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Call on G8 Leaders to Stand Up for Darfur

To: Prime Minister Stephen Harper Canada President Nicolas Sarkozy France Chancellor Angela Merkel Germany Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Italy Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda Japan President Dmitry Medvedev Russian Federation Prime Minister Gordon Brown United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland President George W. Bush United States of America Your Excellencies: This year's G8 Summit in Hokkaido Japan comes at a particularly perilous moment for both the people of Darfur and the whole of Sudan. Intensified violence in Darfur has resulted in more death and displacement. Recent fighting in Abyei suggests that the fragile Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) between North and South Sudan is at risk as well. Mindful of this, we urgently call on you and your fellow leaders of G8 countries to issue a strong public statement on Sudan/Darfur at the Hokkaido Summit that -- at a minimum -- addresses the following five areas: · An immediate cessation of the violence. The statement should strongly condemn the renewed violence in Darfur and call on all parties to adhere to previous ceasefire agreements. Likewise, the statement should condemn the recent fighting in Abyei and call on the Government of Sudan and Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army to adhere to the ceasefire agreed upon as part of the CPA. Halting the transfers of arms. The statement should condemn ongoing violations of the arms embargo articulated in U.N. Security Council Resolution 1591. It should urge all states to stop all arms transfers that go, directly or indirectly, to Darfur in violation of Resolution 1591. Deployment of UNAMID. The statement should offer specific assistance from G8 members to ensure that UNAMID has the technical assistance and equipment necessary to fully deploy as quickly as possible. A reinvigorated peace process in Darfur and a recommitment to the CPA. The statement also should lay out a specific plan for how G8 governments will support efforts to establish a sustainable peace in Darfur and the full implementation of the CPA. Justice and accountability for atrocities committed. The statement should support existing and future efforts to pursue accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by all parties to the conflict in Darfur.


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The Government of Sudan will be watching closely to see how the G8 reacts to the intensified violence in Darfur and the unraveling of the tenuous peace between the North and South. We urge the G8 to issue a strongly worded statement on Sudan/Darfur that clearly articulates the steps its members will take to help resolve the growing crisis. Anything less risks further emboldening the Government of Sudan. Yours truly,

Name Valdis Abols abu abu amna

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Bruce May Gerald May Judith May pam may JOHN MAYBURY Brett Mayer Toni Mayer Sharon Mayhak Eric Mayle Matteo Mazzoni Shane McAndrew Josslyn McAuley Mary McAuliffe Joan McBride Margaret McBride Austin McCabe Eileen McCabe Teleia McCabe Sheila McCandlish Pamela McCann Charles McCarthy Christine McCarthy kelly mccarthy Michael Mccarthy Claire McCartney Natalie McCarvill Walter McClatchey Jr. Harriet McCleary B.A, McClintock Rachel McCloskey Rebecca McCloskey Sandy McClure Colleen McConnell jonathan mccormack Tracy McCowan Emily McCoy Julie McCoy Michele McCoy Edwin McCready Lucy McCrone Joseph McCue Thomas McCulloch Maureen McCullough Morgan McDaniel Shelley McDonald Damian McDonnell Rebecca McDonough Holly McDuffie Ronna mceldowney Athena McElrath Deborah McElroy Pool barbara mceneany Ira McEvoy Hugh McFadden Christopher McFarlane Adrienne McFaye Jerry McGahan Greg Mcgarvey Scot McGavin Frank McGee kay mcgee terry mcgee James McGettigan Ann McGill Chris Mcginn Mike McGinn

Kate Ravenstein marian Rawson Robert Redmon amy reichert Patricia Reinke jackie rengstorff J. Rhodes William Ricciardi rich & grandma dot richards Holger Riemann Judy Riggle Amanda Rinkel Debra Roach Barbara and Larry Robertson Elizabeth Robinson Patricia R Robinson Monica Rocha Susan Roche Mark Rochon Catherine Roden-Jones lisa rodman fran rodriguez Sonja Rogerson Ryan Rollins Shanea' Rollins Ana Romero Jurisson Jocelyn Roos WILL ROOT Anna Rosmini joel ross Randall Roty Misty Rowell sophie roybon Jocelyne Rubinetti James Rudy Ruth Rusnak jeannette russell Seth Rutledge Ngamsuk Ruttanasatain Erich Rutten david sabbas Tamela Saksa Kerry Saloner Eric Salsburg Michele Salsburg Maria Dolores Salvo Antonio Sampaio Sharon Sanker paula sapage Craig Savitsky Jerry Sawyer Kathryn Sawyer Brigid Scannell ANN SCHAFER Beata Schaller Tamara Scharck jon schell David Schilling Julie Schlegel John Schlosser Kathy Schmidt Susan Schneller


Melanie McGinnity robin mcginty Maria McGrath Moira McGrath Shelly McGrath Sue McGrath Weltha McGraw Michelle Mcguckin Peter McGuire Veona McHone Michael McHugh Patricia McHugh Emily McInnis john mcintosh Kevin McKaig Kaitlyn McKee Sarah McKee Kevin McKeever Patricia McKelvie bonni mcKeown craig mckerley Cheryl McKiernan Sandie McKinney Ann Mckinzie Kelly McKnight Shoshanah McKnight F. Joseph McLaughlin Joseph McLaughlin Joyce McLean Derin McLeod danna mclintock MERRY MCLORYD Patty McMahon Michael McManus Scott McMichael Randy McMillan Ann McMullen Gail McMullen Tom McMurray Harry McNally Brian McNama Brandon McNamee Rose McNeil Douglas A McNeill Don McNellis Steven McNichols Cait Mcnutt Tom McQueen Sarah McUmber-House Kevin McVan Ronald D. McVeigh Carolyn McWatters Thomas Meacham Stephen Mead Barbara Meade Helen Meager John Mealy travis mecum Gary Meddaugh Toni Medford Lisa Michelle Medina Felicia Mednick MOOCOWMERRY@HOTMAIL .COM

Cynthia Schou John Schrier Thelma Schrier Gary Schwartz Robert Schwarz Charles Sego theresa severson jack Seybold Janine Shahbaz Rina Shapira Marie Sharah William Sharfman GLORIA SHEN Patty Shepard F. P. Sherrick Theresa Shinabarger Harry Shleifer Sharon Shohfi abubakr sidahmed Lauren Siegel Jane Silverman Morrisa Silvert Neil Silvert Carole Simmons Stefanie Simpson negin singh Sue Sjolin Phyllis Sladek Brian Smalley Bryce Smith Jonathan Smith Liz Smith Sandra Smyth Patricia Snudden Kenneth Sobieraj Melissa Sonmezay Diana Sonne Nancy Sonnett-Selwyn SnowOwl Sor-Lokken Carl Sorem Carrie Spann Donna Sparks Veronica Spasaro Barry Spielvogel Meryl Spigelman Ana Spiguel Carol Sprafka Mary Susan Stark Pam Starliper Jayson Steel Mary Ann Stein Irene Stevens Berkeley Stewart Christine Stewart cathleen stlawrence Marg Stoneman K. Leo Straiton Stephen Street Mark Sugarman Peggy Sullivan Daniel Sweeney Jennifer Tait Wissam Tarif Mary Taylor m JSCHRIER@AKIVACAPITAL. COM Ph.D.

margie mee Juliana Meehan Melanie Meehan Dianr Meehl Mandana Mehrabi Michael Mehrazar D. Meier zoe Meier Amy Meige Patricia Meinert Karl Meinhausen Alison Mejia Andres Mejides Erin Melody Pat Melody David Melvin Rose Marie Menard Vonda Menard Jitka Mencik Elissa Menconi paul mendelsohn Dorit Mendelson R. Miles Mendenhall João Mendes rita mendes Ines Mendez lucia mendez maria mendez Maryann Mendoza steve Menicucci Jean-luc Mercier fran merker Larry Merkle Lara Merlin Leigh Merlini Bill Merrill Cama Merritt Gisele Meskel Andrea Messenger Cile Messer jerry messick Urania Messing Belle Metelits T Metreger Joanne Metroplos Diane Mettam Lynne Metty Tina Metzger Pam Meuer Evan Mew Leland Mew Margaret Mew Derek Meyer Patricia Meyer Raymond Meyer Philip Meyers Larry Meza John Micek Annie Michaelis Brenda Michaels charmaine michaels Elizabeth Michaelson Lesly Michals Michael Michaud

Sylvia Telafaro Todd Thatcher Jenny Theriault Kay Dora Thomas Ray Thomas Caitlin Thompson Connor Thompson Nathan Thompson Pete Thompson Shannon Thorndyke cynthia thornton Lako Tongun maria toro Carlene Toron Terry Towers Christl Towler Carla Troche Donna Trotter Yaz Tsai Savitri Tsering Katarah Udarro Ivo Van Aperen Harty van Engelen Charles VanCleef Marijo VanDyke Julie Veit Dorothea Viale Carrie Vincler Rosanna Violi Penny Vlagopoulos Andrea Vogel Dorothy VonSchlagel I Vote Kira Walker John Walsh Jennifer Walters Cynthia Wang Lawrence Warner Amanda Warren Kristen Watkins Tracy Weatherby Tara Weaver Megan Weitz Pamela Wellner Thornton Wells Rose Wessels Veronica West April Westfall Jeff Westmoreland Chris Whalley Blair Wheat kimberlee whitaker Barbara Whitehair Naomi Whiteley brandon whitesell Robert Whitney jack wilson Patricia Wilson Greg Wingard Amy Wise Michael Wise A. Wolf peter wolz

Coky Michel Lance Michel massol michel Linda Michels golda michelson Allison Michna Claire Micklin Max Middleton Barry Midgett George Mierisch Timothy Mieyal Bonita Migliore ruthe milan Angela Milanese jeff miles Jerrine Milke Dennis Millay Adrien Miller Anita Miller Catherine Miller Constance Miller Doug Miller Gaby Miller Gertrude Miller J. Robert Miller Jason Miller Jerre Miller JERRY MILLER Jim Miller John Miller Katie Miller Kimberly Miller melissa miller Nancy Miller Neely Miller Patricia Miller Phyllis Miller russell miller Ruth Miller Shane Miller william miller Michael Miller Jr. Polla Milligan rosemary mills Diana Millsap Emma Millspaugh Wes Milner James Milo Curt Miner Nelson Mingacho Donna Minkowitz Shannon Minor Rosemary Miranda Hank Mirsky Lee Mishkin Hemant Misra Michael Missell PATRICIA MISSELL darius mitchell JANET MITCHELL Pamela Mitchell Phillip Mitchell Rosamond Mitchell constancemiller3333@earthlink.n et JMILLER_0742@FUSE.NET m rosemarymiranda1202@hotmail.c om

Erik Wood Melanie Wood carolyn woolf David Worcester beth woskow Michelle Wright Denice Wroe Kristine Wyatt Yang Yang Christopher Yee Sidnei Luiz Zavarezzi Homayoon Zhaveh Jesse Zimmerman Cecilia Zondlo Ellen Zuckerman Cynthia "Eggert Marlin "Fourman T.Ed. & Marie Webb Michael Abrash april ackley Brittany Adams Magda Ahmed Brenda Alindogan Claudia Almeida Susana Almeida Brittany Anderson Kathryn Marie Augustyniak FATIHA AZZABI Brandy B Anil Baral David Barnett Judith Becker Leslie Bemis Naomi Benghiat Boni Biery Amy Biggs Bob Blair Annette Blanchard emilia boccagna phillipe bojorquez Don Bolanos H. Bomsta Steven Book-Lover K BP Ann Branson-Tobin Deborah Brewster patty brey Steve Brown meyer brownstone Jamie Bryan phillip bryan Robert Buddell Donald Burg Ken Burke Raymond Burke Tom Campbell Sarah Candell Sarah Carlson Ana Carreon Amazing Caso Leslie Cassidy samantha cehaich christopher_yee@inventuresoluti m PhD" Jr."

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Louie Cervantes Prasad Chacko Jennifer Chan Alexander Cheong Devin Chicras Joseph Chilengi Lesley Chung Daisy Chávez Ellen Cleary Hugh Cline DONALD CLOUD S G Cobb Eric Cohen Ayanna Cole Lois-Jeanne Connolly Patricia Constantino David Cook D Cooper Francesca Corbacho Tom Corcoran Matthew Coulter Kimberly Cresic caroline cunningham Carol Curtis Karen Daly Ed Daughetee Michael Debono Clark Dedrick Christina Dickson Jackie Doepker Deirdre Dooling Aamna Dosani Tricia Doughty Dianne Drew Carlos J. Echevarria Debbie Edmonson Charles Elliott Maro Elliott Christine Enright Shane Evans Jeffrey Eyges Concetta Fabo stefany farino Joe Faris louis fernandez Justine Ferretti Ericka Fischer Monica Fitzpatrick Craig Foley steve forester mary foulger Paula Freedman Jeremy Frimer Andrew Fry Mary Frye Gilberte FURET I Gac ann garcia J Gerdts Lucille Gervase Liliane Ghaid Patricia Gibbons Kasey Gibson m CLOUDEEEE@COMCAST.NE T kasey.gibson@student.ctuonline.

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Renata Giergielewicz Holly Gietl valerie gilbert Maria da Conceicao Goncalves Margaret Goodwin Lauren Gordon Don Gorney Sarah Greenfield Paula Griffin Eugenia Grignon joanne groshardt jason gullo Twyla Hadley Marlene Hahn Eve Hale Darcy Hall David Halperin Elemer Hankiss Maureen Harney Timothy Harrington Joseph Harris Susan Harrison Patricia Hawley Douglas Haynes Laurie Headrick Marjorie Healy Kyle Helf Anna Hensey Beatriz Hernandez Elizabeth Heroldt Magnus Holm Cecilia Horne Catherine Hourcade Kathleen Howren Aukje Huitema Jason Humphrey Hyla Hurst Stockbridge Martha Walker Hutson Lynda Hynes anna Igra Nkechi Ilochi-Omekedo charles Itzkovitz Paola Iza Louise Jacob Jennifer Jacobs Mariam Jalali Robin Johnson Grace Johnstone Amy Jones Paul Joyce David Jury Claire Kahn Nicole kaney Sharon Karam Maria Kari John Kasbohm Donna Kelsh Andre Kern Serah Kimani Nancy Kissock Dieter Knoerzer Joann Koch Frank Koenigsamen

edu H8041HAN@ELLA.HU marge@dubuquepresentations.or g

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Terry Kraus Rina Krautwirth Mia Krishnaswami joe kuczynski Ashley Kuenn Susan L Joyce Lahna Patrick Lallo Suzanne Lamport Elizabeth Larkin justyna laskowska nellie Lee Ruby Lee Jessica Lenz Paula Lepore Janette Letson Jon Levin Karen Lichtenberg Thomas Limond Christopher Lish Judith Loebl Wendy Lohman Patricia Lonergan david loomis Jillian Lopez Lorena M Loren Mach Mary Madden Tere Magana Nichols Malpass Letha marshall Emma Marston Enrico Marucco Cindy Massey ED Mattos Gale Maynard Melissa Mazza Saihou Mballow Brittany McAuley Tracy McBride-Barr Jennifer Mcconnell Beth McCormick Amber McDaniel Lori McKinnis Randall McKinnon jeffrey mclean Skyler McVaugh Gabrielle Meeker Ida Melin Karen Miller Elinor Mills Kristin Mintz Cynthia Molinero Dean Monroe Sónia Morgado Hellen Morgan Cory Morningstar Claude Morris John Moszyk Kevin Mullins Alex Mummery Heather Murphy m plepore@communitypartnersnh.o rg m

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Svetla Novoselska Holly Novotne Rachel Novotny Lee Nowell Ann Nowicki Eugene Nulman Carlos Nunez Rex Nunnally Lauren Nussbaum Brackston Nutt Jonatan Nyberg Kitty o Cara O'Brien chris O'Brien Jennifer O'Brien Kathleen O'Brien Kerry O'Brien Nancy O'Byrne Conall O'Connell, osf Dawn O'Donnell Claudia O'Driscoll Nancy O'Harrow Polly O'Malley Allan O'Marra Marie O'Meara Kevin O'Morrison Michael O'Neil Bridget O'Neill Kerry O'Neill Michael O'Neill Neila O'Neill Valjean O'Neill Lynn O'Shea Jacqueline O'Sullivan Mary O'Sullivan Evan Oakley Joseph Obelcz Julie Obermeyer Gale Obler Barbara OBrien Mary OBrien Tracey OBrien Nicholas Occhipinti Elmer Occhiuzzo e ochmanek Walter Oczkowski Eric Oddi Bruce Odelberg cynthia odell Roxane Offner Marsha Ogilvie Mary Ogle adrienne ognibene helen oh gerard ohanlon andreas ohland Nancy Okie Barbara Okishoff Michael Olcsvary Manuela Oliveira Jerry Oliver Corey E. Olsen Ivan Olsen Claire Olson John Olson ODELL@OPTONLINE.NET

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Liz Olson Sara Olson Steve Olson Martha Olver Elaine OMalley Heidi OMara John ONeil Krystle Ong Valerie Ong Frank Onishuk Paul Oostenbrug Rhet Oric TRISHA ORICHT Sandra Oriel LUIS ORITI JOSE ORITTE Christine Orlando Beth Orlik Nancy Orlowski Carlos Oropeza Carlos Oropeza Jane Orr Patty Orr Richard Orr arnold ortega Maegan Ortiz Michael Ortiz jacquelin orwig-nichols Joe Osborne Miri Osborne Pamela Osborne Andrew Osborne-Smith Alison Oscar Alex Oshiro Kristen Osman Herman Osorio H.Marie Ostrander Martin Ostwald Julia Othmer Edward Ott Marie Overall Tamara Overholt Rosemarie Overstreet Ned Overton Josetta Owen Julie Owen Jim Oxyer Nilufer Ozcan dogan ozkan neil pacamalan Susan Pacillo Jewel Padgett Amy Padilla margaret paez Linda Pafford John Pagan Pamela Pagan Heidi Page Lisa Page Zachary Page Silvio Paguaga amélia Pais Darren Pakravan Tami Palacky Robert Palermo Michelle Palladine

Parvana Abbaspur Richard Acuzzo Clarice Adams Peter Ahenda Jed Aicher AJ Albinak diane aldrich Ralph Alvarez Corinna Anderson Mark Andrews Barbara Arcure Ruby Armitage James Arrigo Vince Bacon Karen V Bading ines balaco Gianna Banducci Tom Bannigan Teresa Barrett Tom Barron Shirley Barsky Graziano Bassi Matt Bauske Jo Beall Frederick S Beckner Gretchen Begley Suzanne Beimer Robert Berliner Marcia Berman Eileen Bielemeier Jennifer Bieth elliot LR billingsley Margaret Binek Susan Blain Joy Quinn Blum Diana Bohn Carmen Bonilla-Jones Marla Bottesch Jonathan Boud Cynthia Bowers Joan Brannigan stacy braunstein Jeff Bridwell June Broadley Helen Brock Mark Brodnik Deborah Brooks DANAT BRYSCH Michelle Buerger Paul Burks James Burton Vic Burton Aviva Buschbaum Martha W Bushnell Jessica Cameron Juanita Carl Sandra Carmichael Maureen Carson Jessie Casteel Anna Castrillo rich cesani Sarah Chamma christopher chan Elaine Chan nathaniel chan meta chessin

