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Specifications, features and equipment shown here are subject to change without prior notice and may not be applicable in Ireland. Hyundai Cars Ireland reserves the right to change the specifications and equipment without prior notice. Please contact your local Hyundai Dealer for full information.

Sometimes something just feels "right"

When you see it, you recognise it, instinctively and immediately...

Designed to deliver

The i30 is a product born of focus, delivered through careful design with just a dash of inspiration. Dynamically stylish, invitingly spacious and totally practical. A car with all the intelligent features, inbuilt quality, and integrity that you expect from Hyundai. A car you instinctively want to drive, and drive, and drive...

i30 inspiring from every angle

Style is always in fashion

Even before you sit in the i30 it appeals to the senses. Finely drawn lines which effortlessly blend concave with convex surfaces, highlighted by precisely defined character lines, accentuates the i30's athletic proportions. The result is a long lasting attraction, underwritten by Hyundai paint and coating techniques to ensure that those looks really last.

Folding Type Remote Key

The 3-button remote locking key makes entering the i30 both convenient and easy. Just press to lock, unlock or open the hatch.

Wide View Mirror

The i30 just feel's right

Are you sitting comfortably? You will be. The deeply contoured seats support in all the right places, the finger tip controls, and the ease of all the other controls will instantly tell you that the i30 is built to make driving more pleasant and life just that little bit less stressful.

Audio Control

How loud or quiet do you want your entertainment or communications? The control is right at your fingertips. The Choice is yours

Climate Control

iPod / USB port

The aux-in provision lets you play your own sounds, from your MP3 player or iPod ­ easily and clearly over the built-in stereo system

i30 - Peace and tranquillity

Drive as far as you like, the comfort levels of the i30 smooth away the miles. Carefully managed ventilation and air control keeps you cool, or warm, and fresh. Clear, wellplaced instruments keep you fully informed. Noise intrusion is minimal, to help you enjoy the CD to bring you to journey's end relaxed and refreshed...

Blue LED Light Cluster

The instruments and info screen are not only perfectly positioned, the blue LED lighting means less eyestrain - 24/7 and in all weathers and conditions

i30 - all round relaxation

Go on, indulge yourself and your passengers. The i30 makes it that much easier. High quality fabrics, duo tone trim and deep contoured, high positioned seats designed with orthopaedic input, all work in harmony to give a rich feeling of satisfaction. So enter the indulgence zone, sit comfortably, and enjoy the feeling of quality time.

Door Map Pockets

Deluxe Centre Armrest

Rear Headrests

Helmet type adjustable rear headrests add luxury and refinement for the rear seat passengers

i30-Space - that true luxury

Generous seating space, plentiful leg, elbow, head and hip room, easy access boot space and well planned and arranged storage and stowage make the i30 practical as well as attractive. Versatile folding rear seats mean through loading or split loads are no problem. An impressive 340 liters of luggage space with the seats upright or 1,250 liters with them fully folded means all the space you need. Special storage for your iPod or MP3 player, sunglasses holders, map pockets and cup holders are all arranged to be easily accessible. Have a look, the more you explore, the more there is to find.

i30 - Instinctive driving appeal

Sharp looks, coupled to a supple chassis makes every journey something to savour

i30 - Natural Selection

At first you might not immediately notice some of the more subtle features of the i30. To appreciate how easy it is to get in and out you have to try it. Details such as combining the tailgate release with the wonderfully tactile Hyundai emblem may take a while to appreciate. As does the way that the front and rear bumpers and light clusters add overall design harmony. Don't hurry, take your time the i30 rewards thorough investigation.

i30 powered by intelligent technology

Hyundai engineers and designers have developed a new range of transmissions. They are more efficient, quieter, lighter and feel much more positive. Not only is the mechanism improved, but the positioning has been optimized. The result is that the lightness and response, combined with the convenient location, means changing gear becomes something to savour.

