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Official Newspaper of The Royal Twin Kingdoms of Papala and Meekamui--Bougainville.

Papala Chronicles

Week ending Friday 16th September 2005

Issue 14

Money Contributions from helpers suspended due to start of payout

By Michael Jagui

U-V Trials Payout

In This Issue

* People urged to reinvest in U-V High Yield Programs. Page 2

U-Vistract Principal Director, HM King David Peii II, has announced the start of the long awaited payout, on trial basis, to clients and helpers in Bougainville and Papua New Guinea. And, he has issued instructions to all U-V co-coordinators and governors in both countries to cease collecting further funds from helpers. "The trials are to ensure the system being installed works perfectly, before the payout proper is effected", said the King And, he has strongly urged coordinators and governors to submit financial reports of the total amounts of monies they have collected to date, amounts they used, and how much was submitted to U-Vistract headquarters. "I ask the coordinators and governors to suspend all collection of funds from helpers because we are now ready to help them", he said. The first payments are being made to service providers with-in Tonu area of Siwai, plus the school fees of elementary and Primary school children of U-V members, while some payments were made to the Madang branch as part of the trial. "A total of four cheques were issued to Madang to reimburse monies spent by some helpers plus for the school fees of the children of about 7,000 U-V clients", he said. The king has issued a number of forms to all coordinators and governors to fill in of the number of children of U-V clients attending school, for the system to pay their school fees. "The forms must be filled in properly including all the requirements of the amount of money they need for the fees in Elementary, Primary and High schools", he said. "Centers who come in with properly completed financial reports and filled forms for their school fees will receive their money", he said.

* Meekamui Budget of K440 billion distributed

Page 3

* Kabui is with us.

Page 4 * Coming payout already foretold by modern prophet. Page 6

HM King Peii II announced the trial payout, congratulated by Governor of Meekamui Central Bank, Sir Peter Lising, as Chairman Meshach Autahe looks on.

* Bougainville want sovereignty-- not mere independence. Page 10.

"The payout is slow because our communication system is not in place" he said. "Our system should

be in full swing when the communication systems are fully in place", he said. The U-Vistract is installing a "state of the art" satellite broadband system to electronically hook up all its banks in Bougainville, and pay-out centres in PNG, which will gradually be expanded to other countries connected with the system. "We have started manual payouts while waiting for our communication hookups", he said. (cont P2)

Scripture for This Week

Deuteronomy 8:18 "You shall remember

the Lord your God for it is he who gives you the power to get wealth,

to establish the covenant

which he swear to your fathers'.

Graduating Royal International Bank of Meekamui (RIBM) bankers from an intensive course on National and international Mail Transfer System (NIMTS) within the Royal International Banking System (RIBS) have been told that clients are waiting on them to do their jobs to ensure they benefit from the operations of the bank.

Speaking before presenting certificates of attainment to the 11 bankers, two of them women, Founder and Principal

Bankers Learn Transfers

Director of U-Vistract, His Royal Highness, King Peii II, said the course is appropriate in that it has equipped them with necessary skills to effectively. (Cont Page 2)

The RIBM Bankers who attended the course with the King

"Papala Chronicles" Your Financial News paper from the U-V Headquarters, Tonu, Siwai, Bougainville.

That's my Newspaper.

Papala Chronicles Issue 14

Re-Invest in High Payout Starts Yield Programs

(Cont from page 1 )

By Michael Jagui

The U-Vistract organization which is trialing payouts to its helpers and clients has urged them to re-invest in the system under its normal high yield trade programs, when they receive their money. "The payout is one off and those wanting to continue benefiting from the U-Vistract should re-invest some of their money back to the system", said the principal director, HM King David Peii II. He said this while announcing the high interest rates being offered by U-V through its various high yield trade programs including Interest bearing deposits, Treasury Bills, and High Yield Trade Investments. "Our interest rates are the highest in the world, because

our trade investments are based on the highest International Gold standard at 1 gram gold = 1 UV gold = USD1000", he said. "The minimum interest of our high yield trade programs are 20% for IBD, 50% for Treasury Bills, and 100% for high yield trade investments", he said. King Peii II said these rates are on monthly terms and will NOT be divided again by 12 months , as normally happens in the banks of the conventional system. He said the interest rates are only the minimum , but can be increased upon negotiation with clients who want more money for good cause. Roll over for capital with interest is also available. The minimum and maximum amounts of money to be invested into each of the high yield trade programs are shown in the table below. pc

