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An example of the welcome page from one of our hunts ...

Welcome to the Alton Towers Treasure hunt, all clues are within walking distance of the event start and finish point. Questions can be answered in any order but teams must stay together at all times, any team found split up will be deducted 50 points. All teams must be at the finish by 15.45 (unless otherwise advised at the start of the event) Any team returning late will be deducted 10 points per minute or part minute late, after eleven minutes lateness the team will be disqualified. Points awarded for the Treasure Hunt Clues 10 Photo 10 Shopping list 20 Word Quiz 1 Late back - 10 points per minute or part minute The event manager's decision is final on scoring. Answers to be written on the treasure hunt sheets. Ensure that your team name is written on each sheet. Word quiz answers will be used in the event of a tie.

Contact for the day - Andy 07050 383698,, [email protected], 07050 383698 Example of a page from one of our treasure hunts ...

Have a photo taken of ALL your team touching the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

Find the street sign Place Charles De Gaulle (1890 ­ 1970). What is the other 1900 date on the sign after 1958?

How many lions are above the doorway to Maison du Danemark?

What was the stonemason's name that produced these statues at the HSBC?

Which Rue with the dates 1763 ­ 1835 would you find this restaurant on?

Look to the floor at Fouquets who is between Jean Paul Rappeneau and Claude Sautet?

Laduree was established in what 1800 year?,, [email protected], 07050 383698

And another ...

How many chimney pots are there?

Take a photo of your team walking on water.

How many wood steps are there on the nature trail, the top wood is missing?

Take a team photo sitting on the cone?

What is the number on the orienteering post number next to the house at one of the park entrances?

Umm not a lot of room to sit on this bench, how many slabs are there in front of this group of overgrown seats?,, [email protected], 07050 383698

An example for a car treasure hunt ­ the clues are organised by village and the route needs careful planning or you will run out of time ... Little Grumpington (Map reference 5457)

Take a team photo alongside this water pump.

What is the name of the pub with bells?

Doodah (Map reference 5566)

What is the name of the Inn opposite the church? The Maiden head pub has what type of table?

Repeat this photo but with your team members in the picture.

The number for the telephone box next to the Inn is? Rev C Roberts is the minister for which church?,, [email protected], 07050 383698

Some examples of the word quiz that runs in the background ...

7 D of the W (Answer - 7 Days of the Week) 26 L of the A (Answer - 26 Letters of the Alphabet) 90 D in a RA (Answer - 90 Degrees in a Right Angle) 15 M on a DMC (Answer - 15 Men on a Dead Man's Chest)

... and part of the shopping list from the Marlow hunt ...

Train ticket Tacky gift Business card but not your own company Pen Details of a £190k house


How many chimney pots are there

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How many chimney pots are there