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Press release, August 2010 Habitare fair Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre, 1 - 5 Sep 2010

Habitare 2010 to present many new designs from Tapio Anttila

The interior designer Tapio Anttila will introduce a whole host of new products at this autumn's Habitare fair. In addition to furniture and light fittings by the designer, several Anttila-designed stands will be on view. Anttila will also be presenting a light fitting called Päre at the second EcoDesign Special Exhibition, held as part of Habitare. Ingo Maurer has invited established designers and young, up-and-coming talents to present their take on an ecological light fitting. The show will feature a hundred-odd unique pieces designed especially for this exhibition. For the furniture manufacturer Interface, Anttila has designed a new sofa series called Väre, the Wire easy chair and matching footstool, as well as various tables, including a coffee table. The stands sharp architecture has been designed by Anttila. He is also responsible for the new look and feel of the Interface shop-in-shop concept that the furniture shop Vepsäläinen will introduce concurrently with Habitare. The joint Pedro and Puulon stand will introduce the Shift sofa-bed that Tapio Anttila designed for Pedro. The stand will also feature the Triple footstool and the After rocking chair from the Pedro collection, as well as the Triple coffee tables and the Upside multi-purpose table that complement the Puulon collection. In the Selka-line collection, Tapio Anttilas design is represented by the Flow and Moment chairs and the Trim table series, now available in new sizes. Keraplast Interiors will be bringing Anttilas Triple and Tip light fittings to Habitare. Keraplast Interiors impressive stand is also designed by Tapio Anttila. Puuinfo's Woodhouse stand features a special house representing the KOKO house concept by Herrala-Talot, which is furnished with products by Puuinfo (Finnish Timber Council) member companies. The furnishings include a sofa-bed and a variety of tables from the On series and a table and chairs from the In series. Anttila is responsible for the stand and concept design. Puuinfos Wood Cafe will feature the Palikka stool and the Slice table, which Anttila designed for the Woodism series.

EcoDesign / Hall 4,

The Päre light fitting is a modern interpretation of the traditional light source of a burning splint, usually associated with dim, smoky huts and cabins. Splints are made from a renewable natural material. The base and case of the light fitting are stainless steel and thus completely recyclable. The holder, the spare splints and matches can be conveniently slipped inside the case. Light is beautifully reflected off the shiny steel surface, which also makes for a fireproof base. Päre is a wonderful mood light and best suited to summer homes, terraces and balconies. The product has a long life cycle due to its structure, materials and source of energy.

Interface / Ahead! 5e5,

Väre sofa

Wire easy chair


Making its premiere at Habitare, the Väre sofa series is a stylish alternative for homes and public spaces. The upholstered parts of the sofa are clear and angular. The armrests can be optionally fitted with a cover of bent veneer, which is both practical and beautiful as a furnishing element. The sofa has a seat depth of 58 cm. The material of the legs is slender steel tube. The empty space beneath the sofa makes cleaning easier and contributes to the pieces feeling of lightness. The upholstery fabric and veneer come in many colour options. Väre is available in one-seat, two-seat and three-seat versions, as well as in a chaise longue version especially suited for public spaces.

Wire coffee table

Wire TV stand

Wire side table

The laid-back feel of the new lightweight Wire easy chair and footstool makes them suitable for furnishing a variety of spaces. Wire is also available in a two-seat version and optionally with armrests. The series is complemented with coffee and side tables and TV stands, each made of wood veneer or glass. The pieces are available in many sizes and in round or rectangular shapes. The seats and tables feature frames made of thin, wire-like metal, which gives the pieces an airy, even airborne feel. By combining various pieces from the Wire series, you can create functional configurations, for example, in lobby spaces.

Pedro-Puulon / Made in Finland 6d42,,

Shift is a completely new kind of corner sofa-bed for the Pedro collection. Through the use of a hinge mechanism, the corner sofa swiftly converts into a chaise longue, a U-shaped sofa or a bed for two. The runner-like metal legs make it easy to move the piece. The sofa comes in many upholstery options.

Triple footstool and coffee table

Upside multi-purpose table

After rocking chair

The Triple footstool and coffee table, with the soft shape of a three-leaf clover, make their premiere at Habitare. Manufactured by Pedro, the footstool is available in many sizes. Featuring a wooden top, the Triple table is manufactured by Puulon, and it is available in many heights and sizes. By combining footstools and tables, you can create fun and inviting configurations for relaxation at home or in a public space. Introduced at the 2009 Habitare as a prototype, the Upside multi-purpose table is now part of the Puulon collection. By flipping the table, you can transform it from a coffee table into a stool and then back into an extra surface or table top for, say, a laptop. Upside also functions as a traditional nest of tables. Upside is efficiently stackable, saving space in storage and transportation. The versatility and stackability make Upside an excellent piece that works equally well in homes and public spaces, for example hotels. The piece features a structure of bent veneer and it is available in many colours and materials. The products lightness also makes it ecological. Little energy is consumed during production, because the manufacture only requires one mould and one pressing phase. No waste is produced in the manufacturing process. Upside is featured in the Finnish Design Yearbook 2010-12. One of the new products in the Pedro collection is the modern After rocking chair. Well-suited to a small space, the lightweight chair rocks smoothly on its wooden runners. There are several upholstery options. The After rocking chair is also available with a high backrest and in a two-seat model.


