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Paul Roberts BDS, MDentSci, DGDP(UK) Specialist in Periodontics Street Lane Periodontal and Dental Implant Clinic Leeds "I have found Jonathan extremely proficient in the BPS system and most important, he is very much a `thinking man' .He has been invaluable as part of my prosthetic team. Certainly the best prosthetic technician I have worked with since qualifying in 1984". Dr.Chrisopher Tavares Bridge Dental Clinic Derby

price list 2011/12

"I have known and worked with Jonathan for a number of years now and I have always found his work to be of the highest order. Jonathan is very approachable and helpful and is always willing to spend time discussing difficult cases, especially implant cases. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan's prosthetic work."

Delivery Service

This service is twice weekly for local collection and next day guaranteed delivery for national work. Please allow 10 working days from receipt of impressions.

Contact us

Hughes Dental Laboratory Unit 26, Claro Business Park Harrogate HG1 4BA & Fax:(01423) 520368

Hughes Dental

Laboratory email: [email protected]

MHRA Ref No. CA008441

"All his work from simple prosthetics to advanced implantology is of the highest quality. He is always prepared to discuss and accommodate us". Mr A Soni BDS Sheffield 1982 / LDSRCS London 1983 PG DIP Restorative / UCL London 03


1 - 3 Teeth 4 - 8 Teeth 9+ F/F Copy dentures Teeth Full upper or lower £70.50 £100.00 £130.00 £162.50 £281.00 £262.50 To include: Custom made special trays, set-up on semi-adjustable articulator, Enigma High impact acrylic, full gum contouring, stainless steel clasps & rests (max 2 per case). Partials fitted to duplicate models. Natura teeth used as standard.

Fixed Implant beams

Beams on 5 + fixtures not inclusive of components

Implant beam milled from titanium to carry acrylic or composite Implant beam cast in gold to carry acrylic

£1000.00 *£1,050.00 *£1,260.00


Implant beam cast in gold to carry composite

* Does not include cost of alloy

Over-denture milled locator bar Bars on 5+ fixtures not inclusive of locator attachments Implant titanium locator bar milled for mechanically retain over-denture exclusive of chrome Acrylic teeth and gum staining processed onto a fixed implant beam Composite layered onto fixed implant beam per unit

Bar on 2 fixtures


1 - 3 Teeth 4 - 8 Teeth 9 + Teeth £126.00 £152.50 £173.50 £210.00 £367.50 £394.00


Full upper or lower F/F Copy dentures

To include: Custom made Ivolene special trays, set-up on a fully adjustable articulator, Ivocap Injection moulded system standard on all cases, complete gum contouring & stippling, with gum staining, stainless steel clasps & rests, max two per case, all partials fitted to a duplicate model. Vivodent & Orthosit teeth standard, alternative teeth can be used as requested please ask for further details.

£1050.00 £525.00 £140.00 £500.00

Basic bar for clip or attachment retention The above price does not include the cost of the alloy or the required attachments / clips Locator Retained Denture/price of private denture plus: Locator processing per implant

Ivoclar B.P.S. Precision Dentures

4 - 8 Teeth 9+ Teeth Full upper or lower F/F £236.50 £260.00 £294.00 £550.00

*£78.00 £63.00 Onlay each tooth £25.00 £42.50 £28.75 £40.25 £50.00 £28.00 £150.00


Assistance can be given at surgery at a rate of £60 per hour including travelling time, subject to availability.

We are a registered BPS laboratory & have over 10 years experience with the system. Bio-functional precision dentures, centre pin bite registration for gothic arch tracing, Custom made closed mouth impression trays. Set-up on a bio-functional articulator, injection moulded using the SR Ivocap system. Individual gum contouring, stippling & staining, SR Vivodent/ Orthosit/Postaris teeth, patient guarantee card & certificate.

Chrome to house locators *Does not include cost of locator attachments


Full upper or lower Plate design Single bar skeleton Multi bar skeleton Backings per tooth Mirror finish Milled bracing Porcelain bonded crown Milled backing ledge Milled retention slots Gold metal backings Gold crown Composite crown Composite inlay Composite onlay Composite veneer unit £75.00 £110.00 £112.50 £120.00 £12.00 £31.20 £19.65 £103.00 *£28.75 *£17.25 *£17.25 *£109.25 £87.00 £83.00 £87.00 £82.25

Acetal resin clasp Soldered tag Soldered Gold clasp Cast chrome c-clasp Chrome repair Cast frame over Implant milled bar


Single repair Additional repair Reline / Rebase Ivolene special tray Implant special tray

£19.50 Addition of tooth or clasp £8.50 Each additional tooth or clasp £50.00 Wire or mash strengtheners £25.00 Soft lining £26.00 Metal bonding resin used for additions to chromes £34.00 Bite guards 2mm up to 4mm £37.00 Temporisations Stent £42.00 Anti snoring device £27.50 Michgan or Tanner

£30.00 £10.00 £9.00 £50.00 £12.60 £24.50 £29.50 £99.00 £82.50

All Independent & private Chrome cobalts are cast in Vitallium 2. We only offer crown and bridge work to correspond with our combination cases. We understand the importance of treatment planning as this is an important factor that will directly influence the outcome of the case. Hughes Dental encourage a team approach and will contribute our technical knowledge with combination work should you require it. Please contact us for more information on various designs.

Vacuumed formed

Mouth guards single colour Mouth guards stripped Mouth guards special design Bleaching tray

*Precious metal costs excluded


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