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Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming

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Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . Facsimile: 01274 734446 . Website: . Email: [email protected]

Vacuum Forming

Essix Vacuum Forming Machine


Unique, advanced features make the EssixTM machine the easiest system to use, and consistently deliver superior adaptation of the various plastic materials to the model, giving the finest fit and function Special design of the heating element produces better, uniform heating of the plastics Unique post delivers perfect placement of material over the vacuum plate, every time Minimise material wasted or ruined Improved, exclusive vacuum plate design delivers superior even suction/maximises adaptation Material transport lid stays up automatically for easy loading. You no longer need `3 hands'! Applications Clear Orthodontic Retainers Athletic Mouthguard Protective Care Guard Ortho Re-Positioner Space Retainer Periodontal Splints Custom Fluoride Trays Pressure Guard Soft Bruxism Splint Hard/Soft Bruxism Splint Retainer without wires Retainer with wires Material Used EssixTM Type C+/ACE EssixTM Mouthguard EssixTM Mouthguard EssixTM Niteguard EssixTM Niteguard EssixTM Niteguard EssixTM Niteguard EssixTM Niteguard EssixTM Niteguard EssixTM Dual Laminate EssixTM Dual Laminate Surgical Splint Material

060 080 Temporary Bridges 020 Surgical Splint Material 020 Coping Material Crown Forms 020 Surgical Splint Material 020 Coping Material Denture Bases 060 080 Base Plate Material 100 Custom Trays 100 125 Tray Material 150 Copings 020 Coping Material NB Machine comes complete with a technical booklet. EssixTM Machine O/No 9001-200

The Hotknife

Fed up with broken models? Cut fingers? or clouds of dust? With the Hotknife you can easily trim vacuum form appliances on the model and remove them without `extracting teeth'. The adjustable heat settings make the Hotknife suitable for all types of vacuum formed blanks, including hard splint and special tray material. British Made 12 month warranty Hotknife Hotknife 240V Hotknife 110V Hotknife Blades Hotknife Fuse Hotknife Pads Qty Each Each 10 per pack 3 per pack 2 per pack O/No 9001-250 9001-251 9001-250B 9001-250F 9001-250P


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . 5 Oxford Place . Bradford . West Yorkshire . BD3 0EF . UK Telephone: 01274 392017

Vacuum Forming

Essix ACE Retainer Material


Developed over two years, Essix ACE combines the best features of Type A+, Type C+ and Embrace: Brilliantly clear and rigid - clearer than Essix A+® with strength comparable to the virtually indestructible Essix C+® Excellent thermoforming properties Latex free Accepts bonding material Bubble free 18-24 months wear resistant Available in .030" and .040" Ideal for retention, minor tooth movement and temporary bridges Same price! Essix ACE is available in .030" (.75mm) and .040" (1mm) EssixTM ACE 50 per box 5" square 120mm round 125mm round .030 (.75mm) 9001-317 9001-319 9001-318 .040 (1mm) 9001-320 9001-322 9001-321

If you need a plaster model in a hurry, see Earthstone on page 139.

Essix Type `C+' Retainer Material

EssixTM Type "C+" plastic appears cloudy in sheet form, but when exposed to heat during thermoforming, it becomes clear. There are many Retainer Materials, but no plastic on the market combines the features of clarity, aesthetics, resistance to wear, cracking, splitting or abrasion, and formability that are inherent in EssixTM Type "C+" plastic. Inferior materials may cost slightly less, but they are often a false economy as patients grind through the occlusal surfaces and remakes are common. Excellent aesthetics (only the patient will know Essix C+ appliance is being worn) Outstanding patient acceptance Will not crack or bubble, with wear resistance no other plastic can match Excellent thermoforming properties to ensure a snap-in fit Available in circles or squares to fit all pressure and vacuum machines worldwide One thickness available. Due to the characteristics of Type `C+' .030" material, which thins out when heated, it has been replaced by the .040" thickness, which itself thins out to a .030" thickness when heated. EssixTM Type C+ 50 per box 5" Square 120mm Round 125mm Round .040 (1mm) O/No 9001-310 9001-312 9001-309

