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DT625 DT625T BT625wxx BT625wxxT CA625-w CC6AxxU CC6AxxT STUD-A DIP625A DIP625A-S BLRTP615 BLRTP615 BTP615wxx BTP615wxxT BTP615wxxC BTP615wxxTC BLRTP625 BLRTP625 BTP625wxx BTP625wxxT BTP625wxxC BTP625wxxTC LRTP615 TP615wxx TP615wxxT TP615wxxC TP615wxxTC LRTP625 TP625wxx TP625wxxT TP625wxxC TP625wxxTC DPC625 n/a n/a DCP625A DCP625A-S ISB625A ISB625A-SA DBE625 DBE625SA DBA615 DBA625 GSB625C GSB625A-SA CS1 CS2 n/a SA2 SA3 n/a n/a

625TB 25kV 600a T-Body w/Stud K655BLR-N 625TBT 25kV 600a T-Body w/Stud TP K656BLR 625BT-wxx 25kV 600a T-Body Kit K655LR-wx 625BT-wxxT 25kV 600a T-Body Kit TP K656LR-wx 625CA-w 25kV 600a Cable Adapter 655CA-w 625LUG-xx 600a Lug, Through Hole 03700xxx 625LUG-xxT 600a Lug, Threaded Hole 03600xxx 625SA 25kV 600a Stud AL 650SA 625BIP 25kV 600a Insulating Plug K650BIP 625BIPS 25kV 600a Insulating Plug w/Stud K650BIP-S 615ETP 15kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug 650ETP 615ETPS 15kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug w/Stud 650ETP-S 615ETP-wxx 15kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug Kit 655ETP-wxx 615ETP-wxxT 15kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug Kit TP 656ETP-wxx 615ETP-wxx-C 15kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug Kit w/ Cap 655ETP-wxx-DRG 615ETP-wxxTC 15kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug Kit w/ Cap TP 656ETP-wxx-DRG 625ETP 25kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug K650ETP 625ETPS 25kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug w/ Stud K650ETP-S 625ETP-wxx 25kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug Kit K655ETP-wxx 625ETP-wxxT 25kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug Kit TP K656ETP-wxx 625ETP-wxxC 25kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug Kit w/Cap K655ETP-wxx-DRG 625ETP-wxxTC 25kV 600a Bolted Tap Plug Kit TP w/Cap K656ETP-wxx-DRG 615LRTP 15kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug 650LRTPA3 615LRTP-wxx 15kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug Kit 655LRTP-wxx 615LRTP-wxxT 15kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug Kit TP 656LRTP-wxx 615LRTP-wxxC 15kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug Kit w/Cap 655LRTP-wxx-DRG 615LRTP-wxxTC 15kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug Kit w/Cap TP 656LRTP-wxx-DRG 625LRTP 25kV 600a Threaded Tap Plug K650LRTPA2 625LRTP-wxx 25kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug Kit K650LRTP-wxx 625LRTP-wxxT 25kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug Kit TP K656LRTP-wxx 625LRTP-wxxC 25kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug Kit w/Cap K650LRTP-wxx-DRG 625LRTP-wxxTC 25kV 600a Reducing Tap Plug Kit TP w/Cap K656LRTP-wxx-DRG 625IC 25kV 600a Insulating Cap w/Stud K655DR 625RTW 25kV 600a Reducing Tap Well K650RTW 625RTWS 25kV 600a Reducing Tap Well w/Stud K650RTW-S 625CP 25kV 600a Connecting Plug K655CP 625CPS 25kV 600a Connecting Plug w/Stud K650CP-S 625SOP 25kV 600a Standoff Bushing K650SOP 625SOPS 25kV 600a Standoff Bushing w/Stud K650SOP-S 625BE 25kV 600a Bushing Extender K655BE-N 625BES 25kV 600a Bushing Extender w/Stud K655BE 615BA 15kV 600a Stick-Op Bushing Adapter 650BEA3 625BA 25kV 600a Stick-Op Bushing Adapter K650BEA2 625GP 25kV 600a Grounding Plug 650GP 625GPS 25kV 600a Grounding Plug w/Stud 650GP-SP 625SK-52 Elbow Seal 0.95" to 1.94" 200ECS 625SK-53 Elbow Seal 1.28" to 2.67" 600ECS 625SK-59 Tape Shield Adapter 0.59" to 1.05" n/a 625SK-60 Tape Shield Adapter 0.83" to 1.64" 200ECSG3 625SK-61 Tape Shield Adapter 1.27" to 2.17" 600ECSG3 625SK-62 Tape Shield Adapter 1.70" to 2.60" n/a 600SW Spanner Wrench 600SW Note : For 900 Amp Product replace the first 6 with a 9. (ex. 625TB would be 925TB)

