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Math Notebook Check Rubric ** SAMPLE ** Start of Year through Present

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Organization 1. Are all notes consistently stapled onto left hand pages with the corresponding homework on the right hand page? 2. Are all notes / homework pairs and all standalone homework assignments (for example, reviews) in order by lesson (5-1, 5-2, 5-3, 5A, etc.)?



Completeness 3. Are every pair of notes / homework and all standalone homework assignments in the notebook? Content: Notes 4. Is every page of notes complete, accurate, and legible? Content: Homework 5. 6. For every homework assignment, is the problem written and all work shown? For every homework assignment, · Are the headings complete? · Is it in two column format and are lines skipped between each problem? · Is it done in pencil and corrected in pen? · Are all problems attempted? For every homework assignment, · · · Are correct and incorrect answers separately marked (for example, and X)? Are correct answers written for problems with errors, with notes as needed to obtain the correct answer? Is the number of problems wrong noted at the top of the page?







Condition of Notebook 8. 9. Are all pages securely fastened into the notebook? Do the pockets contain only current material? /1 /1

Total (test grade)

/ 22


Notebook Check - Sample

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