Arctic Refrigerant Spray

Non-flammable Arctic Spray chills to -52oC, and evaporates, leaving no residue. It is ideal for chilling thermal ni-ti wires, or for instant cooling of Essix appliances described as `essential' by Dr Jack Sheridan, the originator of Essix appliances: "Immediately spray the still hot plastic with a compressed spray refrigerant for a few seconds. This accelerates the final set, producing a significant improvement in plastic adaptation. The faster the plastic can be brought to room temperature, the better the plastic-to-cast adaptation will be because, if it is allowed to cool slowly, the plastic tends to distort ... this instant cooling reduces the possibility of lingual lift-off (the gingivolingual edge of plastic pulling away from the cast)." Arctic Refrigerant Spray 235ml O/No 9001-004


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . Facsimile: 01274 734446 . Website: . Email: [email protected]

Vacuum Forming

Invisible Braces Using Essix MTM Technology


Millions of people would like a great looking smile... yet when they consider the cost and aesthetics of full orthodontics, they usually do without. However, you can now give these people the smile they want - both economically and with relative ease - using clear Essix appliances and the Hilliard Thermopliers to achieve Minor Tooth Movement (MTM) up to 3mm. With the MTM technique, you maintain control over the cost and progress of each MTM case. Essix MTM Appliances are made in your office, keeping overheads down and allowing quick turnaround times for your patients eager to be treated. Adjustments to MTM appliances can be made chairside in mere seconds, keeping your chair open for new patients! Raintree Essix pioneered the MTM technique and provides you with all of the tools and training you will need to incorporate MTM into your practice. Before you review these offerings from Raintree Essix, please take a moment to learn the basic concepts of MTM.

Minor Tooth Movement (MTM) Basics

Fig 1

Smile enhancement techniques can involve rotation, bodily movement, tipping, torquing, intrusion, extrusion, lateral movement, and/or opening the bite. All of these... any tooth movement... requires three components: Space, Force and Time.

There must be interdental room in the arch for the tooth to move (Fig 1). The most common ways to create space are extraction and expansion. For MTM, however, less radical alternatives are just as effective including: Interproximal Reduction (IPR), shaving enamel with stainless steel or diamond strips, or stripping away enamel with slow speed discs or burs (Fig 2); and Air Rotor Stripping (ARS), where high speed burs are used in the reduction of the proximal surface of the tooth (Fig 3). Both IPR and ARS remove up to 1mm of enamel from each contact surface (1/2mm per tooth surface). Several adjacent contacts may be stripped to gain up to 3mm. There must also be space within the Essix Appliance into which the target tooth can move. Without this opening, tooth movement is not possible. 3 ways to obtain space: A) Cutting an opening into the appliance with the Essix Window Bur (O/No 9001-18925) (Fig 4). B) Creating a bubble inside the appliance with Triad® Gel or Blockout Compound. Simply place a thickness of either material on the surface of the target tooth on the model that is proportionate to the amount of projected tooth movement. When the thermoplastic is formed over the cast, a `bubble' will have been formed within the appliance (Fig 5). C) Creating a bubble inside the appliance with the Hilliard Bubble-Forming ThermopliersTM. Heat the bubble tip of the Thermoplier and slowly squeeze the pliers. on the targeted area of the appliance starting interproximally. Work the pliers around the area that the tooth will be moving into, bellying out as much plastic as needed. It will be necessary to reheat the pliers with each application, as they will cool (Fig 6A and 6B)

1. Space

Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4

2. Force

Pressure must be applied in the direction of the desired movement (Fig 7). Brackets are rarely needed for minor tooth movement. In fact, the best starting point for moving teeth up to 3mm is an Essix appliance. The force (pressure) is provided by simply placing a bump in the Essix appliance. Each of the 11 Hilliard Thermopliers are designed to make exactly the right size and shape bump to create rotation, bodily movement, tipping, torquing, intrusion, extrusion, and/or lateral movement. Hilliard Thermopliers position each bump with complete precision. When plier tips are heated to the correct temperature, the plastic retains its shape, and the bump maintains its force. The same pliers can then increase the depth of the bump, applying force over time.

