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Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association -- Sept 2010

AFA Mission > To promote aerospace power and a strong national defense > To support the needs of the Air Force and Air Force people > To explain these needs to the American people

AF Ball held at Naval Air Station Pensacola

The Mustin Beach Officers' Club at Naval Air Station Pensacola (NASP) was covered in blue on Sept 17th---Air Force Blue! That was the date of the AF Ball sponsored by the 479th Flying Training Group for all AF personnel in the area. Over 500 active duty, retired, cadet and civilian personnel attended the event and enjoyed the heavy hors d'oeuvres offerings of roast beef, turkey, seafood, pasta, oriental food and pastries prepared by the club staff. The event was hosted by Col Travis Willis, 479th FTG Commander. Special guests included the Commanding Officer of NASP, CAPTAIN Christopher W. Plummer; Colonel Joseph P Richards, Commanding Officer of the Marine Aviation and Training and Support Group 21, also at NASP; Col Richard Murphy, the Commander of the 12th Flying Training Wing located at Randolph AFB, TX, ; and the guest speaker for the evening, Brigadier General Jack Shanahan, Commander of the 55th Wing at Offutt AFB, NE. (Gen Shanahan is the immediate past commander of the Brigadier General Shanahan 505th CCW at Hurlburt and former Chapter member.) The Hurlburt Field Honor Guard presented the Colors and performed the POW table ceremony for the event. The AF Birthday Cake was cut by the youngest and oldest persons present, an 18 year old SRA and Mr. Bill Barker, the Chapter's newest member, 93 years young. Bill is the Father-in-Law of Mike Swinehart, Hurlburt's VP for Military Affairs in Pensacola. He also was a frequent visitor to the dance floor during the evening, but declined the Electric Slide or Cuban Shuffle! Way to Go, Bill! The 479th FTG is probably the largest AF unit at NASP and its mission is to train Combat Systems Officers (navigators for you old school types) for the AF--and other services. Its first flying class is underway and another enters the flight phase very soon. It was very inspiring to talk with the young, eager men and women undergoing the training and getting ready to embark upon an AF career. (I must admit, it also made me a little envious. That was a great part of all of our histories.) Another large AF unit at NASP is Detachment 2 of the 361st Training Squadron. This unit provides initial technical training for AF enlisted members training in the Aircraft Structural Maintenance, Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance, and Non-Destructive Inspection career fields. Over 200 enlisted members are attending school at any one time and spend between 2 1/2 - 4 1/2 months in training (depending upon the area) before receiving their AFSC and Aircraft Maintenance occupational badge. Several of the Det 2 instructors and students attended the event and enjoyed the evening. (Several of you made special contributions to sponsor the attendance of some of the Airmen. Thanks!!) Across town at the University of West Florida campus is located the UWF segment of AFROTC Detachment 014. Det 014 is based at the University of South Alabama in Mobile and the UWF group is affiliated with them through a Cross-town arrangement. Col LaValley from Mobile, along with Capt Stephanie Emery of UWF and several ROTC cadets also attended the AF Ball. There were several Hurlburt Chapter members present, including ROTC cadets, Active Duty members (students and instructors), and retired members. Officially representing the chapter were Dann and Jean Mattiza, Barbara and Mike Swinehart, and Max Friedauer. The AF is growing in Pensacola! As Col Willis mentioned to CAPT Plummer, next year's event might have to move to a larger location!

Inside this issue: Miscellaneous Photos AF Night at the Museum President's Report AFROTC Scholarships Hurlburt Quarterly Awds AFA Recognized Cyber Patriot Info 505th Quarterly Awds Convention News Chapter Leadership 479th Golf Tourney 479th OSS Activities Community Partners Calendar of Events 2


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Air Force Association 1501 Lee Highway Arlington, VA 22209-1198 1-800-727-333 AFA Hurlburt Chapter # 398 PO Box 9418 Hurlburt Field, FL 32544-9418 Websites: Air Force: National AFA: Florida AFA: Hurlburt AFA:

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Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association -- Sept 2010

Miscellaneous Photos/Events

Shots from the Dedication of the New USO area at the Northwest Florida Regional Airport. "Speechifying" and Ribbon Cutting!

