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What wheels will fit my Tiburon/Elantra? 1997-1998 Tiburon and Elantra have captive rotors. Only certain aftermarket wheels will fit over the 4 "captive" bolts. Many folks are tempted to "machine" out recesses in aftermarket wheels to MAKE them fit. DO NOT do this unless it is approved by the wheel manufacturer. Removing material from the critical area around the wheel hub is not something can can be done lightly. You can convert from captive rotors to non-captive by using the hub assemblies, bearings and rotors from a 1999-2001 Tiburon or 1999-2000 Elantra. If you have a 99-2001 Tiburon or a 99-2003 Elantra, you should have no problems fitting aftermarket wheels. Our Bolt Pattern is 4x114.3 sometimes also called 4x114.5 The offset of the stock alloy wheels is +45 The offset of the stock steel wheels is +50 The stock alloy wheels are 15x6 The stock steel wheels are 14x5.5 The most common aftermarket wheel size is 17x7. These will fit with an offset range of +45 to +25. The stock alloy wheels weight 19 lbs each The stock steel wheels weigh 14 lbs each.

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