Fig 5

Fig 6A

3. Time

Movement occurs over a number of weeks. The Essix approach increases the force by increasing the depth of the bump as the tooth moves. Every few weeks, the patient returns and the bump is increased using the Hilliard Thermopliers. When the appliance is worn full-time, except when eating, a tooth can be moved approximately 1mm per month. One appliance = 3 months = 3mm of movement.

Fig 6B

Fig 7


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . 5 Oxford Place . Bradford . West Yorkshire . BD3 0EF . UK Telephone: 01274 392017

Vacuum Forming

Hilliard Thermoforming Pliers


All Hilliard Thermoforming Pliers can be distinguished by a coloured identifying ring on the handle.

Undercut Enhancing Thermopliers


Undercut Enhancing Thermopliers are the perfect tool for increasing retention without having to take a new impression and make a new Essix appliance. After debonding, a patient may have swollen tissue. The initial Essix appliance will fit only to possibly become loose at the first recall appointment when the tissue recedes. These pliers can be used to increase the undercuts on the appliance.

Maxillary/Mandibular Tooth-Moving Thermopliers


Maxillary and Mandibular Tooth-Moving Thermopliers accomplish a variety of movements - incisal and root tipping, bodily movement and rotating of maxillary and mandibular anterior teeth. These pliers conform to the morphology of anterior teeth: a larger tip for maxillary and a smaller tip for the mandibular teeth.

Micro-Ramp Thermopliers


Micro-Ramp Thermopliers move anterior teeth laterally, rotate mandibular/small teeth, tip incisal edges and help root torque teeth.

Bite Plane Thermopliers


Bite Plane Thermopliers create an instant bite plane in an Essix appliance chairside and without the use of acrylic. Simply have the patient bite on articulating paper and then apply thermopliers to the resulting mark to obtain the bite plane.

Mesial-Distal Thermopliers


Mesial-Distal Thermopliers move teeth mesially and/or distally, allowing close proximity to the incisal edge. Pliers can be used on posterior and anterior teeth.

Hilliard Thermoforming Pliers Undercut Enhancing Maxillary Tooth-Moving Mandibular Tooth-Moving Micro-Ramp Bite Plane Mesial-Distal Ring Colour Red White Blue Yellow Black Purple O/No 9001-82510 9001-82520 9001-82530 9001-82560 9001-82540 9001-82630

Thermopliers are adjustable! The clinician controls the depth the thermoplier will travel into the plastic by adjusting the hex screw with an allen key.


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . Facsimile: 01274 734446 . Website: . Email: [email protected]

Vacuum Forming

Elastic Hook-Forming Thermopliers


Elastic Hook-Forming Thermopliers are used in the first step toward attaching elastics to an Essix appliance. The Hook-Forming Thermoplier creates the hook for the elastic to attach to when used with the Slot-Forming Thermopliers below.

Large Circle Thermopliers


Large Circle Thermopliers are used to create a platform which the elastic hook is extended. Using the Wedding Cake Concept, these pliers can also be used to extend a pre-existing large bump (2-3mm) originally created with the Maxillary Thermopliers, without stretching the existing bump. After using these pliers, the original bump will appear as the top layer of a tiered wedding cake, and the extension created will serve as a base layer.

Elastic Slot-Forming Thermopliers


After using the Elastic Hook-Forming Thermoplier, these pliers take the second step in enabling elastics to be attached to an Essix appliance. The Slot-Forming Thermoplier places the undercut to hold the elastic in place.

Small Circle Thermopliers


Extend a pre-existing small bump (1mm) originally created with the Maxillary Thermopliers, without stretching the existing bump. Creates a release lever on full arch appliances.

