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Knights of Columbus


JULY 2008 Editor Robert J. Fuggiti

STATE DEPUTY Phil Barone Worthy Brother Knights and Friends: I cannot fully express how proud and honored I am to have this extraordinary opportunity to serve as your State Deputy for the Fraternal Year. The 125th Anniversary Fraternal Year and this New Fraternal Year of 2008-09. It is at these time that we have a chance to celebrate and reflect on the many accomplishments and achievements that the Councils in Illinois have made this past year. The Councils of this Jurisdiction continue to make Illinois one of the "Bright Jewels of the Order" and the envy of other States as they continue to excel in the key areas of Charity, Programming and Membership. The activities performed by our membership and their families reflect that the ideals of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism as well as a deep devotion to Our Catholic Church and the Religious that tend to our spiritual needs are not simply ideals but are the basis for a "Way of Life". I trust that you found reports given to your Grand Knights and Delegate at the State Convention provided not only interesting and valuable information but gave you a better awareness of the many great activities, programs, and Good Works performed throughout this Great State. They should have also provided you with a sense of the contributions, dedication and great sacrifices made but the membership and their families 1

to make the world "a better place for ALL of us to live" as they work as ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD. I will briefly summarize the Programming Activities as follows: State

MEMBERSHIP programming activities are the most important part of council programming as council growth is essential in attaining the much needed resources to accomplish the many Good Works needed for the support of the Church, Community, and the Council. The councils have again risen to the challenge and have made the commitment that Council Growth is a primary focus. The Membership numbers as of 6/30/08 show that the Illinois Jurisdiction has attained "Circle of Honor" (highest honor a State Jurisdiction can achieve) status with a Net Membership Gain of +1900 and an Overall Growth of +394 with a +119% of Membership Goal. The councils should continue to promote membership growth activities, 1st Degrees and Major Degrees to ensure that Council success is not only maintained but surpassed to even greater heights to provide for a great new year. The "Circle of Honor" status and overall positive growth in 6 out of the last 8 years is an outstanding achievement for Illinois. This is a terrific turnaround from having gone 18 years in a row with overall negative growth. Congratulations! To the Councils, District Deputies and Brother Frank Schwartz and the State Membership Team.

As of 6/30/08 there were 55 Councils that had attained "Star Council" status with 78 having achieved Membership Quota (15 have attained over 200%). Congratulations to these Councils on this Terrific Honor. Overall there are 274 councils that are at least +1 in membership. Sadly, I have to report that there are 32 councils in a Loss position and over 100 councils that didn't recruit at least 1 new member this year. These councils really need efforts to establish programs that will enhance their opportunity to develop and grow less these councils will cease to exist. The New Council Development and ReDevelopment program continues to contribute to both the growth of the Order and the expanded presence of the Knights of Columbus to "every Parish in Illinois". There are 6 New Councils and 2 Re-Activated Councils as follows: St Patrick-Rockford - Rockford St Ansgar - Chicago Devine Mercy ­ Chicago Nuestro senora Del Monte Carmelo ­ Joliet TBD Our Lady of the Nativity ­ Chicago TBD Our Lady of Guadelupe 8060 Illinois State University 10276 Scott Air Force Base There are still many prospects being worked and I congratulate the District Deputies and Brothers John Muldoon and Antonio Diaz and the Hispanic Development Team for their continued efforts. The Hispanic and Ethnic Development will continue to be a primary focus to the future growth of the Order in not only Illinois but throughout the Order. I want to recognize the great work and support of the members of Supreme Councils, Brothers Joseph Pietruszynski PSD, Al Cala, Jose Jimenez PSD, and Eric Gonzales that have assisted in this effort to expand Our Order. 14373 14435 14463 14484

