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Commercial & Military Diving, Survey, Subsea & Marine Equipment




Advanced Marine is proud to be the Distributor for the world renowned Helmets & Masks

SuperLite Hemets

KMB Band Masks EXO Full Face Mask

Dive Control Systems

UK's Largest Compressor Manufacturer

· Portable & Stationary Breathing Air Systems for Diving, Drilling Rigs, Military, Industrial & Marine B.A. Sets · Aircooled 3.5 to 30 C.F.M/100 to 860 ltr/min · Watercooled 35 to 144 C.F.M / 1000 to 4100 ltr/min · Pressure to 6,000 psi /414 Bar · Fitted with M.D.E. Filter Sets · Advanced Marine Custom Built Systems

Stationary Silenced Type

30 C.F.M. with Offshore Frame

· Diving Industry Standard Analysers for -- O2, CO, CO2 N & He · Monitors for Depth, Temperature & Humidity · Nitrox -- Mini O2 · Hypergas Bell Analyser

· Air & Hellium Unscrambler Radio for Divers & Diving Systems · BIBS and Chamber Accessories · Therapeutic Oxygen Hoods · Water Fire Extinguisher for Air Diving Chamber

· Through-Water & Hardwire Communicatios & Diver Recall System for Sport, Commercial & Military · Diving Bell & Submersible Communications

Aquacom Buddy Phone

· Hand-Held and Boat Towed Metal Detectors · Proton Marine Magnetometer · Underwater Altimeter · Side Scan Sonar · Cable Tracker · Pingers & Pinger Receiver

Complete Range of Divers Apparel -- Mask, Fins, Knives, Gloves, Gear Bag, Buoyancy Compensators, Wetsuits, Hotwater Suits, Drysuits Divers LED Torchlight, Booties & Accessories for Sport, Commercial & Military.

· PIRANHA ­ Cutting & Welding Monitor / Control & Safety Switch · Auto Darkening Underwater Welding Lens

· Largest Range of U/W & Harsh Environment Electrical Connectors · Epoxy, Stainless Steel & Rubber Moulded Types · 55 Series Compatible Connectors

· Well-known E.O. Wet Mateable Electrical Connectors · Moulded Pigtail and Bulkhead Types






Phone: 65-6265 8122 Fax: 65-6265 7591 Email: [email protected] Website:


· Military Mine Lifting Bags, Controlled Buoyancy System, Marker Buoys, Lifting Slings & Other Custom Products · Flexible Liquid Transport and Storage for Water & Other Fluids. Popular with the Military, Fire Brigades, Foresters, Farmers and Relief Agencies

· World Leader in Inflatable Lifting Bags, from 100kg to 35,000kg Capacity · Large Inventory of Totally Enclosed Buoyancy Bags for Pipeline Bottom Tows & Float-Outs Totally Enclosed Lifting Bags

Parachute Type Lifting Bags

· Drill, Chainsaw, Circular Saw, Grinder, Impact Wrench, Propeller Polisher etc. · Custom Offshore Hydraulic Power Pack · A.M Hose Reels & Hydraulic Hose

· Hydraulic Underwater Drilling System with Magnetic Base · Annulus Brooch Cutters 12 to 60mm Diameter

· The Ultimate U/W Cutting Tool for All Metals · SOFT & EASY Touch U/W Welding Rods · RAPIDFIRE - Chemical Rod Igniter

· Portable Oxygen/Arc Cutting System · Cut Thick Metals, Gouging, Pin Removal, Concrete etc. · Navy Damage Control System · TACTICAL Torch for Special Forces

· Most Powerful · For Commercial & Military Use

Handheld Metal Detectors · Underwater -- All Metals · Land -- All Metals with Discreet recognition · Military -- Mines & Ordinance

· Cygnus 1 Underwater Thickness Gauge has Become the Industry Standard Due to its Durability, Ruggedness, Ability to Ignore Coating & Extreme Ease of Use

· Rust Reader. A Completely Self Contained Measuring Probe Designed for Hand Held Diver Operation

