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202-366-0656 E21-306



Tonya Stevenson, Special Asst. 202-366-0683 *Emilia Cabrera, Exec. Asst. 202-366-0656

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INFORMATION CENTER (800) HMR49-22 (800) 467-4922 202-366-4488 (local) Fax 202-366-3753 FAX-ON-DEMAND (800) 467-4922 X 2



Vacant 202-366-8186

International Standards Coordinator Duane Pfund


Vacant 202-366-5124

Billy Hines, Acting Interim Director

E24-314 STANDARDS AND RULEMAKING PHH-10 202-366-8553 Fax 202-366-7435 E21-312 ENGINEERING AND RESEARCH PHH-20 202-366-4545 Fax 202-366-3650

Duane Pfund, Acting Director Charles Hochman, Sr Tech. Officer Elizabeth Pridgen, Admin.Support Asst.

Charles Betts, Division Director

Delmer Billings, Sr. Reg. Advisor Carolyn Drakeford, Program Asst.

Vacant, Division Director

Ryan Paquet, Division Director

Renee Coleman, Admin. Support Asst.

E21-304 APPROVALS AND PERMITS PHH-30 202-366-4511 Fax 202-366-3308

Vacant, Division Director Tom Kiddy, Acting Director

Dave Sargent, Sr. Training Specialist Carla Sheppard, Cust.Serv.Trainee OUTREACH AND TRAINING, PHH-51 202-366-4900 Ruben Ingram, T&I Spec. Eileen Wentland, T&I Spec. Nancy White, Project Leader Alex Armstrong, T&I Spec. Jean Allen, T&I Spec. Peter Heitzmann, Program Spec. Candace Simon, Training Officer Suzette Paes, Program Analyst Vacant, T&I Spec. GRANTS/REGISTRATIONS, PHH-52 202-366-0001 202-366-4109 Charles Rogoff, Sr. Grants Spec. Kyra Stewart, Sr. Prog. Analyst Andre White, Grants Spec. Windy Hamilton, Grants Spec. Suezett Edwards, Prog. Spec. Crystal Catlett, Grants Spec. Lisa Reichenbacher, Grants Spec. David Donaldson, Regis. Prog. Mgr. Vacant, Program Spec. Phyllis Curtis, Admin. Support Asst.

E23-304 OUTREACH, TRAINING AND GRANTS PHH-50 202-366-4900 Fax 202-366-7342

E21-310 PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT PHH-60 202-366-4484 Fax 202-366-3753

Vacant, Division Director Felicia Boyd, Acting Director

David Lehman, Sr. Research Analyst *Nicole Lebeaux, Sr. Admin Asst. RISK, DATA & PROGRAM REVIEW PHH-61 202-366-4555 Ron DiGregorio, Trans. Analyst Kin Wong, Gen. Engr. Michelle Glode, Operations Res. Analyst Aaron Mitchell, Program Analyst Yolanda Braxton, Prog. Analyst Trainee Vacant, Economist BUDGET AND ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT, PHH-62 Dell Sidbury, Team Leader Frank Lisak, Program Support Asst. Maria Howard, Executive Asst.

STANDARDS DEVELOPMENT, PHH-11 Ben Supko, Acting Chief Helen Engrum, Tr. Reg. Spec. Deborah Boothe, Tr. Reg. Spec. Kurt Eichenlaub, Tr. Reg. Spec. Dirk Der Kinderen, Tr. Reg. Spec. Agnes Trolia, Admin. Asst. Lisa Winter, Tr. Reg. Spec. Kevin Leary, Program Spec. REGULATORY REVIEW AND REINVENTION, PHH-12 Joan McIntyre, Tr. Reg. Spec. Eileen Edmonson, Tr. Reg. Spec. Michael Stevens, Tr. Reg. Spec. Matthew Nickels, Tr. Reg. Spec. Steven Andrews, Tr. Reg. Spec. Robert Benedict, Tr. Reg. Spec. Alice Dodd, Admin. Support Asst. INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS, PHH-13 202-366-0656 Shane Kelley, Int'l. Std. Spec. Vacant, Int'l Std. Spec.