Max Friedauer, Les Matheson, Dann Mattiza and Jim Connors at "The Wall That Heals" Display. Jean Mattiza was taking the photo and chapter member Steve Connolly left before we got the camera working. Les played a very active role in this event over the several days the display was in town. The Hurlburt Chapter donated $300 to the Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida to help support this traveling display. Far Left: Hurlburt Chapter Military Affairs VP for Pensacola Mike Swinehart welcomes "Wild Blue." Left: Hurlburt Honor Guard stands by for the opening ceremonies at the Naval Aviation Museum.

AF Night at the Museum

On 27 August approximately 500 people from the area attended Air Force Night at the National Naval Aviation Museum at PNAS. The evening was hosted by the 479th Flying Training Group and the Museum Foundation. The Hurlburt Chapter donated the programs for the event and contributed to the funding for the refreshments. Luckily, the AF promotion lists also came out that week, so the refreshment pool was enhanced by the contributions of several promotees as well. One of the main events of the evening was the unveiling of "Wild Blue", the Air Force's mascot from the "Pelicans in Paradise" art projectl. "Wild Blue" was created by artists Tina and Chaz Ogden and will be placed at the intersection of Palafox and Garden streets in mid-September, where it will join pelicans dedicated to the U.S. Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Army. The event also featured the Full Spectrum Jazz Ensemble from the Air Force Reserve Band at Warner Robins AFB. Full Spectrum entertained the crowd with a variety of instrumental and vocal tunes for over an hour after the unveiling.

Top: Dann and Jim check out the Pelican. Left: The crowd listens to the Full Spectrum Jazz Ensemble. Right: Col Travis Willis, 479 FTG/ CC speaks with Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan.

Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association -- Sept 2010

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President's Report

Once again it is time for Quarterly Reports to be filed with State and National and a Newsletter written to bring the membership up to speed with the Chapter Activities. Last quarter I let you know about the various awards won by our Chapter and our members. During this quarter, I made the trip to Ft Lauderdale and DC to participate in the conventions and pick up those awards. Next month we will be having our Chapter Awards Dinner to pass them out---So reserve 14 October! We will be at the Soundside and the event will begin at 1800 with a social hour. We will also be installing our new officers. Fred Gross has been elected to serve as your Executive VP and Ned Calvert is our new Chapter Secretary. Danny Webb and I will retain our positions for another year. A Big THANK YOU goes out to Sue Nelson and Tommy Hull for serving as Chapter Officers for the past few years. Both will continue to be active as Sue will be our Newsletter Editor and Tommy will become our Special Projects Officer! As you read through the Newsletter, you will see a lot of articles involving the Pensacola area. It was no accident, there were a lot of things going on over there and not as much--other than Conventions--going on here. Special Thanks to Mike Swinehart for keeping us informed and connected to the Pensacola area. The Chapter is planning to conduct a Teacher Workshop in Pensacol in the fall of 2011, and I would REALLY like to recruit some Community Partners from the area. A golf tournament idea has been kicking around for a while, but needs a Pensacola area POC and some Community Partners for support. Anyone interested???? Mike could really use some help in the P-cola area! One of our Pensacola members also passed along a website for any member with Loring AFB experience. If interested, long onto: // The Conventions article will give you current info on the new elected officers at the State and National level. No real changes at State, but four of the five National Officers are newly elected. Sandy Schlitt, our new Chairman of the Board, is from Florida, and former Florida State/Region President Tim Brock was selected as a National Director. They join Hurlburt's own Max Friedauer on the national Board of Directors. Way to go Florida! As the next quarter begins, we enter the heavy planning sessions for the upcoming Teacher Workshop--Feb 26th 2011. Our AE Committee is already hard at work on this and other activities. We will also be participating in the Commando Drill meet, the CCAF Graduation, and Pitsenbarger Award selections in the coming months. Quarterly Awards for Team Hurlburt and the 505th are also on the docket, as is the Fall Unsung Heroes Luncheon. Watch for emails so you can support these events. Thanks for your support over the year. I am starting my fourth (and final) year as your President and truly appreciate the hard work and support you have given me over the last few years. Without your service, the achievements of our Chapter would not have been possible. However, now that we have moved to Extra Large status, our competition has increased. With your support, we can begin our string of Florida Extra Large Chapter of the Year Awards. Thanks for all you do, Dann

