Read Work Method Statement (Part 1) text version

Work Method Statement (Part 1)

Contractor: Project: Concrete Slab for Picnic Table Job: Procedure (in steps)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Work out sequence of pour Preparation of area Formwork edging. Services installation Plastic membrane Steel reinforcing Place concrete Vibrate concrete Finish slab

Signed off: __________________ Date: _________ No: _________ Accepted: Yes / No Area: Safety Controls:

Roped off safety zones Warning signs/truck reverse beeper Check plans Do not lift over 16 ­ 20 kgs. MSDS/warning signs ­ trenches ppe. Clear all rubbish Personal protection Clear offcuts ppe Lifting limits Fellow workers/public safety provisions Do not lean beyond limits Sun cream/hat Signs/barricades

Possible Hazards:

Site situation Vehicle access/movement Underground services Manual handling/clear offcuts Chemical adhesives (hazardous substances) Clearing rubbish/offcuts Manual handling, heavy weights Electrical hazards Chemical hazard/manual handling Hazards to others nearby Electrical hazards Manual handling/sun exposure Site movement Manual handling

10. Cure slab 11. Removal of formwork

Work Method Statement Part 1

Work Method Statement Part 1


Work Method Statement (Part 1)

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Work Method Statement (Part 1)