Selka-line / Made in Finland / 6b43,

Moment chair

Flow chair

From the Selka-line public space furniture collection, two new chairs will be introduced at Habitare: the lightweight Flow and Moment, a piece suited for meeting rooms. The special feature of the Flow chair is the surface, which can be laminated with a custom image or textile. A narrow slit in the back of the Moment chair makes it easier to move around. In addition, Selka-line will be presenting new heights and widths of the metal-framed Trim table series.

Keraplast / 3a1,

At Keraplast Interiors glossy-black stand, the modern, geometric light fittings and new pieces from the collection shine alongside design classics. Designed by Tapio Anttila, the stand also highlights the designers behind the streamlined light fittings. The acrylic pieces in the Keraplast Interiors collection are manufactured by Keraplast, a company with over 40 years of experience in working with acrylic products.

The Triple pendant light, with its decorative, clover-like shape, will see its premiere at Habitare. The efficient energy-saving lamp that acts as the light source is hidden behind an acrylic sheet, which allows the light to glow evenly around the piece. Triple is manufactured in white, grey and orange. The collection includes three sizes: diameters of 400, 600 or 800 mm. By combining several Triple pieces of different sizes, it is possible to create striking configurations. Triple is equally well-suited to homes and public spaces.

Another new design by Tapio Anttila for Keraplast Interiors is the Tip pendant, which combines the latest in LED technology with the traditional acrylic material. The thin acrylic sheet, 30 mm thick in the middle and tapering towards the edges, disperses light beautifully and also reflects it upwards. The tip in the middle of the sheet recalls a drop of liquid hitting a surface just before it starts to spread out. The series will later include a variety of sizes. By hanging a group of Tip pendants at different heights, you can create fun, eye-catching furnishing elements for homes and public spaces. Later, floor and table versions will be added to the series.

Puu Info / Woodhouse / 6h39,,,

Representing new wood architecture at its best, the KOKO house concept by Herrala-Talot, launched at the OLO.MUOTO10 event in Lahti, is now being presented at Habitare. Designed by Tapio Anttila and architect Hannu Tikka, this special KOKO house has been put together as a joint effort between several major Finnish companies.


The KOKO house concept offers an ecological, modern collection of homes with three sizes of living and service spaces that can be freely combined into nine different configurations. The house is adaptable from the facade all the way down to the interior details. The open, loft-style interior, its rhythm generated by clearly exposed structural elements, is easy to modify with partition walls, according to the residents stage of life. Anttila, who is responsible for the homes interior design, interior concept and space design, has created complete interior solutions for the KOKO house.

On sofa-bed

In dining set

Anttila has furnished the KOKO house on display at Habitare like a real home, and the featured furniture is mostly of his own design, including the On and In series, as well as concepts designed in collaboration with a variety of partners. A new version of the On sofa-bed with acrylic ends will be premiering at the show.

Palikka stool

Slice table

The yard of the KOKO house will accommodate the Wood Cafe, furnished with products from the Woodism collection. Tapio Anttilas design is represented by the Palikka stool, now in new sizes, and the elliptical Slice table, now displayed in a taller version. The Woodism collection springs from the idea of making furniture and utility articles from trees felled in yards or parks. This collaboration between designers and cabinet-makers has produced an exciting collection of tailormade products, small series and unique pieces.

Tapio Anttila

A freelance designer based in Lahti, Tapio Anttila (b. 1962) runs his own business, Tapio Anttila Design. Anttilas scope of design is wide, ranging from accessories such as trays to full-blown furniture collections, wall panel systems and interior concepts. He is particularly interested in Finnish wood and working it in a modern way, while still honouring traditions. Prime examples of this are the Kuvio and Tuohi collections designed for Showroom Finland, in which novel design has been created by means of technical innovations. Tapio Anttila has worked with companies such as Adi, Ann Idstein, Interface, Isku, Keraplast, Koskisen Herrala-Talot, Lundia, Laattapiste, Selka-line, Showroom Finland, Vepsäläinen and Woodnotes. Anttila has received the Design Plus, Good Design, Fennia Prize and Adex Award design prizes. Check out the many new Tapio Anttila designs at the Habitare 2010 fair!

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