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ANR Week The Great Lakes: Learning from the Past, Looking Towards the Future Participant List

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

John Ablao Mattawan Consolidated Schools [email protected] Ador Ahme Detroit Zoological Society [email protected] Christine Aiello Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment [email protected] Michael Allen Ingham County Health Department [email protected] Mary Anderson US Army Corps of Engineers [email protected] Sven Anderson Goodrich High School [email protected] Vicki Anderson NRCS [email protected] Lisa Appel Cranbrook Institute of Science [email protected] Michael Averill City of Wyoming [email protected] Barbara Aylesworth Engineering Society of Detroit [email protected] Doina Balcacean Detroit Public Schools [email protected] Stacey Barnard Stevenson Middle School [email protected] Chip Barr [email protected] Jon Bartholic Institute of Water Research, MSU [email protected] Jon Bateman DTE Energy [email protected] Ted Batterson MSU Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife & NCRAC [email protected] Carl Baumgras Osceola County Parks Director [email protected] Jan Baumgras Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park [email protected] Michael Beaulac MI Dept. Natural Resources & Environment [email protected] John Beck [email protected] Jim Bence Fisheries and Wildlife, MSU [email protected] Jennifer Bennett Oxford Schools [email protected] Aaron Berger Fisheries and Wildlife [email protected] Debbie Beroff [email protected] Mary Bohling MI Sea Grant [email protected] Joshua Booker Fisheries and Wildlife [email protected] Harvey Bootsma University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee [email protected] Mark Breederland MI Sea Grant Extension [email protected] Shannon Briggs Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources & Environment [email protected] Donald Brown WMU Chemistry Emeritus [email protected] Scott Brown Michigan Lake and Stream Associations [email protected] Tom Bruno Orchard View High School Social Studies [email protected] Connor Burkett Goodrich High School [email protected] Pete Butchko USDA - Wildlife Services [email protected] Brent Call LakePro, Inc. [email protected] Michael Campana MI Legislative Service Bureau [email protected] Bill Carpenter Michigan State University [email protected] Jon Chinnery MDNRE [email protected] Christopher Clampitt DNRE/LWMD [email protected] Koren Clinkscale Southfield Public Schools [email protected] Nicole Conaway Detroit Public Schools [email protected] Jim Corbett Tappan Middle School Ann Arbor Public Schools [email protected] Mark Coscarelli [email protected] Chris Costa CTU [email protected] Christine Crissman Inland Seas Education Association [email protected] William David Science Fowlerville Jr. High [email protected] Shaun Davis Thornapple Kellogg Schools [email protected] Ken DeBeaussaert Office of the Great Lakes [email protected] Scott DeBoe Consumers Energy [email protected] Roger DeHondt Teacher Assistant for Environmental labs [email protected] Sheryle DeHondt Rochester Community Schools - Reuther [email protected]

Steve Demick St. Clair County Health Department [email protected] Kurt Dennis [email protected] Eckhart Dersch Dept. of CARRS/ Retired [email protected] Kenneth DeVries [email protected] Jack Dingledine US Fish & Wildlife Service [email protected] Sandra Diorka Delhi Charter Township [email protected] Austin Douglas [email protected] Bernard K. Doyle Jr. Advocate [email protected] Sean Duffey [email protected] Alexander Duncanson [email protected] Sherry Duncanson [email protected] Dianna Dziekan Fisheries and Wildlife/MSU [email protected] Randy Earnest District Health Dept. # 10 [email protected] Abigail Eaton MI Department of Agriculture [email protected] Roger Eberhardt Michigan Office of the Great Lakes [email protected] Melissa Eck [email protected] John Elsinga Delhi Charter Township [email protected] Randy Eshenroder Great Lakes Fishery Commission [email protected] Karin Fender Mattawan Consolidated Schools [email protected] Kevin Ferguson, CTU [email protected]


Peter Filpansick LakePro, Inc. [email protected] Emily Finnell DNRE-Office of the Great Lakes [email protected] Larry Fischer Center for Integrated Toxicology [email protected] Burr Fisher US Fish & Wildlife Service [email protected] Mark Fitzpatrick Ada Township Parks [email protected] Cindy Fitzwilliams-Heck Department of Biological Sciences [email protected] JoAnn Flejszar Oakridge High School [email protected] Meghan Foley [email protected] Ronald French, CDM [email protected] Ester Fuchs [email protected] Christine Gleason MS and HS Science Teacher at Greenhills School [email protected] David Gordon US Fish & Wildlife Service [email protected] Sean Gray Salem High School Science [email protected] William Green Monroe County Intermediate School District [email protected] Rich Greenwood Great Sailing-Great Partners-Great Lakes: Keeping the Lakes Great [email protected] Michael Gregg Michigan Dept. of Agriculture [email protected] Jennifer Groat Canton High School [email protected] Theresa Groth MSU CARRS [email protected]

