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Within 48 hours spare parts will be delivered

Give us a call . The in-house production of the units, pumps, or jets guaranties a perfect quality of the spare parts.

Our in-house production of the high-pressure system is the source of our know-how, and in pumps construction. Well known safag pumps, which are used since over 50 years global wide. Assembly The complet unit assembly, electric and hydraulic, is done in-house by experienced technics specialists. Custom made special units We design high pressure systems to your individual need, to achieve high rentability with your machine as well as production. Customer coaching and training We support you in personal, and operating, maintenance of the hydro-fluid unit. Well trained technician obtain full benefit from the new technic. previous named Safag France

High-pressure cooling lubricant system

in the service of machine tools transforms a static energy in dynamic energy: · a concentrated high-pressure jet · power increased output · stable tolerance · higher rentability

Professional service All components of high-pressure cooling lubricant system, are in stock for your immediate availability.

Test area Each and all of our pump units follows a run-in process in our test area, to garanty performances. Where performance matter, hydro-fluid system has no equal.

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hydro-fluid, previous named Safag France

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ibis Hotel

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Direction Annemasse ca. 8 Km Route de Chène Rue de Genève

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Rue de Genève

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Paris, Marseille, Lyon

Grenoble, Annecy Hydro - Fluid 8, impasse de la Soierie F -74100 AMBILLY Tél. 04 50 38 28 61 Fax 04 50 38 97 58

Italie, Turin, Mt. Blanc

TTechnical modifications reserved· E 700 · 5-09




With the hydro-fluid System, the impossible will become possible

· in all finnishing and any cutting machine tools · extra ordinary surface qualitys achievement · deep hole drilling 40 times ø fluent work face · with respektabel high productivity Some application examples:

Jewelry Medical, difficult material Ceramic Maschine tools, aerospace, automotive, electronic, instruments, food

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Further development in all materials Gold, Silver, Platinum, Titan, Brass, Inox, Monel, Linconel, Aluminium, Cupper etc. at exact hight pressure lubricant cooling point, the latest technology with only little wastage.

Instruments and medical products Performance from 70% and nevertheless perfekt surface as shown on picture above 120 mm screw with a clean deep hole ø1,8 mm, without a burr, with a smooth clean surface.

NEW: We have a rational and industrial milling technology for ceramic with a lubricant cooling development, involving filtering, pressure, temperature and stable temperatures.

Radiator aluminium, deep plunge-cut The hydro-fluid high pressure cooling lubricant system: · allows higher cutting values and improves tool life · a system solution, tailored to your application.

Inox steel 316, without burr · reduses the burr · stabilize the machine and workpiece temperature for high precision · cleans workpiece and clamping · optimal flushing with a precise high pressure jet.

Deep hollow out · the high-pressure jet works direct in the cutting zone with uninterruped lubricant film · the compact flush jet with no mist flume the chips efficiently away.

More examples:

drill in titan ø1,3 mm x120 mm drill in steel 120 kg ø 0,8 mm x 45 mm

The solution at thermcal variation in dimension during production

system makes a stabel machine temperature, and achives respetabel high productivity, through optimal dimension tolerances as well as after a long production interruptiont.

ø ø1 1.8 x ø 0 .3 x 12 12 0 ø 0 .8 0 .6 x x 47 27

Cooling lubricant jet without mist, with uninterruped lubricant film exact on the cutting edge.


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start 08:00 stop 24:00 start 08:00





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The hydro-fluid high pressure system will be tailored to your specific production

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100 µm

· It starts with our development in-hous production · To place the hydro-fluid aggregate on your machine tool · Installation of the conduit network to the tools provided with optimal jet nozzles · Connecting the electronic interfaces for the dialog with your machine

Filter 20 µ m Pap er ierfilt sons tige F ilter Druc k c) Druc k b) Temp ohne eratu rstab iliesie rung




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The hydro-fluid System We tailore solutions of high-pressure units, nter gsce eitun Bearb rtige hr mefor different maschine typs, or materials to nwä ege en 5 Fräs 2. G strie specific needs: 4 en ilindu dreh mob 3 -Typ Lang Auto inen 2 · Electric control, low tension, power tenasch M nik 1 2.1 en ltech Dreh izina en sion, compressed air, control unit, switches Med schin hl Ma ie Anza dustr and relays, ... uckin chm ng S ndu nwe · Pumps, propeller- , piston- or gear-pumps, .2 A ustrie 2 iter t ug nind 000L nzep erkze Uhre 400/1 as W l-Ko auf d lküh self priming, ... Spü cker g hdru 00Lit rkzeu Hoc · Temperatur stabilization unit, central, 100/3 s We 2.3 h da n durc lume kvo in individuell or pipe net, ... /Tan 20l/m enge 75-1 erm Förd · Filters, self cleaning, no maintenance, fine in 2.4 5l/m 30-7 micro net from 20 to 150 microns,... · Machine tank filtering, back washing, metallfilter, automatic controled,... · Pressure valves, in high precision, manuell or electric controled, ... · Electric valves, controled by CNC or by machine codes, ... · Conduits, pipe network to the tools with individuel nozzles, each nozzle is controled by separate valve, ... · Jet nozzles, a large selection of nozzles for different and several applications are available.