AFROTC Scholarships Awarded at UWF

The Hurlburt Chapter made two scholarship awards to Third year AF ROTC cadets attending the University of West Florida on 9 September. Dann Mattiza traveled to UWF and presented the $500 awards, along with a certificate and Chapter coin, to Cadets Jonathan Graham and Cazzi Thornton. Cadet Graham is majoring in Engineering Technology and Construction and plans to work as a Civil Engineer in the AF. He is currently serving as the Acquisitions Flight Commander in his unit. Cadet Thorntton is majoring in mathematics and plans to enter the Space and Missile Officer career field. She is serving as the Support Flight Commander and a Military Training Instructor. She is also a member of the Arnold Air Society and serves as the Area Financial Officer. Both of the cadets have family members who are serving or have served in or retired from the various services. Congratulations to Cadets Graham and Thornton, and thanks to Lt Col LaValley and Capt Walton of AFROTC Detachment 014 for nominating and mentoring these future AF officers.

Quarterly Award Winners for Team Hurlburt

Team Hurlburt held its Quarterly Awards Breakfast on 3 August at the Soundside Club. Col Michael Plehn, the new 1 SOW Commander, hosted the event. Over 200 coworkers, family members, community sponsors and others were in attendance as each of the 39 nominees was introduced and recognized. Following a great breakfast prepared by the Soundside staff, the individual winners of the nine Quarterly Award categories were announced, along with the winner of the dormitory inspection. Col Plehn presented each of the winners with their awards and then thanked the winners, nominees, and supervisors for their dedication to the AF and the 1 SOW. He praised the hard work of everyone and the willingness of the supervisors to support and nominate their subordinates. The Hurlburt Chapter contributed an AAFES gift certificate to each of the military category winners. Winners for the April - June 2010 quarter were: Airman of the Quarter--A1C Dawn Gallaher SNCO of the Quarter--MSgt Michael Smith GS 1-8 of the Quarter--Mr Christopher Ramsey WG/WS/WL of the Quarter-- Mr David Smart Dorm of the Quarter Winner--Bldg 91009 NCO of the Quarter--SSgt David Coyle CGO of the Quarter--1Lt Theresa Jones GS 9-12 of the Quarter -- Mr. Romeo Reyes Honor Guard Mbr of the Quarter -- A1C Gabriel Pillcurima Dorm 2nd Place -- Bldg 90368 WELL DONE!

Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!!

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Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association -- Sept 2010

Air Force Association Recognized For Achievement in Aerospace Education

The Air Force Association was selected to receive the 2010 Crown Circle Award in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of aerospace education. The award was presented at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Teacher Day on July 26 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Sandy Schlitt, Vice Chairman for Aerospace Education, accepted the AFA award from Ken Cook, President of the National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education. The Crown Circle Award was established in 1979, recognizing performance and outstanding leadership in aerospace education. The award is one of the highest honors available in aerospace education. Those seeking this honor must demonstrate involvement in and commitment to aerospace education as a local, national, or international leader in aerospace education. Their performance must exhibit high quality over an extended period of time. Induction may also be the result of exceptionally unique or extraordinarily outstanding achievement or contributions in aerospace education. The National Coalition for Aviation and Space Education represents government, industry, and labor united to promote aviation education activities and resources, increase public understanding of aviation, and support educational initiatives at the local, state, and national levels.

