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Taking Care of Your HealTH

Preventive Care Now Keeps Costs Down in the Long Run


ave you been cutting back on groceries and family outings because of the bad economic times? An American Heart Association survey indicates that many Americans have cut back on fresh produce and regular exercise to save money. In addition, according to the survey, 32 percent of Americans have put off preventive care appointments, cut back on medications, or skipped going to the dentist in the past year. Such cost-cutting measures affect the long-term well-being of you and your family. Good nutrition and regular exercise will go a long way toward keeping your family healthy. In addition, regular preventive care checkups will keep small problems from developing into more expensive health issues in the future. If you are concerned about how to cover your health care costs, call an ICHS eligibility worker for assistance. Our eligibility workers can help you find government health insurance

Dr. Kimo Hirayama discusses routine preventive health care concerns with a young patient and her father.

programs for which you qualify. They can also explain how our sliding-scale fee works. See page 8 for a list of ICHS eligibility workers and their contact numbers; and page 7 for a checklist of some of the preventive checkups recommended by your doctor.

Novel H1N1 Flu update

Public Health recommends vaccinations for both H1N1 influenza and seasonal influenza. H1N1 and seasonal flu are different viruses that require different vaccines. Contact our clinics for more information at 206.788.3700 or 206.788.3500. See related story on page 2.

International Community Health Services

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Flu Season is Back

Now is the time to start taking precautions to protect yourself and your family from the flu. The regular flu shot can protect you from many different strains of the flu virus. In addition, there is a separate flu shot to protect against the H1N1 flu (also known as swine flu) that will also be available. Here are some everyday actions to keep you and your family safe from the flu:

Dancing with ICHS

odds & ends


Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it. · Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hands cleaners are also effective. · Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way. Also, stay home from work or school if you get sick. Limit contact with others to keep from infecting them. If you think you may have the seasonal or H1N1 flu, call our clinics and ask to speak with a nurse.

Community Advocate Angela Wan teaches line dance at the ID Community Center on Mondays, 10:30 a.m. ­12:00 p.m. Many class members have either pre-diabetes or diabetes. The class began as a part of a Diabetes Prevention Program held last fall and has continued to meet weekly. There is a $1 charge per class. For more information, please contact Angela at [email protected] or x3644.

spend waiting into a fun learning experience for your kids.

Clinic Expansion Nearing End

Construction at the ID clinic is expected to be completed this fall. The new and expanded dental clinic was finished earlier this year and has been in operation since April. Two new dentists have joined ICHS also since then: Drs. Phuong Hoang and Quynh Nguyen.

More Parking at ID Clinic

ICHS has added more parking spaces

for patients in the underground lot across the street from the ID Clinic. Patient survey feedback indicated that there was not enough parking, so we added more. Keep sending us your comments so we can continue to improve our services.

New ICHS dentists Phuong Hoang, DDS, (left) and Quynh Nguyen, DMD, (right) divide their time between the International District and Holly Park clinics.

ID Pharmacy Update

The ID Pharmacy recently changed its hours and is no longer open on Saturdays. Current hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.­6 p.m. We apologize for any inconvenience. This fall, the pharmacy will be moved into the building with the medical and dental clinic, making it even more convenient for patients.

24/7 Nurse Advice Hotline

Community Health Plan (CHP) now offers a 24-hour free nurse advice phone line for ICHS patients. The number is 1-866-418-1002. If you need to speak with a nurse about a medical concern, please call our clinics directly, regardless of what time it is. During clinic hours, our staff can help you by giving you medical guidance and/or scheduling an appointment. When we are closed, our answering service can connect you with one of our providers or the CHP nurse advice line, depending on what type of help you need. Unless you have a lifethreatening emergency, please call us before going to the emergency room.


A message from Community Health Plan

Chance to Win a Free Gift!

