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Seventh Grade Vocabulary Focus Standard

Standard (vocabulary) 7.1.3: Clarify word meanings through the use of definition, example, restatement, or contrast. Standard (grammar) 7.1.2: Identify all parts of speech and types and structure of sentences

Pacing: weekly evaluation of word lists, daily direct instruction, weekly variation of target Resources- Vocabulary folder on Townserve, English From the Roots Up, 100 Words Every High School Student Should Know, Holt Literature books, Teaching Vocabulary Through Differentiated Instruction, Latin Root Word, Red Hot Root Words (located in the professional library), Free Rice and other internet games How to Teach- Begin by assessment of academic vocabulary. Teaching methods include: direct instruction, student collaboration, emphasis on vocabulary word usage during instruction, Think Pair Share, progress monitoring, re-teaching, As students master each level, teachers add a new level of presentation based on Bloom's Taxonomy, while continuing to include prior levels.

Suggested Context of Presentation and Student Practice With AssessmentLevel One Knowledge Direct instruction, breaking words into meaningful parts, tapping prior knowledge, rote memory skills of academic vocabulary, dictionary work, use multiple choice assessment format Level Two Comprehension Word games and use of graphic organizers requiring students to compare word families, illustrate word parts, classify word groups, find synonyms and antonyms, identify academic vocabulary in a multiple choice format Level Three Application Use vocabulary in correct context in writing; show an understanding of word meaning by using vocabulary words correctly in essay writing and by identifying correct usage in standardized test format Level Four Analysis Analyze word meanings by categorizing words into word families and present their analysis to classmates. Assessment includes underlining and identifying roots, prefixes and suffixes, on a released STAR test example Level Five Synthesis Using academic vocabulary from Science, students will compose an expository essay about their current unit of study using terms in the correct context. They will be evaluated on the contextual use of the academic vocabulary. Using Academic vocabulary from Social Studies. Students will compose an expository essay presenting an alternate point of view of an event they are currently studying. They will be evaluated on the contextual use of the academic vocabulary.

Level Six Evaluation Students will trace the history of a word family. They will evaluate how human movement (geography) influenced the changes that certain word family went through over time. Students are assessed based on the rational of their evaluation and use of key vocabulary concepts in their presentation

CST released test questions for English-Language Arts:


Eighth Grade Vocabulary Focus Standard

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