The Retention and Conservation program to not only retain the membership but to cultivate a positive attitude of compassion and care for our fellow Brothers as well as foster a commitment to the "Council Family" has shown significant improvement this year. Council Grand Knights and Officers have recognized the need to have an Active Retention Committee that promotes personal contact with the members so as to not "lose contact" and ultimately "lost interest in membership" by the members of the council. The ultimate decision to "suspend membership" rest solely with the Council Officers and not the Financial Secretary. The Financial Secretaries throughout Illinois have tremendous commitment and dedication to both the Council and the Order. They perform their important function with care and professionalism. It is an injustice on the part of Grand Knights to impose upon these men further duties of retaining members through the dues collection process. It is the responsibility of the FS to advise the council of those men in arrears of dues payment. It is the responsibility of the GK and his officers to have active Retention Committee and ongoing program of personal contact with each member of the council to resolve dues arrears issues. The Suspension Process and Retention Procedures have been in place for many years and have not significantly changed. One of the many responsibilities of the State Officers, particularly, the State Deputy is to ensure that each council is working to the betterment of both the Council and the Order. There process of having an Active Retention Committee and a program of personal contact with Each Member of the Council is essential to the "Good of the Order" and the Council. Suspension of Membership will not be accepted unless these procedures and processes have been followed. I want to congratulate Brother Alan Urban on his outstanding work in this difficult area. 2

The General Programming Activities by the Councils in Illinois are clearly the best as they have been expanded throughout the Order. The Church Activities programming was highlighted this year by the Our Lady of Charity Icon program that was coordinated by Brothers Deacons Tom Fricke and John Hempen. My compliments to them and Director Brother Jim Marino as the Icon program was implemented in each of the 6 Dioceses and No Major event was held without the presence of Our Blessed Mother's Image in full sight. The Parish Roundtable program continues to grow with 185 Roundtables in place as of 6/30/08. The Venerable Fr. Michael J McGivney's dream was to have a Knights of Columbus presence in each Parish. There is a need to continue to promote and report Parish Tables in your parishes. The Supreme Council goal for Illinois in 2008-09 is 250 Parish Roundtables. The Community Activities programming continues to excel in the area of Blood Contributions. As you'll see from Director Brother Jim Russell's report the Councils continue to promote this "Life Giving" program to help others in need. The Recycling Program headed by Brother Frank Ryan, FSW continues to grow as more and more Councils have found simple and easy it is to implement this important program that supports the Illinois Special Olympics. The Pro-Life program continues to be a tremendous source of "keeping Members Informed" as Chair Couple Marge and Brother Larry Theriault have developed an impressive network of Email communications that advises of Legislative Actions and Significant events requiring Membership involvement. The Family Activities programming continues to shine under Director Brother Paul Balsitis with specific emphasis on promoting the involvement of the entire 3

family in the Council activities. Congratulations to Romayne Badyniak on another outstanding year for the Ladies Auxiliaries throughout the state as they perform terrific programs and support to the Councils. Kudos to Brother Dave Tressell, "Wagon Master" as he has planned another KC Kamporee held on June 6, 7 & 8th. The Council Activities programming was another success under Director Brother Dan Schaefer. There were successful events in both Basketball and Softball as Chairman Brother Mike Gebke coordinated these vigorous activities. The Horseshoe contest was again a highlight affair chaired by Brother Mike Nettemeier, FSW. The Bowling Tournament was again well attended by councils throughout the State and was well organized by the Bowling Secretary Brother Jim Michel, FSW. A resurgence of Euchre players was coordinated by Chairman Brother Pete Schumacher, PSS. These activities continue to promote the fellowship and fraternity of the Knights of Columbus. The Youth Activities programming under Director Brother Bernie Menmemeyer continues to promote and develop programs that seek to engage the "youth of today" to be the Knights of Tomorrow". The Soccer Tournament coordinated by Brother Paul Adamowski continues to grow into a prominent event. The "Free-Throw" Contest continued to excel under Brother Wayne Decker's guidance as this event was again extremely well attended. The Spelling Bee program was very well coordinated by Brother Curt Zurilene. He has learned well from the "Master Spelling Bee Coordinator". Brother Walt Jones has coordinated another great "Keep Christ in Christmas" poster contest. The highlight and jewel of the Youth Program is the Squires Program which continues to impress with the Character and Professionalism exhibited by the State