Carole Gutteridge North Road Elementary [email protected] Kimberly Hall The Nature Conservancy [email protected] Jerry Hamelink [email protected] Karla Hammond Pennfield Schools [email protected] Debra Handschumacher Detroit Public School Science/Math Teacher 4th gr. [email protected] Sharon Hanshue DNRE [email protected] Denise Harig [email protected] Sue Hauxwell Calhoun County Health Department [email protected] Constanza Hazelwood Great Lakes Water Studies Institute [email protected] Rebecca Heckman Inland Lakes Schools [email protected] John Hesse Fisheries and Wildlife [email protected] Phyllis Higman [email protected] Rick Hobrla Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources & Environment [email protected] Kelly Hon Michigan Rural Water Association [email protected] Victoria Hornik-Rosinski Teacher Cabrini High School - Allen Park, MI [email protected] Chad Impellizzeri [email protected] Val Impellizzeri Elk Rapids Science [email protected] Gary Inman science Rochester Adams h.s. [email protected]

2010 Great Lakes Conference: Learning from the Past, Looking Towards the Future

Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones Water Resources, Lakeshore Environmental, [email protected] Bruce Johnson Science Chair/Livonia Public Schools [email protected] James Johnson MDA [email protected] Peggy Johnson Clinton River Watershed Council [email protected] Bob Kavetsky [email protected] Karen Kelly John D. Pierce Middle School [email protected] Thomas Kelly Inland Seas Education Association [email protected] Niles Kevern Fisheries & Wildlife (emeritus) [email protected] Wayne Kiefer Central Michigan University [email protected] Lori Kindsvatter Pewamo-Westphalia HS Science Chairperson [email protected] Jeffery King King & MacGregor Environmental, Inc. [email protected] Brian Klatt Michigan Natural Features Inventory [email protected] Stu Kogge JF New [email protected] Heather Kortlandt Otsego High School [email protected] Mark Koschmann St. Johns Lutheran School [email protected] Lisa Koski [email protected] Melinda Koslow National Wildlife Federation [email protected] Christine Kosmowski City of Battle Creek [email protected]


Heather Kuehneman Detroit Public Schools [email protected] Mark Kutches Orchard View School District [email protected] Claire Lannoye Detroit Zoological Society [email protected] Jo Latimore MSU Fisheries and Wildlife [email protected] Julie Leavitt Baseline Middle School [email protected], [email protected] Andrew LeBaron Michigan DNRE [email protected] Mark Lesinski US Army Corps of Engineers [email protected] Neva Li [email protected] Kristin Linderman Michigan Department of Agriculture [email protected] Julie Loehr MSU Press [email protected] Colleen Lohr [email protected] Gerrie Long [email protected] John Long Retired [email protected] Gary Longton DTE Energy [email protected] Charlie Lyon Ocqueoc River Watershed Commission [email protected] Jon MacDonagh-Dumler Institute of Water Research [email protected] Gerry Mackie Water Systems Analysts/ University of Guelph [email protected] Bruce MacQueen [email protected]

Mike Mansour Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education [email protected] Jeanne Marshall Cherryland Middle School [email protected] Mirja Marshall US Army Corps of Engineers [email protected] Heather Mason [email protected] Bethany Matousek MI Department of Transportation [email protected] Peg McComb-Elowski SVSU [email protected] Andy McGlashen [email protected] Maureen McGowan 7th grade science teacher [email protected] Peter McInnes St. Clair Shores Waterfront Environmental Committee [email protected] Charles McKeown Land Policy Programs, Michigan State University [email protected] JoAnn Merrick State of Michigan [email protected] JoAnn Merrick State of Michigan [email protected] Caleb Miller St. Johns High School [email protected] Kip Miller MI Deptartment of Agriculture [email protected] Jim Mottern [email protected] Loraine Mottern [email protected] Ken Mroczkowski MDNRE [email protected] Cheryl Murphy Fisheries and Wildlife [email protected]

2010 Great Lakes Conference: Learning from the Past, Looking Towards the Future

Michael Murray National Wildlife Federation [email protected] Linda Mussio [email protected] Jared Myers MSU Dept Fisheries & Wildlife [email protected] Jo Ann Neal Detroit Zoological Society [email protected] Betle Nebel [email protected] Kathy Neff Master Naturalist, Kent MSU Extension [email protected] Tammy Newcomb MDNRE Fisheries Division [email protected] Tina Newman Pennfield High School [email protected] Bruce Noble [email protected] David Noyes Earth/Environmental Science Teacher [email protected] David Nyberg Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Legislative Affairs Manager [email protected] Dan O'Keefe Michigan Sea Grant [email protected] Gretchen O'Neal [email protected] Chi-ok Oh MSU CARRS [email protected] Elizabeth Orok Detroit Public School [email protected] Ron Overton Watertown Charter Township [email protected] Kelli Paige Great Lakes Observing System [email protected] Stephanie Patil Oakland County Conservation Steward Volunteer [email protected]