Hurlburt Chapter of the Air Force Association Seeking High School, CAP, & JROTC Cyber Defense Teams for CyberPatriot

The Hurlburt Chapter of the Air Force Association, is actively seeking participation in CyberPatriot III, the premier national high school cyber defense competition. Chapter President, Dann Mattiza and Chapter VP for Aerospace Education John Jogerst encouraged all local high schools, Junior ROTC units, and Civil Air Patrol squadrons to register teams for the competition. "The United States is dependent as few nations are on computers and networks--cyber systems--for every aspect of our lives. Our commerce, our industry, and our economy all depend on cyber systems. Our national defense is based on superiority in cyber as well" Jogerst said. "We as an association are concerned about our nation's ability to maintain its cyber leadership, particularly with respect to the low numbers of young people who are entering the cyber workforce. CyberPatriot is an excellent way to excite our nation's high-school youth about an area that promises rewarding career opportunities and that can keep America strong." CyberPatriot teams are made up of 5-person teams who compete on-line in initial rounds by defending a network against outside threats. On-line competition begins in October of this year; teams winning those rounds will earn all-expenses-paid trips to in-person competition in the Washington DC area in early April. Competition for CyberPatriot is divided into two divisions, the Open Division, in which any high school can compete; and the "All Service Division" which welcomes teams from Junior ROTC units of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, and from Civil Air Patrol composite or cadet squadrons. More information is available from the CyberPatriot website, or by email from [email protected] CUTOFF FOR REGISTRATION IS OCT 8!!! ACT NOW!!! Contact: Ms. Laine Martens, Air Force Association, 703-247-5806, [email protected]

Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association -- Sept 2010

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505 CCW Quarterly Award Winners

Members of the 505th Command and Control Wing gathered on 30 July to honor their Quarterly Award winners and recent promotees. Col Mustafa Koprucu, the 505th Vice Commander, hosted the event, presented stripes to the promotees and the awards to the Quarterly winners. The Hurlburt Chapter contributed an AAFES gift certificate to each of the military winners. Wing members honored in the April - June 2010 Quarter were: Promotees: A1C Stephan DeLoach, SSgt Anshawn Williams, and TSgt Robert Johnson

Quarterly Award Winners

Airman of the Quarter--SRA Jeremy Twidt NCO of the Quarter--TSgt Cory Langel SNCO of the Quarter--SMSgt Jeffrey Hernquist CGO of the Quarter--Capt Benjamin Youngquist FGO of the Quarter--Maj Thomas Carr Civ. Technician of the Quarter---Ms Jasmine Lawson Civ. Specialist of the Quarter--Mr Charles Charamut Civ. Manager of the Quarter--Mr Patrick Griffin Team of the Quarter--Tactical Air Control Party Team

News from the State and National Conventions

The Florida Region/State AFA Convention was held in Ft Lauderdale on 9-10 July and hosted by the Gold Coast Chapter. Hurlburt members Jim Connors, Max Friedauer, Dann and Jean Mattiza and Ray Turczynski were on hand for the business sessions and other events. Elections renamed our current leadership slate as officers for the coming year. They are: President--Jim Connors; Vice Pres--Mike Emig; Secretary--Ran Meriam; and Treasurer--Ernie Webster. Members attended business sessions throughout the day on Saturday. These were interspersed with Award Presentations at the lunch and dinner meals where the attendees enjoyed briefings by Col Phil Locklear of Special Operations Command South, Homestead, FL and Dr. Brian Maher, President of Joint Special Operations University at US Special Operations Command, MacDill AFB, FL, respectively. Members also enjoyed meeting and interacting with some special AFA guests at the dinner meal, four former WASP members. These charming and energetic ladies talked with us about their experiences as pilots during WWII. The National Convention was held at the Gaylord Plaza, National Harbor, MD, from 10-15 Sept. Hurlburt again had a large delegation present, including Dann and Jean Mattiza, Jim Connors, Max Friedauer, Tommy Hull and Dave Schantz. Florida had the largest State Delegation, with 29 members attending. The largest event was the election of new officers and National Directors, since four of the five elected positions were up for election, along with three National Directors. New National Officers are: Chairman of the Board--Sandy Schlitt; Vice Chairman for Field Operations--Justin Faiferlick; Vice Chairman for Aerospace Education--George Muellner (unopposed); Treasurer--Len Vernamonti; and Secretary--Joan Sell (incumbentunopposed). Due to the withdrawal of a candidate, the National Director elections were unopposed. New Directors are: Tim Brock and Angela Dupont--Directors at Large; and Marvin Tooman--Central Region. Other National business included receiving reports from AFA President and CEO Mike Dunn, and other national officers, the Field Operations Council, the Finance Committee, the Nomination Committee and others. Members also approved the 2010 AFA Statement of Policy. The Field Awards Dinner was held on Saturday evening and Hurlburt received the Large Chapter of the Year Award and the Exceptional Service Award for Overall Programming. The AF Symposium continued until the 15th, but most delegates departed Sunday or Monday after the major Convention activities were concluded.