Squire Officers. Their mentors and guides are to be complemented on their outstanding work. Congratulations to Squires Chairman Brother Gerry Mattix-Wand and Father Priors Reverend Brothers Charles Tuttle and James McIlhone. My sincere appreciation and congratulations are extended to the Councils and Council Squires Counselors throughout the state that have supported the Squires Circles in their communities. I also wish to thank Masters Brother Ray Biliskov and Jim DeRuntz and their Assemblies for their continued financial support of the State Squires Circle. Congratulations to Director Brother Bill Doerfler and The State Programming Team for their efforts in continuing to make Illinois the envy of the Order The Charitable Activities Programs continue to be the most popular and significant programs that are performed throughout the State of Illinois. Charity is the primary virtue of Our Order and the members of the councils throughout Illinois continue to demonstrate through commitment, dedication and constant sacrifices of money and time it is #1 in focus. Our focus is to help others in need and through the following programs our councils continue to support others: The MR/LD Program is one of the most visible signs of our charitable works as Members in councils throughout the state actively work street corners and store fronts collecting from the public, while providing a tasty treat. The funds collected are distributed within the local community to Charitable Organizations that have local programs for the support "God's special persons". This unique program established over 30 years ago has grown to national prominence and has over 30 State Jurisdictions participating in similar programs throughout the year. This year, under the guidance of Chairmen Brothers Ted Glaser

and Ed Feeney, the program has generated just under $2 million. The MR/LD Homes Program is a special Loan program to Charitable Organizations that will provide housing for "God's special persons". The Program was established many years ago to address a housing shortage that was not being cared for by State Institutions. The funds are derived from the 10% contribution of the funds collected by the Local Councils. This very successful program has granted 60 loans that total almost $7 million in 0 interest loans for MR/LD Housing. State Advocate Brother "Skip" Kinyon is the chairperson for this marvelous program. The Newman Campus Ministry Program has been the # 1 Charitable Program of Illinois Knights since its inception. The program started with purchase and donation of the land by the Knights of Columbus for the St John Newman Center on the campus of the University of Illinois in Champaign and has grown throughout the state. This program helps supports the Catholic Church effort to provide "a Church away from home" whereby college students on the secular campus's can continue the practice of their faith. This program has contributed over $1 million in the last 4 years with an annual donation of $230,000. The funding for this program comes exclusively from the Membership through the annual mail solicitation. The men who contribute $100 are recognized with the Newman Century lapel pin that is in the shape of a cross with the logo of the Order in the center. These men should be complimented for the generosity as this program sorely needs greater participation by the membership. Please join Chairman Brother Gary Gunderson, FSW, and "Get on Target with Newman "and become a Newman Program support for whatever amount $5, $10, $25, you can contribute.


The General Assistance Program is the program that provides assistance for catastrophic and the most dramatic of occurrences that have adversely affected, Churches, Communities, Council and Brother Knights. This year this program has contributed funds to Churches that suffered fire destruction and vandalism, assisted Brother Knights' Families who homes were destroyed by dramatic circumstances, and sent funds to help the States of Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, California, Tennessee and Arkansas to help relieve suffering caused by natural disasters. Please review the GAF Report to see the distribution of these funds made on your behalf. The funds from this program come from the Councils that often "pass the can". This year the needs of the program exceeded the council donations. Please join Chairman Brother Joe Matlon in making sure this program receives the support needed to help others. The Vocations Support Program is Cochaired by 2 Past State Deputies Brothers Bill Brown and Ron Ziemba as this the most important program undertaken by the Knights of Columbus in Illinois. The support of Illinois Seminarians is paramount in the basic support of the Church. The program has increased in both funds and support of Seminarians each year through both the support of the annual raffle and council contributions. This year the programs contributions towards helping seminarians was recognized through receipt of two prestigious awards - The "Ite Ad Joseph Award" presented by the St Joseph Seminary in Chicago and the "Visions of Hope" award presented by the Resurrectionists Fathers. These are both recognitions of the outstanding support Illinois Knights provide in assisting vocations. Your continued of this most important program is needed now more than ever. The Special Olympics Support Program with Brother Bill Spainhour, PSD as the 5

