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Reach Trucks R1.4-R2.5

1 400 ­ 2 500 kg

R1.4, R1.4H, R1.6, R1.6H, R1.6N, R2.0, R2.0H, R2.0W, R2.5

Specification data is based on VDI 2198

NOTE: Specifications are affected by the condition of the vehicle and how it is equipped, as well as the nature and condition of the operating area. If these specifications are critical, the proposed application should be discussed with your dealer. With top protection + 20 mm Seat stroke +/- 30 mm, intermediate step 380 mm, floor plate 560 mm Values are referred to a truck equipped with lowest mast, and minimum battery provided. Traction, lift, lower and reach speeds may vary with alternative lift height.

Values determined by wheel friction, if climbing ramps frequently (within 1h). Consult your Hyster dealer. With flashing light h6 + 120 mm Width overheadguard 1 100 mm Please consult your Hyster dealer

Mast Tables:

With load backrest

Notice Care must be exercised when handling elevated loads. When the carriage and/or load is elevated, truck stability is reduced. It is important that mast tilt in either direction be kept to a minimum when loads are elevated. Operators must be trained and adhere to the instructions contained in the Operating Manual.

Hyster products are subject to change without notice. Lift trucks illustrated may feature optional equipment.

Safety: This truck conforms to the current EU requirements.

Mast and Capacity Information

Values shown are for standard equipment. When using non-standard equipment these values may change. Please contact your Hyster dealer for information.

The rated capacities shown are for masts in a vertical position on trucks equipped with standard or sideshift carriage and nominal length forks. Masts above the maximum fork heights shown in the mast table are classified as high lift and, depending on the tyre/tread configuration may require reduced capacity, restricted back tilt or wide tread.

Product Features


Durable, strong frame and mast construction allows smooth, stable operation when handling heavy loads. The mast construction incorporates a tilting fork carriage with integral side shift. This provides excellent

residual capacity at heights up to 12 m.

CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity for increased reliability. Front and side load wheel protection is standard, to prevent damage to the truck during operation.


Four different levels of performance setting allow the truck to be configured to suit driver and application


Comprehensive mast selection allows truck to be exactly set to the needs of the application. AC technology delivers powerful acceleration and braking torque. This leads to smoother and faster load


All models have integrated integral side-shift and a tilting fork carriage to facilitate loading and unloading. AC technology allows seamless changes in direction of travel, increasing cycle speeds and the control of

pallet handling operations.

The automatic speed reduction on cornering feature provides smooth load handling and better direction


The 4-way joystick allows operator to lift / lower and extend / retract simultaneously. The compact chassis ("N" model) is designed to specifically match the requirements of "Drive-IN"

applications, for excellent manoeuvrability.

High travel speed, with no change between laden and unladen, helps to deliver faster cycle times, especially

over long distances.


Electronic Fly-by-wire steering ensures quick and effortless steering. The operator enjoys easy access to the driver compartment, with a large intermediate step and conveniently

positioned grab handle.

Spacious driver compartment, with a fully adjustable seat, allows generous leg and head room for the driver. When switching the truck on, the drive wheel is moved to centre position. Palm Tech joystick allows the operator to access all controls with minimum hand movement. Mast design with offset free lift cylinder and high-visibility forks carriage provides outstanding visibility for

operator while loading & unloading.

Low cost of ownership

Powerful AC traction motor provides superior performance and increased loads moves per hour. Regenerative braking dissipates the generated heat in the motor increasing the braking effect and reducing

maintenance cost.

Progressive speed control promotes efficient energy consumption. Trucks are rated to IP54 standard, for protection against dust and water ingress.


On board diagnostic display for early warning of maintenance requirements. AC technology minimise dependence on mechanical parts. This leads to a reduction in service costs over the

lifetime of the truck.

Hourmeter and battery discharge indicator with lift interrupt as standard. CANbus technology facilitates fault detection. Service areas are easily accessed though the swing open cabin.

Options A comprehensive selection of options is available including:

Cold store protection PVC seat Height indicator Height pre-selector Foot direction control 360 degree steering Side battery removal Load wheel brakes (R1.6, R1.6H) 5th hydraulic function Load weight indicator Flashing light Work lights Fork lowering cut-out

Strong Partners, Tough Trucks, for Demanding Operations Everywhere. Hyster supplies a complete product range, including Warehouse trucks, IC and Electric Counterbalanced trucks, Container Handlers and Reach Stackers. Hyster is committed to being much more than a lift truck supplier. Our aim is to offer a complete partnership capable of responding to the full spectrum of materials handling issues: Whether you need professional consultancy on your fleet management, fully qualified service support, or reliable parts supply, you can depend on Hyster. Our network of highly trained dealers provides expert, responsive local support. They can offer cost-effective finance packages and introduce effectively managed maintenance programmes to ensure that you get the best possible value. Our business is dealing with your materials handling needs so you can focus on the success of your business today and in the future.

Hyster Europe, Flagship House, Reading Road North, Fleet, Hants GU51 4WD, England. Tel: +44 (0) 1252 810261 Email: [email protected] Fax: +44 (0) 1252 770702

A division of NACCO Materials Handling Limited.

® Hyster®, , Vista® and Monotrol® are registered trademarks of Hyster Company in the United States and in certain other countries. TM , FortensTM, Pacesetter VSMTM, DuraMatchTM, DuraMatch PlusTM, TouchPointTM, TouchControlTM, EZXchange & HSMTM are trademarks of Hyster Company in the United States and in certain other countries.


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