The King also expressed satisfaction over the preparations being made in centres in Bougainville and Papua New Guinea to effect the payouts. "The centres ready for the payouts are Port Moresby, Kimbe, Manus, Alotau, Rabaul, Madang, Lihir, and Kavieng, while Lae and the highlands areas are yet to prepare their payout offices", he said. Their preparations include installation of computer machines, which will be hooked up to the main bank in Tonu when the communication system is installed. The director said he has already kept the people in suspense for a long time and has started the trial payouts manually despite the slow progress in the communication hookup. "When cheques come in, the cash transfers will be done through our Royal International Interbank Fund Transfer System (RIIFT) ", he said. pc

Bankers Training

(Cont from Page 1) carryout this task, when the bank commences payouts to clients around the world. Manager of RIBM and a participant of the course, Mr. David Purgoarea told

the graduation that it was the first time all

RIBM Investment Products


Interest Bearing Deposits One Month 20%

the participants had been exposed to subjects covered in the course. "The course is worthwhile as the participants now have a good understanding


Min. Interest Rates

Investment Amounts

K10,000-00 Min K100,000-00 Max.

of the National and International Mail Transfer System, that would enable them to effectively handle money transfers from bank to bank and branch to branch", Mr. Purgoarea said.

The NIMTS course was an initiative of the Governor of the RIBM, Sir Peter Lis-

Treasury Bills

One Month


K100,000-00 Min. K10 million Max. K10 million Min.

High Yielding

One Month

100% and upwards.

ing who also conducted it. Similar training has also been conducted so far for RIBM bankers in some PNG provinces. pc

Papala Chronicles Issue 14

"Development News"

Week Ending 16th September 2005


K440 Billion Meekamui Budget

By Tony Sapan

The establishment of a fully pledged Meekamui National Government for Bougainville will give high priority to work on major bridges around the island nation including one planned for the Buka Passage. In budgetary allocation for 9 Special Establishment Projects by the Meekamui National Government for the remainder of 2005 and the 2006 financial year, major bridges including one for the Buka Passage, have been allocated K50 Billion.

The budgetary allocation for bridges alone under the SEP accounts for nearly 33% of the total allocation for these projects, which is K152 Billion.

National Reserves under a Meekamui Central Bank will accommodate another K40 Billion while compensation for lives lost during the 12 year old Bougainville and Siwai Crisis and reconciliation for the same, will also get K15 Billion. An Adequate Water Supply System and Sanitation for the 247,000 plus citizens of the island nation will consume another K15 Billion. A homegrown Bougainville University along with various colleges and a large Hydro Power Generating System that is set to generate enough power for the entire power needs of the island nation, will each receive K10 Billion. A Meekamui National Parliament

building and a National Government Headquarters will share K5 Billion and the Acquisition of land for public purposes, Quarries and Batch Plant Sites will also receive another K5 Billion under SEP. The 9 Special Establishment Projects being planned will cost a total allocation of K152 Billion which accounts for about 35% of the total budgetary allocation of K440 Billion by the Meekamui Government, for the remainder of 2005 and the 2006 financial year. pc

Tonu Airport Opens Again

By Michael Jagui

An important national airport at the software headquarters of the Meekamui-Papala twin Kingdom Governments at Tonu has been re-opened. This will enable easier transportation access for U-Vistract clients and officials in and out of Tonu ­ instead of putting up with the long, hectic drive between Tonu and Buka airport. The Tonu private airstrip recently cleared with help of the local community was inspected and approved by an airport inspector, Anton Riki, from Rabaul. Mr Riki recommended several more improvements needed including installation of the windsock or wind direction indicator, plastic cone markers, felling of trees on the northern approach and further compaction with gravel of northern landing and take-off area, which were carried out before the airport was opened by the Siwai District

The airport Windsock goes up with help from the local community

Minister for Transport, Hon. Joshua Montoru. His Excellency King Peii II expressed satisfaction over this very important development in the transportation sector, adding that interest has been received from several international airlines to be engaged on contract to provide airservices for the U-Vistract organization, operating out of Tonu and Aropa. This is the option we are considering besides having air transport of our own", says the King.

