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AP Chemistry

Criteria Full Credit-75% Credit

Lab Report Rubric

75-25% Credit 25% or less Credit

A.) Purpose, Materials, Hypothesis, Procedures (10 Points)

All sections clearly presented, labeled, procedures in own words, experiment reproducible

All sections present, but labeling is inconsistent. Procedures are not rephrased and results are completely reproducible.

Section(s) missing, procedures copied, not at all possible to reproduce the experiment based upon text.

B.) Data Presentation and Analysis (20 Points)

Data is labeled and clearly presented in the most useful format. Graphs, charts, and calculations are correctly prepared.

Data is not clearly labeled and consequently is unclear in parts. Best format not chosen. Flaws in graphs, charts, calculations.

Some data is missing. Required graph, chart or calculation is missing. Data presentation is so unclear, it makes no sense.

C.) Organization and Appearance (20 Points)

Sections are clearly delineated. Report is neatly typed and using proper grammar and spelling. Report is written according to required format.

Sections are not all labeled. Report is not neatly presented, contains spelling or grammar flaws and/or format lapses.

Sections are unclear and difficult to distinguish. Multiple spelling and grammar errors and/or format problems, which detract from the text.

D.) Interpretation and Analysis (25 Points)

All analyses are in the appropriate section. Conclusions are based upon data and are supported by cited data in the written text. Interpretation is coherently written and convincing. First person is not used in the analysis.

Analyses occur in other sections. Conclusion is made, but unsupported with data and/or does not seem to be based upon data. Incorrect tense used, argument less convincing.

Conclusions are not valid, either because they are not based upon data, or because they are no relevant. Conclusions are missing or incomplete.

E.) Questions and Error Analysis (25 Points)

Questions are all attempted and clear arguments are made in complete sentences. Questions that are straightforward are answered correctly. Error analysis is coherent and valid.

Most questions are answered, Multiple questions are but some are very weak and missing. Little effort could be expanded upon. made to expand upon Complete sentences are not answers. Poorly written used. Error analysis is with no error analysis. vague or incomplete.

Extra Credit: Additional research or additional experimentation as described in the lab handout can earn up to 10 extra points.


Lab Report not handed in during class of the day it is due, excluding absence, - 10 points. Lab Report more than 2 days late, - 20 points. Lab Reports are not accepted once the assignment has been graded and returned to the class, unless it is being made up due to absence.



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