Anthony J. Palmer Carol Palmer KIRSTIE PALMER Ruthe Palmer Diane Palogruto Lucien Pan Morningstar Rosiris Paniagua Cori Pansarasa Rich Panter Paul Panza Max Pardo Robert Paredes Karin Paris Anthony Parisi Jeannie Park Lauren Parke amy parker Deborah Parker Doris Parker J. T. Parker James Parker John Parkhurst Mitch Parkinen Joseph Parko Berta Parks Jeffrey parnes Derek Parr Aaron Parrish Vivian Parrish Sharon Parshall Darrell Parsons Peter Parsons Stacey Parsons Richard Pasichnyk Jean Paskalides Randall Paske Christine Pasmore frances Patch Richard Patenaude Thomas Patnaude Deborah Patrick Catherine Patterson kevin patterson Mary Agnes Patterson Nancy Patumanoan David Paul Randall Paul Ellen Pavliska Natalie Pawlikowski Nicole Pawling Georgia Pawlowski Douglas Payne Frank Peachey Pamela Pearce Cheryl Pearlman judith pearson Rachel/Rae Pearson Rick Pearson Mary D Peaslee Bruce Pech nancy peck Catherine Pedersen Edward Pedersen Christina Pederson Lyn Clark Pegg Kalev Pehme

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David Goodrum Edwin Gordy gabriel govendo Paula Grandbois Lisa Green Jessea Greenman Helen Greer Carolyn Grodman jonathan guerra maria guimil Callie Gummow Kristy Gurung Rand Guthrie Brian Gwinn Virginia Hadley Jessica Harbeson rosemary hardy Tyler Harmon James Harper Meredith Hatchett Amanda Hayes Robert Henderson Kathleen Hennessy Bernard J. Henry Margaret Heydon John Hinds ellen hogarty Patrick Holbrook Marcia Holden Willi Holden Reese Holser Betsy Horowitz Helen C. Horton David Houck Tyler Huebner Mona Hughes Susan Hughes Diane Huisinga Cynthia Hull Robert Hupf Kristin Hurley Teresa Jaeger Michele Jamison Aneil Jaswal William O. Jenkins Mary Alice Jennings K. Johnson Kim Johnson Timothy Johnston jennie jones Penny Jones Square Joseph Jorden Ellen Juskewitch lynn kalish carmin karasic Tom Keenan Marya Keeny Kara Kelley Julia Kendlbacher Patricia Kennedy Ron Kloberdanz William Lee Kohler Briana Krull Kirsten Kuhre-holmquist

Jessica Phillips Jim Phillips Karen Phillips Laura Phillips tiffany phillips Judith Philpot Jerry D. Phipps Ellen Piascik Susan Picard Dolores Pieper John Pieper rosemary pierce Ann Pierce-Gardner Karen Pike Bonnie Pilcher, afspa Jim Pilewski marc Pilisuk Barb Pillers Lisa Piner Anne Pinkerton Bessie Aida Pino jair Pino Antonio Pinto Chery Pinton Cynthia Piper Wayne Pipke Charlotte Pirch Drake Pirkle Catherine Pisacano Lisa Pisano Robert Pittenger Gillum Shane Pitts Catherine Place Maria Plachta Joe Placucci Jared Plank Mimi Plevin-Foust Joel Plienis athena ploumis Jessica Plumbley Bill Plummer Kathy Plunkert, RN Raphael Plunkett Donna Plutschuck Diana Podorsky Ellen Poist Jared Polens Alice Polesky bret Polish Andrew Politzer Frederick Pollack Annegret Pollard harry pollitt John Polo Jackie Pomies Linda Pompa Paula Ponce Brian Pope Kathleen Porter Nicole Porter Nancy Porter-Steele bettie portwood Michele Posey cathee posin m

Patricia Ladley Camille Lafrance Marie Larvin Sarah Lawrence Eugene LeCouteur Thomas Lees Alexandrina Leitão Larry Levin miriam lieberman Marcia Little Shawn Lonsfjord Joseph Lund Karen Mac Ken Maloney Robin Margo Kenneth Martin Michael Masley Christina Massey Bobbi Masters Dennis McAllister Julie McCarthy Annie McCombs Anna McCrickard Meagan McDonough Jon McFarlane jessie McGee Patrick McKnight Kathryn McLaughlin Dick McMaster Ruth Messer Laurel Meyer Donna Mikulka Linda Miller Sarah Minnis Elaine Mont-Eton Kenneth Montalbano Kathleen Montross Richard Moore Pedro Moreno Mary Morris Kathryn Morrissey Efthimia Moshos Alison Moski susan alice mufson Jeni Munn Margaret Murray Annabel Myers Donna Nager Christine Nall Shalini Nataraj ria nevin Karyn Newton Marguerite A. Nicholsonschenk Michele Nihipali Molly Noone Ellen Norman Laura Northcraft James O'Halloran Susan O'Neill Derek Obrochta evelyn ochoa Marian Oddo Bill Oliveau Lionel Ortiz

Shelley Pospyhalla Marjory Potts Judi Poulson Lawrence Povlow damon powell fred powell Eduardo E. Prado MJ Pramiik yvonne pratt Kaarin Praxel Roland Press Emily Pressman Carol Preston Laura Preston Susan Preston Jennifer Prettyman-Hall Alexander Pribble becca price Joseph Priebe Anne Priest Mark Prime cindy prince Sonia Prince Carolyn Prinster Jenni Prisk Jennifer Pritchard Craig Privett Eric Probola Francis Probst Rebecca Procter Sacha Procter-Weiss stephanie proctor timothy prosser Lauri Provencher Tamie Pryor Gerryl E. Puelle Dan Puetz Jill Pullen Susan Puscheck Joyce Pusel Jill Pustorino Walter Putter Sara Putz Asim Qasim Tiffany Quach Stacie Qualls Stich Jennifer Queen Michele Queyroy joyce quigley York Quillen Jayda Quincey Ted Quincey Patricia Quinn Michael Quirk CR W. Arthur Raab Monika Rabe John Rabey Anna Rabin Monica Rabinowitz Margery Race Rachel Rachfal Alina Racu Susie Raczkiewicz archbuildersacrossnations@yahoo .com

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Dorothy Reichardt Andrew Reichart John Reid WILLIAM REID Frederick Reif Betsy Reifman Charles Reigle Joan Reilly John Reilly Kristi Reilly Rosemary Reilly Vincent Reilly Jacob Reina Laura Reinbach Nancy Reisetter Emil Reisman FERNANDO RENAN Wayne Renardson Eva Renee Anderson Richard Renner Kenneth Renshaw MR. & MRS. BRUCE REVESZ Joy Rex Carlos Reyes Mary Sonia Reyes Eve Reynolds Thomas Reynolds Thomas Rhanor Teira Rhea Herman Rhein Kirk Rhoads William Ribbens Stephanie Riccobene Alyssa Rice Ellen Rice John Rice Julie Rice Kelly Rice Rebecca Rice Robert Rice David Richard William Richard Andrew Richards Jackie Richards Jean Richards Terry Richards Deanna Richardson Doug Richardson Sandy Richardson YVETTE RICHARDSON laura richmond betts richter Eckhart Richter James Rickman Robert Rickun Emily Rideout Teri Rider Vicki Rider William Ridgeway Myra Rieger dale riehart VITOR LUIZ RIGOTI DOS ANJOS m

Eileen Anderson Dina Angress Catherine Annas Paul RW Anthony Stephen Arbour Anthony Arcure Andrew Astalos Azmi Audeh Gracious Audette Kristen Augustine Antonio Aversano Ivy Azizi Tascha Babitch Ariel Backman Christopher Bail Bonnie Baker nelly baldan badia Jenni Ball Becky Band Wright Barnebey Delia Barrett James Barrett Bruce Barry Harriet Baskin Miriam Bates Frank Baumgardner Sophia Beck-Mannagetta Molly Beckert Inge Behrend Kate Belcsak Jenny Belser Constance Bencze Thomas Benner Faye Bennett Andy Berkvist Alison Berry Erica Bettwy Kendell Beverly cheryl bianchi Patricia Bilger Benjamin Birnie Tasha Biron anita bixenstine Gerald Blume mrs Michelle Boido Joseph Boland LCSW Patty Bonney Carol Booth Dean Borgeson Amy Bostick Michele Bottaro Michael Bradburn-Ruster Charlotte Bradley Diane Brandstetter Richard Brinton Louise Bristow Stephanie Brock-Gruber Bridget Brooking James Brosius Eric Brown Katharine Brunson Lindsey Bryden David Buck CircleovFyre@AOL.Com LMSW soledad boada

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Jack Burg Stacia Burton artie cable Penny Cabot Marjory Cahill-Shelton Charles Calhoun Rob Camp marlene candell Aglaia Cardona gaile carr Jose Carvalho maurizio casassa Nancy Cashman Gina Cerasani Ellen Chaikin alan champion

sharon champion Paula Chihill Sue Christiansen ross clarke Mary E. Clausing G. Clemens Kent Cline Terry Cline Hannah Colby Jennifer Cole bradley coleman Maureen Collins Alessandra Cometa Alan Condell Mary Conlon Deborah Connery klouise cook Michael Cook Stuart Cook Francis Cooper Douglas Corkhill USN (Ret) juliana corrales sanchez Gregg Coumas Cindy Crebbin Kermit Cuff Jr. Cora Cypser Brittany D. john daniels Peg Darby Mazen Darwich Talin Davidian Shirley Davis will davis Bonita De Trinis Lynn Dean Margaret DeArdo Kimberly Deardorff Irena DeFeo Diana Dellamarie petrit demo Lillian Deslandes Kirsten DiCicco Kaylee Dickerson Veniamin Dmitroshkin alanchampion@39springhill.freeserv .uk uk

Brent Rocks Cathi Rodgers peter rodgers Jean Rodine Shirley Rodman joseph rodriguez pablo rodriguez Stephanie Rodriguez Traci Rodriguez Rebecca Roebuck Sharon Roedl Ceil Roeger Megan Roemer Patricia Roeske Nicole Roffe sue rogan

Cynthia Rogan de Ramirez Charles Rogers Dave Rogers Jan Rogers Janice Rogers Karen Rogers Leslie Rogers marc Rogers William Rogers RN (Ret.) william Rohan Gerard Rohlf Jennifer Rojas Carol Rolf Kevin Rolfes Jenny Romaine Shirley & Stanley Romaine Colleen Romanelli Garry Romanik Malissa Romero Ana Romero Jurisson Patricia Ronan VINCENT RONCI GAETA Reeta Roo Sandra Rooney Lloyd Roos Roberta Roos David Root David Root Wayne Root AFABINTL@COMCAST.NET ROSA clarence rosa Barbara Rosalik Colette Rose Diane Rose John Rose Kathryn Rose Sarah Rose Judith Rosen rachel rosen Richard Rosen Howard Rosenberg Pauline Rosenberg Madeline Rosenberger Paul Rosenberger

Thomas L Donelan Diane Donley Deanne Doty Gregory Doty Gloria Downing Kay Drache maria duarte Rachel Dudding David Dunkleberger Sherry Dunn Devin Dunseith Amy Durocher Ellen Dyer Piotr Dynowski Susan Earle Kim Eastin martha eberle Fahimeh Eghtessadi Angela Elniski Pam Ensign Judith Epstein ruthie epstein Laura Espondaburu Phyllis Esposito Sheri Fahy Helen Faller Georgann Falotico Vania Faria Christine Farrior Joanne Ferguson John Fernandez Ruth Ferreira Suzanne Ficara Tina Field-Stout Fern Fiesthumel Robert Filar jeff FINDEIS Ralph Fish Michael Fish;man Rebecca Fleischmann Hadassah Fleishon Tomara Fleury Marie Flom Laurel Flynn Jeanne C. Folks Julie Ford Adele Foutz Marie Foxton Darren Frale Nina Fritsch jerry frohmader Susan Fryer Freya Fuhrman Pauline Fuit Marilyn Fuller Stacey Fullwiler David and Audrey Funk Colette Gabriel Merville Gagnon Dan Gallo Ashley Gardner neise garzesi Kim Gaskell alison gates k

Lenore Rosenblatt M.C. Rosenfield Sarah Rosengard Cornelia Rosenthal Earl Rosenwinkel John Roshell Nicole Rosich Sharon Rosner adrianne ross Christopher Ross dena ross Joe Ross John Ross Laura Ross Marie Ross Nancy Ross Rebecca Ross Victoria Ross Albert Rossi Rita Rossi David Rosten Clifford Rot David Roth Howard Roth Isabel Roth Jerome Roth Shelly Roth Sharon Rothe Herbert Rothgarber Richard Rothstein George Rotter alexander rouhana Marguerite Rouleau Suzanne Roulston-Doty Albert and Grace Rousseaux marie rousso Cathy Rowan Thomas Rowan Henry Roy Joe Roy Julie Roy Maureen Roy jay rozner Mick Rozsics Catherine Ruane Scott Rubel Earl Rubell Hiasaura Rubenstein Aaron Rubin Cathy Rubin Carine Rubinetti Gail Rubio Patricia Ruble Frederick Ruch Kristi Rudelius-palmer Ana Rudolph Christian Rudolph Laura Rudolph Dave Rudy Sean Rueter Michael Ruffino Gary Ruiz Ron Rulli Joan Runfola ELHADRAWI@YAHOO.COM JAYROZ@BELLSOUTH.NET

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Wanda James Mary Lou Jellen Susan Johnson Brad Jones Paul Jones Naresh Kadyan Rita J. Kane Robert Kanter Xanthoula Karanika Shirley Kardell Laurie Kehl Timothy Kelley carol Kessler Philip Kienholz Stephen Knutson Carolyn Kohn Tom Kozel Diane Kraft Delores Kraut Katie Kreutter antonino labate Barbara Labitska Dometria Lanauze George Landau Jeanne Landkamer Erich Larisch marianne larsson M. Todd Lassich linda laurin patricia law rena law Margaret Lawrence Barbara Laxon Susan Lea Meaghan Leavy Danielle LeBoeuf Rhonda LeCuru Eva Lerner Kim Lester Jeanette LeVesque Jeremy Levine Julie Levy Robert levy Alanna Lewis Elizabeth Lewis Ildiko Lewis Jacqueline Lewis Aaron Libson Nadine Lightburn Morgan Lighter Megan Lindwall Jason Linneken Dawn Lipkin Suzanne Lipkin Colleen Lobel M LoBrano Nehnang Lobsang Terrence Logue Mary-Anna Losee Rochelle Losman Steve Lovelace Barbara Lucker Chelo Ludden Wilhelm Ludwig Tom Luedtke m

Will Sanchez Gregory Sanchez III Jeff Sanders linda sanders Sandy Sanderson Robert Sandgrund Elynor Sandoval Ann Sandritter Christine Sandvik Val Sanfilippo William Sanford JAMES SANJANA Patty Sannes Bob Sanov Roberta Sans Kathleen Sansone Tony Santamouro Mary-Beth Santarelli Anitta Santiago Justin Santora isabel santos Gloria Sappier Kathryn Sarachan Eileen Sarett-Cuasay Teresa Sariol William Sarovec John Satchell linda satter Debra Saude Annmarie Sauer Britton Saunders BRIAN SAVARY Carol Savary MARY SAWERS Lara Say maryam sayar Frances Saykaly John Sbiris Daniela Scarpa Gino Scarselli Advo Schaefer Dolores Schaefer Maija Schaefer Judith Schaeffer suzanne Schaem russ schafer Craig Schaffer Robert Schaller Roxanne Schares Vivian Schatz Miki Scheidel John Scheirman joyce schenkein Eva Scherb Linda Schermer Brad Schewe Elsa Schieder Charles Schien Laura Schild Mary Schilder Charles Schille Susan Schimling Claudette Schiratti, RSM Petra Schirra Gerald Schissell

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DANIEL SCHLAGMAN Mary Janet Schloff Richard Schloss Mary Schlosser Scott Schlosser Paul Schmalzer Frank Schmeisser Ulla Schmid Kenneth Schmidt Laura Schmidt roger schmidt Anthony Schmitt Erik Schnabel Autumn Schneider David and Marge Schneider Mark Schneider Rachel Schneider Vlachos Cheryl Schnoebelen Randolph Schoedler Paul Schofield Susan Scholl Ray Schraft David Schreiber Lori Schreiber Darcy Schreiner Pat Schule Jason Schulman Shani Schulman susan schulman ron schultz Wm Schultz Rachel Schumacher Arthur Schurr Sophie Schut Anna Schutte Amelia Schwalb Adam Schwartz Don Schwartz Donald Schwartz Haley Schwartz Jeff Schwartz joyce schwartz Leonard Schwartz Martha Schwartz Norman Schwartz Richard Schwartz Roslyn Schwartz Sharon schwartz Laura Schwartzberg robert schwerter Pamela Schwitzer RAY SCIACCOTTA TONY SCIACCOTTA Barbara Scott Cecilie Scott David Scott GREGORY SCOTT John Scott Karen Scott Kenna Scott Mary Scott Susan Hanway Scott Susanne Scott Pam Scoville Dave Searles Carol Sears


Robert Morgart Kae Morii Dan Moseson Zoe Moutis jesse mullins Sarah Munley Janet Munro-Nelson Alison Murdoch Denise Murphy Bria Murray Finnian Murtagh Mallory Musser Kathleen Myers Fred Nadelman lee naiman Laura Napoleon Silvia Navarro Georgia Neill Ron Nicholds Carmen Nichols AkpoBari Nkabari Letitia Noel Penelope Norton Sandra Nunes Paula Nystrom John O'Connor Julienne Obadia David Oddo Nuri Othman Steve Overton Michael Owen Micheal Pacholski Brook Packard Francesca Padovese janet paisley Andrew Panelli bobbie pariseau Maggi Parker Roberta Paro Emily Pass Peter Paton Lindley Paxton Barden Richard Pecha nancy peck Tina Peckham Delfina Pei Laura Perez John Reid Perkins-Buzo Michelle Pershing Sandra Peters Courtney Peterson Dian Peterson Helga Petri Katherine Philipsheck Chris Phillips Jennifer Piasta Tom Pickarski Antonio Pina Ana Plantak Franklin Platizky Alan Podber Ravali Polala Sandra Polizio Mildred Pond john potamites Mary Prevost LMSW