According to the King Tonu will be a private international airport while Aropa will be redeveloped into an international airport for Bougainville. Negotiations are also being held with Airlink in Papua New Guinea to buy off the airline, however, one aircraft will be leased soon to operate the courier service runs. "We will buy the airline for K50 million if negotiations go well", said King David Peii II . pc

Papala Chronicles

Issue 14


Week Ending 16th September 2005


Meekamui & Autonomous Common Agenda

The autonomous Government of Mr Joseph Kabui, and the Meekamui National Government on Bougainville are working harmoniously together towards the advancement of Bougainville. And, supporters of both governments have been urged to work together in harmony to develop and advance the new sovereign nation.

"Mr Kabui, John Momis and other autonomous government leaders are my clients in the U-Vistract system­ and I have an established understanding with them", says King David Peii II of the PapalaMeekamui twin Kingdom Government. "Although King Francis D. Domanaa is dead, I have an established understanding with them,

and we are working towards a common goal that is already established in our thinking," said King Peii II. "I signed an agreement with Joseph Kabui and Sam Kauona, on the 17th November 1997, co-signed by late King Francis (Ona) D. Domanaa, who also signed a separate agreement with me on the 19th of December 1997," he said. "We maintain close liaison, and it was Mr Kabui and late King Francis (Ona) D. Domanaa, who invited me to come back from Solomon Islands in 2002 and establish U-Vistract in Panguna", he said. He said the Chairman of UVistract, Mr Meshach Autahe, talks regularly with Mr Kabui as one of our investors to brief him

on the progress of the U-Vistract Operations", he said. "Mr Kabui is also related to my father', said the King, who called on people in both factions of government to work together harmoniously towards the advancement of Bougainville. "The autonomous government

was purposely placed by God to provide services while the Twin Kingdoms are in the process of establishing a permanent sovereign government on Bougainville', said the King. "Eventually both governments will merge together", he said. He was speaking to quell contentions in some areas of Bougainville between supporters of both Autonomous and Meekamui governments. pc

King Francis Replacement Welcomed

By Michael Jagui "The election of Central Bou-


The Enhanced Cooperation Program (ECP) is rejected by Papua New Guinea , but Australia insists on `shoving it down PNG's throat'. Even Aussie Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, had to `sneak' into PNG to make sure it is properly `shoved down PNG's throat'. It is now very obvious, that vested interest is involved, but we are getting suspicious that it is not just the threat from terrorism. Our U-V team at Tonu had many ideas. Among them were:

1. They want to ensure :PNG remains big buyer of its rice--continuing to push the idea that PNG is not suitable for rice growing, which is completed opposed to what the Japanese say. They are being pushed by world forces to stop what U-Vistract is doing at Tonu­ Bougainville.

gainville Paramount Chief, John Taruna, to replace late HM, King Francis D. Domanaa, as Acting head of state of the Meekamui Kingdom has been welcomed. "He is my clan member, and I will be able to work well together with him", said King Peii II of the Papala Kingdom. "We both belong to the Eagle clan, which is the original clan on Bougainville", he said. Late HM, King Francis D, Domanaa, was reported in the PNG press to have died of complications caused by Pneumonia and Typhoid, while reports circulating locally says otherwise.

The Meekamui National government is to set up its headquarters

at Aropa, near Arawa, and work is to start soon to establishing it quickly. Meekamui National Government has four regional governments on Bougainville. HM King Peii II says both the Kingdoms of Papapla and Meekamui will be meeting soon to re-establish their understanding on ways of working together. Recently, Mr Taruna was questioned by the Papua New Guinea media about whether or not he supported the U-Vistract. Mr Taruna responded that he had no money and needed U-Vistract to fund the operations of his Kingdom. PNG Press has a negative attitude towards the U-V system. pc


We can only guess about their reasons, but U-V feels threatened all the time and needs prayer support of all. Pc.