liaison continues to be an outstanding partnership for the Knights of Columbus. This year the Knights of Columbus in Illinois were proud to sponsor both the Winter and Spring games of the Illinois Special Olympics with a $200,000 contribution and on this 40th anniversary of the Olympics will embark on a new program of Family support. Congratulations to Brother Bill Linz and the Charitable Activities Team on another outstanding year. Congratulations to Brother Ted Stites and the KC Academy Faculty for the many seminars and presentations performed to instruct, guide, train and mentor the Brother Knights throughout Illinois as their work is both impressive and professional performed. Please look for the Flyers and check the website for the schedule of new sessions planned for this Summer. Congratulations and Thank You to the Elected State Officers for their outstanding work and "team "effort in making this year so tremendous. Thank you to Bishop Roger Kaffer, Fathers Jim McIlhone and Charles Tuttle for their continuous spiritual guidance and friendship. Alice and wish to thank all of the councils and the Membership Families for the many Courtesies, Kindness and Warm Hospitality provided to us throughout this entire year. The Knights of Columbus in Illinois are truly ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD. God Bless and Vivat Jesus,

Pray the Rosary for Peace


07-08 State Officers and the Mayor of Lombard Award Winners at the State Convention

STATE SECRETARY James Bednar [email protected] Brothers, what a wonderful year we have finished. Illinois ended in the Circle of Honor and our Worthy State Deputy will be representing all of you at the Supreme Convention in accepting the award. If it were not for each and every member in Illinois who asked a catholic man and his family to join us we would not be reaching to achieve the 72,000 member number which once was ours. This next fraternal year WILL be the year. And then if we look at our Charities year here in Illinois we did pretty darn good. But the most impressive numbers were in our order wide Charities numbers, and these figures come from the 1728 which you so faithfully submitted each year. Talk about another record setting year. As of December 31, 2007 the total of all contributions to charity of all kinds and levels we reached $144,911,781 which exceeded last year by $1,000,000.00, yes, one million dollars. Of this amount $113,676,561 came from council donations! And our volunteer hours for this period reached 68,270,432! The program that the Knights lead by example and continue to lead, blood donors, reached 393,030 Knights of Columbus donating. And let's not forget the sick and bereaved was covered by 5.5 million visits, now that shows we truly are family. 6

State Deputy Medallion winners are pictured: Standing l-r: Larry Wojcik, Joesph Moore, William Doerfler, SD Phil Barone, Ted Glaser, Bruce Woods. Seated l-r: Richard Worman, State Chaplin Bishop Roger Kaffer, His Eminence Francis Cardinal George, Bishop Joseph Imesch and Thomas Cummins. Over 100 brother knights were exemplified into the 4th degree on Sunday, April 12th by Master Raymond V. Biliskov. At the banquet, the below Sir Knights were awarded the Masters Medallion John Kearney LaSalle Assembly 189 James McGrain Bishop William Quarter Assy. 197 Alan Motz Russell Klug Bishop Hillinger Assembly 1595 Gerold Abraham Bishop Bernard Sheil Assy. 2330 John Batzel Christopher Columbus Assy. 2349 Ray Check

Congratulations my brothers for a job well done but remember that there is still work for us to do so let's go out this year and surpass what we did last year for our families, for the Church, for youth, for those who need our help the yet to be born, the sick and the lame, and for the community. Be sure to carry a form 100 with you at all times and my God bless all of you.