Bubble Forming Thermopliers

Hilliard Thermoforming Pliers Elastic Hook-Forming Large Circle Elastic Slot-Forming Small Circle Bubble Forming Ring Colour Green Grey Orange Pink Brown


Creates space in an Essix Appliance without cutting a window in the appliance. Use interdentally without distorting the mesial or distal of the appliance. O/No 9001-82550 9001-82610 9001-82570 9001-82620 9001-82590

Hakko Digital Thermometer

Essential to give an exact digital readout of the temperature of the heated thermopliers. Exact temperature is required to thermoform the plastic. Hakko Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer Replacement Couplers 10 per pack O/No 9001-82591 9001-82592

APT II Dental Burner

Small, efficient and safe, this dental burner enables the clinician to heat the thermopliers at chairside. The flame is ignited by pressing the starter button, and extinguished when released. No need to worry about the safety hazard of a continuous flame. APT II Dental Burner APT II Dental Burner Refill Butane O/No 9001-82580 8100-302


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . 5 Oxford Place . Bradford . West Yorkshire . BD3 0EF . UK Telephone: 01274 392017

Vacuum Forming

When the brackets come off - Protect with the Best!

Essix Mouthguard Material


- For Custom Mouthguards The important characteristics of mouthguard materials are tensile strength, softness, compression percent and uniform density. The EssixTM laminate maintains these characteristics best because of its heat/pressure laminating process. Tensile strength of the laminate is excellent because of the laminate's two layers of material making up the mouthguard. The density is maintained at the pressure laminating process, so shrinkage of the mouthguard is uniformly controlled. If you want the best, the EssixTM Laminated Mouthguard is the choice! Also available in popular 2 and 3 Striped Colour Combinations. The improved perfomance of EssixTM Mouthguards offer: Protection: Most mouthguards offer varying degrees of protection. However boil and bite types often don't fit well, creating a greater possibility of dental damage. Speech: Shop-bought mouthguards are thick and clumsy in the mouth. In sports, where commands are critical, traditional mouthguards prohibit clear speech. Comfort: Most shop-bought mouthguards are either too tight or too loose, and they are so uncomfortable that often your athlete will not wear it. Oxygen: When generic, clunky mouthguards are worn, your athlete's oxygen uptake is restricted, reducing oxygen supply by as much as 25%! That means reduced performance. Mouthguard Top Sheet and Bottom Sheet Tensile Strength 11psi Elongation % Stiffness 22 [low] Hardness Compression % 55 [high] ASTM Standards Overall thickness 4mm EssixTM Mouthguard Material Sold individually Black 9001-201BK Blue 9001-201BL Clear 9001-201C Green 9001-201G Orange 9001-201O Purple 9001-201PU Red 9001-201R White 9001-201W Yellow 9001-201Y 800 [high] 83 [low]

O/No Black/Red 9001-201BK/RD Black/White 9001-201BK/WH Blue/Red 9001-201BL/RD Blue/White 9001-201BL/WH Blue/Yellow 9001-201BL/YW Green/White 9001-201GR/WH Red/White 9001-201RD/WH Purple/White 9001-201PU/WH Red/White/Blue 9001-201RD/WH/BL Red/White/Red 9001-201RD/WH/RD Other colour combinations available upon request.

Resin Mouthguard Material

Square 5" x 5" Blanks. Manufactured from extruded PVC and available in clear and various colours. Resin Mouthguard Material Sold individually: O/No Clear 4mm 9001-215C Blue 4mm 9001-215BL Green 4mm 9001-215G Yellow 4mm 9001-215Y Black 4mm 9001-215BK Red 4mm 9001-215R Orange 4mm 9001-215OR Purple 4mm 9001-215PP White 4mm 9001-215WH 25 per pack: Clear 1mm 9001-231 (Ideal for enclosing names in mouthguards) Clear 2mm 9001-219 Buy more and SAVE! Qty Discounts Available Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . Facsimile: 01274 734446 . Website: . Email: [email protected]


Vacuum Forming

Essix Niteguards


This laminate was developed for soft bruxism splints but proved to be ideal for a variety of other clinical applications such as orthodontic repositioners, fluoride trays, or periodontal splints. The reason for the success of the Niteguard is the top layer. It is made of a dense vinyl with excellent plastic memory and high abrasion resistance. When combined with the soft pliable bottom sheet, this unique hard top surface provided a final appliance that is durable enough to withstand high tooth surface abrasion, yet soft enough to provide patient comfort and co-operation. Overall thickness 3mm. 5" Square. ASTM Standards Top Sheet Bottom Sheet Tensile Strength 19psi 11psi Elongation % 750 [med] 800 [high] Stiffness 50 [med] 22 [low] Hardness 91 [med] 83 [low] Compression % 50 [med] 55 [high] EssixTM Niteguards O/No 9001-202