· Biodegradable O2 Cleaning Fluid

· Specially Formulated to Meet the Performance Demands of Saturation Diving, Rebreather Diving, and Submarine Activities, Enabling Military, Commercial, Scientific, and recreational divers to Breathe Safely on Longer, Deeper Dives






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· Design and Manufacture of Pipeline Pig Monitoring Equipment and Data Communications Systems · Acoustic, Electromagnetic and Magnetic Technologies for Offshore and on Land Pipelines Including: · Acoustic Pingers / Receivers · Non Intrusive Pig Signaling Systems · Custom Built Technology

Performance Under Pressure UNDERWATER VIDEO CAMERA SPECIALISTS · · · · High Quality Survey and Inspection Cameras Rated to Full Ocean Depth Industry Standard ROV and Diver Lighting, Low Current Gas Discharge Lights Portable and Rack Mount Camera Control Units Seabattery, Sea Laser Transformers & UV Lights

· Real Time High Definition Imaging for Inspection & Identification of Underwater Objects. · ROV, Diver & Wellhead Versions. · Military Diver Heads Up Display Version

Using Sound to Make Sound Measurements

· The NEW "Centurion" Sea Scan® PC Splash Proof Computer System sets the industry standard for a high resolution, portable, self-contained, low cost sonar system

· · · · · · ·

Fibre Optic Gyros Sonars Video Overlays Motion Sensors Digital CD Meters Multiplexers. Custom Tooling & Products

Slip Rings -- Electrical, Fibre Optic, Fluid Union, Multi Way for Winches, Mooring Turrets & Rotating Equipment and Fibre Optic Modems

· Underwater Connectors and Penetrators Including the New Hybrid FO and Power Connectors · Custom Cables and Umbilicals. · Cable Moulding and Termination

· StrataBox Portable High Resolution Marine Sediment Imaging Sonar · Strata Resolution: 6cm with up to 40 Meters Bottom Penetration · Hydrographic Echo Sounders

· Electric Pan & Tilt · Colour Zoom & Low Light B&W Cameras · Wellhead TV & Hazardous Area Surveillance Systems

· Viperfish ­ 4 Channel High Resolution Digital Recorder · Viperfish Deep & Autonomous Subsea Versions · OPTIIV ­ Mobile Pan & Tilt / Zoom Security Camera / Display System






Phone: 65-6265 8122 Fax: 65-6265 7591 Email: [email protected] Website:


With Over 500 Vehicles sold in over 30 countries Deep Ocean Engineering is a world leader in the provision of robotic solutions for various underwater application. The new Vector series vehicle is the ultimate platform for the launch of the latest digital technology and advanced from 24 years of experience. The Vector's new breakthrough platform has the power, the space, and the ability to connect a large number of sensors. It has the ability to interface directly to Ethernet, RS232, and RS485 signals thus most traditional equipment is connected directly into the telemetry system. Plus it has multiple twisted pairs left over for other equipment. The small ROV is no longer just a camera.

LinkQuest is a leading manufacturer of precision acoustic instruments for the offshore industry. Their Underwater Acoustic Modems are an industry standard and have set technical performance records all over the world. The TrackLink Acoustic tracking systems are the worlds best selling USBL systems. Now LinkQuest are proving that their Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler and Doppler Velocity log are offering an excellent choice for these instruments as well.

Sonavision are world leaders in the field of underwater technology. Specializing in ROV sensors, imaging sonars, video, acoustic communications, seabed mapping systems, Mercury and Titan imaging sonars. RoxAnn Seabed classification system, Subcomm throughwater communications, Echo Altimeter, and the Centuar Bathymetric are all testament to the Sonavision Brand.



