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SYS 2 NUMBER OF COMPS RUNNING 2 L C H LT = 7 . 2 ° C R C H LT = 1 2 . 4 ° C SYS 1 SP = 4.23 BARG DP = 18.7 BARG

Data logging doesn't get easier

The Millennium Control centre has comprehensive monitoring capabilities that dramatically simplify log reading and recording. All data needed for accurate, detailed logs can be gathered directly from the display panel. Instead of moving from thermometer to thermometer and gauge to gauge, chiller status can be accessed from one station. Valuable operator time is freed for other important activities. Better still, a printer can be connected to the panel to obtain upto-the-minute operating data. A printed log can be obtained automatically, without involving an operator, if the unit should shut down on a fault.

Information can be easily obtained in hard Copy form.

YCAL Millennium


Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers


MON START = 07:00AM STOP = 06:30PM

Useful readouts of temperatures, pressures, scheduling, etc. are available in plain English, Spanish, French, German or Italian

SETPOINT = 7.0 °C RANGE = +/- 1.5 °C

0197SB 186 3022 2311 2473 2495 1910 0217SB 208 3022 2311 2473 2547 1970 0253SB 238 3022 2311 2473 2780 2200

Cooling Capacities and Physical Data

Model YCAL & YCUL Cooling Capacity kW Length mm Width mm Height mm Operating Weight kg YCAL YCUL 0147SB 141 3022 2045 2282 2024 1440 0173SB 162 3022 2045 2282 2194 1610

YCAL cooling capacity at 7°C leaving chilled water and 35°C ambient. YCUL cooling capacity at 5°C saturated suction temperature and 35°C ambient. All units are produced within an ISO 9001-EN29001 manufacturing system and are fully run tested.

Y3012/02 .00/GB Q


Small Footprint ­ High Capacity

YCAL chillers and YCUL Condensing Units have one of the smallest footprints available in their cooling capacity range. They have low sound levels and a rugged construction. Condenser coil fins are black epoxy coated aluminium, which provide extra protection when operating in a variety of environmental conditions. The insulated cooler is equipped with a heater for freeze protection to -29°C ambient. The power and control panel is designed to IP55 weather protection. Each unit is shipped pressure tested, evacuated and fully charged with refrigerant R407C after undergoing complete run testing.

Reliable, Efficient Scroll Compressors

Reliable, efficient, trouble-free operation is the true measure of a chiller's value. That is why YORK® Millennium ® Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers and Condensing Units use established scroll compressor technology to achieve dependable, economical performance in a wide range of applications - for producing chilled water for central station air handling equipment and terminal units and light process or brine cooling. The simple design of a hermetic scroll compressor has fewer moving parts, which minimises the possibility of breakdown. To avoid any metal to metal contact axial sealing is accomplished with floating tip seals and radial sealing utilises a micro-cushion of oil.

It doesn't get any easier than fingertip, plain-talk controls

Quickly access operating & programmed information with a finger's touch

Outstanding chiller control

Long considered the best control panel in the industry, the YORK® Millennium ® Control Centre brings unsurpassed simplicity and precision to Millennium Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers and Condensing Units. Digital technology provides infinitely more precise readings than gauges and meters. As a result, more factors are accounted for to provide tighter, stable, temperature control. There is less 'hunting' than with old style controls, thereby improving system efficiency.

All monitoring and control parameters can be easily read on the 2-line, 40-character, backlit LCD, alphanumeric display. You will never have to worry about interpreting special reference codes or struggling to read imprecise gauge increments. The panel displays messages in plain English, Spanish, French, German or Italian.

Daily/holiday scheduling

With more information about chiller operation available, routine maintenance can be accurately scheduled well in advance of actual need. With advanced information on the maintenance required, you can confidently schedule routine service whenever it is most convenient for day-to-day building operation.

Smooth, Efficient Operation

Connect with your facility's communications

The Scroll compressor operates with two scroll members ­ a fixed scroll and an identical orbiting scroll turned at 180 degrees. As the orbiting scroll moves the gas is directed towards the central area.

Your YORK scroll chiller is compatible with the YORK Integrated Systems Network (ISN) building automation system, which uses an open protocol, that is compatible with other YORK HVAC equipment and a wide range of competitive controls. Connection with nearly 20 building automation systems (including LonMark and BACnet) is simple using the onboard 485 port and optional YorkTalk translator.

Balanced compressor wear

The Millenium Control Centre automatically alternates lead and lag compressor operation within a system based on comparing the actual operating hours of each compressor stored in non-volatile memory.

The orbiting scroll oscillates against the fixed scroll and traps and compresses refrigerant suction gas inside involute pockets.

When the gas reaches the centre of the scroll it is squeezed and discharged as a compressed gas.

Fingertip control in a language You speak

Colour-coded buttons and logical menus make it easy to access information with a finger's touch. Readouts include: entering and leaving liquid temperatures; outdoor temperature; system pressures; compressor starts; run hours; clock; daily/holiday scheduling.

High Operating Efficiency

High efficiency is achieved through a precisely controlled orbit and the use of advanced scroll geometry. There is no wasted motion. All rotating parts are statically and dynamically balanced to ensure optimal performance. surface, equal forces in opposing directions cancel one another minimising any imbalance. Therefore compression is smooth, continuous and quiet. Each compressor is fitted with vibration isolators and for extra low noise operation an acoustic sound blanket and low sound fans are available as an option.

Compatible with a wide range of building operating systems

Low Vibration, Quiet Operation

Balanced components and precision machining ensure that smooth compression occurs in all involute pockets simultaneously. When compression forces are equally distributed, over the entire scroll

Multiple Compressors

Multiple compressors in each unit provide part load performance by operating in lead-lag sequence to satisfy load demands.


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