Fill out this coupon and give it to the receptionist when you check in for your next appointment to be entered in a drawing for a free gift.* Name __________________________ __________________________ Phone __________________________ Email __________________________

Children's Reading Hour

ICHS now offers a children's reading

Address __________________________

*Offer valid for new and returning patients. Limit one prize per household.

hour in our waiting rooms every Tuesday afternoon at HP Clinic and every Thursday afternoon at ID Clinic. The reading hour is 4 p.m.­5 p.m. Children and their parents are welcome to sit and read along with our volunteers. Turn the time you


· the Key to a vibrant, Healthy Community ·

Autumn 2009/Winter 2010


Angela Wan () 10:3012:00 . . ICHS ( ) , . .. , , 206.788.3644 : [email protected]

. ., , H1N1( ). , : ·, , . ·, . . ·, . . , , . , . H1N1, , .

A message from Community Health Plan

, . . , .


. , . . . , .

. . . .

. . . Dr. Phuong Hoang Dr.

Quynh Nguyen.


, .* ___________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________ ___________________________ Email ______________________

*. .

11 . . , . , http://hrsa.dshs.

HP .

ICHS Holly Park

ICHS Thông Tin Sc Khe

International Community Health Services

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Mùa Cúm ã Tr Li Thêm nhiu ch u xe ti

Bt u t bây gi, nên áp dng nhng phng cách phòng nga bo v cho bn và gia ình tránh khi bnh cm cúm. Thuc chích nga cm cúm có th ngn chn nhiu loi vi khun cúm khác nhau. Bên cnh ó, có mt loi thuc nga riêng bit cho vi khun cúm H1N1 (cng có th gi là cúm heo). Sau ây là vài cách mà bn có th làm hng ngày giúp bn và gia ình phòng tránh bnh dch cúm:

Phòng mch Quc T

ICHS ã có thêm nhiu ch u xe

hn cho bnh nhân trong bãi u di hm i din phòng mch phía bên kia ng. S nghiên cu ý kin phn hi t bnh nhân ã cho bit không có ch u xe cho nên chúng tôi ã gia tng thêm ch. Xin hãy tip tc gi ý kin và ngh chúng tôi có th tip tc ci tin s phc v cho quý v

Nha si mi Phng Hoang (trái) va nha si Quynh Nguyên (phi) thay phiên kham bênh nhân gia hai phong mach International District va Holly Park.


Che mi, ming bng khn giy mi khi ho hoc ht hi. B khn giy vào thùng rác ngay sau khi s dng. · Tng cng ra tay vi xà phòng và nc lnh. Nht là sau mi ln ho hay ht hi. · Dùng alcol hoc thuc ra sát trùng ra tay cng hu hiu. · Tránh dùng tay chm vào mt, mi hoc ming. Vi khun rt d lây lan qua qua ng ny. Không n trng hay công s, phi ngh ngi nhà nu bn nhim bnh. Hn ch tip xúc vi mi ngi tránh truyn bnh cho ngi khác. Nu bn ngh bn có th b cúm hay cm nhim H1N1 hãy gi vào phòng mch và yêu cu c nói chuyn vi y tá.

A message from Community Health Plan

Tin mi v Tim thuc tây Quc t (ID)

Tim thuc tây Quc t (ID) gn ây ã thay i gi phc v và s không m ca ngày th by na. Gi m ca s vn t th hai n th sáu t 9 gi sáng n 6 gi chiu. Chúng tôi xin cáo li cho s bt tin này. Vào mùa thu này, tim thuc tây s di vào cùng tòa nhà ch phòng mch nha khoa và y khoa tin li hn cho s phc v bnh nhân

làm vic cho ICHS t lúc ó là: Bác s Phng Hoàng và Bác s Qunh Nguyn.

Th ID Y T Mi

Trong tháng 11 B Xã Hi và Dch v Y T tiu bang s gi i nhng th ID Y t bng nha do n mt triu ngi ang s dng dch v tr cp Y T. Th ID ny s thay th cho phiu Y t bng giy mà hin nay tiu bang gi n quý v hng tháng. Sau khi nhn c th ID mi, xin quý v vui lòng mang theo trong ln hn ti ca quý v. Mun bit thêm chi tit xin vào trang nhà: http://hrsa.dshs.