Chapter 398 Leadership 2010-2011

PRESIDENT: Dann Mattiza, 248-1210 VICE PRESIDENT: Fred Gross, 651-7912 SECRETARY: Ned Calvert , 884-1849 TREASURER: Danny Webb, 884-6985 AEROSPACE EDUCATION COMMITTEE VP for Aerospace Education: John Jogerst Aviation Ambassador Chairperson: Amy Davis Aviation Ambassador Assistants: Megan Tucker Jeri Martin Visions of Exploration POC: Glenn Rutland Science Fair POC: David Loar PRESIDENT'S ADVISORY COUNCIL Jim Connors -- State Pres and Past Chapter President Max Friedauer -- Nat'l Director and Past FL President Ray Turczynski -- Past Nat'l Director and FL President

Chapter 398 VPs/Committee Chairs

VP - Community Partners: VP - Communications: Webmaster: Newsletter: VP - Government Relations: VP - Leadership Development: VP - Membership: Golf Tournament POC: VP - Veterans' Affairs: VP - Awards: VP - Military Recognition: VP - Military Affairs-Pensacola Honor Guard Liaison: Civil Air Patrol Liaison: Chaplain: Dann Mattiza Mark Chapman Mark Chapman Sue Nelson Darryl Thornton Max Friedauer William Ford Fred Gross Frank Dailey Todd Bolger Gassie Orr Mike Swinehart TSgt Kristopher Kendall Gary Cornell Michael Moore

Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association -- Sept 2010

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The articles below are taken from The Casual LT, a newsletter produced by Combat Systems Officer trainees waiting to start training with the 479 Flying Training Group. These young officers are doing GREAT things in Pensacola and making sure the AF is known in the community. One of their major efforts was with the 15th Annual Mall Ball celebration at Cordova Mall. This year the event raised over $338,000 and a key part of the success was due to the involvement of these young men and women. They have also assisted with a Habitat for Humanity project, devoting over 600 hours to the project. While this backlog of students will eventually end when the 479th FTG starts operating at full strength, these Lieutenants have made, and are continuing to make a POSITIVE impact upon Pensacola. Bravo Zulu LTs! You are making us all look good. Glad to have you aboard!

Successful Air Force Golf Tournament at NAS Pensacola

It was definitely a sight to see, an Air Force golf tournament on a Navy base. On Thursday, July 29th, 72 active duty officers and Air Force supporters in Pensacola arrived to play in the 4 person scramble tournament at A.C. Read golf course aboard NAS Pensacola. The tournament was the first of several fundraising events for the Air Force Ball, and successfully raised $1,260. In the past year, the Air Force presence at NAS Pensacola has grown because of its new Combat Systems Officer (CSO) training school. The 479 FTG has made such a footprint on the base that it will host an Air Force Ball September 17, which lead to the need for fundraising. Pulling off the fundraising effort could not have been accomplished without the several sponsors that came through to make the event a success: The Hurlburt Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association provided first prize, Fort Walton Beach Golf Club the second, and Balfour Beatty the third. Lewis Bear and Buffalo Rock provided drinks, and QinetiQ North America sponsored a team and some door prizes. It was a great cooperative effort not only to raise money for the Air Force Ball, but to make NASP and the community aware that the Air Force is in Pensacola, and it is growing! Lt Jennifer Dunn, 2d Lt, USAF