STATE TREASURER Richard Spada, [email protected] It's never been a better time to be a Knight of Columbus! Our annual meeting this Memorial Day weekend was filled with celebration and great joy as many of our Brothers and their families gathered in prayer, laughter and sharing of accomplishments. It was great to see so many attending this event and by many accounts a good time was had by all! Collectively, we also shared in celebration of our jurisdiction's Circle of Honor status: the highest honor given to a jurisdiction by our Supreme Council. Congratulations to each of you! There can be no doubt that we are all in the winner's circle; and, this year even better, we are the champions! This is no fluke either as all of us have earned this honor in six of the last eight years! There is no looking back especially as we learned of the many accomplishments of our councils and members during the great awards portion of the convention program. It has never been a better time to be a Knight of Columbus; and I am proud to be in your circle of honor. Checking our Charities' Funds Please be mindful of those collected MRLD and other charities funds to be sure that they have been distributed appropriately. Our office maintains an accounting of undistributed funds waiting for your designation of those funds to benefit those for whom we have collected. If you haven't yet designated your MRLD funds, please do so as soon as possible.

Brother Knight Dr Phil Horcher & son Christian, George Cardinal Mundelein Council 13267 Adopt-a-Hwy, Program rt. 176 Mundelein Illinois. ILLINOIS SQUIRES IN ACTION

The State Squires were sworn in at the State Convention.

Recruiting and Retention is a Year-Round Program Summer time is here and many of our college students are returning home with 7

families planning vacations, BBQs and other family events. I wish you all a safe and happy summer. Let's not forget to offer the gift of membership to our friends, families and neighbors. As we gather at council picnics and baseball games remember to have a form 100 and of course ask men to join our ranks and benefit from all the good things we celebrate about at convention! Summer is also an excellent time to check in with your members' interest to see if your council programming is meeting their expectations and needs. You would be surprised how families interests change and grow as they too change and grow in different stages of their lives. Keeping in touch with current members' interests is constructive to keeping members active and your council participation more inclusive. Vivat Jesus!


setbacks are a learning experience and a great tool for future success. The just completed fraternal year was a great year for the Illinois jurisdiction. Programming at an all time high, our charities enjoyed a very good year and what a membership growth year. The Illinois jurisdiction finished in the circle of honor. Everyone should be proud of this accomplishment. This is the highest award given to state councils from our Supreme officers. Way to go Illinois. The Supreme convention will be fast upon us and our Canadian brothers are rolling out the red carpet for all. It should be a grand time for our Illinois jurisdiction attending. I look forward to spending time will all of you during the convention. The State Office has received many phone calls concerning the general liability insurance renewal forms. The renewal form was inadvertently left out of the insurance mailing. The State Office has since sent all councils a renewal form or for councils not in the program an application to join. If you have not received either one please contact Don or Donna at the State Office. With this fraternal year at a close, that means the New Year is upon us and what was the ceiling last fraternal year is now the floor for this fraternal year. Every one of the Illinois Knights should try to do one more action than last year. Participate in one more programming activity than last year. Give one more dollar to a charity than last year. Recruit one more member than last year. Introduce one more friend to the Knights of Columbus than last year. Then you will have a very successful new fraternal year. I would like to thank each of you for the honor of representing you and serving you in this past fraternal year and also giving me the privilege to serve you again this new

Archbishop Schlarman # 3507, Pekin, distributed $11,000 to 6 area agencies supporting Physical and mental disabilities. from l -r: Bridgett McDonald & Sister Core Marie, Back l - r: G.K. Carl Powell, Rachel Doan, Donna Arrowsmith, Keith Worner, Stephen Sutton.

STATE ADVOCATE Donald "Skip" Kinyon [email protected] Brother Knights, what a year we have just accomplished. Many achievements and a few setbacks, but will all good plans the


fraternal year. What a year we will have

together. Award Winners at the State Convention

STATE MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR Frank Schwartz Jr. [email protected] Greetings from Team 3001 The 2007 ­ 2008 Fraternal year was a great year for membership while we did not hit our goal of 3000 new members in a fraternal year the state did end up plus over all. The 2008-2009 Fraternal year promises to be even better with many incentives and cash prizes for councils and District Deputy's who work a year round membership program. The summer D.D. meeting is the second weekend in July and D.D.`s are to come to the meeting with first degree dates (one each month) for the first six months of the fraternal year. There is a special incentive for council to recruit (1) new member in July, August and

STATE WARDEN Gary Schmidt [email protected] Thank you for the confidence the councils have shown in me by my election to the position of warden. My wife Barb and I look forward to our year with the State Family. I hope to meet many of you during our travels throughout the state.