Scott Peacor Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife [email protected] Michael Penskar Michigan Natural Features Inventory, MSUE [email protected] Julia Perez MSU Libraries [email protected] Kimberly Peters Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, MSU [email protected] Chuck Pistis Michigan Sea Grant Extension-Central Region [email protected] Andrea Polverento Watertown Township [email protected] Diane Pope Beecher Community Schools [email protected] Sarah Pregitzer Grant Public Schools -retired [email protected] Joe Pullen U.S. Coast Guard Aux [email protected] Shivaugn Rayl Public Sector Consultants [email protected] Mike Reed Detro [email protected] David Reid [email protected] Bob Reider DTE Energy [email protected] Elizabeth Rice St. Paul Elementary School [email protected] Mark Ridgway Harkness Laboratory of Fisheries Research [email protected] John Riley MDNRE [email protected] Gary Rinkenberger USDA-NRCS [email protected]

Catherine Riseng University of Michigan - SNRE [email protected] Gary Rodabaugh Biology/Ferris State University [email protected] Kristin Rohrbeck Almont High School [email protected] Brent Ross Orchard View High School [email protected] Kathleen Ryan USDA-NRCS [email protected] Derek Sale Detroit Public Schools- Paul Robeson Academy [email protected] Julie Sanford Cornerstone University [email protected] Guy Savin Savin Lake Services Inc. [email protected] Chris Savona Michigan Department of Agriculture [email protected] Darlene Scherer Detroit Public Schools [email protected] Robert Schodorf Lake Michigan College [email protected] Brandon Schroeder Michigan Sea Grant [email protected] Fellicia Searles-Powell [email protected] Michelle Selzer MI Dept. of Natural Resources and Environment [email protected] Sarah Shepard Webberville Secondary Schools [email protected] Julie Sims MDNRE [email protected] Michael Slaughter Environmental Education Consultant [email protected]

2010 Great Lakes Conference: Learning from the Past, Looking Towards the Future

John Smith [email protected] Stephanie Smith Institute of Water Research, MSU [email protected] Deb Snell MDNRE [email protected] Todd Starry Saint Louis Public Schools [email protected] Steve Stewart Michigan Sea Grant Extension [email protected] Rochelle Sturtevant NOAA GLSGN/GLERL [email protected] Carol Swinehart Michigan Sea Grant [email protected] Jason Tafilowski [email protected] Chuck Taricska USGS Michigan Water Science Center [email protected] Susan Tate Whitehall Middle School [email protected] Bill Taylor Fisheries and Wildlife [email protected] DIna Tehrani [email protected] Amelio The Thomas M. Cooley Law Student [email protected] Kathleen Thompson [email protected] Robert Tonti Prevail Academy [email protected] Tom Torongo State of Michigan [email protected] Lynn Vaccaro, Michigan Sea Grant L[email protected] Thomas Valli Legislative Service Bureau [email protected] Carol Valor State of Michigan MDNRE [email protected]


Hans VanSumeren NMC - Great Lakes Water Studies Institute [email protected] Marc Verhougstraete Fisheries and Wildlife-MSU [email protected] Cheryl Vosburg City of Marshall [email protected] Shannon Walker [email protected] Howard Wandell Mi. Ch. N. Am. Lake Mgt. Soc. [email protected] Kyoko Wandell [email protected] Melissa Warburton Carman Ainsworth Middle School [email protected] David Wardwell Dune Technolgies, LLC [email protected] Ron Waybrant FTCH [email protected] Amy Weesies Oakridge High School [email protected] Lisa Weise Holt Public Schools [email protected] Robert Welch Lansing Community College [email protected] Donna Wesander Michigan DNRE [email protected] Joseph Wieten Rochester Adams H.S. Science [email protected] Joseph Wieten Rochester Public Schools [email protected] Ron Wildey Orchard View Science Department [email protected] Lisa Wininger Plainwell community Schools/MSTA [email protected] Lois Wolfson Michigan State University [email protected]

Michael Woods Greenpeace [email protected] Asa Wright Consultant [email protected] Shinya Yuge MSU Dept Fisheries & Wildlife [email protected] Jack Zatirka Supply Chain Specialist [email protected] Ulrika Zay MDOT - Environmental [email protected] Tao Zhang Michigan State University [email protected] Dennis Zimmerman P.S.B.W. ; SPAC [email protected]

2010 Great Lakes Conference: Learning from the Past, Looking Towards the Future


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