Vacant, Chief

SCIENCES, PHH-21 Richard Boyle, Acting Chief Jim Williams, Hlth. Physicist Michael Conroy, Phys. Sci. Charles Ke, Chemist Vacant, Chemist Spencer Watson, Chemist Steve Hwang, Chemist Vacant, Chemist Joe Nicklous, Phys. Sci. ENGINEERING, PHH-22 Mark Toughiry, Acting Chief Stan Staniszewski, Mech. Engr. Cheryl West Freeman, Gen. Engr. Brian Moore, Gen. Engr. Leonard Majors, Gen. Engr. Benjamin Moore, Gen. Engr. Refaat Shafkey, Gen. Engr. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT, PHH-23

Vacant, Chief

GENERAL APPROVALS AND PERMITS, PHH-31 202-366-4535 Michelle Ford, Tr. Assistant Diane LaValle, Sr. Tr. Spec. Vacant, Tr. Spec. Kenny Herzog, Tr. Spec. Darral Relerford, Tr. Spec. Arthur Pollack, T&I Spec. Michael Burkhardt, Tr. Spec. Stacey Green-Grey, Tr. Spec. Michael Nicks, Tr. Spec. Tony Gale, Student Trainee ENERGETIC MATERIALS, PHH-32 202-366-3987 Eleanor Lawson, Tr. Assistant Vallary Maxey, Sr. Tr. Spec. Neal Gasser, Tr. Spec. Brian Vos, Tr. Spec. Jackie Herrera, Tr. Spec. Andrea Dunham, Tr. Spec. Micah Wild, Student Trainee PRESSURE VESSELS, PHH-33 202-366-4512 Diane Jones, Tr. Assistant Linda Cooper, Tr. Spec. Benjamin Smith, Tr. Spec. RECORDS CENTER 202-366-5046 Fax 202-366-3753 *Barbara Alston

Donald Burger, Chief

Tom Kiddy, Chief

ENFORCEMENT, FITNESS AND OPERATIONS PHH-40 202-366-4700 Fax 202-366-7435 Douglas Smith, Enforcement Officer Vincent Mercadante, Nat'l Field Training Officer David Clark, Investigator/Trainer Norm Winningham, Investigator/Trainer Daniel Derwey, Sr. Investigator LeAndrew Wilson, Enf. Officer Asst. Julia Koehler, Admin. Support Asst. Jose Rufino, Co-Op Student Felix Gonzalez, Investigator William Arrington, Co-Op *Linda Wise, Admin. Asst. SPECIAL INVESTIGATIONS PHH-41 202-366-4700 / Fax 202-366-7435 *Tanika Dyson, Sr. Admin. Asst. Robert Lynch, Sr. Investigator Karen Plessas, Sr. Investigator Wayne Chaney, Sr. Investigator Anthony Lima, Sr. Investigator Ernest Quail, Sr. Investigator Alan Carson, Investigator Edward Rastetter, Investigator Gail Twitty, Investigator Asst. Reggie Dunn, HMSAT Nation'l Capitol Region Eastern Region Office, PHH-42 West Trenton, NJ 609-989-2256 / Fax 609-989-2277

Central Region Office, PHH-43 Des Plaines, IL 847-294-8580 / Fax 847-294-8590 *Angie Bendl, Admin. Asst. Bob Clatterbuck, Sr. Investigator Fred Simmons, Investigator Guadalupe Castellanos, Investigator Ted Turner, Investigator Terry Pollard, Investigator Mark Razny, Investigator Patrick Lease, Investigator Jaime Espinoza, Investigator Timothy Buffum, Investigator Shirley McNew, HMSAT Western Region Office, PHH-44 Ontario, CA 909-937-3279 / Fax 909-390-5142 *Jane Gaona, Admin. Asst. Vacant, Sr. Investigator Kameron Walch, Investigator Laura Kwilinski, Investigator Wendell Woodson, Investigator April Charnota, Investigator Renee Silva, Investigator Jack Whitley, HMSAT Southwest Region Office, PHH-45 Houston, TX 713-272-2820 / Fax 713-272-2821 Robert Strollo, Acting Director Thomas Lynch, Sr. Investigator Dollie DeWalt, Investigator Shawn Daniels, Investigator Tay Rucker, Investigator Chevella Smith, Investigator Israel Mallard, Investigator Kingsely Ejiogu, Co-Op Michael Roberts, HMSAT Southern Region Office, PHH-46 Atlanta, GA 404-832-1140 / Fax 404-832-1168 *Janetta Whatley, Admin. Asst. Marc Nichols, Sr. Investigator William Stevens, Investigator Sean Lynum, Investigator Bob Burns, Investigator Robert DiGiacomandrea, Investigator Kimberly Taisee, Investigator Matt Ripley, Investigator Randy Dick Investigator Stu Streak, HMSAT

Kevin Boehne, Director

Shelley Negrete, Director

Glenn Foster, Chief

Vacant, Chief

Harpreet Singh, Chief

Scott Simmons, Director

Billy Hines, Director

James Simmons, Acting Chief

Duane Cassidy, Chief

Colleen Abbenhaus, Director

*Carolyn Callaghan, Admin. Asst. Christopher Michalski, Sr. Investigator Gary McGinnis, Investigator Margaret Carson, Investigator Mitchell Brown, Investigator Vasco Espinoza, Investigator Patrick Dirkin, Investigator Katlin Matecki, Co-Op Anthony Murray, HMSAT

*Contract Staff Temporary Details

John Heneghan, Director


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