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HP Diving Compressors - Petrol, Electric & Diesel, - 3.5 to 30 CFM LP Diving Compressors - Electric & Diesel, - 45 & 90 CFM Decompression Chambers AM Std 1.5m DSI Superlite 37, Heliox 18B, EXO-26 Gas Dive Panels / Air Dive Panels Air Banks - 6 to 16 Cylinders Hydraulic Umbilical Hose Reels Haskel Booster Pumps

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Umbilicals - Diving, Welding / Cutting & Hydraulic Diver Radio & Throughwater Comms Analox Analysers ,Depth Monitor, O2, CO2 Underwater Lights ­ Various Wet Bell & Diving Stage Diver Deployment System Farallon Diver Propulsion Vehicle Analox Hyper-Gas Bell Analyser


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Baugh & Weedon Flooded Member Detector Cygnus 1 Underwater UT Gauge & Cygnus ROV UT Gauge ASAMS MPI System 3 ASAMS MPI System 12 Advanced Marine MPI System Fisher Pulse 8X Metal Detector Fisher Cable Tracker Fisher Mag 1 Diver Held Magnetometer Excalibur u/w Metal Detector Corrintec Rust Reader LinkQuest USBL Tracking Systems LinkQuest Modems

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LinkQuest FlowQuest Acoustic Current Profilers LinkQuest NavQuest Doppler Velocity Logs Online Pinger & Electromagnetic Signallers & Receivers Stratabox Sub Bottom Profiler & Survey Echo Sounders Survey Winches c/w Slip Ring DIDSON High Resolution Real Time Sonar Ocean Tools ­ Video Overlay, Sonar Bathy U/w Gyro Stratabox Marine Geophysical Instrument Sonavision Sonar, RoxAnn SIDUS Pan & Tilt Deep Ocean Engineering ROV's


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HTD (Hydratight) Flange Pullers HTD / Tentec Bolt Tensioning Equipment Umbilical Reels / Hydraulic Hose Reels Hydraulic Power Packs Flange Spreader Water Pumps, 150 HP Jetting Pumps, Air Lifts etc 400 Amp AC/DC Welding Machine High Pressure Tank for Instrument Pressure Testing HP Test Pump Hydraulic Winches ­ Man Riding Spec 7 Ton Hydraulic Crane c/w Winch

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Manta Ray Anchor Installation Equipment Grouting Equipment & 40 Ton Cement Silos 15,000 PSI Water blaster Stanley Hydraulic Underwater Tools JW Automarine Liftbags - From 500Kgs to 35 Tons Capacity Tornado Bolt Gun Wachs Pipe Cutter Subsea Industries Hull Cleaning Systems In-Water Test Tank ­ 730 cu. M Hydrobor Drilling Machine






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Coral Sea - Vertical

· 2,800 to 3,600 G.P.D.

World Leaders in Standard Production Watermakers, with Over 200 Servicing Dealers Worldwide

Tasman Sea

· 5,500 to 21,000 G.P.D.

Seafari Series

· 450 to 1,800 G.P.D. · Direct Drive or 110/220/380 VAC

Seafari Escape

· Modular or Compact · 200 to 600 G.P.D. · 12V, 24V, 115/230 VAC, 220 VAC

Coral Sea - Horizontal

· 4,200 to 6,800 G.P.D.

North Sea

· 11,000 to 44,000 G.P.D.

· Germicidal Ultraviolet Purification · Capacities 1 to 416 GPM · Stainless Steel Construction


· High-powered Strobe Lights for Lifebuoys, Surface markers, underwater location, etc. · Internal Batteries or External 12 VDC · Infra-Red Military Version -- AQ4IR

· Bow Thrusters -- 5 to 350 HP Electric or Hydraulic Drive Single & Dual Prop · Roll Fin Stabilizers · Scanning Sonar -- for Fishing & Bottom Profilling, Range up to 8km, Frequency 180 to 27KHz

· Hull Cleaning Systems · Propeller Polishing · Flexible Twin Brush for Hulls & Offshore Platforms · High Performance Motorised 3 Brush Hull Cleaner

Inflatable Stoppers for temporary plugging of all types of Pipes sizes from 4" to 70" Diameter. Underwater & Industrial Hydraulic Bolt-Tensioning & Flange Pulling Systems 1" - 31/2" Bolt Sizes

· Cast In-Situ Pre Filled · Applications - Free Span Correction - Pipe & Cable Stabilization & Protection - Anti-Scour Skirts · Full Range of Grouting Equipment, Cement Tanks & Services