Jules Sears Richard Sears Lynda Seeley Andrew Seeling Joshua Seff Kimberly Seger Maureen Seguin Bill Seiber JOHN SEIDEL Corlyn Seifer Kathleen Seis Susan Selbin Mary Self Lynn Selke Hunter Sellari Vimal Sellathurai Robert Selles Suzy Selover Donna Selquist Robert Seltzer Micki Selvitella Mitchell Sendrowitz Harry Senn Chrissy Sepulveda Debbie Sequichie-Kerchee dan serbin Sarah Sercombe Ande Servello Ivana Sesar Kerry Sessions myrna seto Joel Setterholm Donald Sevier Jessica Sevilla Peggy Sex;ton John Sexton sara sha jeff shad Ione Shadduck Tina Shaffer Afsheen Shah Lloyd Shane Navin Shankar Georgia Shankel Adrian Shanker Alfreda Shapere rhoda e shapiro Toni Shapiro-Phim Jack & Armony Share Sally Sharrock Everett Shattuck Paulette Shaunfield Donald Shaw Pauline Shaw Raymond Shaw James Sheehan Gabriel Sheets Nico Shell Charles Shelton James Shelton Jennifer Shelton Misty Shemwell Richard Sheng Jacob Shenk Mary Shepard Clarence Shepherd APJBUFFALO@AOL.COM

Virginia Provost janine pruestel francisco javier puac choz Mary Ann Puluka Todd Quade Ted Raizen Kirk Ramble Kate Ramirez Nicole Ramos Nancy Ranieri Maria Rausis Patricia Reed Ann Reichsman Kevin Reilly Ann Remkus` Mary Restle Chas Richards Michael Richards Marcia Richmond Mary Riley Barbara Rimbach Louis Rimbach Cynthia Ritsher Merilie Robertson Carolina Rodas mario rodriguez monique Rodriguez Gregory Roehl BARBARA ROGIE Elizabeth Ronan Joseph and Pat Ronan Stephanie Rosado Finlay Ross Mike Rowley lenny ruderman Julia Ruff Beverly Rumbles mark rush Phyllis Safman Holly Salato Ibrahim Salehrad Laura Salinas Roidina Salisbury Michael Salmon Amauris Samartino David Sandbeck Karen Sanders Rocio Santos-Carrillo Libby Scalise Kelley Scanlon Don Schlesselman Ginny Schneider Dadgie Scott Elaine Secondo Christopher Sego Jessica Semmel Angela Semple Dorothy Serotta Jennifer Shaffer Fuoad Shashani Jennifer Shaw Jennifer Sheetz erga shelley m m

Margaret Shepherd Laura Sheridan Marjorie Sheridan David Sherman Elisabeth Sherman ethel sherman Jessica Sherman michael sherman Roger Sherman Roger E. Sherman Rozalyn Sherman John Sherman-Jones David Shernov Joyce Sherokow scott sherrets Amy Sherwood Sandra Shevin aron shevis Judith Shields Tawnya Shields Stu Shiffman Jenee Shillito Susanne Shine, MD nancy shinn mariko shirazi Michael Shirley Marcia Shivar travis Shivers Terrance Shoemaker Tony Shoemaker Laura Sholtz Robert Shorin Ellen Shoun Laura Francine Shpiro Dean Shrock Jessica Shryack Wendy Rambo Shuford Heidi Shuler Heather Shull Joseph Shulman Mark Shulman John Shulters Kate Shultz steve shumard Aman Shurbaji Sam Sibley Greg Sicignano jim sickafoose Jim Sickels Gianna Siddens Naomi Siebenberg-Santoro Marilyn Sieg Alice Siegal Ann Siegel Judith Siegel Viravanh Siegel Jane Sieger Daniel Sierra bud sife Larry Siglin Angela Signore Adam Silber-Becknell Maja Silberberg

Martha Shetline Nivedita Shinde Carol Shoreborn Helen Shuttleton Mick Sidaway Tim Sidorfsky Carlyn Sikes Judi Silver Nadia Sindi Judy Skog donna smith Dorothy Smith Mary Smith Mike Smith paul smith Patricia Snowden Michael Snyder Michele Snyder Barbara Sorensen David Southern Lisa Spinks Esther Sprague tom stanley Waveline Starnes Amy Steele Milos Stefanovic MIMI STEITZ Suzanna Sterling EUGENE STERN Emma Stevens Gemma Stracka Laura Stringer Michael Stuart Patrick Studt Johnny Su Michael Suchocki Ann Suellentrop b sullivan Sheryl Sussbauer Raicheal Sutherland lizeth swartz Robert Szymañski Carol Taggart Kyoko Takenaka JOSEPH TANKE JOHN TANNER Mark Tatge anna tentolouri Richard Thomas bob tompkins TC Townsend m trammell brian tran Tracey Troutner Julia Trujillo Joel Trupin Athina Tsigourakou kumiko tsuchida Michael Tuma Julia Turcotte Toni M. Turner Lynn Twitchell Karen Umland Carolyn UmmelOlson Natalie Van Arman JOSEPHTANKE@AOL.COM

Robert Silberfarb Vincent Silenzio Sue Sill David Sillman mikaela sillman Peter Sills Mara Silva Randy Silverman Ruth Silverman John Simanton Michelle Beach Simmer CYMONE SIMMONS Kathryn Simmons Lydia Simmons s.r. simmons-kansas Elaine Simon anita simons John Simonsen Frances Simpson Sally Simpson Walter Simpson Melanie Sinclair David Sincox Jim Sincox Susan Singer Beatrice Singh Jagjit Singh Kay Singleton SYLVANA SINHA ADRIA SIRACO Rene Siracusa Alica Siranovic Jonathan Sirotek Susan Sita Leah Sitkin Joan Sitomer James Sitrick Jr Stuart Skadden Brita Skarbrevik Christina Skelley Savannah Skidmore Carla Skidmore, RN Maria Skinner Martin Sklar Stephanie Sklar Brett Sklove Kate Skolnick Marilyn Skolnick Tim Skone Debra Skup Melani Skybell francine slack Steven Slagle Naomi Slagowski Marilyn Slass Marianne Slaughter John Slawinski John Sleeman Joel (and Deborah) slocum Ashley Slupski Anne Small Cecil Small Marya Small Andrei Smarandoiu Amber Smith KINGSGODDESS@YAHOO.C OM

Daniel Van Oudenaren Robert Van Wyk Carol Vanek michael varre Gina Vastola Jenny Vegan MARIA VELEZ maureen vetter William Visscher James Vogas Sue von Roedern Nelda von Sponeck Peggy W. Nancy Wade-Hull Liisa Wale elizabeth a walker Melanie Wallace Tom Warren Kathleen Watson Vivian Watt Marsha Weisfeld Esther Wenzel Susan Wesley Kimberly White Ann Louise Whitford Sarah Wiebenson Rachel Williams Charles Wilmoth Anne Wilson Ryan Wingerd patricia wintyr Brett&Krystal Wolfson Alan Wright Chadwick Wright Ingrid Yogaratnam Laurie Zaleski Mary Lea & Ron Zamora Gustavo Zardeneta missy zelasko Brent Zettel Angela Zettler christine ziemnik Jack Zimmerman Steve Zirbes suzanne j zoubeck Rafael Zveiter MARY AND PERRY "PATTERSON JALAL Abdulkareem GANDY ABO SHARAR Max and Sue Aby Deborah Acs Ricardo Acuna Jodi Adams Sue Addison Emmanuil Adelkhanov Ellen Adler Pat Adler Colleen Adomaitis Jane Affonso Carolyn Ahern Karen Ahern Kirsikka Ahtiala Francis Akamine Titilope Akosa mary albanese M.D. PH.D.s"

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Mike Albar Marian Albers Lonnie Albrecht MJ Albrecht Leila Alciere Cynthia Alderman enrique aleman Joyce Alessi Eugene D. Alexander Kathryn Alexander Nicole Alexander palmer alexander Nikol Alexander-Floyd Jess Alford tarig ali Keegan Allen MAGGIE ALSTON CLAUD TURHAN ALTINÖRS Sofia Alvares João Alves Basim Alzahawi Mary Amberg Anthony Amenta Naomi Amos Whissel Amybeth Christine Anderson Ellen Anderson John H. Anderson Miguel Andrade Maria Andre Kathleen Andres Mary Ann Ford Carol Anshien Erica Anthony-Benavides Craig Antrim Necia Apfel Carol Apperson Robert Apperson Roberto Arango Jorge Arauz Jeff Archuleta Patricia Archuleta Nieves Ardura Karin Arikan Frank Armato Jill Armentrout Thomas Armstrong irene arnold Melvin Arzu erin asch Glenn Aschmann Ellen Asher Lemia Astarabadi anne-marie ASTIER David Atias June Attarian Paul Auerbach Jennifer Augstums Laila Aussie Carl Austin Andrea Ayala Khurram Azam wb Bryce and Mrs. Zenaida Babcock

Eileen Sopanen Crystal Sorby louise sorel Ramón Soriano Doris Soroko Robert Sorrell Madeleine Sosin Lilvia Soto Denise Souders Woodrow Souders Dacia Soulliere Derek Southard Ada Southerland Steve Southern William Sowa Cosimo Spadavecchia Peter Spain jeff spakowski Stephanie Spandl Amy Spataru Joan Specht Jennie Spector Andrea Speed Denise Speicher Gilmary Speirs IHM Charlotte Spencer Sari Spencer julie sperber kathy speregen Irwin and Martha Spiegelman Charles Spieler Dave Spieler Earendil Spindelilus john spinelli Lucia Spinelli Elizabeth Spink robert spiro Robert Splan Michele Spohn Belle Sprague Ann Sprayregen Craig Spredeman Leo Sprietsma Elaine Springer Judith Springer Gregory Spurlock Emma Squires Karen St. John Ric Stacey Mary Stack PAM STAFF Barbara Stafford Gail Stafford Keely Stahl Annette Stahr David Staley Craig Stallone Joshua Stamberg Renee Stancato David Stanford Elizabeth Stange Brian Stanley Kalyn Stanley Nick Stanley DSPIELER@VERIZON.NET

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Jack Stansfield linda stark Lorraine Stark Sabena Stark Zachary Stark-MacMillan Catherine Starkweather Elaine Starr Joseph Staudt Lesley Stearns Richard Steck Yoyi Steele Lesa Steeves Eric Steffen John Steffen Lynne Steffen Dori Stegman Rachel Stegman Jacqueline Stehr Jonathan Steigman Adam Stein Dennis Stein Howard Stein Joseph Stein Joshua Stein Margaret Stein Stuart Stein Gustave Steinacher Samantha Steinel Jacqueline Steiner John Steiner Denise Steinert Heidi Steinitz Greg Steinke Marion Steinnger barry stelling Robert Stennett Joshua Stern Katherine Stern Rachael Stern Phyllis Stern Brown Esther Stern-Bloom margaret stevens Mark Stevens Douglas Stevenson Jan Stevenson Fatemeh Stewart Lisa Stewart Tracina Stewart Karen Stickney Sandra Stock e stocker Kristina Stockwood Mary Stocz Alissa Stoehr Mary Stoffiere Debra Stokes Diana A. Stokes Debra Stoleroff Marie Stoltzfus Timothy Stoltzfus-Dueck Ann Stone James Stone Mark Stone Patrick Stone Reba Stone

Peter Berquist Philip Berroll Joycey Berry Michael D Berry mark s berus Ellen Beschler Judith Best Rick Bettis Tamiko Beyer Doreen Beynders Sean Biggins Frances Biliack Jeannette Billeb Alexandra Billings jonida binjaku Chris Binnie Rebecca Bird Stephanie Bisceglia Cori Bishop Rem bahadur BK Rem bahadur BK Arielle Black-Foley Noeline Blackwell Veronica Blake Donald Blickens Robin Blier Lee Blowers e va bluestein Jacob Blum Abbey Boeckman todd boerger Edward Boesen Izzy Boggild-Jones Kathryn Boniface Scott Bonner Mark Boone florence boreil clare borinski Michelle-Lee Borlase Bart Borriello jo-ellen bosson Jessica Bouboulis Alfonso Boullon Sabin forrest-Anne Bowman Michela Bowman Joshua Bowser judith boyd Rachel Boyd Mary Boyer Erin Boyle Jenny Boyle katherine bradley Emily Bragonier Anita Brandariz Kurt Brandenburg Julia Brandner Nancy Breckenridge Jennifer Brees Catherine Brennan Vero Brentjens Michael Bridge Daniel Briehl Romelee Brightwell Marilyn Briles

William Stone WILLIAM STONE Denise Stoner Michael Story Rebecca Stott Bruce Stotts Irwin Stotzky Alan Stout Jamie Strait Sandra Straley Stella Strand Marisa Strange RoseMaria Strates Root Sharon Strauss Betsy Strazzarino Marjorie Streeter Willis Strickland Rachel Strohm Carol Stromatt Carey Stronach Cathleen Strong Wendy Stroud Rachel Strzelecki Michael Stuart J Stufflebeam Tom Stukel Anne Stullken Rory Sturdy Guy Sturino Katherine Sturtz Jamie Suarez Luis Suarez Carol Suchecki Matthew Suddes Kimberly Sue James Sues Jay Sugarman Rachelle Suissa Lucy Suits Lucy Suits daniel sullivan James Sullivan linda sullivan Marnie Sullivan Mary Sullivan Nancy Sullivan Rob Sullivan Timothy Sullivan Bonnie Summers, LSW Trish Summerville Sonica Sundri David Sundstrand Jane Sunshine Katya Surrence Glenda Survance Richard Surwillo Ann Sutton Jo Sutton Rachel Sutton Lorraine Suzuki Marilyn Svach sharon swaim Christopher Swan Clementine Swan m humanrightsfirst@ecosmartewate NSS91250@AOL.COM

Heather Brill Frank A. Brincka Luisa Brito Seymour Brodsky George Bromley Jr. Karen Brousseau Alan Brown Debra Brown Derek Brown Emily Brown Jack Brown Molly Brown Rose Brown Ruth Brown Sandra Brown Victoria Brownlee Cort Brumfield April Brumson Melissa Buchanan Karl Buchholz David Buck Larry Buck Kathleen Buckley Lorretta Budzyn James Buels Nataliya Bugayova Barrie Bullen Robin Bundy Heather Burch Marie Burges glen burke Gilly Burlingham john burnett Keith Burrows Alexandra Burt Kirsten Burt Stephen Burton Nancy M. Bush Kristen Bushnell louise buss Cecelia Byrnes Mariza Cabral Grace Cabrera Daniel Cadzow Rhonda Caffee Beth Call stacey callaghan Pedro Calvillo Serrano Ellie Camp deborah campbell Jerry Campbell Liz Campbell Damien Campos Andrew Cannon Piero Cantieni eric cantine John Cape Cheri Carlson ron carlson Maria Carmo Marília Carneiro Amy Carr Alison Carrick Deborah Carroll om

Susan Swan, Esq. Jodi Swanson John Swanson Scott Swanson Scott Swartz Fern Sweet william sweetling Arthur Swers Louis Swift Kimberly Switzer Mushtaq Syed Chet Sygiel Shirley Sykes Elizabeth Szabo Samantha Szesciorka Jim T Iosu T.C. Martin Tabatcher Michael Tabib Sonja Taeusch Valarie Taffs Kristi Taft Janet Tagg William Tait Jennifer Takacs Brennan Takayama Alen Takhsh Eric Talbert Cecilia Talley Mike Tallmadge William Tamblyn Sanford Tandowsky Patrick Tangney S. JULIE TANKENSON AYA TARLOW Travis Tarrant Aileen Taylor Barb Taylor Chuck Taylor David and Evelyn TAYLOR jeannine taylor Joseph Taylor Nya Taylor Renate Taylor Rita Taylor Robert Taylor Sandra Taylor Vernon Taylor Marcus Teague Margaret Teahan Terry Tedesco Susan Teeter SONIA TEIXEIRA Melany Telleen Jammey Tellier Anna Temple Michele Temple John Templer Amelia Templeton John Templin Laura Tennen Patricia Tenney Helena Teply-Figman wendy terra TEAGUE@CABLEONE.NET SONIA.TEIXEIRA@LAHEY.O RG

John Carroll-Gavula Carolyn Carter leslie carter Natalie A. Carter ANTONIO CARVALHO Sandra Carvalho carla casaca Ruth Case lissa casher Tom Cashman Michele Casias pat cassidy Gwendolen Cates June Cattell valentina ceccatelli Julian Adam Century Peter Cervantes-Gautschi SADIYE CETINTAS Julia Chaitin edith chalke Leonard B Chandler Grace Chao marcel charland Alex Cheng sara chenlo Lucy Chester laura chico arias Courtney Childs Kamila Chojnacka Matt Christenson Cleve Christie John Chrystal Gay Chung Loren Churchill Stephanie Churchwell Janis Ciofalo Kathryn Cipponeri Kathryn Clancy Barbara Clark gary clark Hayley Clark Jennifer clark Lynn Clark Martina Clark Caeris Clarke karen clarke Valerie Clarke Perdomo Claudia Allan Clifford Tami Cloherty kathi cloninger john cobb c cockrell Jen Coffin Richard V. Cogan jon cohen Nancy Cohen Ron Cohen FRANK COLANTUONO Teresa Colaço Daniel Cole Marcelle Cole Merrill Cole Ph.D.

