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Hydronic Piping Symbols for AutoCAD®, and AutoCAD®-compatible software

Appropriate Designs is pleased to announce the availability of the HYDROSYM symbol library for AutoCAD®, and AutoCAD®-compatible drawing software. This symbol library contains 99 full color, fully proportioned symbols based on the piping schematics used in the text Modern hydronic Heating 2nd Edition by John Siegenthaler, P.E.

All Symbols and starter drawings are provided as .DWG vector image files, compatible with AutoCAD® release 2000, and 2004. All symbols and starter drawings are also provided as PDF files for reference. Symbols are grouped into palette as follows: · Hydronic Heat sources · Hydronic heat Emitters · Valves · Miscellaneous Symbols · User Defined symbols

gate valve globe valve ball valve swing-check valve flow-check valve spring-loaded check valve hose bib / boiler drain TRV (straight) TRV angle manual 3-way valve zone valve

pressure reducing valve diff. pressure bypass 3-way thermostatic

4-way motorized mixing valve 3-way motorized mixing valve pressure relief valve

butterfly valve 2-way thermostatic valve purging valve

circuit setter

VALVES The HYDROSYM library also provides eight basic piping schematic "starter drawings": · Simple series circuit · Diverter tee system For more information or to order visit: · Zoning with zone circulator · Zoning with zone valves · Parallel direct return system · Parallel reverse return system · Homerun distribution system · Primary / secondary system

This palette is shown as a vector image. Zoom in to the PDF file to see the detail of the symbols.

to / from other space heating zone circuits

This schematic is shown as a vector image. Zoom in to the PDF file to see the detail of the symbols. Other images on this sheet are 144 dpiJPEGs.

This schematic image is shown as a low resolution JPEG image which is not as sharp as the vector objects supplied in the HYDROSYM product. Zoom in on the piping schematic in the lower right corner the see the "crispness" of a true vector image.

differential pressure bypass valve

This symbol library allows you to develop detailed, full-color piping schematics for modern hydronic systems. All symbols are fully editable and can further modified if desired to expand you symbol library.


indirect DHW tank



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