Cement Injected Fabric Formwork

Moorings, Anchor Buoys, Signal Buoys, Pipelines Floating Docks, Scour Mats, Artificial Reefs, Intake Nets, Sheet Piling, Retaining Walls, Revetment Mats & Geogrids

Permanent Anchors






Phone: 65-6265 8122 Fax: 65-6265 7591 Email: [email protected] Website:


FDA-100 Synthetic Breathing Air Compressor Oil

MDE HP Air Filter

· Suitable for High & Low Pressure Compressors. · The Latest Development in Breathing Air-Compressor Lubrication

· High Pressure Breathing Air Filters · Pressure Rating up to 414 Bar · Flows up to 50 cfm

Pressure Gauges · 1/4% Accuracy · Pressures up to 20,000 psi · High Precision & Rugged · Digital & Hand Pump Calibrators · Vacuum, Compound, F.S.W. Caisson

· Waterblaster -- Custom Made · Partec -- Blasting Guns · Hilfex -- Water Blasting Hose

Pressure Limiting Valve & Snubber

· Fit your 3D Instruments Gauge with Chemiquip Auto Resetting Gauge Protector


· Design & Manufacture of PVHO Viewports to ASME Standards

Green River Knives

· Full Range of ASME Stamped Brass Relief Valve · Underwater Magnetic Inspection System · 12V Portable System Particle · Divers Air Hose


· Circle Seal Check Valves · The Industry Standard Pressure Controls, Regulators · Standard and custom pressure regulators for high performance diving applications.

· Custom Built Package for Gas & Liquid Applications

· Evolution Breathing Air Filter

· Full Range of Diving Logbooks in Stock

· 33HB 3/8" Divers Hose

· Quick & Easy Pull Pump · Tubes for all Diving & Breathing Air Requirements · Full Test Kits


STABLISHED in 1979 and celebrating over 25 years of service, Advanced Marine is South East Asia's leading supplier of all types of Commercial Diving, Military and Underwater Equipment. We are located in a 2,200 square meter factory / office facility, which includes a 10 Ton Overhead Crane, 3m Deep Test Tank & Pressure Tank which are available to our customers to test their underwater equipment. With over 40 employees the company employs 4 Degree holders & other staff with 10 to 30 years each experience in the offshore underwater industry. Advanced Marine design and manufacture a diverse range of equipment including Decompression and Hyperbaric Chambers, L.P. & H.P. Divers Air Compressors, Gas & Depth Control Panels, Helium Gas Recovery System, Environmental Control


Unit, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hose Reels, Diver Deployment Systems, Wet Bell Systems & Viewports. We provide related services such as Gauge Calibration, PU Cable & Connector Moulding, Pressure Testing, and Electronic, Electrical & Mechanical Repairs. Our Survey section includes ROV's & ancillary equipment, Underwater Modems and Tracking Systems, Cables, Connectors & Sliprings. Our Marine section markets Desalination Equipment, Sonars, Bow Thrusters & Stabilisers. In addition to the exclusive agencies listed herein, we supply a complete range of ancillary products for complete system requirements. Our Slogan is "The Total Service Company", providing Consultation, Sales, Rental and Back-Up Service

Job 531 1999 l Diving Bell Refurbishment


Job 837 2005 l CameraControl System

Job 378 1994 l Model HYP10 Hydraulic Power Pack

Job 585 2000 l 30 CFM Compair HP Compressor

Job 473 1997 l Panel Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber ­ Taiwan Hospital

Job 566 2000 l 250m Sat Simulator Refit for Korean Navy

Job 567 2000 l External ECU for Korean Navy

Job 340 1993 l Model LP90D 90 CFM LP Compressor

Job 419 1996 l 3 Diver Gas Panel for Taiwan Navy

Job 522 1999 l Hyperbaric Treatment Chamber ­ Advanced Marine Owned

Job 700 l Sat System Control Panels, Electrical Panels & Container

Job 707/8 l Aluminium Chamber for Korean Navy


Job 566 2000 l Main Control Panel Sat Simulator for Korean Navy

Job 183 1987 l HP Jetting Pump






Phone: 65-6265 8122 Fax: 65-6265 7591 Email: [email protected] Website:


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