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· HYVA (India) Pvt. Ltd. is 100% subsidiary of Hyva Holding (Netherlands) · Hyva is a Professionally Managed Company

upto 90 Ton

· Globally Hyva is a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Tipping System of capacity · Hyva Holding Co's Turnover was Euro 250 Million (apx. INR 1400 Crores) in 2006 · Hyva Holding has got 24 Fully Owned Subsidiary and 65 Distributors worldwide · Hyva has got all major Indian and International Truck Manufacturers as their

valued customer ­ namely TATA Motors , Scania , Ashok Leyland ,Volvo , MAN ,Daimler Chrysler , Iveco , DAF , Eicher Motors , Asia Motor Works

EFFICIENCY SOLUTION to all customers for their application needs

· Globally Hyva is known as single window supplier of various TRANSPORT

· Hyva (India) Pvt. Ltd. got incorporated in 1996 · Presently Hyva India has got three manufacturing plant ­ Mumbai , Bangalore & Jamshedpur · In India , the first product supplied ­ Stationery Compactor to MMC in 1997 · OEM association started thru' Volvo India in 1998 · Tie up TATA Motors started in 1999-2000 · In 2001 , Jamshedpur Plant was established · In 2003 , Hyva achieves ISO 9001-2000 certification · In 2003 , Hyva starts own Dealership Network across the country · In 2004 , Hyva starts Cylinder Manufacturing in India · In 2005 , Hyva starts FBV business with Ashok Leyland · In 2006 , Hyva starts delivery to Asia Motor Works & Daimler Chrysler · In 2006 , Hyva starts association with FORCE MAN ­ Hyva India's made Tipper gets exhibited in Hannover International Auto Fare · In 2006 Nov , Hyva Mumbai gets shifted to the new plant in Navi Mumbai and in 2007 Hyva ­ Jamshedpur gets shifted to new plant in Adityapur

·Largest Market Share in Multi- Axle FBV supply chain of OE-s ·Already manufactured over 27000 Tippers and around 40000 Tipper Hydraulics sold in India ·Winning Combination of Body Engineering & Front End Hydraulics ·Wide Range of Tipper Bodies ....... Matching every application ·Hyva offers "TRANSPORT EFFICIENCY SOLUTIONS" ... meets the specific requirement of customer ·Has access to the Contemporary technologies of developed countries ·Engineering Skill for local development meeting the cost aspiration of the market ·Wide base of "Dealer Network" across the country

Dealer Dealer's Branch Office New Dealership (Proposed) Spare Parts Distributor

1400 1300 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

All Fig in Crores of Rs.

970 683

360 108 169 234

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010


Hyva Hydraulics ..... Tough ... Durable .... Reliable

· Better Mechanical Advantage ..... Lesser Effort required · Less Stress on Chassis ... better Chassis Life

· Better Stability ... lower Body Height ... better volume capacity

· Free From Tyre Spillage ... better service life · Compact Design ... Better Serviceability ... enough space to work on Hydraulic System

FEE Type UBEE Type

FE Type FC Type

UCB Type

Tipping Cylinder

Breather Assy Return Line Filter Assy Tipping Valve

Cylinder Mounting Bracket

Hydraulic Tank

PTO ( Optional )

Gear Pump

Air Control Valve

Std. - Sand ­ Grabble

Mining & Overburden

UCB Cylinder applications

3 Way Tippers

Mobile Compactors

2 Way Tippers

Tipper with Hydraulic Taildoor

3 Way Tipper

Tipper for Pet Coke

What is "Special Products" ?

Worldwide Hyva is renowned as global leader of Tipping Hydraulics Manufacturer . While selling Tipping Hydraulics or Tippers , we reach a section of customer , who are related to Construction and Mining Industry and provide them real solution for transportation needs , the same group of transporters also looks around for solution of their other transportation needs Also , there is high demand of "Transport Efficiency Solution" from other transport segment also Since inception , HYVA has associated with or taken over companies to increase Products Ranges to provide such solutions . These items are termed as "SPECIAL PRODUCTS" Today HYVA India has got following products to offer : ·Hydraulic Tail Lifts ·Truck Mounted Cranes ·Hook Loaders ·Compressor ·Garbage Compactor ·Trailer Axles ·Fifth Wheel Coupling & King Pin ·Landing Legs ·Twist Lock ·Multi Kap

WHY "Special Products" are important for our Business ????