479th OSS Students Prep Pensacola Lighthouse for Busy Season

Along Radford Road at NAS Pensacola, it is hard to miss a certain landmark when driving along base. The Pensacola Light-house has attracted many visitors from all over the country, and continues to impress all those who venture the 177 steps to the top. However, since only one paid employee is tasked with upkeeping this structure that towers over the Gulf of Mexico, it is obviously essential that volunteers help keep the lighthouse running and open to visitors. Several Air Force Second Lieutenants waiting to start Combat Systems Officer Training at NAS Pensacola have volunteered their time to help man the 151 year old lighthouse and keep it open to the public. In order to help prepare for the visitor season, many casual Lts spent two Saturdays preparing the lighthouse for the busy summer ahead. On the first Saturday, we cleaned the tower itself, land-scaped and mulched, planted plants, and cleaned all the rooms in the house. The second day, we laid sod all throughout the lighthouse grounds in order to help improve the visual appeal of the once rocky and sandy area. In late April of this year, the Pensacola lighthouse held its Open House for the public to learn about the history and heritage of the famous landmark. Air Force casual LTs were once again there to volunteer. During the weekend event, hundreds of guests came to the Open House. Casual LTs were mainly charged with the manning the top of the lighthouse during visitor hours. They answered any questions a visitor had, along with ensuring all guests adhered to certain safety rules while at the top of the structure. Overall, Air Force casual Lts have contributed over 200 hours towards the Pensacola Lighthouse, while learning about the historic structure and enabling other visitors to enjoy its history, legends, and grounds. The light-house is most certainly deserving of any volunteers time and appreciation. For more information about visiting the Pensacola lighthouse or volunteering your own time visit, or contact Jon Hill at [email protected] 2d Lt Ben Torres

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Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association -- Sept 2010

Our Community Partners for 2010-2011

Raymond James Financial Services, Inc 29 Eglin Parkway Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548 850-796-2045 Eric Halter DEFENSE INDUSTRY PLATINUM BAE Systems EI&S 12001 Research Parkway Orlando, FL 32826 Tel: (407) 243-4976 Todd Legrand Lockheed Martin Corporation 51 3rd Street, Bldg 11 Shalimar, FL 32579 850-651-1316 Tommy Hull MacAulay-Brown, Inc Six 11th Ave., Suite F5 Shalimar, FL 32579 850-651-2122 Jay Fisher QinetiQ-North America 1091 Harbor Lane Gulf Breeze, FL 32563 850-797-4503 Tim Minish Raytheon Tech Service Group 60 Second St. Suite 601 Shalimar, FL 32579 850-651-1314 Mitchell Peterson SAIC 1140 Eglin Parkway N Shalimar, FL 32579 850-651-1053 Todd Bolger The Boeing Company 626 Anchors St NW, Fort Walton Beach FL 32548 850-362-5000 Ken Hill GOLD Advanced C4 Solutions 2412 Martin Dr. Niceville, FL 32578 Robert Walker ARINC, Inc. 1150 Eglin Pkwy. Shalimar, FL 32579 850-609-5800 Corby Martin BOSH Global Services 151 Mary Esther Blvd Mary Esther, FL 32569 850-226-8377 Jeff Lemasters FLIR Systems, Inc 701 E John Sims Parkway Niceville, FL 32578 850-678-4503 Jonathan Warren Innoventor Military Systems 127B North John Sims Pkwy Valparaiso, FL 32580 850-678-1100 Tony Higdon ITT Integrated Electronic Warfare Systems 403 Park Drive, Alpha Mall Warner Robins, GA 31088 478-929-1454 William "Chuck" DeBoe L-3 Comm, Crestview Aerospace 5486 Fairchild Rd. Crestview, FL 32539 850-682-2746 Robin Schmaltz L-3 Comm, TCS 124 E Miracle Strip Pkwy, Ste 202 Mary Esther, FL 32569-1990 850-243-6017 Dann Mattiza WinTec Arrowmaker One 11th Ave., Suite A2 Shalimar, FL 32579 850-609-7904 Lee Hess SILVER Esterline Defense Tech. 101 Capri Cove Niceville, FL 32578 850-502-6309 Joe DeCarlis Fort Walton Machining 43 Jet Dr. Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 850-244-9095 Tim McDonald Teledyne Brown Engineering 300 S[arkman Dr. Huntsville, AL 32805 Kathleen Miller WINTEC, Inc 220 Eglin Parkway SE. Suite 4 Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 850-664-6203 Mike Gibbs BRONZE B3H Corporation 51 Third St, Building 1 Shalimar, FL 32579-1700 850-651-3443 Robert Chapman Pioneer Technologies 648 Anchors St. Suite 3B Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548 850-374-1960 David McCombs SA Technical Services 1316 Rosewood Cove Niceville, FL 32578 850-621-0183 Harold "Ned" Shelgren EDUCATONAL PARTNER Florosa Elementary 1700 Hwy 98 West Mary Esther, FL 32569 850-833-4831 Carolyn Lulue Kenwood Elementary School 15 NE Eagles Street Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547 850-833-3570 Alan Lambert

