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Pronunciation for Baba Yetu International Phonetic Alphabet

B b y 'tu y 'tu u-li- ' hmbin-gú-ni y 'tu y 'tu mín B b y 'tu y 'tu-li- ' hmjín l ko litukútsw utú-p -l 'o ch kul ch 'tu tun cho hit ji utus m h m kos y tu h i k m n si tun viów s m h i w lió-tu kos usi tuti k tik m j ribu l kíni u-tu-o-ko n -yúl mu-o-vu- mi l l u f l m w ko u fi k ut k lo li-f ny-k du-ni- 'ni k 'm mbin-gú-ni -mí-n o


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