In Unity there is greater dynamic intensity of power for greater impact

Papala Chronicles Issue 14

"Education News"

Week Ending 16th September 2005


King Peii II Pays School Fees

By Michael Jagui

Development of the Rice Industry in the Southern Region of Bougainville is going well ahead with a prospect of a bright future. And, the Minister for Agriculture and a Deputy Prime Ministerin the National Meekamui Government, Hon. John Numake, is adamant that the Bougainville Government's focus in food crop production, will be on rice with lesser extent on others Only last week the King released crops. cheques for payment of school fees This, he says, is to make Boufor children in the Madang province gainville, self sufficient in food with of PNG among other payments on the prospect of exporting the excess. trial basis, while the rest of PNG Mr Numake said this while anhave been asked to submit list of nouncing that work is going ahead their requirements, and travel to to develop three (3) rice projects in Tonu to pick up their cheques. "Who-ever comes next will be the the Southern region at Wisai (Buin), next to get their money", said the Biros (Nagovis) and Toitoi (Siwai).


The U-Vistract organization has announced a major assistance package for all citizens, supporters and helpers of its activities, both in Bougainville, the Pacific Region and the world. Principal Director, HM King Peii II started to pay the school fees of all the U-V members with-in Bougainville, and is expanding to Papua New Guinea and will soon expand to others including Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Fiji. Announcing the package which could run into millions of kina, His Royal Highness, King Peii II , says he started small by paying the Elementary schools fees of children in the Siwai district and will expand throughout Bougainville and overseas. The U-V system paid about thirty-thousand kina (K30,000) to 34 elementary schools in the Siwai area and is proceeding onto primary schools and soon onto high schools. The U-Vistract system under HM King Peii II is starting the payment of school fees among the first project activities it is undertaking, as the U-V system expands its financial and government operations through-out the world.

Happy children of Hiree Elementary School whose fees were paid by U-V. "We will continue to pay for the other children and students in all levels of education, and expand to other countries", King Peii II said. "The payment is being facilitated through our bank, the National International Bank of Meekamui", said the King. Governor of the Bank, Sir Peter Lising, said the King is

providing the money through his own discretionary funds.

The payment of school fees and dispatch of cheques and cash are being made also as a trial of the UV system before major payments are made to helpers, supporters and finally to investors.

Rice--Hope for the Future

"Both Wisai and Biros projects are being developed on large scale, while Toitoi is being developed to supply seeds to farmers" he said. Wisai is being developed in a 100 hectare area and will have a Filipino rice farming expert engaged to permanently manage the project. "A house is being constructed for the expert who is a lecturer at the Pacific Adventist University (PAU), just outside Port Moresby", he said. Mr Numake added that the project is being developed on large scale after trials proved very successful in recent harvests of 15 large bags of rice. pc

Papala Chronicles

Issue 14


for This Week "

Week Ending 16th September 2005


Payout Prophesied by Doctor Jonathan David

By Michael Jagui

The vast monetary and Kingdom government expansion activities of the U-V system, through-out the world has already been foretold by modern day prophets of God. The forthcoming payout was noised abroad in international media, but the Papua New Guinea media maintains it's silence, due to the black-ban placed on U-Vistract after its operations of the late 1990s. It attracted lot of flack, criticisms and even a court ruling declaring its operations illegal at that time. Despite this, God has not let it up as a passing event, but has announced through his prophets of the abundant wealth and resources it is going to bring to nations, Kingdoms, organizations and individuals around the world. World renowned prophet of the modern era, Doctor Jonathan David, of Malaysia foresaw and accounted in his "Prophetic Word for 2003-2004" (some notes he issues every year) that "There will be supernatural release of Wealth and Kingdom resources to advance the Kingdom Government' on earth. Few years earlier, at one of his conferences in 1999 in Malaysia, Doctor David, looked at

the youthful Founder/Principal Director of the U-Vistract systems, Noah Musingku ( HM King Peii II), and prophesied directly to him that he was going to go through "hell on earth" to achieve what he was pioneering at that time. The Lord told Doctor David

