Shaft Mount Reducer Competitor Model Interchange

AGMA SIZE 107 HC & FJ PowerTorque PT1107S 09 PT1107S 15 PT1107S 25 PT2115S 09 PT2115S 15 PT2115S 25 PT3203S 09 PT3203S 15 PT3203S 25 PT4207S 09 PT4207S 15 PT4207S 25 PT5215S 09 PT5215S 15 PT5215S 25 PT6307S 09 PT6307S 15 PT6307S 25 PT7315S 09 PT7315S 15 PT7315S 25 PT8407S 15 PT8407S 25 PT9415S 15 PT9415S 25 PT10507S 25 DODGE DODGE TXT TA2 TXT109 TA1107H09 TXT115 TA1107H15 TXT125 TA1107H25 TXT209 TA2115H09 TXT215 TA2115H15 TXT225 TA2115H25 TXT309 TA3203H09 TXT315 TA3203H15 TXT325 TA3203H25 TXT409 TA4207H09 TXT415 TA4207H15 TXT425 TA4207H25 TXT509 TA5215H09 TXT515 TA5215H15 TXT525 TA5215H25 TXT609 TA6307H09 TXT615 TA6307H15 TXT625 TA6307H25 TXT709 TA7315H09 TXT715 TA7315H15 TXT725 TA7315H25 TXT815 TA8407H15 TXT825 TA8407H25 TXT915 TA9415H15 TXT925 TA9415H25 TXT1025 TA10507H25 BROWNING 107SMT09 107SMT15 107SMT25 115SMT09 115SMT15 115SMT25 203SMT09 203SMT15 203SMT25 207SMT09 207SMT15 207SMT25 215SMT09 215SMT15 215SMT25 307SMT09 307SMT15 307SMT25 315SMT09 315SMT15 315SMT25 407SMT15 407SMT25 415SMT15 415SMT25 507SMT25 MORSE 107XM09 107XM15 107XM25 115XM09 115XM15 115XM25 203XM09 203XM15 203XM25 207XM09 207XM15 207XM25 215XM09 215XM15 215XM25 307XM09 307XM15 307XM25 315XM09 315XM15 315XM25 407XM15 407XM25 415XM15 415XM25 507XM25 DORRIS 107TR10 107TR15 107TR25 115TR10 115TR15 115TR25 203TR10 203TR15 203TR25 207TR10 207TR15 207TR25 215TR10 215TR15 215TR25 307TR10 307TR15 307TR25 315TR10 315TR15 315TR25 407TR15 407TR25 415TR15 415TR25 507TR25 FALK 4107JR09 4107JR14 4107JR25 4115JR09 4115JR14 4115JR25 4203JR09 4203JR14 4203JR25 4207JR09 4207JR14 4207JR25 4215JR09 4215JR14 4215JR25 4307JR09 4307JR14 4307JR25 4315JR09 4315JR14 4315JR25 4407JR14 4407JR25 4415JR14 4415JR25 4507JR25 LINKBELT 107FX15 107FX24 115FX15 115FX24 203FX15 203FX24 207FX15 207FX24 215FX15 215FX24 307FX15 307FX24 315FX15 315FX24 407FX15 407FX24 415FX15 415FX24 415FX24 FOOTE JONES 8107H07 8107H15 8107H25 8115H07 8115H15 8115H25 8203H07 8203H15 8203H25 8207H07 8207H15 8207H25 8215H07 8215H15 8215H25 8307H07 8307H15 8307H25 8315H07 8315H15 8315H25 8407H15 8407H25 8415H15 8415H25 8507H25 EDISON ED-115 ED-125 AURORA






315 407 415 507

DID-109 DID-115 DID-125 DID-209 ED-215 DID-215 ED-225 DID-225 DID-309 ED-315 DID-315 ED-325 DID-325 DID-409 ED-415 DID-415 ED-425 DID-425 DID-509 ED-515 DID-515 ED-525 DID-525 DID-609 ED-615 DID-615 ED-625 DID-625 DID-709 ED-715 DID-715 ED-725 DID-725 ED-815 DID-815 ED-825 DID-825 ED-915 DID-915 ED-925 DID-925 ED-1025 DID-1025

Note: For quick cross reference only. All critical mounting dimensions must be verified




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