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Floor and Wall Floor Boxes Boxes

Floor and Wall Boxes

Above-Floor Service Fittings (Single Service)

Hubbell offers a variety of above-floor service pedestals to satisfy just about any requirement. Hubbell low profile service pedestals are available in aluminum or brass. Large capacity enables a choice of services - you can even create your own unique pedestal to satisfy specific requirements. Above floor service fittings are ideal for furniture feed applications.

3.00" (76.2) 2.62" (66.5)

2.63" (66.8)

4.38" (111.3)

Pedestals - Metallic - LO-CON (single service only)

Traditional metallic pedestals with die-cast aluminum frame, brushed aluminum housing and stainless steel faceplates. These pedestals are offered as component parts. They mount on floor box covers or floor deck/duct systems with a 3/4" or 1" threaded openings.

Create Pedestal ­ Create your own pedestal to meet specific service requirements. Order housing, face plates and devices separately. Description Frame, housing, 3/4" chase nipple, without plates. Frame, housing, 1" chase nipple, without plates. Blank plate. Telephone bushing with 1" I.D. and (2) 3/8" K.O. for coax. Single receptacle plate with 1.39" (35.3) opening. Duplex receptacle plate. Style Line® plate. Catalog Numbers SC3098A SC3099A SS309B SS309T SS309S SS309D SS309DS SC3098A SC3099A





Furniture Feed Plates ­ Use with SC3098A or SC3099A housings to feed furniture systems in office settings or display cases in retail applications. Description Catalog Numbers Aluminum plate with 1.11" knockout. SS309SF Aluminum plate, blank. SS309BF Note: When using SS309SF on Hubbell's Lo-Con pedestals, SS309BF must be used on the opposite side.

SS309B SS309D


Pedestals - Specialized Service - Brass Stem Type (single service only)

Create your own pedestal to meet specific service requirements. This forged brass housing has 3/4" I.P.S. stem. Service plates come in matching brass. Dimensions: Height 3.38" (85.9), Width 4.00" (101.6), Depth 2.50" (63.5). Description Horizontal stem-type housing (brass). Plate for single receptacle, 1.39" (35.3) opening. Plate for duplex receptacle. Plate with telephone bushing, 1.00" (25.4) ID. Blank plate. Catalog Numbers S6088 S609S S609D S609T S609B S6088

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