Cynthia Terrebonne ellen (bootsie) terry Marcia Terry Lynn Tesher Barbara Tetro Aaron Thaler Gwen Tharp Antonio Thomas Benjamin Thomas Carolyn Thomas Dave Thomas James Thomas James Thomas James Thomas John R. Thomas Michelle Thomas Millie Thomas Ed Thompson Gary Thompson George Thompson Jake Thompson James Thompson Karen Thompson Kris Thompson Mary Ann Thompson Meta Thompson Natalia Thompson Penny Thompson Peter Thompson Stacy Thompson T Thomson Eugene Thorne Dana Thornley Fred Thulin Janet Tice Amber Tidwell Andrea Tidwell Beverley Tierney Richard Tihany Katherine Tildes Danelle Till Kimberly Tilley george tillman Stephanie Tilton Theodore Tilton Rebecca Tippens Frank Tipps Jessica Tirado John Tischhauser Jeffrey Tischler Alexandr Tkachenko Laurie Todd Robyn Todd Suzanne Tolford George Tolleson Kevin Tom Robert Tomashevsky Michael Tomczyszyn Linda Tomlinson Michael Tomlinson andy tomsky Thomas Tonneson Lois Tonoff pennythompson@tvgdevelopment .com

Betty Coleman David Collins Stefanie Collins Camille Collins Lovell Joseph Anne Collins Gale Coney Lois Congdon Twink-Lorelei Conklin Mina Connor Robert Conway Charlotte Cook Richard E Cooley Cody Cooper Todd Cooper Shelley CooperStephenson Richard Copeland Elena Cordera Wm.A./Janet M. Corkran Jared Cornelia Maureen Corr Carmen Corredoira Monica Corton Andres Costa Margaret Costanzo Elizabeth Cotton Therese Coupez Beverly Cowling Peter Cox Isabel Craig Neal Crandall ana cravo Carol Crawford susan crecraft Rose Cripps rick crittenden Thomas Cronin A. Donald Cross billie crossley Richard Crouch Carole Crowe dominic cucurella Karin Cudd Melissa Culver Kirsten Cummins Joseph Cunneen Bev Currie Brendan Curtin Colleen Curtis Kerrie Curzon Nancy Cushwa Ev Cutler Judy D'Amore Rubyann D. Gaglio Douglas Daetz Deborah Dahlgren Barbara Dahms Emily Dale David Daly Anthony Martin Dambrosi Brandon Danaher Mardas Daneshian Sandra danu Elizabeth Darovic SSJ

Barbara Tonsberg Meghann Toohey Cynthia M. Torges Mariel Toribio Philip Torres Cynthia Torrey jessie torrisi Camilla Torsander David Tosi Susanna Toumanoff Karl Towle John Townsend Marion Townsend Peter Townsend Sara Townsend James Toy SUSAN TOY jennifer tozzi Gay Trachsel Ellen Tracy Richard Tran Jocelyn Treadwell Charles Trebes Linda Tregre Dennis Treleven alexandre tremeau-Bravard Monique Trempe Bob Treski Victoria Trimble-Lowe Mike Trollinger Tracy S. Troth David Trotta TERRY TROTTER Reita A. Troum Paul Troyano Patrick True Esther Trueheart Carmela Trujillo O.S.F. Louise Truman Kimberly Truong eleanor trusz William Tuck Carol Tucker Gregory Tucker Harmony Tucker Laurel Tucker Helen Tuckey Carla Tuke Ramesh Man Tuladhar Monica Tulchinsky John P Tully Alexandra Tumarkin Aymen Turki Donna Turman malti Turnbull D.W. Turner Kristina Turner Meredith Turner David Turnoy Rogers Turrentine Lucille Turuseta Joy Tuscherer Michael Tuttle TERRYWTROTTER@HOTMAI L.COM

D.DIRK DAVENPORT James Davidson Humphrey Davies Judy Davies merrily davies Deily Davila Avery Davis Barry Davis Clement Davis Darlene Davis Eithne Davis Elinor Davis Galen Davis Marc Davis Pamela Davis Rebecca Davis Roger Davis Suzie Davis Wendy Hale Davis Barbara Dawson Rebecca Dawson Emily Day Jean Day Simon Daynes John de Forest Jose de Vries Bruce Deal David Debick Roberta Dees Mary Lou DeFino Shawn DeFrance Roshan Dehal Pamela Dehmer R. Mitchell Deighan susi del valle Diane Delany Ida DeLisi Felipe Deliyore Anneke DeLuycker Sandra DeSmedt Angela Devlin Amadou Saikou Diallo Ana Dias Francisco Diaz Justin Dick ray dickerson Steve Dickman Koraljka Dilic Brigitte Dinaberg Stephanie Dingman Denise DiPasquale Patricia Dishman Sarah Diskin Bridget Doane Bruce Dobson Margaret Doe O'Neal Michael Dohn Richard Doleman Robert Dollar Allison Donald Chuck Donegan Pamela Donnellan Carol Donovan Joe Doolen

Rini Twait Basil Tyler James Tyler Shakara Tyler Carl Tyndall Neil Uelman josee ugrina LaVerne Uhte Gene Ulmer Timothy Ulrey Pam Ulrich Tyana Underkofler Vicki Underland-Rosow Luke urban Stephen Urciuoli Katie Urey ninna urhammer Russell Utoft Laura Uva Richard Vach Claude Vachon Jean Vachon Suella Vainstein Caroline Valdez Richard Valencia Suzanne Valencia J. Valentine JEFFREY VALENTINE Michael Valinsky Vivian Valtri Harold Van Allsburg Susan & Hubert van Asch van Wyck Jeanne Van Blankenstein Lisa Van Cleef Jeffrey van Davis Isabelle Van Dongen john van eenwyk Arend van Essen Nikki Van Fossen Hannah Van Hook Corinne Van Houten Catherine Van Huyck Nancy Van Iderstine renee van kuren Mariel Van Norman YVONNE VAN ONSELEN Jane Leatherman Van Praag Rebecca Anne Van Sant James Van Valkenburgh Elisabeth Van Wersch Nakisha VanderHoeven Diane Vandiver Marjorie Vangsness Marie VanRoosendaal Noralie VanSon Fernando Varas John Vardanian melody vargas Stamatios Varias Thomas Vassilaros Joshua Vaughn Shirley Vaughn Paloma Vazquez Virginia Vega siferd HAL9000JDV1@AOL.COM t

Gerard T. Dooney Kathleen Dorgan yeşim dorman Cornel Doswald Alyce Douglas John Douglas Sandra Douglass Amy Dowler Tara Downer kelly drake Marc Draper Brandi Dringus Daniel Driscoll-Shaw Irene Driss Susannah Driver Jane Drury Julie Drury Donald Drysdale Joanna Drzewieniecki CHIEF DUBIE benjamin dugger Dani Duke Joan Dulberg Sherron Dunbar Danny and Michelle Duncan Jessica Duncan Maggie Duncan Penny Lynn Dunn Shalonda Dunn Veronica Dunne Marissa Dupont Joan Dwyer hollie dyer Evelyn J. Dymkowski Ben Earle Jeff Eaves Margaret EBERBACH Connie Eberhart Tami Eberly Stewart Edins Joe Edwards Lucy Edwards Monique Edwards Sue Edwards susanna edwards Anne Edwardson Gemma Edwin David Ehrensperger Simone Einfeldt Gabrielle Eisele Sam Ellison Barb Endicott Mary England Nancy England Pam Engler Evinna Englezou Yilmaz Ensaroglu Debbie Epps-Mullins DeAnna Erdelen Karen Erickson Jenny Ernst m t m

Maija Veide Elizabeth Venable Ellen Venable patricia ventura mary verel Daniel Verinder Julie Veroff Paul Vesper allison vetter Jorge Vicente Inga Vickers Diane Vigilante Baljit Vijan Elena Vilenskaya Bea villa Stephen Vincent Beatrice Virga Mary Vitale Ruth Vitale Greg Vitiello Anca Vlasopolos Carrie Vogan nathan vogel Gary Vogt Mary Vogt Kathleen Volling W. Von Zastrow Siamak Vossoughi Christopher F. Vota Ted Voth Jr Pamela VourosCallahan Nick Vukson III Victor Vuyas kw SW Heidi Wacker ann wactlar Norman Wade rick wade Rene Wadlow Art Wagner Herb Wagner Jim and Virginia Wagner Laurel Wagner Robert Wagner Sandra Wagner Mare Wahosi Shonda Wakefield mary wakeman Richard Waldo Chip Waldron craig walker Cynthia Walker deanna walker Gary Walker Kit Walker Larry Walker nancy walker Tina Wall Norman Wallace Sarah Wallingford

John K Erskine Herbert Escher Eddy Espineta rose Estes Andrea Evans Michael W Evans April Ewaskey Scott Ewing Mary Eaton Fairfield Frances Fallon venter fanie Michele Fant joan farber Mike Farmer Kolleen Farnham cecilia farrell Jack Farrell Wesley Farrow jeffry Fasano Robert Fay Becky Fedak Jennifer Feder Karen Fedorov Angelo Feldkamp Brown Felix ADEWALE Sara Felsen Mark Fenton Kathleen Ferguson Alan Ferkinhoff Maria Fernandez Victoria Ferrer Kayne Ferrier Nancy Feuerbacher sam feuss Alice Fichandler Barbara Fields Carole Fields Hedda Fields Umberto Figliuzzi Josefina FigueiraMcDonough meheret fikre-sellassie Marilyn Finch Christian Fine Mary Fineran Brandi Finley Kenneth Fisher ted Fishman Mike Fitzgerald Jane Fitzpatrick Marilyn Flam BETTY FLANNERY Linda Flannery REBECCA FLANNERY Barbara Fleishman Eric Fleming Carolyn Fletcher Terry Fletcher Anna Floerke Scheid Bobbie Flowers Olga Flowers Orsino Flynn william fonseca t GRAEMEPOOHSGIRL@YAH OO.COM BECCABOOMBOOMS@YAH OO.COM

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Joe Forbes jack forman amanda formisano Helen Forsythe Justin Forte Kim Fortin MaryAnna Foskett Janice Foss Jennifer Fossen Felisha Foster BiLL Fowlie Virginia Fox Phil Fracker Erosius Francesco karen frank Lisa Franklin Caleb Franks Dennis Franson Celeste Frazier Celeste Frazier shelley frazier Connie French Nancy French sabine freudiger Adrienne Frey Patricia Frey Volker Frey Eve Friday Diane Friddle Barb Fridley Florence Friedman marty friedman Allyson Frink Marybeth Friscic mary froehlich Marty Fromer Sherry Frost Allyson Frye-Henderson Chere Fuessel Lisa Fuller Sherman Fung Rebecca Furspan Rui Félix Lisa G Timothy Gabriele Debbie Gadbois Diane Gaertner Cathy Gage Megan Gallant michelle galo Roxanna Galvan José Luis Galán Martín CONRADO GARCIA Mel Garcia David Gardner Cerue Garlo Cristina Garrido Danielle Garrison Janet Garrison Mary Garton Ronn Garton Christine Gary Bruce Gascoine bernardino gasperi Nancy Gathing

Rochelle Weber James Webster Susan Wechsler D Eugene Wedge D. Wedington-Clark Leslie Weeden Giia Weigel carrie weil Debra Weinberg Lauren Weinberg Leslie Weinberg Judi Weiner Melissa Weiner dianne weinman Diane Weinstein Jonathan Weinstock Joyce Weir Benjamin Weiss Clifford Weiss Eileen B. Weiss jeff weiss kalman weiss Mark Weiss Stuart Weiss wendy weiss eric weissberg Brian Kie Weissbuch David Weisshaar Lynne Weisskirk Russell Weisz Barbara Welch Benjamin Welch Dana Welch logan welde Petra Weldes Catherine Welemriov James Welker Mark Welkie Leslie Wellbaum Mike Welling Tennyson Wellman Holly Wells lauren wells judy welsh Adele Welty Louise Wendt Debe Wenig Josh Wentworth Dorothy Werner Aaron Werschulz Arthur Werschulz twert wertw Joseph Werzinki Bernadine Wessel fran wesselmann Angela West Eric West Joanne West Peter West Rhonda West william weston Hendrikus Westra Steven Wetstein Richard Wexo Bradley Weyland tennyson.jacob.wellman@gmail.c om

Sara Gaudon Alexandra Gawreliuk Louise Gaynor Bethany Geiman Carol Geisler Edna Gellhorn Andrew Gentile LA George Jill Gerard Ken Gerberick Ginger Geronimo AMY GERSTMAN Ines Gervasio Michael Gerver dvorah getzler Peggy Gheta Kim Gibbons Niamh Gibbons Carol Gibson Jenifer Gibson Caryn Gielow Mark M Giese Helen Giguere Camille Gilbert Colleen Gilger susan gill Mark A. Giordani Linda Girard Valentina Girotto Lenore Gittis Allison Glancey kath glatz Jim Gleckler Karen Glennan-West Florence Glennon Avi Glickstein Stephen Gliva Eleanor Godway Kate Goetz James Goff Donald E. Goff Danielle Goldsmith Elizabeth Goldstein Joseph Golinveaux Hugo Gomes Carmen Gomez Yazmin Gonzalez William Gonzalez Garcia Patrícia Gonçalves Paula Gonçalves Dana Gordon Jennifer Gordon Jerold Gorski Lisa Gosnell Lyn Gottschalk Katherine Grace Mary grafe Kimberley Graham Linda Graham Sara Graham Stephen Graham Lilian Grainger David Grant danny grantham Ph.D.

David Whealey margaret wheeler Robert Wheeler Shelby Wheeler Tony Whetstone Dave Whipple Alene White Lois White maria white Marta White Mary White Ryan White Sandra White Sharlene White Thomas White James Whiteford Robert Whiteman L Whitesell Glenn Whiteside Matthew Whitingbird Nancy Whitlock Heather Whitney Price M Whittlinger Anna Whitton Karen Wible Linda Wickett Christine Wieland Chuck Wieland Loren Wieland Emily Wierenga Joseph Wiesner Stewart Wiggers elaine wiggs clare Wigmore Robert Wilcox carol wild Charlotte Wild jennifer wiley Nancy Wiley Jere Wilkerson paul wilkins Ruth Wilkins Kathryn Wilkinson W.D.(Rudy) Wilkinson Richard Willets David Willett Ingrid Willgren Ashley Williams Dan Williams Donald Williams Donna Williams Janet Williams Jed Williams jeffery williams Jenny Williams John Williams Laura Williams Mark Williams Martha Williams mary williams Matthew Williams Patricia M. Williams Paul R. Williams robert williams m ned& m

Dolores Grasse Shannon Grasso colleen gray Michael Graziani Angela Greco Anne Green Jaclyn Green Laura Green Lenore Greenberg Natasha Greendyk Amy Greene Donna Greenwell edith greenwood Athanasia Gregoriades Bonnie Gretz Arthur Gribben linda grice Marilyn Griep Deneen Griffin Stuart Griffin Amanda Grimm Elizabeth Grimwade Dave Griswold Mary Gronholt Michelle Gross Jeremiah Grossman luce guanzini Bridget Guildner Lauren Gula Brannon Gullatt Alisa Guys Pamela Gylling W James Hadden Jr Ellen Haden Jacob Hagelberg Lis Haggett George Hall Janet Hall Hagit Halperin nizar hamami Chuck Hamblen candi hamilton Joyce Hammack Kali Hammond Briana Hammonds Rachel Hampton Heath Hancock Joseph Hankes Cynthia Hanna Roger Hannah Amy Hanover Barbara Hanson Natalie Hanson Carol Harder Lynda Harding Jennifer Harjo Holly Harrington Fred Harris John Harris Judith Harris Sue Harris Jeremy Hart Sherie Hartle Dane Hartman Randall Hartman Pamela.Gylling@Pima.Edu

Robin Williams S. E. Williams Sean Williams Tawnee Williams Terrie C. Williams Valerie Williams Virginia Williams Wayman Williams Maria Williamson Beverly Williamson-Pecori Erick Willing Jenny Willingter Jen Willis Jennifer Willis Jennifer Willis Melodi Willis Dina Willner Emily Willoughby James O. Willoughby rebekka willow dennis wilmot Bianca Wilson CM Wilson Daniel Wilson David Wilson David Wilson dina wilson Francis Wilson Heidi Wilson Jan Wilson Jerry Wilson John Wilson Kimberly Wilson Linda Wilson Lorrie Wilson Mary Ann Wilson Maura Wilson Olive Wilson Sandra Wilson TODD WILSON Virginia Wilt Brooke Wilton Loretta Windas Wolfgang Windgassen Kellogg Eschwan Winding Diana Winer Frank Winer Alice Winfree Bowron Marguerite Winkel Kate Winkler Jonathan Winn Liberty Winn Julie Winsberg Nancy Winslow Leslie Winston Jan Winter Cherry Winters Rose Winters Joanne Winterstein Prissy Wisnewski nancy wiswell Sharon Withers Ronald Withrow Nan Woddail-Smith Leonard Wofse m

RMJ Harvey-Amer Francine Hasenbein Constance Haskell adnen hasnaoui Susan Hass Ingrid Haugen Jeff Haugh David Haught Mary Haught Kevin Havener Linette Hawkins Carolyne & Ray haycraft & luongo Evelyn Hayhurst Allison Hays John Hazuka Billie He Mark Heald Julie Heath Elliott Rachel Heberly Ida Helene Heidel Harrison Heitman Margaret Hellerstein Holly Henderson Pat Henderson Sherry Henderson Joel Henry Lana Henson Amy Hereford A.T. HERNANDEZ MARIA ANTONIA HERNANDEZ Anne HERRENT Elizabeth Herrin Andrea Herz Payne Joanne Hesselink Natalie J. Heyden John Hiatt James Hibbard Tammy Hickman judy hildebrand Eugene Hill Joyce Hill robert hill Shannon Hill teresa hilla Tonya Hilligoss Mali Hinesley Cody Hitchcock Jack Hobbs Harry Hochheiser John Hockman Barbara Hodges Tom Hoemig Karl-Dieter Hoffmann Beth Hofstetter Jennifer Hohensteiner Greg Hohn Jennifer Holihan-Collazo Beverly Hollingsworth Sidney Hollister Mardi Hollowell judith holmes peggy holmes MINERVA_95404@YAHOO.C OM

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Joyce Young Amanda Youngbar Theresa Youngblut Meg Younger Gary Youra Oliver Yourke Peter Yuslum Jan Zaccarelli John Zachritz Jeremiah Zadnik Kody Zahrobsky Kayvan Zainabadi edward zakrewski Paul Zakrzewski Kathy Zalenko Ellen Zaltzberg P. Zamora Marya Zanders laura zanoli Deborah Zapp unai zarraolandia Tobi Zausner Joe Zawaski Caroline Zaworski Elaine Zeiger Daniel Zelter Mitchel Zemel magda zenon Deena Zeplowitz Paula Zerzan Crystal Zevon Bella Zeylon R. Zierikzee Julia Ziev Mary Zill Barbara ziller-caritey Rachel Zimmerman Sara Zimmerman Rosemary Zin Shawna Zingelewicz Joanne Zipay Beth Zippert Julia Zomignani Scott Zorc Joana Zozimo sandra zuckerman Alex Zukas Charlene Zvolanek Larry Zwick zafer ürgüp Rosemary Caluori Kenichi Fukushima Alexa Gilbert Joseph Kosuda Reagan Kuhn Alba Lara Birgit Letzel Gisela Letzel Günther Letzel Maria Letzel Susan Mayer H.R.H Kurt-Charles Mueller, Le Prince de Mu-Bagua

Darlene Jakusz Mavis James Duane Jamison Sally Janover Marijke Jansen Veronica Jantzen robyn jason-wilkey Robert Jeckell jon jenkins Jean Jensen Lori Jensen Marina Jensen Elias Jeyarajah rhonda jimenez Amy Jo Gibson Amanda Johnson amber johnson Anne Johnson Lorraine D. Johnson Sarah Johnson Tim Johnson Denise Johnston Susan Johnston david h jones kathy jones Kimberly Jones Mellina Jones Roslyn Jones Shannon Jones Steven Jones Mary Jones-Giampalo Elizabeth Jordan Nancy Jordan Susan Jordan James H Jorgensen Thomas Josephson Laura Jungemann Barbara Juszkiewicz M. K. N Kabasakalian Kathleen Kabbert Lenore Kadish Tamara Kahlon Cyndi Kahn Katherine Kaiser Kathryn Kaiser kamil kaminski Carol Kampenhout Jonathan Kandell lawrence Kane Stan & Barbara Kane Abby Kaplan steven kaplan Katherine Kasdorf Dora Kassis Mary Anne Katlack Lawrence Katz Allen Katzoff Robert Kaufman William R Kavanagh Renee Kearns BETSEY KECK Jamie Keck Alan Keenan cheryl keeton

