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THIS AGREEMENT for the personal services of Artist made this day and date: DAY, DATE between the undersigned Purchaser / Buyer (hereinafter the "Purchaser / Buyer") and the Professional Stage Hypnotist BLAZE (hereinafter the "Artist") for the engagement described below. The Artist agrees to perform according to the following terms and conditions: PURCHASER / BUYER: NAME ADDRESS: CONTACT: VENUE NAME: SHOW DAY / DATE: SHOWTIME START: SHOW FEE: DEPOSIT PAYMENT: BALANCE PAYABLE:

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Blais & Fine

NAME OTHER: _____________________________________________________ NAME ADDRESS: ADDRESS PHONE: # DAYS / DATES EVENT HRS: TIME SHOW LENGTH: 75+ minutes approximately TIME $ $ $ INSURANCE: Artist's "Certificate of Insurance" to be issued and its' PDF emailed presently. * US Dollars Only. Thank you. Non-Refundable Deposit Holds Date(s) CORPORATE CHECK / CERTIFIED FUNDS Engagement is not guaranteed until signed Agreement with deposit is received. Due in full by show's end. Please make check(s) payable to: BLAZE, LLC

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THE PARTIES HEREUNDER are acting as independent contractors and not as agents, employees, or partners of the other. THE AUDIENCE & HYPNOSIS: This stage hypnotism show is based totally on audience participation. The larger the audience the more successful and amazing the show can be. ARTIST and his representatives want your event's attendees to have and enjoy the best stage hypnotism performance possible. Nonetheless, hypnosis as entertainment is dependant entirely on the numbers, ages, genders and suggestibility of people who volunteer to experience hypnosis. A MINIMUM OF XYZ# OR MORE PEOPLE in the audience for the show is required. Additionally, in the unlikely event that either no one volunteers or no one becomes hypnotized, then there cannot and will not be a show, and the show shall be canceled at the Artist's sole and professional discretion; in that unlikely event, PURCHASER / BUYER EXPRESSLY AGREES the total balance of the Show Fee (and all other reimbursements for travel and expenses agreed to herein due Artist) shall be due and payable immediately in full with the above total payment. REASON FOR SHOW: The event's show is specifically for: REASONS HERE. PROFESSIONAL SOUND SYSTEM: Artist requires professional stand-alone sound system consisting of two (2) speakers of size and power sufficient for the room so that all especially the volunteers/ participants can hear BLAZE clearly, set on tripods, one each to the right and left of the volunteers' chairs; NOTE: In-ceiling sound system is unacceptable. Failure to provide a sufficient, stand-alone sound system can result in either a poor show or the show's CANCELLATION. If the show is canceled then PURCHASER / BUYER EXPRESSLY AGREES s/he/it shall be responsible for paying the contract Show Fee price in full, and all other expenses owed Artist shall be due and payable in full immediately. STAGE / STAGING AREA: An appropriate stage or elevated platform area is required that will allow Artist and audience participants to be seen by audience and for Artist and participants to be active safely on during the performance. Steps to stage in at least one location. PROMOTION / SHOW SHALL NOT BE A SURPRISE: Purchaser / Buyer shall use its best efforts to promote the performance to the attendees to Artist's satisfaction; Artist reserves the right to cancel the performance if his appearance and show are found to be a "surprise" to Attendees because that affects adversely the show's volunteers' expectation and anticipation of the hypnotic experience, and in that event then the balance of the show fee (and any reimbursements due Artist) shall be due and payable in full immediately. BREACH: If Artist cannot fulfill his obligations hereunder due to reasons beyond Artist's control, such as transportation failure, strikes, riots, floods, illness or Acts of God, inability to obtain licenses, permissions, work permits or visas where required, Artist may cancel this agreement and shall reschedule another performance date with Purchaser / Buyer. If Artist is in breach of Artist's obligations hereunder, Purchaser / Buyer's damages shall be restricted / limited to the amount paid to the Artist as a deposit. INDEMNIFICATION: Purchaser / Buyer hereby fully indemnifies and shall hold Artist harmless from any loss, claim, or liability whatsoever arising of breach of terms, conditions, warranties, covenants of this Agreement, or arising from the Artist's performance or circumstances in relation thereto. LIKENESSES: Attendees and all volunteers give Artist his/her/their express permission to be videotaped and their likeness and performance used by Artist for self-promotion purposes on the Internet and in print without compensation. VIDEOTAPING & COPYRIGHTS: Flash photography is permitted during the show, except during the hypnotic induction. Because Artist's likeness and performance are copyrighted, neither shall be otherwise recorded, videotaped, reproduced, or transmitted in any manner or means whatsoever without prior express, written permission of the Artist. In the event of such prior written approval, PURCHASER / BUYER shall mail to BLAZE, LLC one (1) copy of the entire, unedited recording of the show, by no later than thirty (30) days from the performance / show date. Failure to deliver to BLAZE, LLC said copy within thirty (30) days from the performance date PURCHASER / BUYER EXPRESSLY AGREES s/he/it shall pay BLAZE, LLC a penalty equal to three (3) times the gross show fee herein as liquidated damages for failing to deliver said show copy as agreed herein. *OTHER: (A) Sound check and set-up to be scheduled and completed before guests / attendees arrive for the show. Call BLAZE at 804-XXX-YYYY to arrange same; (B) Addenda: TESTIMONIAL LETTER WELCOMED: Please E-MAIL Artist your rave review testimonial letter of reference he may use to secure future performances. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Once signed, this Agreement is irrevocable by Purchaser / Buyer. This legal and binding agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Virginia. This is the entire agreement between the parties and shall not be amended except by an instrument in writing.

__________________________/_______________________ Artist / Rep. Name / Signature Karen Fine, Events Manager / J.F. Blais, Jr., BLAZE LLC

_________________________________/___________________ PRINT ­ Authorized Purchaser / Buyer Name / Signature Please sign & mail one copy of this Agreement to BLAZE.

© 2007. BLAZE, LLC. USA. All rights reserved worldwide. Subject to change without notice. V.12.07



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