Bulletin CA 2031 WB rev A

TapMasterJunctions Hubbell® Description Elastimold®

925TMxxxB 925TMxxxU 925TMxxxxB 925TMxxxxU 925TMxxxxxB 925TMxxxxxU 925TMxxxxxxB 925TMxxxxxxU 25kV 3-PT TapMaster w/ Bracket 25kV 3-PT TapMaster w/ U-Straps 25kV 4-PT TapMaster w/ Bracket 25kV 4-PT TapMaster w/ U-Straps 25kV 5-PT TapMaster w/ Bracket 25kV 5-PT TapMaster w/ U-Straps 25kV 6-PT TapMaster w/ Bracket 25kV 6-PT TapMaster w/ U-Straps J3xxx25TMA n/a J4xxxx25TMA n/a J5xxxxx25TMA n/a n/a


n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

J6xxxxxx25TMA n/a

Note: For 200 Amp Bushing Well: X = 2

For 600 Amp Bushing: X = 6

AluminumCompressionLugs Stranded/ Compressed Hubbell® Elastimold®Cooper® #2 625LUG22 03700220 CC6A11U

#1 1/0 2/0 3/0 4/0 250 300 350 400 450 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 900 1000 1250 625LUG23 625LUG24 625LUG25 625LUG26 625LUG27 625LUG28 625LUG29 625LUG30 625LUG31 625LUG32 625LUG33 625LUG34 625LUG35 625LUG36 625LUG38 625LUG38 625LUG39 625LUG40 625LUG41 625LUG44 03700230 03700240 03700250 03700260 03700270 03700280 03700290 03700300 03700310 03700320 03700330 03700340 03700350 03700360 03700380 03700380 03700390 03700400 03700410 03700440 CC6A12U CC6A13U CC6A14U CC6A15U CC6A16U CC6A17U CC6A18U CC6A19U CC6A20U CC6A21U CC6A22U n/a CC6A23U CC6A24U CC6A25U CC6A25U n/a CC6A26U CC6A27U n/a

Cable Adapter Ranges Hubbell®&Elastimold®

Size F G H J K L LM M N P Min 0.640 0.760 0.850 0.980 1.090 1.180 1.280 1.370 1.515 1.725 Max 0.820 0.950 1.050 1.180 1.310 1.465 1.430 1.630 1.780 1.935 Range 0.180 0.190 0.200 0.200 0.220 0.285 0.150 0.260 0.265 0.210

Size A B C D E F G H J K L


Min 0.640 0.720 0.785 0.910 0.980 1.080 1.220 1.360 1.480 1.640 1.780 Max 0.760 0.845 0.970 1.065 1.140 1.280 1.420 1.560 1.700 1.840 1.965

Range 0.120 0.125 0.185 0.155 0.160 0.200 0.200 0.200 0.220 0.200 0.185


625J2 625J2B 625J2U 625J3 625J3B 625J3U 625J4 625J4B 625J4U

DeadbreakJunctions Description Elastimold® Cooper®

25kV 600a 2-pt Junction 25kV 600a 2-pt Junction Bracket 25kV 600a 2-pt Junction U-Straps 25kV 600a 3-pt Junction 25kV 600a 3-pt Junction Bracket 25kV 600a 3-pt Junction U-Straps 25kV 600a 4-pt Junction 25kV 600a 4-pt Junction Bracket 25kV 600a 4-pt Junction U-Straps K650J2-4 K650J2 K650J2-5 K650J3-4 K650J3 K650J3-5 K650J4-4 K650J4 K650J4-5 n/a DJ625A2B DJ625A2U n/a DJ625A3B DJ625A3U n/a DJ625A4B DJ625A4U

Note: For Threaded lug add a T to Hubbell part #

Elastimold is a trademark of Thomas and Betts Corporation. Cooper is a trademark of Cooper Industries, Inc.



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