Mary Staudt Margit Stein Rüdiger Stein Barbara van Davis Amy Agigian Douglas D'Jay Sharron Jackson Chase Batson Amanda Gant Haroun Habib Bernadine Bröcker Laura Kim brittany rittenberry Natalia Suarez Anne Waelder Tyler Batson Ursula Giagnacovo Julia Oakley Mariel Rosen Sara Bellucci Selina Coleman Francesca Forza katelyn goodhead Kimberly Lehmkuhl magdalena tata Kristen Thompson Nathan Arbitman Sherese Baker M Banda Alexander Desilets Daniel Engerer Christine Enright Natasha Fagasa Amre Klimchak Alejandro Lopez Shari McGriff Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din PAUL NELSON Patrick Sammon Molly Singer Janet Southern Grace Spangler Amanda Tyson Linda Barone Thomas Black Cynthia Corden Ayesha Quirke Robert Reisenweber Maurice Sherman Malka Tischler Erin Wedepohl Emil Antlov Cindy Arana John Beevor Bonnie Blitzstein francesco bochicchio Kathryn Brady Damien Cortese James K Cummings Nicola de Quincey L Dobrin cindy dos santos Annette Evenary Rebecca Fletcher Brian Harper francesco.bochicchio@katamail.c om

Michelle Keller Bill Kellogg Velma Kelly Evan Kelner-Levine Rachel Kennedy Amy Kerr Peter Kerr Susan Key Shena Kieval john kilcher Joe Killian Thomas Kilmon Meghan Kilroy Younghyun Kim Dave Kimber Helen kinlan Laurie Kinney Jeffrey Kipper nancy Kirby Gwen Kirk Gina Kirkpatrick Anne Kirkwood Bonnie Kirkwood Avi & Clarence Klammer & Reese Kristin Klass James Klein Lois Klezmer lajeanne kline Karin Klos Caroline Knepper Rayna Knobler James Knowles steven kobernat Gabrielle Kocour Karla Koebernick Mary Koehn David Koenig Margaret Koetsch Linda Kohlenberg Steve Kohn Ellen Koivisto Nicolas Kolios Stanley Komajda Mary Ann Kono John Kosek Bonnie koshofer Steven Kostis Ivan Kovacs julie koveleski Thomas Koven Susan Kowerko Julie Kozel Mary Koziar Aletta Kraan Susan Kralj Merrill Kramer Oliver Kramer Debbie Krapf greg kreider Dj Krogol Karen Kronick Diana Kruger Phyllis Krystal Matthew Kubiak

A E Harrison Amy Harrison David Harrison Carol Horowitz Libby Klein arifa lucman Judith Meeker Meredith Molinari Idan Naor Emma Ogg Stephanie Oppenheimer marilyn pais Martin Raft marc Rogers Sherri Rotstein Sandy Savett Philip Schwartz hannah solomon Nancy Solomon Stephen State Stephen Julius Stein Neal Styka Leigh Thomas Julie Thompson Roseann Titcombe Stephanie Urquhart Edwina Vogan Nina Wasilewski Liliana Zarnowiecki Amina Abdullayeva Lorenzo Bianchi Jonathan Bower laurie boykoff christopher buller Lauren Bulloch eri ca Noemi Carpio Stevi Carroll Jason Cashdollar Marlene Charney Jacob Cherub Seth Clark Nancy Currah Catherine Curren Joyce Deutelbaum Kelly Donahoe Ada Egbuji Dadq Gasirabo Kelley Gossler gibreil hamid Elliot Hanowski haia hason Scott Hayhoe Brian Henry Shoshana Hirsh Christy Hubbard Mehreen Iqbal Sonja Jensen-MacDonald kristina kahl Jo Kindler Mark Kyte judith Miller monica neacsu Salvatore Nocitra Liliana.Zarnowiecki@marquette.e du

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Hannah Leucht Christy Levine Larry Levine Matt Lewison Barbara Leyser Patricia Libengood Stephen Lich Frances Lichtenstein Heather Liden Lisa Lindell-Williams William Linn Philip Lipari John Liss Steve Little W. Little Cathy Littrell CORINNE LIVESAY Michael Livingston Georgia Locker Carolyn LockwoodPitkin Lucia Lodolo Samantha Loeffler Elisabeth LoFaro Lois Lombardo Ron Lopes Joe Loree Laura LoSciuto Rodi Lotte Raphael Louis Liz Lovejoy Patsy Lowe Judy Lowry Luis Lozano Juan Lucas Andrew Luckett Jane Luddecke Derek Ludwinowicz Sheila Luis Jose Luis Greco Richard Luna Daniel Lutzker Mary Lutzow hunter lydon Sammantha Lyle Mohamed Z M & Rita M. Ibrahim N.J. Mac Barbara Macdonald Paulo Macedo Valdir Macedo Roberto Macfarlane Malu Machado enrique machare Dan Mack Tom Mack Daniel Maddux Diana Maenhout Steven Maginnis Jillian Magruder Joel Maguire David Magyar Laura Magzis kate mahoney Grace Malaney

Mona Botwick Eleanor Broh Sandra Carmichael Thomas Connor phyllis crain Chris Curry Colazzo Daniele David Denenberg Sriram Gopalakrishnan Mitchell Gordon Anna gruver Leslie Hale Warner Marcela Hernandez Andrew Horan Anthony Ivankovic Penny Jones Square Vivek Kalia Jessica Kraft MARK LEVINE Orazio Lovino Jennifer MacIntyre Nicole Mauz Lior Miller Patrick Mull Carmel Mushin Genevra Oldroyd Carrie Olson Ekaterina Olson Shipyatsky Mauro Randi Marcus Rennick William Rice annamaria ronzio Mark Rothe Adele Sacks Joel Schwartzman Matthew Smith Michael John Smith Barbara Teittinen Julia B. Wickerham wendy williams Summer Wood Julie Yeh ESA Arlend Deborah Ascheim Julia Ashley Shaiya Baer Lia Barberini Pier Luigi Barberini Simona Barberini Jennifer Belair Randy Benson David Bernstein Valentina Biancospino matthew buckland Wendy Busch Luisa Camnasio Gesy Campanella Alissa Caron federico castellucci DE CICCO CATIA Jeffrey Charette Neil Chawla Adrienne Clermont

Jang Man Susan Mann William Manners Jim Mansmann Josh Manson Anthony Marchione Susan Marcus Josh Maresca Duke Marine Barbara Marko Susan Marks Lucretia Marriott Erin Marshall Lara Marshall Petter Marthinsen Lou Marti April Martin Brenda Martin Kenneth Martin Trisha Martin Edwin J. Martz LOLA MASKOVSKY Esther Massimini Carol Masters Rik Masterson francisco masvidal Fred Mathes Christine Mathews Margaret Mathies Pedro Matos ken mattern Tamara Matz Elizabeth Maupin Mark Mauren Rachael Maxwell Mark Mayeda Robin Mayerat MARIE-PIERRE MAYSTRE William Mc Guire Christina Mc.Glynn Shannon McAdam Bud Mcallister Carole McAuliffe Alice McBride Marci Mccartney Brian McClure Jennifer McConnell Veronica McCormack Dassi McCurdy Melissa McCusker Steven McDade Romy McGahan Daniel James McGuire Heather McGuirk William McGuirk Merry Mcilroy Peter McInerney Molly McKassonMorgan Pam McKee-Arrowsmith DON MCKELVEY Dale McKenna m beauregaardhooligan@peoplepc. com

Douglas Day Harold Denenberg Marlene Denenberg Philip A. Denenberg antonino di stefano Sim Dilman Roberto Faustini Kristen Frank Regan GAGE Kimberly Gibson Joyce Gilmore david gold Harold Goldsmith Sebastiano Guarisco Bulent Guneralp Charu Gupta Sally Guy Daniel Hoshino Elizabeth Hunter Sumaya Huque carol Kessler Gerry Kirk Maria Kon Joel Koosed Adam Kost marian lanz Meredith Larson Lily Marouf Marco Martin Gobiet Maximilien Blanca Nicole Mejia Nina Grace Miller Gabriel Niles David Oddo Alberto Orlandi Juanita Padilla Sadia Qadir Elizabeth Ramey Francesco Randi Leda Resta Lauren Reusing Gaylia Rooks Jennifer Rouse Hyeon-Ju Ryoo Umar Salimi Elisa Scarlata Mimi Schiff Susan Sears Zulfikar Sharif Rolf Stuber Cesira Taranto Carrie Teicher Marina Tolchinsky chiara tomasoni Neiki Ullah Benjamin Van Arnam Daniel Zinn Muriel Adler sue adrion Reginald Alberto Eric Angel gerry.kirk.subscriptions@gmail.c om

Danielle McKenzie Donna McLain Brian McLaughlin Helen McLaughlin R. Ann McLennan Scott McMannis Andrew McNamara Sandie McNeel Edward McParland Pat McSherry Christa McTall Katie McWilliams Thomas E. Meiring perla mejia Mattia Mela Kullie Mellor Kathryn Melton Noel Menadier Barbara Menkes William Menza Denise Merlo connie metcalf Sandra Metcalfe Greg Method ann meyer eden michaelis Christopher Michaels George Michaux Anne Michel Mary Anne Michelet Joshua Michels Ethan Middlebrooks Michael Middleton Heidemarie MienertJähner Melissa Mikesell Melina Milazzo Constance Miles James R. Miles Mark Milhouse Alison Miller Barbara Miller Beverly Miller Diana Miller Donald Miller James Miller Jason Miller Kathleen Miller Lee Miller Louise Miller pat miller Sandra Miller sharon miller Uma Miller Betti Miner Krista Minteer Christine Mirabelli Lynn Miralia Adolfo Miralles Riley Mitchell Ronnie mitchell Christina Mitrakos Anita Mittwoch T. RANDALL (RANDY) M.D.

silvia asson Lucille C Atkin Phyllis Atler Natalie Audage Nathan Bahr John Barrett Jaron Bass Alessandro Bellina Judy A. Bernstein Seth Blooms Alice Bolgioni Christina Bowen Cynthia Brown Whitney Brown emad bukhari Jeremy Burroughs David Buss Amanda Butler John Butler Diana Calligaro Angela Cardenas Angela Cardenas Sanchez Marissa Carney David Cary Joyce Chou metric clay bruce cohen alice colleoni Eileen Cordero Alejandro Crespo Daniel Crespo David Crespo Raul Crespo Marida Croce Rhiannon Cunningham Barnali Das Stephen Deputy Lauren Diperna Nicholas Doiron Linda Dorfmont Kevin Elkins Megan Evans T.Nicholas Faryombo, Jr. Jerry Fenning Tessa Fischer Luanne Galan Diane Gandee Sorbi Courtney Gildersleeve Serena Giordano Sarah Gogel jessie gonior silvia gorretta Judith Green Ken/Liz Green Keith Griffin Kathryn Griffith Lori Grifo Shailvi Gupta DAVY GUTIERREZ Lea Hane Marissa Hanson Erum Hartung William Hassall m DAVYGUTIERREZ@YAHOO. COM

MOCK mardell moffitt Ahmed M. Mohamedain Mohsin Mohi-Ud-Din Jonathan Molcho Jessica Moltzan Dina Monaghan camilla monaldi Jude Mond Michele Monetta Jean Mont-Eton Peter Montana Jaron Montemayor David Moodie Tom Mooney Hugh Moore Jennifer Moore Kelly Moore Denise Morey Kathy Morey Julia Morez Jack Morgan Patrick Moriarty Julaine Morley Mia Morosoff Michael Morrisey Fred Morrison Gloria Morrison Thomas Morrison Vivianne Mosca-Clark Marjorie Moss Paul Moss Wanda Mourant Kayla Mueller Prem Mulberry Joe Mullen Timothy Mullen Lisa Mulrane Daniel Mumford Justine Murphy Lianne Murphy patricia murphy Linda Murray Susan Murray michael murtaugh John Mutch Mary Mutch Doug Myler Thomas Müller bob nace zubair naiem Naomi Nakamura S. Nam Judith Nappe GEORGE NASEEF Billie Nash Terri Natale Deanne Natividad Andre Naumann Illana Naylor E. James Nedeau Michael Neil Erik Noel Nelsen Deirdre Nelson Kathleen Nelson Lindsay Nelson GNASEEF@OPTONLINE.NET

Jeff Hawkins Elizabeth Henkle jeff hopkins Jamie Hudson Francisco Huergo carol Huntsman Miriam IOSUPOVICI Gregoire Japiot Tse-hwa Johnson Carole Jordan indira kaljo sharona kay Mary Ellen Keough Diane Koosed Laura Korin Katharine Kosinski Rolf Krogsaether Nare Kupelian fabrizio lattari Kim Le Linda Leavenworth Joanne Leslie Robin Lindley Justin List Fred Longhenry Frankie Lopez Roni Love Monica Lucero Julie Machledt Lucia Maggi Rishi Malla Lori Markowitz Jill Markstein Jessica Marrero William Mayo Shelly McDermott Stephen McElroy zoe Meier Anna Mezzapesa Dianne Miller Brianna Muller Giuseppe Napoli Hassan NAYEB HASHEM Kyle Newkirk Nancy Okie Marano Oriana Matteo Orsini Julie P Lori Painter Alain Pascal Valentina Patelmo Jessica Patrick AMy Paul Cathie Phillips Rachel Pianta Rosangela Piccinni Kathryn Radinovsky Norton Ramirez Patricia Rickon Sandy Rickon Claudia Rincon lucia riondato George Robinson Jack Rowe Elena Ruosi

Robin Nelson wendy nelson Melvina Nelson-Gordon Robert Nemtusak Mary Nerney Kelly Nessle Cynthia Neuman Meredith Nevard Liz Newbury Terry-Michael Newell KASSIE NEWMAN John Nicol Sybil Nisenholz Ousman Njie L Nocks Wynn Nojopranoto Dennis Nolan Carl Nordstrom Catherine Norman Ann Marie Novick emilia novo Margaret Nowland Mary Nugent Ernest Nwachan Patty Nyquist Mary O'Brien Itara O'Connell Deborah O'Connor Michael O'Keefe Kristie O'Neill Katie O'Rourke Michael Oaks HAZEL OBERST Abidemi Odulana Cody Oesterreich jennifer ogbojo Torah Oglaner Greg Okun Leonor Oliveira Carl Olson Joan Olson Julie Oppenheimer alice ordover Margaret Orfitelli Carlos Ortega Mariana Ortega-Brena Cindy ostroff TINA OVERLAND Mary Owens Susan Ozawa Rosemarie Pace Susan Pacey-Field Lauren Pacheco-Theard John D Painter Charles Palm Ellen Palmer hunt palmquist Jane Pannell JOHN PAPANDREA Dominique Papineau Mary Lou Pappolla Simon Papuashvili Jillian Paragg m k .uk

Kelly Ryan marzia salis Benjamin Schnapp michael schwartz Jared Schy Kathleen Scott Terri Shifrin Marie Shirley Rachhel Shulman Martina Simeone Donna Smith Kendal Smith Lenore Snodey Sonya Soni Joseph Sonnabend Marin Stark-Steinberg Gabriel Stauring Heather Stone Benjamin Swartout Paula Tavrow wendy terra mARY Thompson Bryan Todd Tammy Troglin Rachel Veerman Sharon Washington elizabeth weiss Meredith Wernick Angela White Sharlene White Chad Whitehead Laura Whitehead LINDSEY WILKES Ayoub Yahya William F. Clark Yvette Clark Barbara Clarke Danielle Clarke j clarke Valerie Clay Patricia Cleary Judith Cleaver Gloria Clements Kelly Cleveland Matthew Cleveland kathryn cliatt Jake Cline douglas clough Kathleen Clyne Michele Coakley josephine coatsworth Kylie Cobb Julia Coburn meg cochrane Glenn Cockerham Jessie Cocks Jennifer Cody T. Stephen Cody Isabella Coelho Margery Coffey Susan Coffey Adam Cohen bruce cohen

Julie Parisi Kirby Ellen Parker Rachel Parnell Andrea Parra Christine Parrott Melissa Parrott Diana Parsons Lindsey Parsons Kristi Patterson mary patterson Manoj Paul Joanna Paulman Christine Payden-Travers Kathleen S Pearce Betty Pearlman Charles Peck John Pecoraro John Peeters Wayne Pelke Nathalie Pelletier Tony Pelletier Pamela Day Pelletreau Valentino Pellizzer Susan Pelosi Doug Peltonen Christopher Peltz Lisa Penney Inez Pennington John Pennington Dana Penoff Samuel Perard Gustavo Perez Beltran Joshua Peri Marion Perkus Richard Perras Maureen Perron Cecelia Perrow Joe Persinger Talia Peschka Gerry Peters adam petersen Robert Petersen Carol peterson Terry Peterson Athanasia Petropoulou Kurt Phaneuf Casey Phillips Joseph Phillips Patricia Phillips Beth Piccio anne pierce Maureen Pigeon Cassandra Pike Jose Pina Susan Pines Leigh Pinkston Aaron Pinsker Pedro Pinto Leite david pisani Gene Pistacchio Chetna Pittea Elisabeth Pitzenbauer Emily Pizzale rparsons91@alumni.wesleyan.ed u M.D. ofm

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Jessica Place Jennifer Plumley Nancy Podio Donna Poisl Dianna Poling Witucki Sally Pollack Helaine Pomerance Geoffrey Pope Carlo Popolizio joseph portanova Shirley Porter Beverly Pott Brandon Potter Dale Potter Marion Powell shirley powell Rattawoot PRATOOMRAJ Carl Prellwitz bob press Malcolm Press Meg Pressman Laura PressmanMcNamara Cory Preston Susan Preston Michael Prete Carl Pribanic Len Probert Myfanwy Probyn Cristina Proença Keith Proud Amy Provost Pam Pruess karen pruitt Renato Puglisi C Purvis David R. Quinn Michael Quinn Robert Quinn-O'Connor Antoinette Quintal Mette Qvortrup Toni Rader Sister M.St. Anthony Radzikowski Daryoush Rahmanzadeh Kat Raisky Ramani Ramani Sally Ramirez traci ramos Diane Ramsay Pariksha Rana Dee Randolph Marylyn Rands Elaine Ransom Jill Ransom Doreen Rapp Sandy Rasich Jonathan Rasmussen Mark Rast Eugene E. Ratay Kim Ratcliffe Holy Ratsimbazafy m

Cassandra Cooper mike cooper Sarah Cooper Ann Cooper Phythian Lisa Cooper-Keil Ray Cooper/Baughman Nathan Coopwood Mary Jane Cope Sandra Cope anna copeland john copeland Ernest Coppola Mary Coral Nick Corbin Mallery Cordoba john corker Doug Corkhill USN (Ret) Catherine Cornell Nancy Jo Cornett josh coronis Carlos Correia Christine Corrigan Kenneth Cory Mark Cosgriff CHUCK COSGROVE Marion Cosgrove Cláudia Costa Ferreira Nancy Costello Darlene Costner Ivy Cotee Brad Cotton joelle coudriou Jonthon Coulson Nina Council chuck countryman Caroline Courchaine Jude Courtin Larry Courtright Jacques Couture Sandi Covell Sue Coveney Merlyn Covert Barbara Cowan Shannon Cowett Carol T. Cox Chadwick Cox Joseph S. Cox Julie Cox Leigh Cox Victoria Cox Lisa Coyle Tristen Coyle Kate Coyne Sharon Cozzette Phil Crabill Amaranta Craig Anne Craig Brian JP Craig C. Cory Craig Carrie Craig m CE.COSGROVE@SMMPA.OR G

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Denise Romesburg Nara Ronchetti Penny Ronning Holly Rose Larry Rose William Rosen sheldon rosenblum Meg Rosenfeld Melvin L. Rosenthal William Rosenthal Vickie Rosenzweig Rita Ross Barbara Roth Laurie Rowan Carol Rowe Martha Rowen Rita Ruetz muskan rugger Kathy Runyan Olga Ruocco Daley Mary Rupke Joe Russo Tawni Russo Leslie Ruzzo Edith Ryan Lydia Ryan Sergey Sabanov ANNA MARIA SACCOMANNO Mike Sackman Elaine Sadowski Zandra Saez Claire Safran Gail Safrit Felice Sage Patty Saint Teresa Sainz ali Salahi Pedro Salgado R Salido R Salido Anne Salzer Mandy Sam Patricia Sammann Cecelia Samp pam Sanchez Daniel Sanchez David Sanders Dwight Sanders Stephen Sanders Charles Sanderson Heidi Sandmeier Ruben Sandoval Tina Sang Ravin Sangha Kathryn Santana Carmen Santiago Marie Santiago Shawn Sargent Randi Saslow TURYAHEEBWA Satu Johnmary

m Sr.