September (three new member). Each council who reaches the goal will receive a $50.00 gift card for the state office. Some of the other incentives include 1. A free Nights Lodging at the 2009 State Convention for each Council who holds 6 First Degrees in the 2008-2009 Fraternal Year. Each of the 6 degree must bring in at least two members. 2. A $25.00 gift card for each new Certified First Degree Team. Gift to be given to the District Deputy OR Council who has the new Certified Team. 3. A free Nights Lodging at the 2009 State Convention for every District Deputy who holds one (1) First Degree each month in his District for the 2008-2009 Fraternal Year. Each Degree must bring in at least three (3) new members. 4. A free dinner at the State Convention for each District Deputy who has on file with the State office a 12 month Membership Recruit Plan that is followed and you must obtain 50% by January 1, 2009 and 100% membership by June 30, 2009 5. A $ 50.00 Gift Card for each council or District Deputy who brings the State NCD Director an NCD site that becomes a New Council in the 20082009 Fraternal Year 6. To obtain the Highest Illinois Spirit Award a council must host two First Degrees, one before 12/31/08 and one before 5/1/09 Each Grand Knight will receive a council growth handout and planning guide, which every D.D. will go over with them as well. Our membership goal this year is to recruit 3001 new members in one fraternal year and because many councils dropped large numbers of members that goal should be much easier to obtain, and to reach as efforts 10

can be focused on new members rather then how many members are in the rears. The NCD team a great job in 2007- 2008 with 5 new councils and 3 reactivated councils. With the addition of Jim Russell to the NCD team working with John Muldoon our numbers should double so 10 new councils should be an easy goal to hit that along with 4 Spanish NCD efforts will bring the goal to 14 new councils over all. It is said inspiration is contagious and once inspired; men can and will accomplish anything. So ask yourself, `Who have you inspired today?' This is a great time to be a Knight! This is Illinois time- to be GREAT! You can make that happen you just have to be an inspiration to others and they can and will accomplish anything

Guess who these Brother Knights are watching at the Luau.

Friday night Luau opened activities at the State Convention with Polynesian dancers.

STATE PROGRAM DIRECTOR Bill Doerfler [email protected] The Illinois State Council will host 2 golf outings this year. The price includes golf and the cart. If you have a four some that's great if not we will arrange one for you just fill out the form. You must send a check in to hold your reservation. The first golf outing will be held in Cary at the Cary Grove Country Club on August 2nd. First Tee Will be at 11:57am and then every 8 minutes after that. We will advise you of your tee time. The Fee for this outing is $64.00 per person. We will be playing a 4 man scramble. Deadline for Registration for Cary golf is July 18th. The second one will be in Edwardsville at the Oak Brook Golf Club on August 16th. This outing will be a shotgun start at 10:00 am, and will be 4 man scramble. This outing will cost $44.00 per person for golf and cart. Deadline for Edwardsville will be August 4th. Send your payment to the State Office:

More Award Winners

STATE CHARITIBLE ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR Bill Linz Jr., [email protected] MR/LD DRIVE is set for Sept. 19-21, 2008 get your forms in.

ILLINOIS STATE COUNCIL OFFICE Don, Donna & Mary [email protected] The Directory Gathering Form (DIR1) has been mailed. It requests information on the Grand Knight and Financial Secretary and Ladies Auxiliary for the 2008-2009 year. This form is very important because it is the basis for the State Council Directory and enables the State Council, as well as other councils to communicate with the leaders of your council. If you haven't submitted yours yet, please do so. This form can be filed electronically, just visit the Illinois Website at, click on "Forms" scroll down until you find the Data Gathering Form and fill it out and when done, just press submit and it will be sent to