that, Noah, the present day, HM King Peii II, will experience many problems including threats, betrayals, intimidations, search and arrest warrants, court cases and even imprisonments for the sake of the U-Vistract activities. The prophet feared for his life and asked him what he was doing and whether he was able to complete it. HM King Peii II replied boldly that he was able to accomplish the task through the grace of God ­ and the trial payout which is the tip of the iceberg of greater abundance and wealth yet to be released, is the result of his bold confession and stand. The devil who was trying to stop the floodgates of abundance from opening upon God's people ­ has virtually given up trying, conceding defeat. Today, HM King Peii II stands tall as a powerful monetary Price and King in his own right, a vessel of God used to bring abundance and blessing to the whole earth. The 24 International Banks developed for operations under the U-Vistract system are ready and have started negotiating deals and covenants with nations, corporations and individuals around the world to lend and grant large sums of money in

proportions they have never seen, heard of or handled in their lives. First beneficiaries with huge allocations in U-Vistracts first budget starting July this year, are nations where U-V governments and Chief Governors were appointed including United Kingdom

(GBP25 billion), Fiji (FID35 billion), Solomon Islands (SBD70 billion), and Papua New Guinea (PNGK100 billion). With proper planning and stringent control in the use of these funds, the mentioned nations have potential to become modern metropolitan wonders ­ the start of the prophesied abundance and prosperity on the earth. Doctor David concluded his prophecy saying that God is releasing his Spirit of favor upon the righteous to rise with an entrepreneurial spirit and powerful wisdom to venture into the market place discovering new products, inventions, ideas and operation systems with cutting edge advantage in business competition, all the while increasing, multiplying and accelerating. U-Vistract with its investment skills and acquired abundant wealth ready for distribution is a powerful testimony and fulfillment of this prophecy, unmatched by any other organizations in the world. God showed Doctor David that from year 2003-2004 onwards Christians with Gods agenda and mandate for Kingdom advancement will acquire large properties, vast acres of land, numerous houses and abundant cash, to in turn use and distribute it to open up opportunities and bless others to come into their inheritance.

This is the start of what the Bible says about the righteous inheriting the whole earth including all the land, the gold, silver and cattle on a thousand hills. This is not a man's doing but God's and all the Glory and honour must go to God alone forever. pc

Honesty and truthfulness shall prevail, while liars and cheats are in danger, not only of a quick death but also of eternal destruction. pc

Papala Chronicles Issue 14

"Department News"

Week Ending 16th September 2005


Develop Kingdom Culture

By Michael Jagui

A Meekamui National Government Minister has stressed the need for the U-Vistract system to develop its own culture--based on the morals and values of the Kingdom of God. "We must develop Kingdom values and morals to be extended towards developing a corporate Kingdom culture for the U-Vistract system", said Pastor Chris Mutono, who is Minister for Christian Affairs and Planning. Preaching at the Tonu Apostolic Fellowship recently, Pastor Mutono urged Christians to develop Christian moral values and ethics in the process of transformation which will contribute towards developing a Kingdom

Pst Chris Mutono

lifestyle and culture for the Meekamui Government , and the U-Vistract Organization. The Pastors message foreshadows the drive with-in UVistract to establish Gods Kingdom Government culture on earth through its International Government, Monetary and

Banking systems. Chairman of the Madang UVistract Clients Association, Joseph Yalabila, was also critical of the behaviors and attitudes of some recent staff of U-Vistract organization at Tonu, calling on them to change their lifestyles and develop high Christian standards. "Everybody is watching you here at the nerve centre of this organization, and you must show good personal characters, and set standards for us", he said. "We expect that you all here are abiding by the standards being set by the King ", he said. He was speaking at a staff fellowship during a visit to Tonu this month. pc

Meekamui Departments Get Heaps of Money

By Tony Sapan

Bougainville Islanders can expect a complete revitalization of the roles and responsibilities their very own Department of Works under a new Meekamui National Government, in terms of the amount of work they can handle and fund. A Meekamui Department of Officials Open Tonu airport, Works will receive the highest a funded development. amount of K26 Billion in the government's departmental budgetary which will all receive K15 Bilallocation for the remainder of 2005 and the 2006 financial year. lion each. The Meekamui department's A fully pledged Meekamui Deof Agriculture, Fisheries, Police, fense Force has been allocated K16 Billion to be followed closely by For- Communication, Land, Local eign Affairs, Education, Health, For- Governments, Social Welfare est, .Environment and Conservation., and Sports and Recreation will Housing, Public Service, Home Afall receive an allocation of K10

fairs and Land, Air and Sea Transport Billion each.