Jeff D PD Lisa D'Antonio Richard D'Arcangelo HENRY D'SILVA Michael Dague Carolyn N Dahl John Dahl Alice Dahle Shelley Dahlgren Patricia Daigle Rebecca Dailey Connie Daily Nicole Daines Becky Daiss Gerald Dalder Barbara and Jim Dale Chris Dale Lily Dalke Jim Dalton Janes Daly jim damiano Leslie Dancer kathy danielkebir Arthur Daniels Pamela Dannacher Aaron Danneman Serafin Dany Sanusi Ryan Danzinger Joseph Daraio Harold Darling Mary Darling donna darnell Caroline Darst Anita Das Sandip Dasgupta Burjor Dastur Cynthia Daugereaux Charles Daugherty Diane Dauten John Davenport Susan Davenport Audrey David Sarai Martinez David Turrubiartes Anita Davidson B Davidson Danica Davidson Maggie Davidson Phil Davidson leslie davies Nancy Davies Jill Davine adam davis Alana Davis Angela Davis Arthur Davis Bethany Davis Beverly C. Davis Byron Davis j davis PhD pamela.s.dannacher@mvr02.usac OSC donna_picturemagic@earthlink.n et

Kara Savchenko Deb Sawyer Brian Schanding Carolyn Schapker Eric Schechter Lisa Schechtman Robert Scheele Frani Scheffel Eliott Scheffler james schemm Laurie Schick Kathleen Schiller Hans Schjørmann Richard Schlick Carol Schlitt Caitlin Schmedlin Darrell Schmidt Wendelin Schmidt Peter Schneider Debra Schoenberger Fred Scholl Robert Scholz melinda schoppe Jeffrey Schreier Edie Schroedel dian schueller audrey Schulman Maureen Schulze Amy Schumacher Gale & Sally Schutzler Ethan Schwartz Robert Schwartz christian schwoerke Cecil Scott jil scott KTJ Scott Anastasia Seager Serena Sealy colleen seaman gerda seaman LaRoy and Mary Seaver Erica Seelig Susan Seitz Lu Sekmeph Shirley Sekuler Spencer Selander Pamela Selwyn Chris Semple Elizabeth A. Senhen Anne Serafin Diego Sermon Nina Serrianne Enni Seuri Evette Shahara Prabindra Shakya Kathleen ShannonBrown jodie shapiro Madeline Shapiro Marie Sharah asadullah sharifi Marina Sharpe Diane Shaughnessy Kate Shaughnessy osf

Jim Davis Joann Davis John Davis Patricia Davis Phil Davis Robert Davis Ryan Davis Sally Davis Shirley Davis susan davis T Davis Theresa Davis William Davis Alberta Daw Robert Dawson Lawrence Day Linda Day Jeanne Daykin christopher dazey adolfo de ' martino Andrea De Casa Pedro-Martin de Clet Sid De Guzman CRISTEL DE LEÓN Rosalind de Rolon Susan De Simone Elisse De Sio Lynn de Vree Ronny De Witt c dean Mary Dean Sue E. Dean Michele DeBacker Lara DeCaro Robert Deck Diana Dee Mike Deery Natalie DeFee Mendik Val DeGrace Samantha DeGrave Rev. Peter Degree Meg deGuzman Kevin DeJesus Rosa Del Cid Clairone Delaney Nick Delaune Sam DeLeo Maria M. Delgado Victor Delgado Michael DeLiso Jennifer Delker Robert Dell Mike DellaPenna Beatrice Delph David DeMarco Shirley DeMartinis Anne DeMers Mary Denevan James Denison Katherine Denison Barbara Dennie Rhonda Dennis Michael Denton sdeleo@denvernewspaperagency. com

Linda Shaw Steven Shea Maureen Sheahan lizzi sheath Ian Shelley david shelton David Sherman Daniel Shertzer Roger Sherwood Anna Shethar keith shirley G. Edward Shissler Jasmine Short John Siegel Rita Silva Priscilla Silveira wilbert simbila john Birl Simington William Simmer Elly Simmons nancy simon Tobias Simon Heather Simons luukie simons Donna Simpson Linda Simpson Rachel Simpson-Loizou Yvonne Siqueiros Nikolay Sirotinin Susan Siskind forud siyavash-pur Malin Sjogren Edward Skaggs Joseph Skelley corinne skopek Claire Slatter Amy Slaughter Martin Slezak Ellen Sloan Cindy Small Ancil Smith caroline smith D Smith deanna smith Elizabeth Smith Ellen Smith Jay Smith Jessica Smith maria smith Michele Smith Nancy Smith Nikola Smith Pamela Smith penny smith Shannon Smith Sherril Smoger-Kessous Laura Sniderman Stacey Snow Vince Snowberger Neal Snyder Fred Sokolow Melissa Solano Renee Solano B Soltis Sr. s

Nancy Denton John DeOrnellas Mary Derengowski Donna Derewianyk Debra Derr Sara DeRuyter Jack deSabla Robert DeSantis Stanley Deser Donna Deshane James Deshotels wendy desrochers Danny DeTora Mary Detrick Evelyn & James T. Dette James and Evelyn Dette celia deutsch Gita Dev Janice Devereaux Deborah DeVito Justin DeVore carol dewees Julia Dewey William dewey N. Dewolfe Douglas Dexter Liza Dey Brittany Deyo-Bundy Surjeet Dhanji Ankush Dhariwal Margaret Di Maria Rfuaw Diarra Jessica DiCamillo Jesica DiCione nancy dick Jeffrey Dickemann Jeremy Dicken Andrew Dickos Teresa DiCureia Margaret Diegelman William Dietrich Julia Dietz Joseph DiFrances Gloria Diggle Shell DiGiorgio Donald Dilg Bonita Dillard Gavin Dillard Eric Dillett Agustina Dillon Mike Dillon Theresa Dillon Jennifer DiMeo DAPHNE DIMITRIADI charles dineen amy dingman Barbara Dinow Boris Dirnbach Peg Dissinger Mike Dittmer Andre Ditto James Dittrich Ray DiZefalo Janice Dlugosz derengowskm@mail.montclair.ed u SJ C.S.C. Jr.

Shireen Sondhi J Sorensen Carole Soskis Cornelia Southwick Merry Speece Terence Spencer susan spierling Karen Spradlin Cherie Springer Denise Sproul David Sprowls Ann Spurgeon CHARLES SRAMS Dawn Stadlin Faith Staggs Kirstin Stamm Barbara Stamp Eddie Stamport Florence Stanley P StAugust Michael Stavros Ted Stearns Martine Steculorum Paul Steege Dennis Steele Sam Steenrod Stanley Stefancic Dona Stein Mike Stensrud Garrick Stephens Diane Stephenson David Stetler Ann Stetser Greg Steuck michelle stevens Carl Stewart Don B. Stewart Peter Stewart p stigal Erin Stilp Janferie Stone Kelli Stowe doreen strachan Candace Stracner Charles Straut Alan Streyffeler Jeff Stroud Pierre Stroud Brittanie Stuber Harriet Stucke BJ Sucidlo N. SUKUMAR Meg Siddheshwari Sullivan Mariana Ari Sumartini Estrellita Sumulong beyhan sunal Tammy Sundy-Snyder Andrea Sununu juliyet rani suthandiram Andrew Sutphin Sheryl Sutterfield JoAnne Sutton Glenn Swanson CDSRAMS@MSN.COM Esq. sukumar@SukumarFineArtPhoto .com

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kristen swanson Marti Swanson Eva Sweeney jay sweeney Katherine Sweeney ben swire Mary Tabatcher Carole Tabb IRFAN TAHIR Director INSPAD Amy Goldring Tajalli julie Takatsch Jennifer Talarico Mike Talbot Dianne Kadah Tanaka Jeff Tanner Cute TaoGirl Susan Tarman LILIANA TARTAGLIONE Mary Tasillo Brant Tate Brenda Tausch Brenda Taylor larry taylor lisa taylor Steven Taylor John Teevan Sehina Teferra Craig Teichen James Teiper Maria de Lurdes Teixeira Ines Teles Deborah Temple Tova Teperow Debra Teplin Anthony Terich Vivian Teter Ernest Teye-topey Jeff Thayer Mostyn Thayer Caroline Theiss-Aird Deborah Thelen Karen Themelis Kimba Theurich Christine Thomas David Thomas Sue Thomas Stephen Thomason Tamara Thompson Daniel Tiarks Jill Tierney Joanne Tioran roy titterton roy titterton Emerson S. Tjart M P Todd roberto toledo Jan Torbert Charles Torigoe Monique Toubia Godwin Towobola Jean M. Tradup Brian Tran Ha Anh Tran TARTAGLIL@YAHOO.IT

Kerstin Dreborg Susan Drees Gerald Dreiling Linda Drescher Martin Dreyfuss Rosemary Drinka Todd Dripps Tim Driscoll Michele Drivon Helen Drwinga Julie du Bois Humphrey Duan Liz Duane Philip Dubow Tim Duda Michelle Dudeck adis duderija Denise DuFault Karen Duffin Mariash Duga Chris Duggan Andrew Dumont Mieke Dumont Valerie Dumova Bart Duncan Gary Duncan Kimberly Duncan Marcia Z. Dunetz michael dunford Anne Dunlap Geraldine Dunn Sarah Dunn Sheila Dunnachie Alison Dunton Susan Duprey Michael Durocher Brian DuRoss Michael Dutton jackie Duvall Kristin Dwelley Anne Dwyer Melissa Dyas Danny Dyche Joseph Dyer Julie Dyer Kathy Dyke Robert W. Dylong Kari Dyrdahl Cheri Dzubak Toby Eagle John Earl ray earnest Becky Easley Joan Easley matt easton Kathleen Eaton Ralph Eaton Michael Eatroff Mana Ebrahimi Susan Eby Patrick Ecclesine Chelsea Echenique charlotte Eckel michael@lindenparkpublishers.c om

Nancy Treffry Diane Tremblay ashley tretina Cynthia Tribuzio Robert Trimble Robert Trimper Crystal Tripi Bob Trowbridge G. Trubow cynthia TRUE Anais Tuepker Kimmo Tuominen Sabriga Turgon Brenda Turiello Russell Turnage Jeffrey Turner Keith Turner Candace Tuttle Craig Tyron Lisa Udel Robert Uecker Evrim Ugurlu Warren Uhte Baccho Umbertis pauly vachal Micheline Vaillancourt marcy vaj Tania-René Valdespino Bob Valdez Alvaro Fernando Valencia Remus Gabriela Valentin Mojgan Valiyee carlos valles Dona van Bloemen Therese Van Buskirk deborah van damme Phon van den Biesen Tineke van der HeideDas Anita van der Merwe Suzanna van der Voort M van der Weyden Anika van Druten DA Van Iderstine kathy van Praag Charles Van Wey Eric Vance Ellen Vandeloo Mike Vanlandingham Karen Varney Sophia Vassilakidis Michael Vaughan Kevin Vaught Ayesha Vavrek Yvonne Vecchia Beatriz Velasco Mary Grace Vella Ingrid Velmonte Joetta Venneman anne veraldi Beth Verbiar Bailey Verschoor Dominic Viacrucis micheline_vaillancourt@hotmail. com phonvandenbiesen@vandenbiese

Aaron Eckhouse Ruth Eckhouse Sean Eckmann Beth Edelstein michelle edery Mark Edgren John Edmondson Steve Edmunds Andrew Edson Christie Edwards CJ Edwards Darleene Edwards Eric Edwards Jane Edwards Jeanne Edwards Judith Edwards Jim Edwards-Hewitt glenda egan Tenaya Egbert Richard Egeland Richard Egenriether Tara Egnatios Barbara Eickhoff Emily Eikner-Austin Bernie Eisenberg Ned Eisenberg Gay Eisenhardt Paul Eisenman Adele Eisenstein evan eisentrager Elizabeth Eisner David Eitel Gary Ekegren Karin Ekholm tim ekren Mohamed El Mirghany Mary Eldredge Jackie Eldridge Derek Elevier Judith Elkin Colin Ellefson Gerry Ellefson Beverly Ellingwood Lynn Elliott Phyllis Elliott Tina Elliott Tissie Elliott Brook Elliott-Buettner Ann Elliott-Holmes Audrey Ellis Elaine Elmer Rebecca Elmore Bartt Emerson Paul Emerson Matthew Emmer Ingrid Emming Katharine Emory Carol Emrick ron engel Steven Engel Mary Engen Fali Engineer

Sarah Viallard linda victor vesna vidrih Christian Villum S.H. Vining gaetano viola Bettina Virgili Mark Vivian Clarence Vivlamore joe and mary volpe Miranda Vorhees Gene W. Waggoner II Melissa Wagner erin walden Jason Waldo Adam Walker Douglas Walker Lynn Walker Philip Walker Linda Wallace Barbara Wallin Liz Wally John Walsh Katherine Walsh Marilyn A. Waltasti Kencho Wangdi Ruby Wara-Goss Emily Warner Michael Warren melissa warrenburg deborah waterman Henry Watkin Barry Watson James Watson Laurel Watson pat weaver Torraine Weaver Derek Webb Philip and Betty Weber annette Weckering Jean Wedekind Eldon Wedlock Warren & Katherine Weed Maximilian Weekly Tehana Weeks Michaela Wehner Molly Weigel Megan Weimer Jacquelyn Weinbrenner Paulette Weindel Cyndi Weingard Robert Weingart Robert Weinhold Stana Weisburd Jennifer M Weishaar Karl Weiss Maxine Weiss Sarah Weiss Robert Weissburg Lori Welch Lori Weldon Caroline Wells Joyce Welsher Fred Welty Joyce Werblin

Barbara English Ross Enyart Kelly Epstein Alan Erickson Nancy Erikson Eileen Ernst Sarah Ernst Elizabeth Ertner Anthony Erwin Dana Esau Polly Escalona Ed Eschweiler Donna Esposito Jay Esposito robert estling Linda Estrin Janice Etchison Francanne Etringer Carolyn Evan Essencejoy Evangelista Alma Evans Cheryl Evans Elaine Evans Eric Evans Jonathan Evans Martha M Evans Robert Evans Theresa Everett Marie Ewald Diane EWING Karl Eysenbach Megan Faber Claudia Fabian Dorlaina Fabiano joan fabrega Shawn Fagan Joseph Fahey Rita Fahrner Terrence Fahy Richard Fairfield James Fairley Bonnie Faith-Smith Adam Faja Heather Falduto Evan Fales Felicia Fallon Rita Falsetto Mayre Falta Paul Fardig Andrea Farenga Ronnie Farer Adriana Faria Stephanie Farkash Jill Farley Stacey Farley Liza Farmer Willis G. Farmer Kimberly Farnan roger farncoeur Deniz Farnell Pamela Farnsworth dolores Farrell Juliet Farrell Maggie Farrell Jeff Fasceski

Maureen Wesolowski Kevin West Russel West Michelle Weteska Lisa Whalen Maureen Wheeler Julie Whitby Lois White Mindi White Sarah White willow white Rosemary Whitmore Angela Whitson Karen Wick christina wicker Lori Widelitz-Cavallucci Richard Wiet Margaret Wilbur Diana Wilcox Donald Wilhelm Janus Wilhlem liam wilkinson Thomas Willette Beverly Williams Dawn Williams Erina Williams Holly Williams Jeaneane Williams John Williams Katherine Williams Mike Williams Patricia Williams Patrick Williams Peggy Williams Sandra Williamson Lynn Wilsey Boyd Wilson Kenneth Wilson Marla Wilson Tessa Wilson Thom Wilson Thomas Windberg Judy Wineinger Jeanne Wingate betty winholtz patricia winkelmayer Nick Winlund Debra Winn Philip Winn Barbara Wirth TIFFANY WISHART Marjorie Wisor Harry Wittenberg Joe Wolf Martin Wolf Rev. Ellen WolfMuhleck Isaac wollman Georgina Wong Jennifer Wonn - Oettl juli wood Margaret Wood Keith Woodard Karen Woodfield Gary Wortman TIFFANYWISHART@HOTMA IL.COM

patty faulkner Verna Fausey Vanessa Favero Meredith Fay elise fazio Michael Fazio Bonny Fazzi Kathy Fealhaber Patricia Fearey Theresa Febles Ben Feder Laurel Federbush Cassandra Federman Thomas Fedorka tom fedorka Betty Feehan Kathleen Feeney Craig Feese Michelle Fegeas Guillermina Feher Joe Feinstein Edie Feiste Eran Feit Eva Feld Erica Feliciano Max Felsher Alan Feltman Christopher Felton Patricia Ferguson Laurie Ferhani Linda Ferland Doris Ferm Mary Ferm John Ferrari Betty Ferrero carole ferrier Matt Ferris ruth fertig Lois Feuer Daniel Fewster rr ff Peter Fiala Katrina Field Kimberly Field Tanya Field Felicity Figueroa William Fike Krasimira Filcheva K. Filipovich Suzann Finch alfred d. Fincke Robert Fingerman Randy Fingland Melinda Fink Amanda Finlayson Deborah Finn Deborah Finn sean finneron MICHAEL FIORENTINO Stan Fioroni walter fircowycz Sara Fisch Elaine Fischer Felizitas Fischer RN

