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Atwood Cemetery

Location: Township 17 South Range 6 West Section 1 Approximate coordinates: N 33° 35' 4.91" or 33.584696 W 87° 6' 35.81" or -87.109947 Go 2.7 miles north on Birmingport Road (Alabama Hwy 269) from the intersection of Birmingport Road and Short Creek Road (County Road 61). The cemetery is on the left (west) side of Birmingport Road in the northwest quarter of the intersection of Birmingport Road and Parsons Loop Road. No church affiliation. Census completed: 11 November 2000 Document last updated: August 2010

University of Alabama's Geography Dept's Cemetery Designation: County: Jefferson Map Nbr: 1 Cemetery Nbr: 57


Miscellaneous Information: Approximate number of markers with names: 5 infant Atwood Oldest death date on a marker: 30 Dec 1846


Atwood, Andrew Jackson Atwood, infant Atwood, J. H. Atwood, Manoah Atwood, Nancy Ann


11 Aug 1851 17 Dec 1851 (only date is) 30 Dec 1846 27 Sep 1815 20 Sep 1867 <no dates> 10 Mar 1848 22 Dec 1871

Additional Information

Information without parentheses is from tombstone Information within parentheses is from outside sources

(Next to Manoah Atwood) (Next to Andrew Jackson Atwood) (Joseph Harvey Atwood; married Nancy C. Thompson 4) Born in England. (Born abt 1827 ­ died 1850-1860 4) Daughter of J. H. & N. C. Atwood (Parents: Joseph Harvey Atwood & Nancy C. Thompson 4)


4 David Reed ([email protected]).

Atwood Cemetery

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Atwood Cemetery

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