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Math Requirement UPDATE for BA/MD Program Applicants: Academic Year ­ 2012/2013 The Combined BA/MD Degree Program has a unique math curriculum sequence; therefore this information is specific to BA/MD applicants and students. If an applicant is not accepted into the BA/MD program, please note there are math placement guidelines applied to "pre-medical" and general UNM students. As an applicant to the Combined BA/MD Degree Program, please keep the following information in mind: The ACT or SAT exams are scored such that a separate score for each section is generated (i.e. Math, English, Reading, and Science for ACT), but a "composite" score is also generated which represents the average of the sub-scores. The ACT or SAT sub-scores are used for appropriate course placement at UNM in English, Math and Science classes. Most importantly, the math sub-score will determine which math course an applicant is allowed to take upon entry at UNM. The ACT or SAT math sub-scores are used in two ways: 1) The BA/MD Admissions Committee will consider the HIGHEST ACT or SAT math sub-score for admissions; this score must be achieved before November 15th 2011. 2) The math sub-score is also used by the UNM Mathematics Department and they use the LATEST math sub-score for placement into the first math course in college. Section I - For BA/MD applicants with a 26+ ACT or 600+ SAT math subscore: As entering freshmen for Fall 2012, all BA/MD students are required to take a special section of Math 180 (Calculus for the Life Sciences). This section is designed specifically for pre-health students, and incorporates biological applications. In order to qualify for Math 180, students must have earned a score of 26 or higher on their LATEST ACT test, or at least 600 on their LATEST SAT. Section II ­ For BA/MD applicants with a 22-25 ACT or 510-590 SAT math subscore: Students, who fall below this, in the 22-25 ACT range or 510-590 SAT range, will be required to take a four-week (June 4th-June 29th, 2012) special preparatory section of Math 121 (College Algebra) at UNM-Albuquerque during the 2012 summer semester before admittance into their freshman semester. This section is designed specifically to prepare students to go into the biological section of Math 180. *Exceptions to this requirement are identified below in section II-A. Tuition, room and board, and textbook for the summer math course are covered by the BA/MD program (Albuquerque metro area students will not receive room and board). Students obligated to take this special summer preparatory section of Math 121 must complete it with a C or better in order to continue with their cohort into Math 180.


Note: Importance of Math 121: One of the strengths of the BA/MD program is students are required to take their basic math and sciences courses together as a cohort. Since Math 121 is a pre-requisite to Chemistry 121, General Chem I (meaning that Math 121 needs to be completed prior to enrolling in Chemistry 121), the BA/MD program requires you to take Math 121 in summer 2012 at UNM-Albuquerque in order to enroll in Chemistry 121 in fall 2012. If Math 121 is not taken in summer 2012, then you will not be able to enroll in Chemistry 121 in fall 2012. Therefore, you will not be in course sequence with your cohort taking the science courses together ­ you will be a semester behind. We strongly advise you to plan on taking Math 121 in summer 2012 at UNM-Albuquerque, or follow one of the suggestions below, in order to be fully prepared to begin the BA/MD curriculum in the fall. II-A. Options for BA/MD Applicants with a Math Sub-Score of 22-25 ACT (or 510-590 SAT) An applicant whose LATEST math sub-score does not place them into Math 180 for Fall 2012, has several options in which they can pursue. Any additional preparation (AP, college credit, online or correspondence courses, etc ­ see below) is important in determining an applicant's math skill preparedness for the BA/MD curriculum for the first semester of the program. In consultation with the BA/MD advisor, an applicant's math skill will be evaluated to confirm an applicant's math placement considering all methods described below: 1. Repeat the ACT or SAT again: a) The ACT or SAT exam can be repeated after November 15th, 2011 in order to try to achieve a higher math sub-score. (Any new composite score achieved after 11/15/2011 will not be considered for BA/MD admissions, but simply used for placement in the math curriculum (should the applicant be admitted into the BA/MD Program). In order for this new score to be used by the BA/MD program, all test scores must be in the UNM system by May 31, 2012). b) The UNM Math department will ALWAYS use your LATEST ACT or SAT math sub-score (even if it is lower than a math sub-score achieved previously.) 2. Take a college math course according to the following criteria: a) It is acceptable if Math 121 (College Algebra) is successfully completed fall 2011 of your senior year in high school, or earlier, at a local accredited two or four-year institution. ONLINE COURSES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. A student must receive a grade of B or higher in this course. b) It is also acceptable if Math 121 (College Algebra) is successfully completed during the spring 2012 semester at a local two or four-year institution. ONLINE COURSES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. A student must receive a grade of B or higher in this course. Note: Transcripts (or a copy of your class schedule) for this course must be mailed to the BA/MD Program office as soon as possible. After the course is completed, official transcripts must be submitted to the BA/MD Program office by May 31, 2012. c) If Math 121 (College Algebra) has not been taken prior to summer 2012, students accepted into the BA/MD Program must take Math 121 at UNM-Albuquerque (during the summer 2012 session). A student must achieve a grade of C or higher in this course. All inquiries about these math options should be emailed to Karen McGillvray, Academic Advisement Specialist, [email protected] Thank you for your interest in the Combined BA/MD Degree Program! 2


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