Essix Type A+ Sheet Resins Splint Material


.020" is ideal for use with temporary crown and bridge cases, .060" can be used for orthodontic retainer and TMJ splints, while .080 can be used for retainers/splints where a thicker material is desired. EssixTM Type A+ Sheet Resins Splint Material Temporary Splint Qty Shape .020" (.5mm) 25 sheets 5"x 5" Square .060" (1.5mm) 25 sheets 5"x 5" Square .080" (2mm) 25 sheets 5"x 5" Square .030" (.75mm) 50 sheets 5"x 5" Square .040" (1mm) 50 sheets 5"x 5" Square .080" (2mm) 25 sheets 120mm Round .080" (2mm) 25 sheets 125mm Round O/No 9001-204 9001-206 9001-207 9001-217 9001-218 9001-11081 9001-11080

Essix Dual Splints


A Hard/Soft laminate used as a functional splint in TMJ cases. This combination of hard and soft material gives the final splint a number of excellent characteristics. The top hard surface has been formulated to withstand the jaw's tremendous closing pressure, plus it has been chemically modified to enable acrylic to bond to it for additional occlusal bite adjustments. The bottom surface has good flow characteristics for great splint retention, yet is soft enough for gingival tissue comfort. Overall thickness 3mm. 5" x 5" Square. Duals Top Sheet Bottom Sheet Tensile Strength 25psi 11psi Elongation % 300 [low] 800 [high] Stiffness 210 [high] 22 [low] Hardness 110 [high] 83 [low] Compression % 30 [high] 55 [high] ASTM Standards EssixTM Dual Splints 12 per pack O/No 9001-203


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . 5 Oxford Place . Bradford . West Yorkshire . BD3 0EF . UK Telephone: 01274 392017

Vacuum Forming

Tray Material

Tray Material 25 sheets per pack .125" (3mm) .150" (4mm) O/No 9001-213 9001-214

TrayRite® Whitening Tray Material

A unique plastic that produces superior tooth whitening trays. Will not shrink or distort. Crystal clear and nearly invisible when in place. Does not require costly, time consuming `pockets'. Patent No 6,089,869. 0.5mm thickness (.020"). TrayRite® 15 per pack 5" square O/No 9001-229

Silicone Holder Adapter

We recommend the fitting of the silicone holder adapter to the vacuum frame. This will help secure the material in the frame during the vacuum forming process. Silicone Holder Adapter O/No 9001-85ADA

Vacuum Forming Technical Booklet

A complete review of the vacuum forming techniques now being used in the dental field, discussing plastics, machines, clinical applications, and best result techniques. Contains step by step production methods on each appliance plus photos for easy interpretation. Vacuum Forming Technical Booklet O/No 9001-226

Essix Appliance Technology: Applications, Fabrications, Rationale

John J. Sheridan DDS, MSD, with Keith Hilliard DDS and Paul Armbruster DDS, MS Everything you wanted to know about Essix but daren't ask! Fully colour illustrated. Essix Appliance Technology O/No 8222-054

Essix Gasket


Improve the performance of your Vacuum Former by over 20% with the Essix Gasket. By blocking out the peripheral holes, the suction is concentrated around the plaster model providing greater detail and fit. EssixTM Gasket O/No 9001-253


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . Facsimile: 01274 734446 . Website: . Email: [email protected]

Vacuum Forming

Block-Out Compound

A specially formulated, high heat resistant compound ideal for blocking out undercuts. Will not run or stick to models. Block-Out Compound 3 oz tub O/No 9001-220

The Essix Organiser

An ideal organiser for storing all those cumbersome instruments, probes, mirrors, scissors, and burs as well as hinged instruments. Made from clear lucite for easy viewing. The EssixTM Organiser O/No 9001-820RG