The new Meekamui department of Justice has been given K8 Billion to effectively carryout its tasks and responsibilities, while the government's department's of Labour and Employment, Commerce, Correctional Institution Services, Water and Energy, Prime Minister, Religion, Culture and Tourism and Finance and Planning will each receive K5 Billion in budgetary allocation.

Three Billion Kina in reserves for the remainder of 2005 and the 2006 financial year brings the total Meekamui National Government Departmental Budgetary allocation, to K288 Billion. Along with K152 Billion appropriated for Special Establishment Projects, the total Meekamui National Government budget for this period, is K440 Billion. Pc.

Papala Chronicles Issue 14

"Finance News"

Week Ending 16th September 2005


Money will either Make or Break you

By Michael Jagui

"The devil in you will really manifest when you have a lot of money", says a Christian Pastor. "And, that's the time you have to really control yourself on how you use your money, or else you could destroy yourself", says former United Church Pastor, John Gigiye. He says people receiving large sums of money from U-Vistract payout must seek God's guidance on how to control and use their money, or else they could find themselves in really big trouble. Pastor John, now a staff of the UVistract systems sounded the concerns shared by the Principal Director of UVistract, HM King Peii II of the

impact large sums of money may have on the people. The King who has been delaying the payment due to this concern has repeatedly said that he does not want to see the repeat of what happened in the first payouts in the late 1990s. HM King Peii II says one of the first millionaires in the previous UVistract payout left home straight

after receiving his money and only returned home in a casket. Another prominent leader also made a millionaire went through many wives, changing them like they were toys or playthings.

The pastor and the King emphasize that this is the manifestation of First Timothy, Chapter 6: 16 which says "The love of money is the root of all evil". They added that money manifests selfishness and greed which are evils of money that destroy people. They said money drunkenness is also similar to being drunk with power or on alcohol which drive people to do things they won't normally do. pc



Madang Reorganized

In PNG's Madang province changes have been made to the UVistract financial operations and the clients committee in an effort to take a more stringent control of the way clients funds are handled.

This follows conflicting reports of funds contributed by clients , while records show different amounts from what they alleged to have contributed. Principal Director, HM King Peii II has directed the clients committee to take charge of the finances in Madang, instead of being only under the control of the coordinator, in a drive to protect U-V image and its clients' funds. Meanwhile UV clients in Kavieng, New Ireland , have been told to only channel their contributions through the recognized clients committee and no one else, not even through other clients. A staff banker from UV's Tonu based Royal International bank of Meekamui, Salatiel Lambulai said this when answering questions from existing and intending clients. Mr Lambulai was in Kavieng distributing bank cards and statements plus soliciting new clients, who contributed plenty of cooking utensils and stationeries. pc

No earthly attempts by any individuals and organizations big or small, engineered or single handed, will stop the work of UVistract , the monetary and banking system of the Royal Kingdom of Papala. This is the blunt message by the recently installed UV Finance Governor for PNG's Morobe province and Head of the Royal Supreme Priestly Order of Melchezedek worldwide, Sir Akesingkey Gepung Sir Akesingkey said this after a month long visit to Tonu on south west Bougainville, Home land of U-Vistract and the RKP, where a Royal palace and two home grown banks already form part of facilities that will eventually become the international headquarters of the two organizations. Sir Akesingkey after checking out work on Phase 1 of facilities at Tonu, said he strongly believes the organization is of That's my

God and nothing on earth will stop its ongoing progress. He said all attempts to stop UV's progress in the past by PNG authorities has failed and any future attempts by them or anyone else to stop its progress will also fail. because it is part of God's grace to set his people on earth from poverty and suppression from the power of darkness. "U-Vistract is being used by God almighty as an instrument to bring fort the gospel of Jesus Christ to every part of the world by the power of his holy spirit", Sir Akesinkey said. Reiterating his point, Sir Akesingkey said the bible says in the book of Revelations, that what ever God closes, man can not open, and what ever God opens, man can not close, stressing that God's decision to prosper U-Vistract is final and no one will stop it. pc


Papala Chronicles Your Financial News paper from the Royal Twin Kingdoms of Papala and Meekamui , Bougainville. Read it every week.

