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· Built-in rolled edge ­ sew 2 or 3-thread rolled hems quickly without changing the presser foot or stitchplate. Large graphic touch dispLay ­ everything you need to know is shown excLusive Sewing AdviSorTM ­ sets the best stitch length, differential feed and thread tension for the fabric and technique you are using extended info system ­ more information on the useof eachstitch,rightatyourfingertips Large sewing space ­ more space for coverstitch projects extension tabLe incLuded ­ offers a generous work surface to support large projects easy threading instructions ­ step-by-step interactive DVD

5, 4, 3, 2 thread sewing ­ your choice for utility and decorative sewing 25 stitches ­ You trim, stitch, overcast or embellish a wide variety of fabrics in half the time · Coverstitches ­ Sew a 3mm, 6mm or triple coverstitch, recommended for active wear or other decorative stitching · Chainstitch ­ Join fabric layers where a pressed open seam is usually required. Works well as a basting stitch. · 5-thread overlock ­ combine two stitches for durable and professional results. · 4-thread overlock ­ reinforces, trims fabric, overlock and seams for great results. · 3-thread overlock ­ narrow and wide overlock, seams,decorativebindingsandfinishes · 2-thread overlock ­ narrow and wide overlock seams, flatlock and rolled edge on light weight fabric.

duaL Led Light sources ­ illuminate the sewing area to make threading and sewing easier adjustabLe settings ­ all settings can be adjusted for special fabrics and techniques Last stitch ­ remembers last stitch sewn when powering back on to easily continue your project. memories ­ Save your personal settings for future use 5 sewing speeds ­ Easily adjustable when you want more control for different techniques eLectronic piercing power ­ stitch-by-stitch control with full piercing power at all speeds easy to change from overLock stitches to coverstitches - no needle plate/presser foot change needed at conversion for different stitches eL needLes ­ Industrial type needles for high speed work and perfect stitch result Lay-in tension and coLor coded thread paths ­ easy to thread and easy to see differentiaL feed ­ eliminates stretching of knit fabrics and puckering on lightweight fabrics. Can also be used for automatic gathering tension reLease ­ threads pull easily when presser foot is up

presser feet · Universal Standard presser foot ­ can be used with all built-in stitches · Snap-on presser feet ­ easy to change to optional feet for specialty techniques. · Optional feet ­ a wide range of optional accessories to enhance your sewing results extra presser foot height ­ to easily sew several layers or heavy fabrics safety switch ­ the machine will not sew when the front cover is open muLtipLe Languages ­ choose and set your preferred language movabLe upper cutter ­ disengage the cutter for special techniques buiLt in two - thread converter ­ Easy conversion to 2-thread stitches thread cutter ­ quick cutting of thread ruLer ­ use for quick measurement buiLt in extended carrying handLe ­ move the machine without tangling the threads waste tray ­ catches the scraps and threads

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Comparison Chart




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4, 3, 2 21

4, 3, 2 15

Large graphic touch dispLay excLusive Sewing AdviSor extended info system muLtipLe Languages pre-programmed stitch settings coverstitches (3mm, 6mm and triple) chainstitch easy change from overLock stitches to coverstitches Large sewing space extension tabLe incLuded Light universaL presser foot snap-on presser feet optionaL presser adjustabLe settings eL needLes Lay-in tension and coLor coded thread paths eLectronic piercing power sewing speeds stitches/ minute memories Last stitch tension reLease free arm differentiaL feed threading dvd extra presser feet height safety switch movabLe upper cutter buiLt-in two-thread converter thread cutter ruLer buiLt-in extended carrying handLe waste tray

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