Hãy in u thông tin vào phiu tham d và np li cho nhân viên tip tân trong ln hn ti, c tham gia rút thm trúng thng Quà Tng Min Phí.* H Tên ___________________________ a ch ___________________________ ___________________________ in thai _________________________ Email _____________________________ *Cho bnh nhân mi và nhng bnh nhân trc ây ã có khám ti phòng mch và hin nay quay tr li. Gii hn mt gii thng cho mi gia ình.

Gi c sách cho tr em

ICHS có gi c sách cho tr em t

Khiêu v vi ICHS

ICHS cán s cng ng ang dy khiêu v tp th ti Trung tâm Cng ng Quc T mi th hai t 10:3012:00 bui sáng. Lp là mt phn ca chng trình Phòng Nga Bnh tiu ng ca ICHS c khi u vào mùa thu nm ngoái. Mi ngi s phi tr $1 cho mi bui hc. Nu quý v thích tham gia xin hãy liên lc vi Angela ti [email protected] hay 788-3644

bây gi mi chiu th ba ti phòng i ca phòng mch Holly Park và mi chiu th nm ti phòng i ca phòng mch Quc T (ID). Gi c sách t 4 cho ti 5 gi chiu. Chúng tôi hân hoan mi tt c tr em và gia ình cùng tham gia c sách vi thin nguyn viên này. Bin thi gian ch i c khám bnh thành mt kinh nghim vui hc cho các em.


Vic m rng phòng mch sp hoàn tt

Vic xây dng ti phòng mch Quc T (ID) d oán gn xong vào mùa thu này. Phòng mch nha khoa mi m rng ã hoàn thành u nm nay và i vào s dng t tháng t. Hai bác s nha khoa mi cng ã n


· the Key to a vibrant, Healthy Community ·

Autumn 2009/Winter 2010

. . H1N1 . . . . . . , , . , . H1N1 .

10:30 12:00 . . $1 . , . [email protected] or x3644.

, , .

4 5.

· · ·

. . .

, . .


. 4 . , . Phuong Hoang Quynh Nguyen .

. , 9 6 . . , , .

A message from Community Health Plan


11 . . . .



.* _____________________________

_____________________________ ____________________________ __________________________ ____________________________ *,

. .

, .

ICHS Para Sa Iyong Kalusugan

International Community Health Services

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Panahon na naman ng Trangkaso

Ngayon na ang oras para magsimula nang maghanda sa panganib para protektahan ang iyong sarili at ang iyong pamilya laban sa trangkaso. Ang pamanahon na bakuna sa trangkaso ay makakapagprotekta sa iyo mula sa maraming kapinsalaan ng mikrobyo ng trangkaso. Mayroong hiwalay na bakuna para sa proteksiyon laban sa H1N1 flu ( kilala rin bilang Swine flu). Narito ang ilang gawain para ligtas ka at ang iyong pamilya sa trangkaso:

Mas maraming Paradahan sa ID Clinic

Ang ICHS ay nagdagdag ng mas marami pang paradahan para sa mga pasyente sa ilalim ng gusali sa tapat ng kalye mula sa ID Clinic. Ang mga komentaryong galing sa mga survey ng pasyente ay nagpakita na walang sapat na paradahan, kaya nagdagdag kami ng mas marami. Ipagpatuloy po ninyo ang pagpapadala ng inyong mga komento at mga pagpapayo para patuloy naming mapabuti ang mga serbisyo para sa inyo.

Ang Community Advocate na si Sefie Cabiao ay nagtuturo ng klase tungkol sa diyabetis sa Ingles, Tagalog at Ilokano.

Ang mga Bagong Medicaid ID Kard

Ang estado ng Department of Social and Health Services ay magpapadala ng mga bagong plastic kard ng palatandaan(ID) sa kanyang 1 milyong kliyente ng Medicaid sa Nobyembre. Papalitan ang kard na ito ang mga papel na kupon na ipinapadala ng estado kada buwan. Kapag nakatanggap ka ng plastik na Services Card, pakidala po ito sa iyong susunod na tipanan sa doktor. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, bisitahin ang http://hrsa.dshs. Pagkakataon Para Manalo ng Libreng Regalo!