Papala Chronicles

Issue 14

"Government News " King's Corner

Week Ending 16th September 2005



Personal From HM King David Peii II

All in all, since I began my hard training in 1994, it has taken me ten years to arrive home in a journey that would normally take couple of days by ship or almost two hours by airplane. In early 2000 whilst in Australia God reminded me again in a dream that I would go through another period of `hard-training' needing faith & patience until I would arrive at my ancestral home of Tonu and re-launch the system successfully. I then returned to PNG in March 2000 and tried to set up my payout office there. I ran the gauntlet of criticisms, ridicules, threats/ intimidations, name-callings, courtcases, search/ arrest warrants, police raids, etc. The second phase of my training program had begun. In 2002 I tried to set up a bank at the old Bank of Hawaii building in down town Port Moresby. However, God used the BPNG, police and courts to move me out from PNG to Solomon Islands, much closer to my ancestral home. Again, in 2003, just as I finalized setting up a bank at Ritaleven Centre in Honiara God used the RAMSI forces to move me to Guava, Panguna, where I took refuge under the caring hands of late King Francis for almost two years. The prevailing circumstances again could not allow me to come to Tonu though I was only couple of hours drive away. Whilst there, I worked on a big banking/building complex consisting of a royal world bank, central bank and commercial banks. Soon after completing the setup the circumstances changed dramatically such that the Siwai Council of Chiefs had to invite me to return to Tonu, yea in fulfillment of what God had revealed earlier on. Here on Bougainville, we have just crossed over to the "time of Joshua & Caleb". The "time of Moses" has just lapsed with the passing away of late King Francis O.D.D.Domanaa. I remember a prophecy by a couple of internationally-renowned visiting prophets at Guava, Panguna, on 27th August last year. One of them, Prophet Brian Hayes, whilst praying and prophesying over King Francis, myself and three ministers of the Meekamui government, said "you are just about to leave the time of Moses and enter into the period of Joshua & Caleb".

Hello and welcome once again to King's Column. The universe operates on the basis of laws and principles, and not so much on methodologies. In the Bible we read that Moses instructed his successor Joshua to "meditate on the Book of the Law (Bible) and not let it depart out of his mouth, ensuring to obey everything written in it so that his way would be prosperous and successful". The Word of God is the Higher-Law in all the universe! A wise man understands simple laws, concepts and principles of life which he can use to resolve problems at hand. One of the rare capabilities of the wise is "discerning or understanding the times and making appropriate decisions whilst the rest of the people are living in confusion, fear and panic". The wise man would normally be surrounded by two or three confirmations or reminders at any time in every direction he looks. Control of times/seasons is directly placed in the power of God Himself. Our job is merely to discern and understand the times in which we live so we can make appropriate decisions forthwith. For instance, my coming back to Tonu late last year was in fulfillment of several dreams/prophecies I saw during my first four years of training/ preparation on the streets of Port Moresby from 1994 to 1998. God showed me very clearly that the system would finally be launched out from my own home village of Tonu after a period of `hard training for wisdom'. U-Vistract then broke out in 1998 and lasted almost two years. Again towards the end of 1999 whilst in Australia, I saw several dreams/visions confirming another period of `hard-training' before I would arrive home at Tonu and/or qualify to undertake the next phase. As I was trapped overseas in a foreign land I saw my own ancestral home as my `promised-land' in the same way as the ancestral home of Israel became their `promised-land' whilst they were enslaved in a foreign land of Egypt.

I knew exactly what God was saying through the prophet. It was another confirmation of what I already knew in my heart. Three months later on 25th November I finally came home to Tonu in fulfillment of the many dreams and prophecies spoken along the way. Yea, but the promised-land is also full of giants! According to the Bible "God will not remove them in just one year, lest the land become desolate... but little by little as we advance or until we are increased to inherit the land". (Exodus 23: 29-30). Since our arrival home we have seen several giants removed: The Australian Federal Police was one of the major foreign giants removed from our island(s). God used a PNG politician to file a case in their courts and removed them once and for all. A regional member/governor of Bougainville lost his 33 years of political reign over both PNG and Bougainville in a sudden state of confusion/indecision between the positions of governor and president under the foreign-controlled autonomous system.

