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Non-fiction Book Review Template

The following can be used as an outline to write a review for a non-fiction book. Simply fill in the details on this chart. Each box becomes a paragraph in your final draft. You should focus on analyzing and responding to the book.

Book Information: Title: Author: Publisher: Date of Publication: Number of pages: Review Information: Reviewer: School: Date of Review: Overview: Outline the contents of the book by identifying the thesis and giving a brief summary of the main points. Quote and/or paraphrase key ideas.

Purpose: What is the author's purpose? To relay information, to convince, to demand change, to shock? Who is the intended audience?

Background information: Determine credibility by describing the author's education and/or experience, the author's other works, and work by other experts.

Evaluation: Has the author achieved his goal/s? What evidence has been given? What original suggestions or possibilities have been presented? What is not convincing? What has been left out? Is the book useful? Does it relate to your personal life, your school work or popular culture/media?

Summary: State your overall response, and give advice for would-be readers.

You may wish to give an overall rating (thumbs up, stars, 1 to 5).

Here are some useful internet resources for more info on reviewing non-fiction books:


Microsoft Word - Non Fiction Book Review Template[1].doc

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