Takpan ang ilong at bibig ng tisyu kapang umubo o bumahin. Itapon ang tisyu sa basurahan pagkatapos gamitin. · Hugasan ng madalas ang mga kamay gamit ang sabon at tubig, pagkatapos umubo o bumahin. · Iwasan ang paghawak sa mga mata, ilong o bibig. Manatili lang sa bahay kung ikaw ay may sakit para hindi mahawaan ang ibang tao. Kung sa palagay mo ay mayroon kang pamanahon(seasonal) na trangkaso o H1N1, tawagan ang aming mga klinika at makipag-usap sa isang nars.

A message from Community Health Plan

Ulat sa Parmasya ng ID

Ang parmasya ng ID ay nagbago kamakailan lamang ng oras nito at sarado na ito tuwing Sabado. Ang parmasya ay bukas pa rin tuwing Lunes hanggang Biyernes mula 9 ng umaga hanggang 6 ng hapon. Kami po ay humihingi ng paumanhin sa anumang abala. Ngayong taglagas, ang parmasya ay ililipat sa parehong parte ng klinika ng medikal at dental, para mas maging madali para sa mga pasyente na makuha ang lahat ng mga serbisyong kailangan nila.

Oras ng pagbabasa ng mga Bata

Naghahandog ngayon ng ICHS ng oras ng pagbabasa ng mga bata sa aming lugar ng hintayan tuwing Martes ng hapon sa HP Clinic at tuwing Huwebes ng hapon sa ID Clinic. Ang oras ng pagbabasa ay mula 4 ng hapon hanggang 5 ng hapon. Ang lahat ng mga bata at mga magulang ay malugod na tinatanggap para maupo at magbasa kasama ang aming mga boluntaryo. Gawin ang iyong oras ng paghihintay sa isang kasiya-siyang karanasan ng aral ng iyong mga anak.


Malapit nang Matapos ang Pagpapalawak ng Klinika

Ang pagkakagawa sa klinika ng ID ay inaasahang matatapos ngayong taglagas. Ang bago at pinalaking dental na klinika ay mas maagang natapos ngayong taon at nasa operasyon na mula noong Abril. Dalawang mga bagong dentista ang umanib sa ICHS mula noon: Drs. Phuong Hoang at Quynh Nguyen.

Sulatan ang kupon at ibigay sa resepsiyonista kapag ikaw ay nagpatsek-in sa iyong susunod na tipanan at makasama sa bunutan para sa libreng regalo.* Pangalan ________________________ Tirahan ________________________ ________________________ Telepono ________________________ Email ________________________ *Ang handog na ito ay pwede sa mga bago at bumabalik na mga pasyente. Ang takda ay isang premyo lamang para sa isang bahay.

· the Key to a vibrant, Healthy Community ·

Autumn 2009/W inter 2010

Medicare Advantage Update

The Medicare Advantage Annual Enrollment Period begins on November 15, 2009, and ends on December 31, 2009. During this time, seniors who qualify for Medicare will be able to sign up for any Medicare Advantage Plan offered in their area. Medicare Advantage Plans offer additional benefits on top of what is included with Medicare Parts A and B, and can save you a lot of money in health care costs. Plans are effective from January 1, 2010.

ICHS currently accepts Medicare

Autumn & Winter Health Checklist

Regular check-ups can help you stay healthy and could even save your life. Here are some things you can do throughout the year to stay healthy: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you are a woman age 40 or over, doctors recommend getting a mammogram every year for early detection to protect against breast cancer. November 14 is World Diabetes Day. Learn the risks and the early warning signs of diabetes. Our doctors, nurses, health educators, behavioral health counselors, and nutritionists can help you to prevent and control diabetes. The holidays can be a stressful time for many people. Take the time to slow down, relax, and truly enjoy the spirit of the season. Eat and drink sensibly, and get plenty of exercise and sleep. These are good tips to follow even after the holidays! January is National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Did you know that Vietnamese women get cervical cancer more often than most other women in the United States?