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Chip flow in clean teeth The special twin-jet nozzle, removes clearly all chips between teeths guarantees for better cutting surfaces.

asse nem38 97 58 0 An m 7410 4 50 · F -ax: (33) 0ydro-flu e id la Soieri 1 · F www.h 6 -Flu ydro asse de0 38 28 · H p a 5 8, im(33) [email protected] Tél: ro-fluid hyd

Never again Curly chips or chips clusters, which hinder the production, will never be an issue. Benchmark for a chip flow The high pressure cooland is the scale like a very deep hole can be drilled without interruption, exp. ø1,8 x120 mm. The chips are transported by the high pressure flushing.

We invite you to the hydro-fluid system to expand

Work piece 1400 The impossible is achievable exp. : ø 0,6 x 27 mm, ø 0,8 x 47 mm ø 1.8 x 120 mm 1000 More production hours with less service maintenance Increases production with precisely directed high pressure flushing no longer built up edge on tool tip 800 More production hours with less waste, scrap

Optimal nozzels Various forms of jet nozzles (round, flat, oval, etc....) and spry pipe forms guide the beam precisely to the cutting edge, without spraying, ensures a constant film of lubricant direct cutting zone. Within halfe the time We transform lost time into productive time. We are your partner.

Meche botec dia 3,4 longueur 1mm17 200 160 120 80 40 bar

100 bar litres/min 4,00

production volume increases

More production hours with longer service life for tools

Increases production with high pressure flushing an optimum chip removal Standard production

200 Spülmenge für vorgegebener Druck 160 200bar 200 120 160 80 40 120




Maximum performance of flush jet For each flush pipe, or nozzle, there is a maximum amount of a certain pressure. From this point on, increases the amount no further.

0 1,00 2,00 Spiralbohrer 1,1 x 20

Einspritzdüse ø 0,6 x 30 mm


170 bar

80 40 0

45 35 Ölbohrung Durchmesser 4 mm bar







liter/min 0,04

190 bar


liter/min 1,6

hours of production to increase 4






25 15 5 0 0,3 0,4

15 bar liter/min 0,6



Program of high-pressure aggregates in constant evolution

· Each high pressure units are standard, and we adapt it to your production machine · One hydro-fluid can deliver several machine tools optimaly · A hydro-fluid system is an investment amortized in a short time, instant return of your investment

High-pressure Aggregate

High-pressure Aggregate with temperatur stabilization

Automatic filter unit, maintenance free, (back wash filter)

Temperatur stabilization unit

Pump for konstant high pressure

All hydro-fluid units are designed for both lubricant cooling, oil or emulsion. The filters demand no maintenance they are self cleaning.

Gear pump ugv Settling tank 30 l / min, max. 15 bar, On request, with paper filter for all and any typs of machines.

HP1 one or multi service connection Conveying capacity: 30 / 75 l / min Filter: 20 / 50 / 100 micron Pressure: 40 bar , 70 l / min or 170 bar, 9 l/min Automatic self cleaning Length 1100 / 1200 mm Width 560 / 800 mm Hight 720 / 1200 mm Tank capacity 100 / 300 Liter Weight empty 180 / 340 kg.

HP3 one or multi service connection Conveying capacity: 30 / 75 l / min Filter: 20 / 50 / 100 micron Pressure: 40 bar / 70 l / min Automatic self cleaning Lenght 1600 / 1800 mm Width 820 / 1200 mm Hight 1500 mm Tank capacity 400 / 1000 Liter Weight empty 350 / 500 kg Temperatur stabilization +/­10° Option: aditional pumpe integrated Pressure 170 bar, 9 l / min.

Filtering unit UF 100 Automatic filtering 20 / 50 / 100 micron Conveying capacity 75­120 l / min On request, with automatic backwash filter.

Temperatur stabilization unit 5600 watt 13000 watt Conveying capacity 75­120 l / min On request, with automatic back wash filter.

Gear pump ugv 2002 Automatic back wash filter 30 l / min, max. 15 bar, for all and any typs of machines.

M8 x

Example of hydro-fluid system With 10 micron filtering 150 bar, 9 l/min, 40 bar 75 l/min Temperatur stabilization Tailored only according to customer request. Example with optimal use of floor space The hydro-fluid unit is used as a mesuring table. Optimal jet nozzels Different nozzel forms are available, which guides the jet to the cutting zone without mist. For a perfect cutting condition, a lubricated film in a perfect hit in a precisely chip removal zone is secured.



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