Manual Transmission

New materials, computer controlled manufacture and a new more positive action characterizes the i30's manual transmission.

i30 The power to inspire

With 3 engine choices, the Hyundai i30 always delivers enough power for any situation

1.6 CRDi Engine

High Power : 84.6kW (115ps) @ 4000 rpm and 255 Nm torque @ 2000 rpm Low Power : 66kW (90ps) @ 4000 rpm and 235 Nm torque @ 2000 rpm

The power of inspiration

The diesel engines feature CRDi (Common Rail Direct Injection) the latest-generation, lower emissions and improved economy. The petrol engine features CVVT (Constantly Variable Valve Timing), with variable inlet technology. All this means that i30 is always operating at peak efficiency to deliver and maximum economy while delivering power in reserve.

1.4 CVVT Engine

80.2kW (109ps) @ 6200 rpm and 137.3Nm torque @ 5000 rpm

i30 Safety through integrity

Enjoy the feeling of safety and security that comes from knowing that Hyundai engineers have built it to meet the highest and most exacting standards. Safety stands for 6 front-, side- and curtain airbags.

Intelligent integrated protection

The i30 features computer designed and rigorously tested impact protection that includes a rigid passenger cell, triple load distribution paths and impact absorbing structures. In addition, interior features such as 6 air bags, strategic padding and active headrests which automatically guard against whiplash and head and neck injuries are also added. All backed up with, an array of active safety measures including super precise handling, advanced 4-wheel, 4-channel ABS, to ensure that no matter how bad the conditions you have all the control you need at your finger tips to keep you safe and out of harms way.

Body in white

Even at the initial stages of design, maximum safety has been engineered into the i30 with the intelligent safety body structure

ABS Disc Brakes

Generously sized disc brakes front and rear, with 4-channel ABS make stopping the i30 controlled, easy and safe

Active Headrests

i30 Everyday Innovation

Good design and honest quality stands out. The i30 adds flair to that package

i30 form, function and inspiration

To look at the i30 is to be inspired to drive it. To drive it is to realise that your inspiration brings its own rewards


Fog Lamps

Fully faired into the front bumper valence, the front fog lamps highlight the sleek design

HMLS & Washer Nozzle

The high mounted stop LED lamp and rear washer nozzle are elegantly housed in the rear roof section of the tailgate

3-way Washer Nozzles

Increased water coverage over twin nozzles, means extra cleaning power from the high pressure washer jets

Map Lamp & Sunglasses Holder

The twin front map reading lights are roof mounted and incorporate the push-to-open sunglasses holder

Sun Visor

The sun visors incorporate vanity mirrors and ticket holders for extra convenience

Center Fascia Upper Tray

Centrally mounted, the convenience tray is easily reached from both front seats and holds small journey necessities

Center Fascia Lower Tray

Centrally located in the lower central front fascia, the multi box opens at a touch to reveal really useful concealed storage for small items

Cup Holders

Folding cup holders for the front passengers keep beverages close to hand and secure from spillage

Glove Box Cooler

The air conditioning in the glovebox keeps drinks and snacks cool no matter how long the journey may be

Rear Armrest

The central armrest adds comfort and provides convenient cup holders for the rear seat passengers

Power Window Controls

A major convenience factor is that the window and mirror controls are conveniently located in the door trim and instinctively easy to operate

Auto Light Control

The steering column mounted switch activates sensors that determine when the outside light level is low and automatically switch on the cars lights

Electric Heated Mirrors

The exterior mirrors are not only heated, for clarity and safety, they also fold electrically

6.0J x 16"Alloy Wheels

Rally-style alloy wheels perfectly complement the wide, purposeful stance of the i30

7.0J x 17" Alloy Wheels

The i30 is stylish, these 10 spoke 17 inch alloy wheels add sportiveness and reduce unsprung weight

Cloth Seat Trim

Knit / CharoCoal Black GL

Cloth + Leather Seat Trim

Charocoal Black GLS / Option

1,546 1,775


2,650 4,245



· Some of the equipment illustrated or described in this catalogue may not be supplied as standard equipment and may be available at extra cost. · Hyundai Motor Co. reserves the right to change specifications and equipment without prior notice. · The colour plates shown may vary slightly from the actual colours due to the limitations of the printing process. · Please consult your dealer for full information and availability on colours and trim.