The mammography coach visits both of our clinics weekly.

Cervical cancer can be treated if it is detected early. Start the year off right by talking to your doctor about getting a Pap test. February is National Children's Dental Health Month. Start good oral hygiene habits while your children are still young. Keep their teeth and gums healthy by brushing twice a day and getting dental check-ups every six months. ICHS now offers free or low-cost colorectal cancer screening services (including colonoscopy) to men and women ages 50 to 64 with limited income, no health insurance, or a very high insurance deductible. Call 206.788.3716 to find out more.

Advantage plans from Community Health Plan (CHP) and Molina. Please call an eligibility worker for more information.

New Medicaid ID Cards

The state Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) is changing to a new provider payment processing system called ProviderOne. Starting in November, DSHS will be sending new plastic identification cards to its 1 million Medicaid clients. The new card will replace the paper coupons that the state mails out each month. When you receive the new plastic Services Card, please be sure to bring it to your next doctor's appointment. For additional information, visit http:// Clients.htm.

Breast Care Express at ICHS Clinics

Mammography Coach Schedule International District Clinic OCT 2009 Tuesday, October 6, 13, 20, 27 Tuesday, November 3, 10, 17, 24 Tuesday, December 1, 15, 22, 29 Wednesday, December 9 Holly Park Clinic Thursday, October 22 Thursday, November 12 Wednesday, November 25

DEC 2009

NOV 2009

ICHS Health Line

ICHS Health Line is published by International Community Health Services. Please send comments to [email protected] or ICHS, PO Box 3007, Seattle, WA 98114, Attn: Marketing & Communications. © Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

eligibility Workers Nhân viên làm vic t cách

International District Medical & Dental Clinic 720 8th Ave S Seattle, WA 98104 Tel: 206.788.3700 Fax: 206.788.3704

Holly Park Medical & Dental Clinic 3815 S Othello St Seattle, WA 98118 Tel: 206.788.3500 Fax: 206.788.3521

ICHS Clinic Closure Dates*

Thu, Nov 26 Thu, Dec 24 Fri, Dec 25 Thu, Dec 31 Fri, Jan 1 Mon, Jan 18 Mon, Feb 15 Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve

Clinic closes at noon**

Holly Park Medical & Dental Clinic Arthur Lee English, Cantonese Jacky Chau English, Cantonese, Vietnamese Shirley Huynh English, Cantonese, Vietnamese Thao Truong English, Vietnamese Xiu-Fang Cai English, Cantonese, Toisanese International District Medical & Dental Clinic Byong Kyon English, Korean Linda Eng English, Cantonese, Toisanese Minh Au English, Cantonese, Vietnamese Lien Ngo English, Vietnamese, Cantonese Ann Vong English, Cantonese, Vietnamese

206.788.3500 206.788.3537 206.788.3537 206.788.3533 206.788.3522 206.788.3537 206.788.3700 206.788.3723 206.788.3735 206.788.3736 206.788.3779 206.788.3713

Christmas Day New Year's Eve

Clinic closes at noon**

Community advocates Ngi bênh vc quyn li cng ng Tagapagtanggol sa pamayanan

New Year's Day MLK Jr. Day Presidents' Day

* Subject to change **Staff available on-call

Mission Statement

ICHS provides culturally and linguistically appropriate health services to improve the health of the API community and others.

Crissa Lee Farm Srisisangpha Irene Chen Julie Siliga Minh Nguyen-Wichman Sefie Cabiao Toan Nguyen Angela Wan

English, Korean English, Lao, Mien, Thai English, Cantonese, Mandarin English, Samoan English, Vietnamese English, Tagalog, Ilokano English, Vietnamese English, Mandarin, Cantonese

206.788.3653 206.788.3685 206.788.3677 206.788.3554 206.788.3671 206.462.7105 206.788.3687 206.788.3644

PO Box 3007 Seattle, WA 98114-3007

ICHS is a proud member of


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