COMMUNITY BUSINESSES GOLD Eglin Federal Credit Union 838 Eglin Pkwy. Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 850-862-0111 Ext 1303 Sherry Harlow SILVER Consulting Services, Inc Apple Specialist 17 Racetrack Road NW Suite E Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 850-862-8777 Art Rohling BRONZE Circle C Tack & Feed 12265 Hwy 90 Holt, FL 32564 850-305-2855 Jim Connors Dennis & Company 98 Eglin Parkway, # 3 Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548 850-864-4569 Dennis Reeves Emerald Coast Endodontics 385 E Hwy 98 Suite 210 Destin, FL 32541 850-650-5067 Dr. Eric W. Bludau Personal Care Family Dentistry 348 Miracle strip Pkwy, 15-A Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548 850-244-5005 Dr. Nick Jazayeri Rheumatology Associates 2441 N 9th Ave, Suite A Pensacola, FL 32503 850-434-9992 Dr. Asthon Graybiel PARTNER Cakemaster's Bakery 781 N. Beal Pkwy. Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 850-862-4911 Lisa Schomburg

Community Partners are SPECIAL members. Their membership funds scholarships, grants, teacher support, and AFSOC/Hurlburt Field Award Programs. They support FREEDOM'S TEAM, Airpower and a strong National Defense. Sponsorship levels are: Commando $5000, Diamond $2500, Platinum $1000, Gold $500, Silver $300, Bronze $150, and Partner $100. Thank them for their support when you visit their places of business!



September 17 23 October 12 14 TBD TBD ovember 6 TBD 11 TBD TBD TBD December TBD February 26


Air Force Ball Teacher Workshop Planning Meeting


Pensacola NAS O Club L-3 TCS Office


1800-2200 1730-1900


Mattiza A. Davis

Executive Council Meeting Chapter Awards Dinner/Officer Installation Unsung Heroes (1 SOW) Luncheon 505th CCW Quarterly Awards

Daddy's BBQ Soundside Soundside 505 TRS Auditorium

1230-1330 1800-2100 TBD TBD

Mattiza Mattiza Orr Mattiza

Commando Drill Meet Executive Council Meeting Veterans Day Parade Pensacola Golf Tournament Team Hurlburt Quarterly Awards CCAF Graduation/Pitsenbarger Awards

Commando Hanger TBD Santa Rosa Mall PNAS Soundside Soundside

0800-1700 TBD TBD TBD 0800 0800

Mattiza Mattiza Mattiza TBD Mattiza Mattiza

Executive Council Meeting




Hurlburt Teacher Workshop


All Day

Amy Davis

Air Force Association Hurlburt Chapter # 398 PO Box 9418 Hurlburt Field, FL 32544-9418

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