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Specializing in Cowboy Action Firearms

Howdy Pards, This is issue #2 of our news letter and catalog. ` We buy firearms wholesale and sell for about 10% over our cost to members of

SASS. I am located in Carrollton, Texas, a northern suburb of Dallas. I work out of my residence, so my overhead is very low. The firearms listed on the following pages are in stock. If you are looking for something, give me a call, as I can have handguns here in two days, and long guns within a week.

HW Blair & Company is authorized dealers for Cimarron, Taylor's Firearms, and EMF (Early Modern Firearms). Also I have accounts at Davidson's, Lipseys, RSR, and several other wholesalers.

All firearms must be shipped to a FFL in your state. You must be over 21 years of age to purchase a handgun and 18 years of age to purchase a long gun. Texas Residents must pay 8.25% State Sales Tax.

Call 214-432-2619

New Firearms

AC Imports Model 1897 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun Historically Correct with American Walnut Stock. This is a forth Generation Norinco.


Item #: M1897 Description:

Model 1897 Hammer Pump 12 Ga Shotgun, Historically Correct

Manufacturer: Norinco Imported by IAC Finish: Blue Receiver: Blue Stock: Hand-Rubbed American Walnut Sights: Bead Barrel Length: 20" Overall Length: 39.5" Weight: 6 lbs 9 oz Chokes: Cylinder Bore Chamber: 2 3/4" Caliber: 12 Gauge Capacity: 4+1 External Hammer Unloading Buttons on Receiver Omitted

Beretta STAMPEDE Stainless 1873 Single Action 45 LC 4-3ò4 BL

These are made by Uberti but Beretta added a Transfer Bar betw een the , hammer and firing pin. (Like Ruger ). I have a pair of these but not sequencial serial#Ís ,

$445 each or $873 for the Pair

DxhbpGhr d ` sc ` c dbtr ËÌ dv v tÌ ` Ì d sddc dc w t v dd w ghv Ëhbw xÌ d

1885 High Wall 45/70

TaylorÍs # 203b (Uberti)

Our Price: $843

MSRP $945

John Browning designed High Wall single shot rifles for Winchester at the end of the buffalo hunting era . These accurate Winchester rifles made a name for themselves in the golden age of target shooting . By the late 1800s, the international sport of competitive long -range rifle shooting was widely followed in the United States . The biggest target event was the United States National Match in Creedmore , New York. SPECIFICATIONS: Barrel Length: Total Length: Weight: Barrel: Receiver: Buttplate:

30" 47" Approx. 10 lbs. Octagonal (Blue) Case Colored Blue

PUMA 22LR 1873 SA Made to look and feel like a Single Action Army model, often called the "Peacemaker" this .22 caliber balances in the hand like an SAA and loads from a side gate from the half-cock position. Trigger pull is light and responsive. Hammer is of traditional single action configuration. A key operated, We have a pair of this in stock, they are not consecutive hammer block safety is standard on the left side of the frame, on the recoil shield. It is Serial #'s, although they are only one number apart. fitted with a 4 5/8" barrel and wood grip Nice Plinking Gun or for the "22 Category" in CAS. panels. The front sight is fixed, in the traditional SAA profile, and the rear sight is notch type, which is wide, deep and easy to MSRP $199 use. Equipped with .22 long rifle cylinder. Construction is of alloy and steel parts with a matte black finish.

$165 each or 2 for $320

PUMA 14" Bowie Knife

Legacy Sports International What Cowboy would be without his "Fighting Knife"?


1 Left

Ruger Single Six in 32 H&R Magnum

Matched Pair (Consecutive Serial Numbers) 4.62" Barrel, Stainless Steel with Black Birdshead Grips

Nice Ladies Guns, Low Recoil Davidson's Lifetime replacement!

$890 for the Pair

Rossi Rifles


R92-50203 R92-50011 R92-51001 R92-51003 R92-51011 R92-52001 R92-52004 R92-52003 R92-52011 R92-53203 R92-53221 R92-53223 R92-55001 R92-55011 R92-56001 R92-56011 R92-57011 R92-53201 R92-53211 44 Mag 44 Mag 357 357 357 45 LC 45 LC 45 LC 45 LC 44-40 44-40 44-40 44 Mag 44 Mag 357 357 45 LC 44-40 44-40

Barrel Length

20" Octagon 24"Octagon 24 Octagon 24 Octagon 24 Octagon 24 Octagon 24 Octagon 24 Octagon 24 Octagon 20" Octagon 24 Octagon 24 Octagon 20" ROUND 20" ROUND 20" ROUND 20" ROUND 20" ROUND 20" ROUND 20" ROUND


Blue Stainless Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Blue Stainless Blue Stainless Blue Blue Stainless Blue Stainless Stainless Blue Stainless


Capacity Blair's Price

$487.00 $521.00 $487.00 $487.00 $521.00 $487.00 $550.00 $487.00 $521.00 $487.00 $521.00 $487.00 $455.00 $487.00 $455.00 $487.00 $487.00 $455.00 487,00 12 12

Case Colored 10 Stainless Blue

Case Colored 12 Case Colored 12 Blue BRASS Stainless Stainless Blue Stainless Blue Stainless Stainless Blue Stainless 12 12 12 12 10 10 10 10 10 10 10

Case Colored 12 Case Colored 10 Case Colored 12

Rossi Rifles are in stock at Davidson's, We can have them here in 3-5 Days.

Shotguns Taylors Model 1878 Coach Gun

1878 MODEL COACH GUN MODEL CALIBER BARREL CHOKE STOCK 600101 - Model American Black 1878 Coach 12 Gauge 20" Fixed Walnut w/ Steel Gun Butt Plate

MSRP Blair's Price $475.00 $25 shipping

$460 +

Cimarron 1887 Lever Action Shotgun "Terminator" AS1887SG-22 MSRP $1328.60 Blair's Price $995 12 ga. 22" 2 3/4" Color Case Hardened American Walnut Standard Blue Other Taylors, Cimarron or EMF Firearms.......CALL



Browning BPS

This is one of my personal shotguns that I purchased new in 1982 . It is a great shotgun! Description: Browning BPS 12ga Pump Shotgun Manufacturer : Browning Finish: Blue Receiver : Blue Stock: American Walnut Sights: Bead Barrel Length : 28î Choke: Modified Chamber : 2 3/4" Caliber : 12 Gauge Capacity: 4+1 Sugg. Retail Price : $434.95


Mossberg 500 Persuader Pump 12 ga

with heat shield installed, with pistol grip 12ga 3î Chamber, 18.5î Barrel Black Synthetic Stock with Pistol Grip Kit As new (used as a demo)

Call 214-432-2619


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