As of today , our 98% Sales is from Tippers or Tipping Hydraulic or from Tipper Spares . Any downward trend on "Tipper Segment" , will effect us . And Downward trend can come (particularly in open market ) because of ...... ·Political Will and Wish and Commitment ·Market Saturation ·Induction of higher capacity Trucks ·More FBV Solution from OE-s will surely quench the open market body building ·Enhancement of body building capacity of major body builders and their interest in OE business , rather than open market business

So , it is important to widen your vision and look around for OTHER PRDOCUTS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

Opportunities Opportunities

LOGISTICS SECTOR ·With boom in economy , this sector has posted big growth in last two years ·Big Indian ( like Reliance ) and Foreign ( like TNT , LYNFOX) Companies have already entered the market and taking over small size Indian logistic companies ·Existing Players like GATI and SAFEXPRESS investing a lot on new vehicles fitted with customized solutions ·Big Corporate wants to control their logistic expenses by adding efficiency to their fleets ·Customer is ready to invest in technology , but wants trouble free products

Opportunities Opportunities

INFRASTRUCTURE SECTOR ·Present economic growth of country is very much propelled by Infrastructure sector ·Huge investment has been committed in Airport Expansion and Modernization , Highway Expansion , SEZ development etc. ·With Private Sector taking the lead the project execution has become faster ever to avoid cost overrun ·Application based solution , which can speed up operation is in demand ·Growth in Infrastructure is also fueling growth in Cement & Steel Transportation

Opportunities Opportunities

URBAN DEVLOPMENT ·With steep population growth , "B" Class cities are growing very fast .. Creating volume demand ·Authorities ( Municipal Corporation , Traffic Police , Electricity Boards ) of Metro Cities and "A" class cities are looking for "Fast" and "Bulk" transportation ·Huge fund available thru organizations like ADB and Govt. of Developed Nations . ·Increasing concerns on Safety , Health and Pollution

Opportunities Opportunities

TRAILER SEGMENT ·With constant increase in Fuel Prices , Transporters have to look for efficiency in terms of "Cost Per Ton Per Km" , by adopting to bulk movement route ·Overload restrictions ·Better Connectivity and simplification of Tax process ·Growing Import and Export Demand ... containerized movement ·Inception of Quality Trailer Builders .. Market changing for quality products


Product Profile

Tail door of the Truck is operated , to load and unload materials , supported with Battery Power Supply through Hydraulic System

It is a very popular concept in Advanced Countries ·As manpower for loading and handling is supplemented ·Safe and Secure Handling ­ chance of damage while handling is eliminated ·Easy and Fast operation ­ reducing Truck's stoppage time while loading and unloading ­ quicker turnaround time of truck means better earning

In India , this concept is catching up as with globalization

Hydraulic Tail Lift ­ Multi Option

Tail Lifts for Vans

Cantilver Lifts

Tuck Away Lifts

Column Lifts

Passenger Lift

Tail Lifts for Panel Vans

This Types are Lifts are light in construction and suitable for Vans for City Distribution Both Under Chassis and On Chassis Installation Possible Because of Compact Design , even On Chassis Installations keep the passage free for movement

Cantilever Lifts

More suitable for Indian Trucks & Operation More Popular Version are DH-LC (Light Duty) , DH-LM (Medium Duty) & DH-LSP (Heavy Duty) More Popular Version are DH-LC (Light Duty) , DH-LM (Medium Duty) & DH-LSP (Heavy Duty) Capacity 500 kgs , 750 kgs , 1000 kgs , 1500 kgs , 2000 kgs , 3500 kgs and even higher

Tuck Away Lifts

Tuck Away Lifts are special lifts adapted for at the side of truck or semi trailer , to enable easier loading and unloading of heavy loads or small pallets through the side door of the truck More suitable for loading and unloading in congested areas

Column Lift

Column Lifts are mainly used for more stable operation and to attain loading or unloading above the vehicle platform height Depending upon the load lifting requirements , a wide variety is available DH- VA : Good for distribution support ­ a more stable option of conventional cantilever tail lifts DH- VA : To lift the platform higher than the loading floor of the vehicle , so that it becomes possible for lower vehicles to get direct access to higher loading bays for easy and quick loading ­ unloading DH- VB / DH-VO : To lift the platform higher than even the vehicle roof height ... a good choice for packers and movers DH- VBV : For Live Stock Movement ­ with corrosion resistant platform .

