 94 Akis Christou (Cyprus): Cyprus 1880-1910 92 Anthony Virvilis: The role of health stations and lazarets in Greece 92 Michalis Tsironis: The 1906 Olympic issue 90 Nicos Rangos (Cyprus): Europa nostra (1901-1940) 90 Michalis Tsironis: The 1906 Olympic issue Gold medal 88 Neoklis Zafirakopoulos: Greece 1876-1914 [Postal Stationery] 87 Georgios Sparis: "High Seas" 86 Mehmet Edip Aaoulari (Turkey): The postal history of Thrace 86 Nikos Karanikolas: The German field post of the Aegean Islands (1944-1945) 85 Ambrus Francisc (Romania): The story of Romanian Stock Exchange and Chamber of Commerce fiscal stamps and their use (1882-1948) 85 Pantelis Avramides (Germany): Small Hermes heads 85 Thomas Arvanitis: The pre-philatelic period of the Hellenic postal service 85 Panayotis Cangelaris: The Kingdom of Egypt (1922-1953) Large Vermeil medal 83 Nikolaos Gkouveris: The Greek "Revolution 1922" overprints 83 Dimitrios Mentesidis: Postal history of West Macedonia (1696-1939) 83 John Daes: The postal history of Athens 83 John Daes: A look on the administrative seals and markings of the General Post Office (1821-1901) 83 Ioakim Halvatzidopoulos: The football 82 Stelios Theophilou (Cyprus): Cyprus civil censorship (1914-1959) 82 Socrates Bosovitch: Air-dropped propaganda leaflets 81 Theodore Papaeliou: The evolution of the rural postal service in Greece 81 Antonios Halkiadakis: Messages from the Holly Bible 80 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Griechenland E.V. im BDPh. (Germany): Festschrift 30 Jahre Arge Griechenland [Commemorative album for the Society's 30 years] 80 David Lu (China): The Journal of China Philately, vol. 3 80 Athanassios Apergis: Bicycle: A familiar unfamiliar friend 80 Theodoros Galanis: The birds of Europe 80 John Daes: Attica prefecture, postmarks

1 2 1 8 9 3 2 2 2 6 1 2 1 1 2 2 9 7 2 4 2 8 9 9 7 8 9





Vermeil medal 78 Michael Kaitatzidis: Aegean Steam Navigation P. M. Courtzis & Co. 78 Anthony Manoloudis: The lithographic issue (1912-1938) 78 John Daes: Postal rates in Greece (1861-2001) 76 John Daes: Andros Island. An approach to its postal history Large Silver medal 73 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Griechenland E.V. im BDPh. (Germany): Rundbriefe Nr. 99 und 100 (2008) [Bulletins 99 and 100 (2008)] 73 John Daes: The dread of tuberculosis 73 Michael Tsipidis: Inspection of Eastern Aegean islands' civilian correspondence during the German occupation (1941-1944) 72 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Griechenland E.V. im BDPh. (Germany): Inhaltverzeichnis Rundbriefe 1-100, CD [Cumulative index to Bulletins 1-100, CD] 70 Nicolaos Callinicos: Greek postal stationery 70 Nicholas Bergiopoulos: Catalogue-Study of Greek commemorative cancellations (1981-1990) 70 Sofia Stamatiou: Virgin Mary in Hellenic and foreign iconography 70 Philatelic Society of Lesvos: Philatelic Lesvos 70 Philatelic Society of Patras: Lighthouse of the philatelist Silver medal 68 Maria Douzou: The creators of modern Greece 66 Demosthenes Konstantinidis: Postal history of Euboea island Silver Bronze medal 63 Michael Toutoudakis: Health, relief and social care in the Hellenic Post 60 Nicholas Bergiopoulos: Commemorative cancellations of Greece (1938-1975) Certificate of participation 50 Anthony Manoussakis: Zambia CLASSES 1-3 (YOUTH) Large Vermeil medal 83 Constantinos Christou (Cyprus): Cyprus postal rates (1960-1970) Vermeil medal 75 George Douzos: In church praise God Large Silver medal 71 Antonios Halkiadakis: Greece and sea Bronze medal 57 Panagiota Toutoudaki:Butterflies of all the world CLASS 1 (ONE FRAME) TR Traditional Philately, PH Postal History, PS Postal Stationery, RE Revenues, TH Thematic Philately, MA Maximaphily, OC Open Class Gold medal 97 Louis Fanchini (France): Epreuves et Essais de la "Gross Tête d'Hermès" de Grèce 90 Mario Mentaschi (Italy): Letter mail exchanged between the Old Italian States and the Greek speaking lands (1850-1862)

9 1 9 9

88 86 85 85 85

Michael Tsipidis: Italian occupation of the Aegean Islands (May 1941 - November 1943) Bill Ure (United Kingdom): The forgeries of the small Hermes heads Evangelos Koutsikas: Hellenic administration of Dedeagatch John Daes: Administrative marks Michalis Tsironis: The postal rates in the Soviet Union (1935-1945) through the "Spartakiada 1935" issue



9 9 2 9 3 9 8 9 9 8 2 7 2 1

Vermeil medal 82 Panayotis Cangelaris: The Czech Scout Post (1918) 82 Dimitrios Sparis: The first railway cancellations in Greece 80 Vladislav Benes (Czech Republic): Perfins of Bank of Greece 78 Christakis Ioannou (Cyprus): Railway post offices of the Cyprus Government Railway 21.10.1905-31.12.1951 78 Fotis Keramidoglou: The revenues of Thrace (1920-1922) 77 Spas Panchev (Bulgaria): Eastern Roumelia 75 Panayotis Cangelaris: The Western Thrace autonomous government "Mouhtariet" issue (1913) 75 Constantinos Hatzis: The last period of the large Hermes heads Silver medal 73 Ioanna Kollarou: The discobolus 73 Anna Patera: At the Euripus Strait 73 Konstantinos Fotiou: Danube 71 Panayotis Cangelaris: The Glory issue of Greece (1945) 71 Constantinos Hatzis: Tailor made costume. From nature to your body... 70 Athanassios Paschos: The exchange control in Thessaloniki (1936-1951) 70 Michael Tsipidis: Stealing of postal fees in the Peloponnese (1874-1885) Bronze medal 60 Ioakim Halvatzidopoulos: "Sikosse to, to timimeno" Certificate of participation 50 Anthony Manoussakis: Greek booklets CLASS Z1 (OPEN CLASS) Gold medal 91 Georgios Sparis: The Greek-Turkish War of 1897 86 Nikolaos Gkouveris: Travelling in Laurium 86 Stavros Kanakakis: From ancient Olympia to the 1st Olympiad Vermeil medal 83 Vassilios Apostolopoulos: On foot Silver medal 72 Theodore Papaeliou: Going with the winds 72 Konstantinos Fotiou: The Greco-Italian war of 1940-41 66 Konstantinos Fotiou: Tuberculosis in Greece

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