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Direct Labour Force

The Direct Labour Force (DLF) have a long history in HyD and mainly consist of outdoor staff including Senior Artisans, Artisans, Workmen II and Motor Drivers. They perform labour intensive road maintenance duties, including paving works, patching of potholes and road testing. A gradual run-down of DLF was first decided in

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Our Departmental Intranet

December this year marks a milestone for the IT infrastructure of the department ­ the completion of the departmental Intranet. Our department has established networks in the functional offices over the last few years. However, the networks are independent and not linked together. In recent months, computerization initiatives have facilitated the interconnection of our isolated networks. This IT infrastructure has nurtured the birth of our departmental Intranet. All our local area networks are now connected. Colleagues from all offices can now click on the browser to access the Intranet web site ( Information pertinent to the operation of department is uploaded in Internet format. Readers can find ISO documents, Technical documents, Establishment Circulars and HyD Newsletter, etc in the site. There is also a "Download Area" hosting useful computer software and data to aid our daily work. It's evident that the Intranet site is popular at it has attracted over 18,000 visits since its launch 4 months ago. The Intranet web site is also a gateway to other useful sites ­ both external and internal. Links are provided to the central government's Central Cyber Government Office (CCGO), the Government Information Centre (GIC) and internal sites like the MWPMO, Structures Division and Kowloon Region's web sites. K P HO Research & Development

All staff is invited to enter the quiz contest and win prizes. Please make sure that you submit your answers within one week of publication to STO(C)/HQ1 Contributions to the newsletter are welcomed from all staff. Please send your articles to your office head or directly to ACO/T, HQ

1988 and a further run-down of DLF was planned in 1996 due to the changes in maintenance practices. In the review exercise for the containing the size of the civil service in June 2000, the Department committed to speeding up the run-down of DLF as suggested by the Public Accounts Committee and the Audit Commission and planned to disband the DLF in 2000/01. Since the launch of the Voluntary Retirement (VR) Scheme on 3 July 2000, there has been positive response to the VR Scheme from HyD staff in the grades of Senior Artisan, Artisan, Workman II, Timekeeper and Chainman. And, DGG has agreed that the Department may use the Chainman vacancies arising from the VR Scheme to tackle the surplus staff problem in the DLF, particularly the surplus Artisans. It is therefore anticipated that after the release of the VR applicants on or after 31 December 2000, the remaining Senior Artisan, Artisan and Workman II staff in the DLF can be readily absorbed through internal redeployment. Administration Division

Answers to last issue's quiz: 1) 2) 3) 4) Tate's Cairn Tunnel Cheung Tsing Tunnel Tseung Kwan O Tunnel Tai Lam Tunnel Winners of last issue's quiz AU YEUNG Hok-leung CHAN Wai-fong CHAN Kin-man LEUNG Yin-ling Ivy LAI STO(C) ACO WM II ACO PS


Q1. 2 highway projects won 3 prizes at the `Election of 10 Engineering Wonders in Hong Kong'. Please indicate which two projects they are? a) Western Harbour Crossing and Lantau Link b) Lantau Link and Route 3 c) Lantau Link and North Lantau Highway Q2. There are 11 vehicular tunnels in Hong Kong. How many of them are toll-free? a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 Q3. Which is the shortest toll vehicular tunnel? a) Airport Tunnel b) Lion Rock Tunnel c) Tseung Kwan O Tunnel Q4. Highways Department was established on 1 June 1986. Who was the first Director of Highways? a) James Blake b) H Beaton c) S K Kwei




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