Continental Silver 2R Champagne Silver QU Moonlight Blue 9D Vivid Blue BV Indigo Blue 2X Steel Gray 9A Shine Red JA Ember Red ND Mocha Brown WC Stone Black 9F Crystal White 7F



Type Displacement (cc) Bore x Stroke (mm) Compression Ratio Max. Power (kW/rpm) Max. Torque (N.m/rpm) Lubricant Capacity including Oil Filter (litre) 1.4 DOHC CVVT 1,396 77.0 x 74.9 10.5 80.2(109ps) / 6,200 137.3(14.0kg.m) / 5,000 3.3 1.6 CRDi (high) 1,582 77.2 x 84.5 17.3 84.6(115ps) / 4,000 255.0(26.0kg.m) / 2,000 5.3 1.6 CRDi (Low) 1,582 77.2 x 84.50 17.3 66.0(90ps) / 4,0000 235.0(24.0kg.m) / 2,000 5.3

· On leaded fuel engines, power & torque figures vary in accordance with local fuel and climate characteristics. · Please ask your dealer for available engines.

CO2 Emmisions / Fuel Consumption

CO2 Emissions 183.0 g/km 123.0 g/km 145 g/km 1.4 Petrol 109BHP Fuel Consumption 7.61 / 100km 5.21 / 100km 6.11 / 100km 1.6 Diesel (high) 115BHP CO2 Emissions Fuel Consumption 151.0g/km 5.71 / 100km 110.0g/km 4.21/100km 125g/km 4.71/100km 1.6 Diesel (low) 90BHP CO2 Emissions Fuel Consumption 151.0 g/km 5.71 / 100km 110.0 g/km 4.1 1/100km 125g/km 4.71 / 100km

Urban Conditions Extra Urban Conditions Combined


Suspension Shock Absorber Front Rear MacPherson Strut Type Multi-link type with stabilizer bar Gas shock absorber with twin tube


General split-circuit, power-assited braking system with pressure proportioning valve. In case of ABS : Electronic brake force distribution(EBD) 15-inch ventilated disc, 1 port-caliper brake with pad wear warning device. DISC : Ø280 x 26t (mm) 14-inch solid disc with Ø168 drum in-hat parking brake system, 1 port-caliper brake with pad wear warning device. DISC : Ø262 x 10t (mm) 10" / Single 22.22

Front Brake type


Type Overall Steering Gear Ratio Number of Steering Wheel Turn (lock to lock) Minimum turning radius (m) Curve to Curve Rack and pinion type steering gear, Power assisted by MDPS. 14.8 (15" / 16") 14.2 (17") 2.69 / 2.58 (2.0CRDi) 5.17 (15" / 16") 5.4 (17")

Rear Brake type

Booster Cylinder

Size / Type diameter

Hyundai Service Hyundai has over 3000 service centers throughoutEurope. At all of them highly trained specialist staff are ready and waiting to ensure that every minute you spend with your Hyundai is time well spent. The Hyundai Academy and our full range of specialist training schemes mean that whatever your car needs, and whenever it needs it, there will be fully qualified Hyundai service personnel to provide it, quickly, efficiently and effectively. Also if you have any queries over any aspect of Hyundai service or guarantees.

Hyundai Genuine Spare Parts Hyundai Genuine Spare Parts are built to the same specification as the original equipment on your i30. That means they have been rigorously tested until we are confident that they meet the rigid quality and dependability standards of the Hyundai Motor Company. The result is that we guarantee our Genuine Spare Parts for a full 2 years! Our quality control not only assures you of the best choice of spare parts, it also extends to our worldwide delivery service, no matter where in the world you are.

Hyundai Recycling Pledge Our attention to quality extends right to the end of your i30s active life. Not only is every part marked with a recycling code, but Hyundai actively participates in ensuring that none of its products becomes a long-term pollutant. In fact our care for the environment extends right from the drawing board to the recycling plant.

New Car Guarantee Hyundai quality control extends from the beginning of your cars life until it is recycled. Quality of design, materials and manufacture are then matched by quality of service. In this way the Hyundai underwrites its promise of quality through every stage of the vehicles life cycle. So confident is Hyundai of its quality that every i30 carries a 3 year / unlimited mileage warranty* and 3 year AA membership. *Not applicable to PSV, Taxi's and commercial / rental vehicles.



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