Silicone Lubricant

Helps eliminate the plastic-frame sticking problems often associated with vacuum forming processes. Silicone Lubricant 600ml O/No 9001-105

Tray Handles

An aluminium handle ideal for quick custom impression tray production. Tray Handles 50 handles O/No 9001-222

Essix Polishers


These polishers are ideal for polishing the rough edges of EssixTM and Hawley Retainers without the need for pumice for a high shine polish. EssixTM Polishers Set of three Polishers Fine Grit Polisher Medium Grit Polisher Coarse Grit Polisher O/No 9001-970 9001-971 9001-972 9001-973

X-Acto Knife

More sturdy than a scalpel, the X-Acto Knife is ideal for trimming Essix Retainers on the model. X-Acto Knife Knife Spare Blades - 25 per pack O/No 9001-254 9001-255


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . 5 Oxford Place . Bradford . West Yorkshire . BD3 0EF . UK Telephone: 01274 392017

Vacuum Forming

Wheel Saw

A high quality cutting wheel useful for hard sheet resin and dual laminate trimming. Wheel Saw O/No 9001-223

Acrylic Bur

A handpiece bur designed to quickly cut through heavy duty materials. Acrylic Bur O/No 9001-224

Window Bur

Makes the window for the Divots and WindowsTM Protocol. Head size: W 2mm L 11mm Window Bur O/No 9001-18925

Crown And Bridge Scissors

Stainless steel scissors excellent for trimming appliances. Crown and Bridge Scissors O/No 60-001


Used during the thermoforming process to force Essix Type C+/ACE into interproximal undercuts. Accentuator O/No 9001-18943

Mayo Scissors

5" Mayo scissors used to cut the labial outline on Essix appliances. Mayo Scissors O/No 9001-252

Cast Removing Instrument

Removes thermoformed appliance without ruining the cast. Cast Removing Instrument O/No 9001-18742


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . Facsimile: 01274 734446 . Website: . Email: [email protected]

Vacuum Forming

Retainer Brite


Helps keep Essix Retainers and Aligners clean and fresh

Removable Appliance Cleanser Regular cleansing using Retainer BriteTM will help prevent discolouration of Essix Appliances. Retainer BriteTM - The modern, effective orthodontic appliance cleanser Unique colour change indicator Refreshing Mint Flavour Fast - 12 minute cleaning action Non-caustic - will not corrode stainless steel Strong against stubborn stains Effective for retainers, mouthguards, TMJ appliances, or nightguards Kills germs that cause retainer plaque Teenage appeal. No longer do teenagers have to buy denture cleanser! Retainer Brite O/No 1 Box (36 tablets) 9001-232 1 Case (24 Boxes) 9001-233 1 Economy Case (120 Boxes) 9001-234 Buy more and SAVE! Qty Discounts Available

Free Retainer Box with every box of Retainer Brite

Ortho Appliance Sonic Cleaner

Ideal for home use to clean orthodontic appliances, dentures, mouthguards - even jewellery! Use with Retainer Brite to remove coffee, tea, tobacco, calcium, calculus etc Non-electrical - supplied with 2x AA batteries Includes 2 Retainer Brite tablets Sonic Cleaner O/No 9222-001

ART Appliance Removal Tool

ART makes it easy for patients to remove their clear Essix appliances! Removes clear Essix appliances from the cheek-side and/or from the tongue side. Increases patient comfort and compliance. LATEX FREE makes a great patient gift.

ART Appliance Removal Tool 20 per pack O/No 9001-ART01

Essix Chewies

Helps patients seat clear aligners and Essix Retainers correctly. Essix Chewies are soft plastic bite-chews, the size of a cotton roll, that patients can bite on to ensure their aligner/retainer is correctly seated in the mouth. Cleaner, simpler and safer to use. Each patient pack contains 2 chewies in a sealed bag. Green mint scented. Essix Chewies 10 patient packs (2 chewies each) O/No 9001-AC-GM

m 3.5c


Ortho-Care (UK) Ltd . 5 Oxford Place . Bradford . West Yorkshire . BD3 0EF . UK Telephone: 01274 392017


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