Robin Wright Mark Wrobel Katarzyna Wróblewska Linda Wunderlich Conrad Wurtz Lorali Wyant Jean Wyatt Maria Wyatt Suzanne Yatim Elissa Yoder Alberto Yoffe Ben Yokel Chris Young Ginger Young KC Young Dave Yount Ellen Yurek kayonga yvette Maria Zamudio RAMON ZAPATA Guisou Zarbalian Janice Zelazo Laura Zeller Amy Zellweger Ralph Zelman Olga Zharkova Wilbur Zielke Julie Zimmermann scott zippel Rosalind Zitner Caryle Zorumski Jennifer Zuniga Philip Zurfluh Dena `Anderson Alex "Black David "Hutchison Therese "MacKenzie James "McConnell H.K. "Peters Carl J. "Petersen DEAN R. "SINGEWALD Frank "Summers William G. "Webster Aidee Abasta-Vilaplana Andrew Abate nahid abbasi Dave Abbey Ethel L. Abbott Judith Abbott Judith Abbott Nasira Abdul-Aleem Cindy Abernathy Barbara Abersold Cheryl Abraham Sasha Abrahamson Annette Abrams Jane Abrams sanford abrams carol abramsky Conrado Acevedo Karen R. Achberger Ronen Ackerman david.yount@mcmail.maricopa.e du M.D." MD" SHCJ" " Jr." Jr." ESQ." Ph.D." Sr." carol.abramsky@elizabetharden.c om

Helen Fischer Mark Fischer Michael Fischer Lawrence Fischman Jason Fish Erika Fisher Gerald Fisher Laurie Fisher Norma Fisher Peg Fisher Zachary Fisher Jack Fisher Sr ROBERT FISHMAN James H. Fitch Katie Fitch Marylee Fithian Doreen Fitzgerald John J. Fitzgerald Maria Fitzgerald Stan Fitzgerald Ryan Flaherty Philip Flamm Timia Flanagan steven flathers Jamie Flatley Tim Flavin Laura Fleischer norma fleischer Ada Moss Fleisher Brittany Fletcher Rachel Fletcher Claire Flewitt jen floberg Jennifer Flood Andrea Flores Roberto J. Flores Brian Florian Hunter Floyd janelle floyd John Flynn Lea Flynn Dolores Flynn-Edge David Flythe Jeanne Fobes David Fogle Anne Fogleman Erin Foley Rosalind Folman Yvonne Folsom Christina Fong Armand Fontaine Chatham H Forbes Jr Sekou Ford Chad Fordham Kerry Fordyce Alice Foreman roberta forest Michel Alain Forgues Susan Forman Wendy Forman tiffany formilan Nancy Forrester RSFISHMAN@AOL.COM scooby_doobydoo_too@yahoo.c om

J. Adam Bailey Bethany Adams Christine Adams Diane Adams Graeme Adams Jean Adams Nathan Adams SPENCER ADAMS Steven Adams James Adcock M. Addison Leo Adelman Zafer Adigüzel Mark Adorney Chiara Adorno lawrence adrian Agustine Affandi Angie Affolter rotimi agege Mary Agnes shannon agnew eva agrawal Elizabeth Agren Lauren Aguilar Karin Ahlf Kabir Ahmed Liza Ahnland Brian Ainsley Peter Ajemian ayodele akele Ray Akin Joyce Akins Cecilia Alami Linda Alband Anthony Albert Evelyn Albert Debby Alberty Mary ALBRIGHT Rio Alden Brad Aldrich Janet Aldridge John Alessi Carolyn Alexander Judith Alexander Margo Alexander Mark Alexander Mary Alexander Paul & Lynn Alexander V. Alexander Valerian Alexander vicky alexander Cristina Alexandre Joseph Alfano sam algauly Marga Alisjahbana william alkins Margaret (Peggy) Allan Anthony Allegretti Phil Allegro Bernadene Allen Keith Allen Lynn Allen kurniati_agustine_affandi@hotm La_ArcoIris_de_Verdad@hotmai

JANET FORTE Rhoda Forte Laura Foss Jane Fossgreen Ar Foster doris foster Jack Foster Nancy Foster Stephanie Foster Alan Fowler Andrea Fowler Ann Fowler Janet Fowler Brett Fox Eleanor Fox Linda Fox Liz Fox Michael Fox Nancee Fox Roberta Fox Shane Fox Brianna Frachtman Stacey Frampton Ben Francis Matthew Franck G.P. Franck-Weiby Jessica Franco joseph franco Lee Frank myra frank Ric Frank William Franke Michael Franks Slobodan Franovic harry frantz SONJA FRANZ David Franzetta Forest Frasieur megan Frazer Elsie Frazier Marion Frazier Michael Frechette Jenny Fredette Marjorie Freeman B. Freiberg mel freilicher Russ French` Beth Freschi Neil Freson Katia Freudenthal Rachel Freund Lisa Frey Matthew Freytag Jacqueline Friederichsen Tamara Friedler Florence Friedman Ginger Howard Friedman Glenn Friedman Leanne Friedman Mitchell Friedman Meredyth Friend Jody Fritzke montheco@cg.yu m ginger@gingerauditiontraining.c om

Robin Allen Sundra R Allen Susan Allen Virginia Allgaier Frances Allred Annette Almazan patricia almeida arthur almquist Shelley Alonso Joan Alonzo-Pixley Zelda Alpern Robert Alpers Sara Alpert Robert Alphin Sharon Alsop Timothy Alstrum Harriet Alto Marianne Amann Joseph Amanzio Radia Amari Javier Amaya Sarah Amberge Arshad Ameen Harold Ames Bob Amick Azita Amini Gloria Ammons Polly Amrein George Ancona Rebecca and Dan Lubetkin Ric and Debbie and Debbie Ritchison susan and ira gordon Don and Joyce Faulk john and sandra laue Jon Anderholm H.G. Andersen David Anderson Ellen Anderson Gary Anderson George Anderson Ivy Anderson James Anderson Johnathon Anderson lee anderson Marc Anderson marilyn anderson nathan anderson RC Anderson russ anderson Ruth Anderson sheila anderson Stephen Anderson Vaughn Anderson Gary Andolina Chris Andrade Dean Andrade Paul Andrade Camila Andres Carol Andrew Eric Andrew Dodson David Andrews Frank G. Andrews kendra andrews Leda Andrews

Joanne Frodsham Edmee Froment Jack Fromkin Helene Frommer Dave Fronske Seena Frost Nick Fryman Jeanne Fudala Joan Fuglewicz Gail Fulford Alfred S. Fuller Michelle Fuller Alyse Fung Victoria Furio david furman Ruth Furman Shearle Furnish Dana G. Betty Gabrielli Deborah Gabsy CE Gac Randy Gaffney Kathrina Gafycz Frank Gage Aaron Gaghagen Corin Gagliardi Linda Gagliardi gail gail a kerr Rickie Gal Martha and Richard Galaif Richard Gale Kevin Gallagher Faye Gallegos Catherine Galligan Kay Galllin Cristina Gallo Philip Gallo Robert Galloway Christopher Galton Paul Gamache Mary Edda Gamson Karen Hokhmah Gandley Stefanie Gandolfi Sanjay Gangadhara Noeline Gannaway john gannon Kelly Garbato Antonio R. Garcez Fred Garcia Luiz Garcia teresa ann garcia Virginia Garcia Giovanni Garcia-Fenech Bruce Gardner David Gardner Howard Gardner Sally Gardner Rich Garella Virginia Garesche Marie Garescher Lisa Garfinkel Anu Garg Andrea Garland A. Jack Garnett

lisa andrews Farrin Anello Roberto Angarita Vargas Richard Angell Robert Anger JoAnn Anglin Raymond Anglin Judith Anshin Marie C. Antal Elizabeth Anthony Mike Antone Marcy Anzardo Linda Apple Jean Appleman Kevin Aptin Anis Aqeel Malcolm Aquinas Taguhi Arakelian Susaan Aram Joaquin Aranda Jimmy Arcade Charlotte Arceneaux Sheri Archey Magdalena Arcia Nico Arcino Eric Arevalo Phyllis Arist Carroll Arkema Harvey Arkin Barbara Arlen Ahmad Arman Navarro Armando Joan/Paul Armer Frank Armistead Ann Armstrong Reba Armstrong Peter Arneson Diane Arnold Frank Arnold HOWARD ARNOLD Laura Arntz darwin aronoff Judi and Felix Aronowitz and Fusco Adam Aronson Lawrence Arrigale Lisa Arroyo Benjamin Arseguel Alice Artzt Luke Asbury Freda Ascot Justina Ashley David Asselin david assil Patricia Atencio Ellen Atkinson william Atkinson kym atwood Ted Auch Penny August H. B. Auslander Mary Auth Kenneth Avance Barbara Lynn Avery Lupe Avila OREGONBRANCH@comcast.n et

Helaine Garren Megan Garrett R H Garrett-Goodyear rita garrigan Danielle Garrison Karen Garvey Kira Garvin walter garvin Meryl Gary Alicia Garza Arlett Garza Lauren Gaspar john gasperoni Silke Gatermann Donald Gaudard Joseph Gaudio bri gauger gigi gaulin Julie Gauthier Katherine Gavin Katherine Gavin Katarzyna Gawron John Gazurian Linda Gazzola Mary Fran Gebhard Julia Gegenheimer Kate Gegg Becky Geiser John Geiser Dale Gelfand Michael Gelfer Donald Gelpi JOSE GENIS carol genovese Maida Genser L. Gentry CLYDE GEORGE Donna George Buddy Georgia Mary Geraets Rebecca Gerard Elizabeth Gerber Steven Gerber Gordon Gerbitz christine gerhard Deborah Gerish Betsy Germanotta paco germes Donald Gerstein Gabriela Giacoman Ellen Giambalvo Pam Giangrosso DAVID GIANTOMASI William Gibbs Deborah Gibbs-Halm Justin Gibby Jody Gibson Lucy Gibson Maria Giefer Olsen Michele Gielis David Gies Cathe Giffuni Richard Gilbert Gina Gilberto ph.d. S.J. GANDI19602000@YAHOO.ES CLYDEH3@AOL.COM

Ron Avila Rosa Azevedo Zahir Aziz Izaskun Azueta Samira Azzouz Jorgina B Susan Babbitt Katherine Babiak JORDAN BABIC Jill Babore Christina Babst elisabeth bacallado LILIANA BACHELDER Kurt Bachmann Jonathan Backstrom Elisabeth Bacus Norma Bader Eve Badia Joanne Baek Gerald D. Baes Michelle Bafik-Vehslage joanna bagatta Daniel Bagby Bo Baggs Laird Bagnall Z Bahti Lisa Bail Ann Bailey carolyn Bailey Charmaine Bailey David Bailey Elizabeth Bailey Kenneth Bailey treasure bailley Brandy Bain Sonali Bajaj Annie Bakaleinikoff Craig Bakalian Ann Baker Gordon Baker Mary Baker Mikal Baker Rachel Baker Robert P. Baker Sara Baker Sarah Baker Virginia Baker Nancy Balassi Alex Balboa Priscilla Balch Lindsey Baldewicz Teresa Baldock Anthony Baldwin Candice Baldwin Susan Balin-Peterson Armand Ball David Ball Karen Ball Melva Ball Jackie Ballance Hugh Ballem Wanda S. Ballentine SENORALILI@YAHOO.COM u

Karen Giles Glenn Gill Robert GIll Sharon Gillespie sheryl Gillespie Julia Marie Gillett Brian Gillin steven gilman Steve Gilmer Daniel Gilmore Linda Gilmore Marilyn Gilmore Kirsten Gilroy Carol Gilster Abigail Gindele John Giordano - Weintraub Josephine Girardin Fay Gitman Peter Giugliano Herb Glahn Bethanie Glaser Thomas Glaser Joy Glasgow Karen Glasser karen Glauber Robert Glaze Leslie Glendye Faye Glenn Travis Glenney CM Glick Isla Globus-Harris Prisca Gloor Karla Glover theresa glover Gustavo Godoy Amanda Goffard Alan Goggins isabel gogibu Steven Gohr Howard and Mary Gold Jay Gold Helen Goldenberg Harriet Golding Richard Golding Alice Goldman Daniel Goldman Joshua Goldman Lisa Goldner carol goldstein roz goldstein Armando Gomez Ashley Gomez Eleanor Gomez Nancy Gonzales Susan Gonzalez Mariana González Mattaboni Emma Goodman Joan Goodman Mike Goodman Caleb Goodwin Chris Goodwin judith goodwin lovemakestheworldgoaround@liv m m

Isabel Ballerna Dan Balluff Michael Balsai Peter Bampton K. Bandell kindra bandy Marybeth Bangert Heather Banks joyce banzhaf Nehemiah Bar-Yehuda Clare Baran Sharon Barbell Frances Barber mary barber Patricia Barber Terry Barber Allen Barbi Elizabeth Barbi robert bard Anne Barker cher barker Tessa Barker Jessica Barley Scott Barlow Elizabeth Barna Stephanie Barnard Sylvia Barnard Asha Barnes Stefanie Barnes Frank Barnett Katie Barnett Linda Barone Francis Barr Sheila Barrand Jean Barrell emily barrett Jack Barrett James Barrett Kathleen Barrett laurence barrett Luanne Barrett Mary Barrett Maureen Barrett Thomas Barrett William Barrett John Barriage Tim Barrington Dwight Barry Helen Barshay Robbins Barstow Diane Bartel Anne Bartelt c bartholomew Mary Bartholomew Daniel Bartkewicz Mark Bartleman Gwen BartlettPalmer Anthony Bartley Eugenia Barton Kara Barton Kevin Bartoy Evelyn Bartsch Savitri Basaviah Golbarg Bashi Tahmoores Bashiriyeh Rob Bashleben

Susan Goodwin Alexandra Gordon Bruce Gordon jeffrey gordon John Gordon Phil Gordon Scott Gordon Sherry Gordon virgnia gordon SUSANA GORDON ATTIAS GERIE GORE Jean Gore Bonnie Gorman Stephen Gotesky Brian Gottejman Norman and Laura Gottwald Mark Gotvald Edward Gould Jeffrey Govendo Teresa Graber cecile grace Jennifer Grace Kathryn Grace Rosemary Graf Bob Graham Judith Graham Rosemary Graham-Gardner Peter Grahame George Grair ROBERT GRAMBIHLER Ivan Granger Dave Grant Diane B Grant Walter Graue A. Joan Gravel Dianne Gray James Gray Karen Gray Rachel Gray-Castro Martha Elaine Graybill John Grazia Joan Greathouse Lila Greaves Shaun Grebey Carol Green Jo Green JoAnn Green July Green La Rue Green mike green Pamela Green Phyllis Green Sandra Green Steve Green Thomas Green Patricia Green-Scott bert greenberg Linda Greenberg brenda greene Diana Greene Rachelle Greene Richard D Greene Robert Greene Solo Greene Naomi Greenfield David Greenwald

Diane Basil Peggy Bass John Bassett Susan Bassett Susan Bassin Yael Bat-Shimon Suzanne Batchelor Elizabeth Bates FLORA BATES Michael and JoAnne Bates Stephanie Bates Natalie Batovsky Steven Batson Alisa Battaglia Nicole Baumgartner judy baumwoll Allie Baurer Philip Baverstock Tony Bavry Joslyn Baxter Maggie Baxter Leticia Bayona Arnita Bean Reathel Bean Kerry Beane barbara bear lynden bear Robert Beard Spencer Beard Clyde beardsley Lorne Beatty Barbara Beaulieu John A Beavers Kesa Bechard Shirley & Verne Bechill Lenore Beck Sallie Beck Elaine Becker Ray Becker thea beckett M L Beckham Linda Beckman Peter Bedard Gerhard Bedding patricia bednash Jeffrey Bedrick margaret beels Jennifer Behnke elizabeth behrens Alyssa Beiss Thomas Bejgrowicz Suzan Bekiroglu Nancy Belanger-Iott frank belcastro Sanra Belkind Denise Bell janet bell John Bell Robert Bell Tony Bell Andrew Bellak carol bellamy andrew@financialdevelopmentag

Stanley Greenwald Carolyn Greer Jared Greer Becky Gregory branwen gregory Marc Gregory probyn gregory Patricia Greiss Mark Grenard Carolyn Grey Lucian Grey Rowen Grey Jaida Grey Eagle Jenise Grice-Reedus Anne Gricevich ERIC GRIFFIN James Griffin Anne Griffin-Lewin Carolynn Griffith Clayton Griffith Debra Griffith Dian Griffith Linda Griffith Vanessa Grifford Jonathan Grimaldi Charles Grinnell Scott Grinthal Bruce Griswold William Grivna James Grob Adam Groden Jane Groebner MICHAEL GROGAN Jenny Gronholt N H Gronlund Cathy Gross julienne gross Martin Gross Mary Gross Michael Gross Sister James Marie Gross JAY GROSSMAN sheila grossman Barbara Grover Ravi Grover Chaz Groves Magda Grubi?iæ Èabo Michelle Gruda Alexandra Gruskos miriam gruver Brian Guadagno Alisienda Guastella Alisienda Guastella Merry Guben cara gubrud Eugene Guerra Kari Guest Elizabeth Guise Karen Guma Jenny Gumpertz Jey Gunasegaram Dan Gunderman agruskos@dhs.county.allegheny.