the State Council Office. Be sure to print a copy for your records. Your council's election of officers should have been completed by now. If you haven't submitted your "Report of Chosen Officers" Form 185, (Form 186 for Assemblies), to both Supreme and the State Council, please due so. This form is on the Supreme Web Site at and can be completed by selecting the "online" version. Input the data requested, but NOTE: Before you click "Submit" at the bottom of the form insert our email address ([email protected]) on the line which is entitled "State Deputy" (State Council), insert your email and the email address for your District Deputy on the lines indicated and THEN click "Submit". NOTE; If your screen is not maximized, the 3 lines will not be visible Your council "Report of Program Personnel" Form 365 identifies those brothers chosen by the Grand Knight to chair the various Program Activities for the Fraternal Year. This form is also available on the Supreme Web Site. Follow the same procedures with this form as you would the Form 185. The MR/LD packets have been mailed to either the MR Chairman or the Grand Knight of record. In the packet, is your Tootsie Roll order form. Please make sure that your Council mails the pink copy of this form to the State Office, not doing this will put your funds "on Hold" until a copy is received. The solicitation permit for Chicago and the Governor's proclamation, have also mailed out also. If you haven't received your packet, please call the State Office. These packets were mailed out via first class mail. With the increase in postage we are trying to use electronic mail whenever we can. The difficulty with this however, is that we have not been getting updates when email addresses are changed. Please, if you have submitted an email address and it changes 12

through the year, PLEASE notify the State Council office of your email change. We want to keep you informed but without up to date information we are defeated. Give your mailman a break and use email to communicate! As always, if you have questions please do not hesitate to call us at the State Office M-F 8AM - 4PM or if after hours, leave us a message OR send us an email. We are working on the new directory and if we do not receive your data gathering form by August 1, 2008, YOUR INFORMATION WILL NOT APPEAR IN THE DIRECTORY! We must go to press no later than that date!


Because of the growth of the Knights of Columbus in Illinois, we have positions throughout the State for full time salesmen. Excellent benefits and professional level income potential. This career opportunity offers: · Pension · Health insurance · Expense bonus · 401K · If you are eligible to join the Knights of Columbus and are interested in this exciting position call 1-800-348-5632 or visit

Ask a Catholic Gentleman to Join the Knights


I feel that we all owe a special thanks to all those that have gone on to the Lord and their families. Each one gave in his own way and will be remembered. The below are example of the many.

State Deputy 1974 ­ 1975 Al Kula and former Master of the 4th degree. John Gecewicz, Chicago Diocesan Membership Coordinator who also served as G.K., D.D. and F.N. Dave Dalaly, who served as G.K., D.D., Insurance agent and was called to the lord so soon. Please view the In Memoriam Listing and remember all those Brothers who all gave something special to the Order and it's members. Read and remember all in the In Memoriam Column on page 15.

STATE PUBLIC RELATIONS DIR. / NEWSLETTER EDITOR Robert Fuggiti [email protected] I am still looking for your help to make this Newsletter better.. Send me your photos along with explainations of your council events. Don't forget to send them to the Columbian Magazine for possible publication.

Pray for our Clergy and Vocations.


May their Souls and all the Souls of the faithfully departed rest in peace. Amen

Council #

10212 2944 2869 10575 2869 891 7331 460 665 4688 4400 2869 658 3738 891 658 4400 2869 4849 324 1098 5574 5574 460 790 4179 790 1659 460 1712

Brother Knight




63 46 47 35 32 49 37 60 54 25 37 53 57 37 59 46 32 36 48 28 40 20 35 47 10 17 22 ? 58 48

P.G.K Charter G.K. P.G.K., P.F.N. R.G.K. P.S.D., F.M. P.G.K., F.D.D.

P.G.K. P.G.K. P.G.K.









Check out the Illinois Website at: Lots of helpful information.


Have you been receiving your mail from us? Have you moved? If you have a change of address, please complete the following form and return it to the State Office: PO Box 681, Kankakee, IL 60901-0681 NOTIFY your Financial Secretary to complete a Form 100 for Supreme.

OLD ADDRESS Street Address: Street Address:


PO BOX Address

PO BOX Address

City State, ZIP

City State, ZIP

Phone #

Bus #

Phone #

Bus #






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