Most of our local giants and critics too are already shutting up and hiding in shame as we prove in physical reality what we have been preaching all this time. Anything that tries to stand in the way will be removed as we advance. Locally, so far we have paid school fees for about 34 Elementary schools in Siwai & Bana to the shame of our critics. We are again preparing to pay fees for all others including primary and high schools, colleges and universities. We have appointed our own village, district and national governments including our own prime minister, ministers and deputies, built our own banks and institutions and set up our headquarters under four levels of security, being defense force, police, bank security and palace guards. Overseas, beginning in the region, we have appointed our own governorgenerals, chief governors, provincial governors, administrators, ambassadors, trade commissioners, attorney-generals, auditorgenerals, bank governors, etc. There is no doubt that as we advance over the next few weeks/months any foreign-controlled system, be it government, religion or financial institution will be driven out. Otherwise, they will simply be swallowed up by the system at the right time. The rate at which God will remove the giants is directly dependent on our rate of progress. To God be the glory! In the next issue we will discuss how easy it is to kill giants!

Papala Chronicles Issue 14

Week Ending 16th September 2005


By Michael Jagui

Developing Goals & Directive Principles

The National Development goals are: 1. Integral 2. Communal 3. Sustainable. Directive Principles are to: 1. Uphold Christian morals and values 2. Provide & Protect Environment 3. Protect Cultural Heritage 4. Education for Life 5. Protect Human Rights. "The workshop-seminar will result in the write-up of the Departmental Operation Manuals, and the Government policy guidelines", he said. The two month workshopseminar end this month..


Very Senior Executives and Ministers in the Siwai Government on Bougainville are now undergoing a Seminar/ Workshop to develop and establish their Ministerial and Departmental policy guidelines and operational mechanisms. The workshop-seminars are being held two days a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, attended by Departmental heads and their Ministers. "The workshop-seminars will develop the National Goals and Directive Principles which will form the basis of the development policy guidelines of the Royal Twin Kingdom Government", said Minister

Pst Chris Mutono

Responsible for Planning, Hon. Pastor Christopher Mutono. Hon. Mutono who is facilitating the course with the Prime Minister and Lawyer, Hon. Rueben Siara, said the Government will have three (3) National Goals and five (5) directive principles, upon which all other development policy guidelines of development in the country will be based.

Bougainville Sovereignty

By Michael Jagui

The King of the Papala Kingdom, HM King Peii II wants nothing less than total sovereignty for Bougainville. And, King Peii II says even Independence, which is nothing more than foreign domination and control, will not do for his country, which he says has the potential to rule the world through monitory domination. This strong message he has resounded many times on important occasions and through this paper shows his pledged and covenanted commission from God to carry out on Bougainville, the chosen launching pad for the establishment of Gods Kingdom on earth. "We are not interested in

Monetary and Banking systems earlier this year, he said God has are forms of foreign control", he allowed Bougainville to struggle said in the 13th issue of this pain seeking self rule ideologies in per. "England which is one of only four different ways - the provincial, autonomous, Independence few Sovereign states on earth is and Sovereign Government losing its sovereignty to the Euroconcurrently and simultaneously pean Union", he said. over the last 15 years . He said Bougainville has But, he said if Bougainville fought so hard, for autonomy and Independence, costing 20,000 lives, had perused these concepts of but must go onto Sovereignty , which self rule individually and sepais what the U-Vistract System, Kingrately, it would have caused dom of Papala and the Royal Assemmuch more crisis, bloodshed bly of Nations & Kingdoms and many more than the 20,000 (RAONK) want. lives. "Sovereignty cannot be granted "We have already achieved by another nation, or international Financial and Political Sovergovernment, but must come directly eignty through U-Vistract sysfrom God above", said the King. tems. Its no longer a dream or a Sounding the same sentiments yet to be fulfilled prophecy", he during the launching of the UVistract International Government, said. pc Romans 1:16 "The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believes".

autonomy or independence which are


issue 14

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