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Registration Information

What should I register for? Directions below are based on the standard course of study for each pathway. If you have non-matriculate credits or have deviated from the standard pathway you'll need to make adjustments. Please consult Bertha Fountain, Academic Advisor for Advanced Standing Students, who will be available to answer your questions via email through May 30 at: [email protected] Advanced Standing Students->Remember to consider your desired field of practice specialization in choosing your electives. The course schedule includes notation of the field(s) of practice designations for each elective. Please note that Field Practicum courses are sequential. You should register for the course number for your cohort only. You should never register for the same course number twice (unless told by an advisor to repeat a course).


Advanced Standing Clinical Practice with Individual and Families

Register for 5 courses Wednesdays and Fridays Field is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

SSW 763 Field Practicum SSW 721 Clinical Practice with Individuals 1-code 4414 only SSW 722 Clinical Practice with Individuals 2-code 4427 only SSW 751 Research SSW 713 Human Behavior 3 ­Child or Adult focus If SSW 713 was completed in SummerElective

o o o

Advanced Standing Community Organization or Group Work

SSW 763 Field Practicum SSW 742 Community Organization 2 or SSW 732 Group Work 2 SSW 751 Research Elective of your choice SSW 713 Human Behavior 3- Child or Adult focus If SSW 713 was completed in Summersecond Elective

o o o

Register for 5 courses Wednesdays and Fridays Field is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday


One Year Residency TF 1

o o Register for 2 courses· Thursday evening & either Tuesday evening or Saturday morning SSW 717 Social Work Practice Learning Lab (evening sections only) SSW 775 Ways of Knowing (choose from the menu)

Two Year Program First Year

o o o

SSW 761 Field Practicum SSW 701 Policy

Register for 5 courses Tuesdays and Thursdays Field is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

SSW 711 Human Behavior 1 SSW 775 Ways of Knowing (choose from the menu) SSW 717-Social Work Practice Learning Lab (DAY sections only)

Fall 2011 Registration TIPS Fall registration will begin for new graduate students on May 17. The Fall Semester 2011 Registration & Payment Schedule is now available on the Registrar's web page at: 2011/registration-payment fall 2011a4b.pdf. ALL REGISTRATION IS DONE ON LINE THROUGH THE CUNY PORTAL. YOU CAN ACCESS THIS THROUGH OUR WEBSITE UNDER QUICKLINKSESIMS OR THROUGH To access the CUNY Portal you will need to have a CUNY Portal id. If you do not have one already access the portal and register for a signon--remember that you are now signing on as a current student. If you have problems with this check in with Admissions and Enrollment Management Check your ESIMS account for your appointment time. Appointment times for the School of Social Work are set by the College. It is generally not possible to change appointments. Some students who previously were non-matriculate students will have been assigned nonmatriculate appointments (Late July and August). If you find that you have a July appointment please be in contact with Admissions and Enrollment Management.

Plan Ahead

1. Test your access to the CUNY Portal immediately. Make sure that you can get into SIMS from the Portal. If you have difficulty, first check with Admissions and Enrollment Management to be sure your record has been activated. Oce you confirm this you can check the Hunter Student Helpdesk http:// or email the help desk if you are still having difficulty at [email protected] 2. Check your SIMS account for STOPS. Make sure that your account is clear and that

you have no stops which would prevent you from registering. Settle all Bursar accounts before registration so your registration is not delayed. 3. File a Special Scheduling Request form if you have special documentable circumstances that affect your schedule for which you need special consideration such as child care, elder care or employment schedule. The form is included in the registration information on our Website. Return this form with accompanying documentation c/o Irene Vargas, [email protected], or by fax 212-452-7150before the first official start of registration posted on the Registrar's Web Site. This form is intended for documented special circumstances. It should not be used to choose specific instructors. Once the form is filed, please go ahead and register at your appointed time. If you run into difficulty be in touch with Ms. Vargas for assistance. 4. Review the Curriculum Plans in Appendix A in the Student Handbook (available on the HCSSW web site) and listed in this document to clarify the courses you are required to take in order to fulfill your degree requirements.

Messages on SIMS

5. If you get an error/refusal message: open to major codes this means that you are trying to register for a course which is restricted to OYR students if you are a Two Year Student (example: Evening SSW717 or 775 sections); OR restricted to Two Year Program students if you are an OYR student (example: Day SSW 717). Make another selection. If the course is critical for your progress, email [email protected] 6. If you get an error/refusal message: credit limit reached, this means that you are trying to register for more than 17.5 credits. This requires special permission. Be in contact with Andrea Savage, [email protected] 7. Be wary of the seat tracking information on SIMS. Our experience is that the seat tracking function is unreliable--showing courses closed that aren't and seats available in sections which are full.

If you are closed out of a course:

8. If you are closed out of a course section or professor you hoped for MAKE ANOTHER SELECTION. 9. If you are closed out of a course that is required for you and can't find an alternative be in touch with [email protected] 10. If you are closed out of a course and want to get on the REAL Waitlist send an email with WAITLIST in the subject line to [email protected] Please include your contact info and the course name and code you want to be on the waitlist for. You will receive an automatic message which lets you know your message was received. If space becomes available you will receive an email that will tell you to register and ask you to email back and confirm you intend to. Because of the volume of inquiries it is not possible to

provide individualized acknowledgements during the registration period. Please note that professors are not able to overtally their courses. This is only done through the waitlist. 8. DO NOT USE THE SIMS WAITLIST--it does not put you on line for the course.

Once you are registered

9. MAKE SURE TO PAY. YOU WILL NOT BE MAILED A BILL. Tuition payment can be made online at CUNY ESIMS. For payment options and information If you are dropped you may not be able to get back into the same courses. If you need help during registration call Student Affairs at 212-452-7170. If you have questions that cannot be answered using the Handbook and this handout, consult your advisor, the Student Affairs hotline or email [email protected]


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