John Belmonte Nora Benavidez Ed Bender Norman Bendroth Beth Bennett Maris Bennett Michael V L Bennett Nancy Bennett Sarah Bennett Sheryl Benning Cheryl Benson Janet Benson mary kay benson Richard Benson shelby benson Cheryl Bentley KATHY BENTLEY Eleanor Beram Nicholas Berezansky Miren G. BerezibarBennett chris berg Mark Berg Samuel Berg Brent Berge James Berge Christine Berger Cory Berger Gretchen Berger Keith Berger Robert Berger Yerda Marie Berger Nancy Berggren Darcy Bergh Richard Bergner Patricia Beringer Jeff Berka Nicole Berkheimer Barbara Berkley vicki berkofsky Rose M. Berkowitz Arthur Berkwitt Rebecca Berlant Julio Berlingeri Janice Berman Juliann Berman Marjorie Berman Bryce Bermingham Calista Bernard David Berne Elisabeth Bernstein Laura Bernstein marion bernstein Scott Bernstein george berreman Janemarie Berry Marcia Berry Olga M Bertozzi J. R. Bertram sandra beryle Linda Bescript Ruth Bescript t KBENTLEY@SAGALLAW.CO M t

Joanne Gura Alexa Gusick Amy Guskin Gladys Gustafson Andrea Guthier Taza Guthrie mauricio gutierrez Maximillian F.O. Gutierrez Marta Guttenberg eleanor guttman David Sage Guyton ruth guzman Elizabeth Gwynn Nikki H. Penny Evelyn Haas Robert J. Haas Sr. jamison Haase tyrell haberkorn Beth Hachtman aubrey hackman Ilse Hadda David Haddon RASH HADI RASHID HADI Leif Haensel Sarah Hafer Hannah Hafter Cleo Hagen Jon Hager Sarah Hager Kristin Haggerty William Haggerty Dean Haglin Robert Haigh Jen Halbert Aaron Hale Mariam Hale Nancy Hale Rachel Hales Drew Halfnight Jeremy Halinen Bruce Hall Chris Hall Linda Hall Lisa Hall Michael Hall michaela Hall Stephen Hall thomas & Mrs. lorina hall Sue Halligan Donald Hallock Joan Halloran Nancy Halpert Chad Halsey John Hamburg Michael Hamburger Milana Hames Dianna Hamilton James Hamilton Lois Hamilton Mary Hamilton m HJAMES328@AOL.COM

Jerry Best Mary Beth Hostrup Misty Beutler Brent Beverly Crystal Bevers Nimmo Bhagat Nahid Biarash KEN BIASCO Larry Bibayoff Fred Bichl john biddle TOM BIDERMAN Shanabeth Bielemeier Barbara Bien Ron Bigler Ron Bigler Kim Bigley Rachel Bignell David Bigwood Hanne Bille Thomas W. Billing Gene Binder harry binder William Bingham Frank Biondi Kenneth Bird Marianne Bird Steve Birge allan birmantas Gerald Birmingham Lisa Bishoff Cecile Bishop Damon Bishop Gerald Bishop Jackie Bishop Marshall Bishop Melissa Bishop Melissa Bishop Royce Bishop Debbie Bitker Jill Bittinger Grazia Bittner Robert Bixby sandee bixby Pamela Biénzobas LeAnn Bjelle Karina Black Matthew Black Nancy Black Sandra Blackburn allan blackman Mary Ann Blackwell Rima Blair Aly Blake Anna Blake Kelmie Blake Jean Blakey Irene Blanchard Phoebe Blanchford Charles Blank Gina Blanton Karen Blasche Robert Blau Robin Blauschild Eli Blavin

Gary Hamm Marcella Hammond Stephanie Hammond Sandra Hamp-Lane Beta Hampton Patricia Hampton Kendall Hamrick Chris Hamway Sang Jin Han David Hand Holly Hand Robert Hand Jennifer Handlin Steven Handwerker John Hanes Mary Lynn Hanley Helen Hanna Justin Hanover Nora Hanrahan Elizabeth Hansen Marcus Hansen Phillip Hansen Sherri Hansen Steve Hansen Art Hanson Art Hanson Heather Hanson Hashi Hanta Jane Hapgood richard hardack Olivia Hardie H. Nick Hardy Lani Hardy S.E. Hardy Abbey Hargreaves Christopher Hargrove kathleen harkin Edward Harkins Michael Harlan Carol Harman Daryl Harmon Megan Harney GERALD HARPER Jenna Harper John Harper Lois Harr Judith Harrigan Frances Harriman Jack Harrington Lonnie Harrington Kathleen Harris Susan Harris Anne Harrison Laura Harrison Megan Harrison Molly Harrison Norma J F Harrison Randy Harrison meghan harshall Margaret Hart Margaret Hartley Lorraine Hartmann Jennie Hartwick Adams dee hartzog Aliyyah Harvey GERALD@GLHJ.NET

Kelci Block Pamela Block elaine blodgett Carolyn M Bloomer John Bluck Sheryl Bluck James Blue Malcolm Blue Ava Blum Teresa Blumenauer Robert Blumenthal Frances Blythe silvia bobbio Brian Bobko Beverly L. Bock Linda Bodian Ed Bodnovich Jr. Holly Boehlke Margaret Boehm Karen Boelling Tim Boelter Randy Boen catherine boettcher Alessandra Boga Corina Bogaciu Ronald Bogin Milice Bohrer Fatima Boie-Kamara Bill Bois John Bojo Joshua Boker Louis Bokungu-bolese Jeralyn Boland William Bolduc William Bolin Tommy Bolles Diane Bolman Karen Bonatti Gary Bond Pamela Bond andrea bonnett Antoinette Bonsignore A Bonvouloir LuCy J Boogaard C.Jean Boomershine Phyllis Boon Lynette Boone Dolores Boot Elaine Booth Victoria Booth Susie Borcuk Catherine Borden Janice Borgognoni Bunny Bornstein Peter Borrok Ronny Borrok David Bosch Carol Boschert Karen Boseke Patrick Bosold Zenda Boss-Hall David Botticelli victoria boucher Thomas Boughton Paula Bourgeois cbloomer@Ringling.EDU m DBOSCH@STERN.NYU.EDU

Richard Harvey Barbara Haskell Audrey Haskins Valerie Haskins Dawn Haslanger Kaitlin Hasseler Parastou Hassouri Johanna Hatch Merissa Hatcher John Hatfield William Hatfield Christopher Hathaway Lauren Hathaway Samuel Hathaway Susan Hathaway Molly Hauck Janice Haugan carey hauser lee haven Amanda Hawes CAROLYN HAWK Rachael Hawkey KATHLEEN HAWKINS Laurel Hawkins Trish Hawkins Susan Hawkinson Wesley Hawks Edward Hawley Peter Hawxhurst Angela Hayden Dolores Hayden Clara Jo Hayes David Hayes jeanne hayes Jeff Hayes Suzanne Hayes Charles Haynes Evan and Elaine Hazard Judith Hazelton David Head Debbie Headley Gerilyn (Gess) Healey Kathleen Healy Fred HEANEY Richard & Eileen Heaning jean hearst jack heasley Samantha Heatherly Carole Heathers cole heckart Negar Heckscher Sam HEctor Beverly Hector-Smith Jane Hedeen Ken Hedges John Hedrick sam HEERAMUN Amelia Hefferlin Kevin Heffernan eliza hegeman Robin Heggum Dee Denis Hehuat Jeanne Heifetz Kristina Heiks Jim Heintz PELE46@AOL.COM DEMOKAT96@AOL.COM

Kathleen Bourke Bob Bousquet Dolores Boutin Joel Bowden Dane Bowen Judith Bowen Ronald Bowker Suzanne Bowler George Bowles Jim Bowling Kristin Bowling Candy Bowman Jasmine Bowman Richard Bowser Becci Boyd Carol Boyd dawn boyd Peggy Boyd Roy Boyd Stanley Boyd Karen Boyette Brian Boyle Christy Boyle David Boyle Ramon Boza Kenneth Bozek Ugo Bozzano Richard Brabham Wilma Bradbeer Michael Bradfield Pamela Bradford susan bradford Jack bradin JoAnn Bradley Eileen Brady Emily Brady Josephine Brady Donald Brake Chad Bramble C. Branca Peter Branch Char Brandl Heather Branton Christina Bratberg Karin Braunsberger Joseph Braus Angie Bray Dorothy Bray Theresa Brazil chris brazis Terri Breed Madeleine Breen Mara Breen Bridget Brehen Adelaide Brennan Denise Brennan renee brennan carol brenner claire brenner lise brenner Rosamond Brenner Thomas Brenner Cleo Bresett

shawn heiser Gary Heitz Diane Hejl Katy Held Armineh Helen Gina Helfrich Christina Hellam Susan Heller Fisher Hellgen Kathleen Helmer Susan Helmer Patrick Helper-Ferris Vikki Helperin Kayla Henaghan Carmen Hendershott John Hendricks philip hendricks Debra Hendrix Chip Henneman Kristy Henry Paul Hense Corinna Henson chet hepburn Michael Herbert Alison Herbst Tim Herbstrith Paul Herling Kim Herman Lloyd Herman Scott Herman A.L. Hern mindy hern Pedro Hernandez Laura Herndon Brigid Herold James Herold fabian herrera Emily Herrington Phillip Herrington Andria Herron Jeremy Hershberger L Hertz Ellen Hertzmark Jack Herzig Cheryl Hewitt Karen Hewitt Kim Hewitt Michael Hewitt Nancy Hewitt Nancy Hewitt Rosalie Hewitt christiane heyde Joelyn Hickam Nichole Hickcox David Hickey Dorothy Hickey Barbara Hicks Janet Hicks Lacey Hicks Martha Hicks Neil Hicks Robert Hicks A Anita Hidalgo jhickam@montagelagunabeach.c om

Mia Brett Julie Breutzmann Jeannine Brewer Steven Brewer Emelia Breña Valle Robert Brian Levy Gary Brick Rachel Briggs Megan Bright Mike Bright Cynthia Brinkman Kenneth Brinnick Don Brissette Mary Bristow Richard Brock John Brockschlager Christi Brockway mary bROCKWAY Ronald Broder Jonathan Brody neil brody Saul Brody carol broll Susan Broner Joshua Brook Carol Brooke Heidi Topp Brooks Jerrel Brooks Michael Brooks Terry Brooks Jason Brose heather brosi mark brotter George Broucek Rev. Gene and Darlene Broughton Anika Brown Bob Brown Brenda Brown Cynthia Brown Dan Brown David Brown David & Rebecca Brown F.A. Brown Francine Brown George Brown Harriet J. Brown Holly Brown Jason Brown Martha Brown MaryGrace Brown Meredith Brown Myrna Brown Neil Brown Paul Brown ronald brown Susan Brown William Brown Wanda Brownlee Amy Brt Susan Brubaker edie bruce Heidi Bruce Alex Brudno m

L.D. Hieber Jr. CAROL HIGGINS Jennifer Higgins Linda Higgins marty Higgins Mary Higgins Scarlett Higgins Susan High Doug Hilborn Joel Hildebrandt Roger Hildreth Kent & Kay Hill Margaret Hill Karen Hillery John Hilson ellen hinchcliffe David Hind Carol Hinkelman Catherine Hirsch Deborah Hirsch Deborah Ho Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund Helen Hobart Theresa Hobmeier Adrienne Hochberg Harold T. Hodes Karen Hodges Barbara Hodgkinson Judith Hoffberg Nancy Hoffman Scott Hoffman Sheila Hoffman John Hoffmann William Hoffmann Judith Hogue Felicity Hohenshelt Jackie Hoke david hokenson susan holaday George Holcombe Joshua Holden E. Hollander Jill Holleque Jean Holliday Lawrence Holliman Berniece Hollingsworth Diane Hollingsworth Rebecca Hollister Jimmy Holloway R.Holloway Holloway Heather Holly-Claxton craig holmblad Jerry Holmes Bonnie Holsinger Elizabeth Holsten Janet Holstine Veronica Holston Amy Holt Sue Holtz Sylvia Holtz Jane Holy Jenny Holzaepfel Jonathan Holzer khodges@jungiananalyticpraxis.c om

Keeley Bruner Robert Bruno Rose Bruno Elizabeth Bryant Geraldine Bryant Karen Bryant Michael Bryant Jay Bryon Steven Brzozowski Rosetta T. Rizzo BSN Sharon Buazard Stephanie Buchler Terry Buckenmeyer matthew buckland Julia Buckley Maureen Buckley Michelle Budd Stephanie Budinich Netania Budofsky Valeria Buenrostro Jordan Bull SUSAN BULLEN gayle bullington Madeleine Bullock Peter Bulmer Becky Bunch roberta bunsick Debbie Burack Leslie Burby Kristin Burch Lori Ann Burd Richard Burford Christie Burgner Gregory Burkart Bonnie Margay Burke Carol Burke Elizabeth Burke Jackie Burke Elisabeth Burleigh Maureen Burley Penny Burley Catalin Burnea deborah burnett Erin Burnett Gerald Burnett Angie Burnham Bob e Burnham Allan Burns Jeff Burns Laurence Burris Ronald Burris Dotty Burstein Rachelle Burt richard burton David Buscher Alexis Bush Linda Bush Theresa Bushong Chantal Buslot Dea Butcher candace butler David Butler Diane Butler Gloria Butler Mary Butler MMS

Louise Holzman Carolyn Homer Tony Homminga Kathryn Hood Mary Hood Billy Hooker Thomas Lindsey Hooppaw Jacki Hoover Janet Hoover Blair Hopkins jeff hopkins Patty Hopkinson Elke Hoppenbrouwers David Hopper Carol Hopwood Vanessa Horace Wendy Horgan Dane Horn Paul Horne Dave Hornstein Jan Horodyski Ines Horovitz Eli Horowitz tina horowitz Michael Horstman Darleen Horstmann Tracey Horton C.B. Horton Jr. Michael Horvath Rosemary Hoschette Marilyn Hosea Dave Hossler Mary Hostak Margaret Hostetter Lauren Hotchkiss Laurence Hotchkiss Emily Hough-Kovacs Karin Houston Mandi Houston Dana Hout Bobbie Howard Carl Howard Glenys Howard GLORIA J HOWARD jen howard John Howard Lynn Howard Michael Howard Mike and Judy Howden Paul Howe Jill Howe-Vercos Aaron Howell Bronson Howell Oakley Howell Valerie Howell David Howenstein JoAnn Howse Julie Hoy Jennifer Hoyt Sylvia Huang Richard Hubacek Ian Hubbard Tiffany Hubbard C Huber Hans Huber dhornstein152309MI@comcast.n et

Robin Butler Laura Butt Jack Buttermore Dr.Annelise Butterweck Stephen Lee Byrd Brenda Byrne Gretchen Byrne Scott Byrne Sharon Byron Machado Bárbara DC Tanisha C S. C. jo caals Paula Cabeçadas Edith Cacciatore Megan Caceci Frank Caffrey Doug Cahn chris cain Nicholas Cain Liz Caine William Caine Albino Luis Cal Kenneth Calabria Louise Calabro Mike Calahan Joseph Calandra janet calcaterra Johanna Calcoen Malcolm Calder Alecto Caldwell Brian Caldwell Emily Calhoun Hilary Callaghan John Callaghan Kathleen Callaghan Murray(Marie) Callahan Diane Callard Cecile Callis Nancy Calsbeek Lucy Calvillo Berenice Camacho Helen Cameron Nelda Cameron Alicia Campbell Barbara Campbell Jerry Campbell Judith Campbell Aarlene Campion Fidencio Campos Leah Campos H Cann Frank Cannon David Cantor Dolores Cantrell Rosemary Caolo leslie Caplan Marilyn Caplin Eugene Caplinger Anthony Capobianco Rebecca Capowski cheryl carder Lynn Cardiff

Ivan Huber Robert Huber Mary Huddleston AARON HUDSON Claudia Hudson h hudson Carole Huelsberg Suzi Huette Patrina Huff Sabrina Huff Amy Huffenberger Jenny Huffman Andrew Hughes Angie Hughes Christian Hughes Jennifer Hughes Susan Hughes Jean Hughes Karen Hugo Mary Frances Huhn chuck hungerford Kevin Hunsaker Hailee Hunt Otto Hunt Pamela Hunt Barbara Hunter Jordan Hunter Sandy Hunting Melinda Hupp Dean Hurtt Naghma Husain Ann Hustvedt Dennett Hutchcroft Susannah Hutchison Lois Hutson Donald Hyatt Dale Hyde John Hyde Vincent Iacopino nick iamon Amy Ihrke Paul Impola Dennis Ingham Carmen Iniguez Richard Innes PinkPetals International Perris Iola Chelsea Irvine Kaytie Irvine Layusa Isa-Odidi Joel Isaacson Robert Isaacson Daniel Isenberg Sheldon Isenberg Robert Ishii Namira Islam Anna Isozaki Debra Istvanik-Strotman melanie ivanoff Sheryl Iversen ali reza jabari Timothy Jacka Carol Jackson Gloria Jackson OP m

Bethany Cardone Mari Cardozo Stephen Cardwell Aileen Carissimi Stephen Carl Antonio Carletti Carole Carley Terry Carlin Dianne Carlini Vivian Carlip Katherine Carlisle Stephen Carll Harold Carlson Janice Carlson John Carlson Judith Carlson Karen Carlson kelly carlson Robert Carlsten L. Carmel k carnes Michael Carney Betty Carpenter Linda Carpenter Dale Carr Hope Carr James Carr Michael Carr Raymond Carreau Joe Carrera Bill Carroll David Carroll dawn carroll Eric Carroll Glen Carroll Mary A Carroll Niall Carroll Patrick Carroll KATHY CARSEY Amanda Carter Colleen Carter Jacqueline Carter Lois Carter Marian Carter Corbin Casarez Timothy Casart Frederick Case David Casey Mary Ellen Casey Barbara Casillas philip casoria Chris Casper Frank Cassianna Myrna Castaline Kicab Castaneda-Mendez Angela CAstellanos Liane Casten Julie Castle Dorothea Cate Barbara Caton Peter Caton melissa Caulfield Kyle Cavagnini Mary G. Caves Doug Cecere

Jan Jackson Maria Jackson Norman JACKSON Page Jackson Prina Jackson Teresa Jackson Weldon H Jackson Nathan Jaco Louisa Jacobs Patricia Jacobs QUIDA JACOBS Steven & Geri Jacobs Andrew Jacobsen Robert Jacobson John A Jacques Joele Jaffe Meetali Jain ruheen jaiswal Diane Jalbert Diane James Russell James Clark Jamison Levi jamison Brad Jannelli Anna Januszewska Gayle Janzen Theresa Jaquess JP Jarczyk Camille Jarillo Scott Jarvis Tonia Jauch amber jayanti Felicia Jefferson Meg Jefferson Paul Jefferson Karin Jeffery Heather Jenkins Paul Jennetten Harriette Jensen Joan Jensen Randal Jensen Tina Christopulos Lenny Chrostowski Lilith Chunn Donna Church Michele Church Richard Churray Iris Ciabattari gio ciaccio Dan Cieslik Liz Cimarelli Melanie Cipher Judy Cisney Alan Citron Anne Clancy Beverly Clark Cate Clark Donna Clark Jan Clark John Clark Karen Clark Loralee Clark Robert Clark Roger Clark Sister Sandra Clark

Jerry Cecere Lucille Cecon Peter Cedergren Michael A. Cerrato Maria Soledad Cervantes Ramirez john cevasco Sarah Chace Michael Chacon Tony Chadwick Hannah Chae Deborah Chaiken Christopher Chalker Mikki Chalker Joanna Challacombe Edward Chamberlain Lora Chamberlain Kathy Chambers DOMINIC CHAN Jia Yi Chan Kathy Chan Shay Chan Hodges janan chandler Susan Chandler Trish Chaney Carol Changus S. Chapek Cori Chapin Rachel Chaput stacie charlebois Rachel Charles Marlene Charney David Chastain Kim Chaudoir D.O. m

Tom Clark Patricia Chelmecki Anne Cheng Douglas Chermak Harold Cherry Deborah Chertow Ben Chiang Kate Chiappinelli Kathy Chiavola gary childers Victor Chimhutu Lenore Chinn Helen Chirigotis Chris Chitouras Albert Chiu Rena Chiu Maria Cristina Chiulli Lisa Chiulli Lay Joan Chodorow Maria Chomyszak Barry Chook Frederic Chrislip M'Lou` Christ Pamela Christensen frank christian Karen Christian Mark Christie susan christopher charlene chauvaux Michele Checchia Edwin Cheek harpreet cheema


Call on G8 Leaders to Stand Up for Darfur

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