Passenger Lift

To facilitate movement of Wheel Chaired Person this lifts are used Model DH-CH 300 ­ Semi Automatic option ­ under chassis installation Model DH-P20 ­ Automatic Option ­ Over the Chassis installation , suitable for public buses etc


Product Profile

HYVA is associated AMCO VEBA in Italy , who are specialized in manufacturing of KNUCKLE BOOM CRANES Depending upon the application need , these Cranes can be used for : ·Truck Mounted Application ·Stationery Mounted Application ·Marine Application Like any other Crane , capacity of this Cranes are also measured in Ton-Meter Wide Lifting Capacity Ranging from 2.6 Ton to 75 Ton Meter available

Product Profile

India is a BIG Market of Conventional "Pick & Carry Cranes" and "Wheel Mounted Crane" Main Players are : ·ACE ­ Leader in Pick & Carry segment ­ now introducing Truck Mounted Crane ·Escorts ­ Pick & Carry Crane and Wheel Mounted Crane ·TIL ­ Pick & Carry Crane and Wheel Mounted Crane ·Chowgule Group ­ UNIC : Fixed Boom Telescopic Crane with Winch & Hook The advantage of our Truck Mounted Crane is ·Knuckle Boom Crane occupies minimum mounting space , so the truck load body remains free for load carry ·Easy to maneuver ­ 360° rotation of Crane makes it easy to approach the load ·Various Hydraulic and Mechanical Attachment can be connected ­ more application possible ·In conventional Cranes , normally a combination of Crane and Truck is required for lifting and transportation , whereas in our case same can be combined . Thereby lesser operation expense and less manpower required

Application based solutions

·Brick Clamp ·Man Lift ·Car Lifting ·Grab ·Clamshell Bucket ·Car Lifting ·Pallet Lifting Fork

Following can be added as additional Control Features

·Top Seat Control ·Radio Remote Control


Oil Less Bulk Compressor

Growth of Infrastructure Sector has created high demand of Cement ... bulk transportation of Cement is a key issue today HYVA is having agency of Jin Heung , Korea make OIL LESS BULK COMPRESSOR These Compressors are used for unloading powder materials ( like Cement , Fly Ash ) from Bulk Tanker to Silos HYVA supplied Oil Less Compressors can be mounted on truck or can be stationery mounted Model VS 230 ­ 8.5 VS 260 ­ 10 VS 260 ­ 13 Flow Capacity 8.5 cu.m per min 10 cu.m per minute 13 cu.m per minute Power Requirements 40 h.p 50 h.p 60 h.p Application Vehicle Mtd / Stationery Vehicle Mtd / Stationery Stationery

These Compressor can be also driven by Diesel Engine or Electrical Motors



Fifth Wheel Coupling

We are manufacturing 2" Fifth Wheel Coupler ( Pressed Steel ) under technical collaboration with GF ­ These couplers are aimed to be marketed to OEM and also for replacement market We are Importing 3 ½" Fifth Wheel Coupler ( Cast Steel ) from GF - Germany Features of our Fifth Wheel Couplers are : ·Top Plate made of high yield steel ( min 460 N/mm² ) ·Wrinkleless Pressing of Top Plate ­ uniform surface ­ no stress concentration ·All Safety related components are as per stringent EU norms Fifth Wheel Handle can be operated from L.H.S or R.H.S ­ ensures driver's safety Our End User Price Basic Price ( when sold thru Dealership ) is Rs. 15500/ (E.D incl ) compare to PLHT's price of Rs. 16860/-

Axles & Suspension

HYVA is marketing SAF Trailer Dummy Axles fitted with all standard features like Brake Drums , Mechanical Slack Adjuster , Booster and Booster Brackets We are now importing 10 T Axles , which is of Hollow Square Tube Section 150 X 150 X 14 mm thickness We can supply in Wheel Track size of 1830 / 1840 mm We can supply these Axles with Leaf Spring Suspension + Hanger Brackets + Torque Arm + Spring Seat + U Bolt ( except Axle all items manufactured in India as per SAF design ) Our Special Introductory price for Trailer Builders / Body Builders / Dealer is Rs. 46000/basic ( per axle )

Our first stock shipment is reaching by October End (54 Nos.)

Special Products Business Today's Investment Tomorrow's Profit

Hyva (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a Trusted Business Partner With Commitment to Provide Global Quality TRANSPORT EFFICIENCY SOLUTIONS


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