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indicates there are descendants of this marriage Sir Edward Thweng = Isabel Constable

John Chaumont of Colton

Sir Thomas Ingelby = Edeline Thweng Justice of Court of Common Pleas Knighted 1355 (d1375)

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William Mowbray = Margaret Chaumont of Kirklington

Sir Thomas Ingleby = Catherine Mauleverer (1310-69)

Sir Thomas Ingleby = Eleanor Mowbray Knight of the Shire of York Founder of Ripley Church (d1415)

Henry John = Ellena Prebend of South Cave (d by 1375)



Alice =William Mauleverer


Sir Bryan Rocliffe of Rocliffe

Sir William Ingleby Knt dsp

John Ingleby = Ellen Rocliffe Founder of Mount Grace Monastery

Sir Humphrey Ingleby (2) = Dorothea = (1) Sir Walter Peignton Knt

William Holme of Paull-Holme

Thomas Ingleby = Marian HOLME (b1388) (d1470) Member of Corpus Christi York

Catherine Ingleby = Walter Pedwardine Jannet Ingleby = John Holme of Pedwardine Lincs of Holdernesse

Isabel Ingleby = Thomas de la River of Brandsby, Lincs

Sir Bryan Stapleton KG of Carlton, Yorks

Elizabeth Ingleby = Thomas Beckwith (d1478) of Clint

Sir William Ingleby Knt = Joan Stapleton Knight of the Garter (b1408)

Sir James Strangeways of Harlsey, Yorks

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Elina Ingleby = Sir John Constable of Halsham, Yorks

Agnes Ingleby = John Sothil of Everingham (d1490)

Catherine Ingleby = Thomas Wombwell of Wombwell

John Ingleby = (1) Margery Stangeways (2) = Richard Welles Lord (1434-57) Welles and Willoughby Married 1468 Beheaded 1469 Sir William Ingleby = Catherine Stillington of Ripley (1455-1501) of Selby York Knighted 1482 (d1500)

Sir Marmaduke Constable Knt of Flamborough

Ralph Ingleby dsp

John Ingleby (1) = Eleanor Constable = (2) Sir Thomas Berkley (1471-1502) (1477-1502) of Ripley Descended from Edward III See Royal Descent Pedigree

Jane Ingleby = Sir Robert Constable Knt of Flamborough

Anne Ingleby = (1) Richard Goldsborough of Goldsborough = (2) Robert Warcup = (3) Thomas Wriothesley Garter Knight of Arms

Sir William Ingleby= Cecilia Talboys = (2) John Torney of Ripley (1494-1528) of Caenby Lincs

Sir William Mallory of Studley Royal

Ranulph Ingleby

John Ingleby Black Friar of Winchester

William Clapham of Beamsley Yorks

Sir Thomas Layton of Newsham

George Ingleby dsp

Sir William Ingilby Knt = Anne Mallory (1518-78) of Ripley (d1587) Treasurer of Berwick

John Ingilby = (1) Anne Clapham of Lawkland = (2) Alice Layton The INGLEBY Family of Lawkland

Frances Ingilby = James Pulleine Elizabeth Ingleby = (1) Richard Malthus of Killinghall York = (2) Sir Francis Slingsby of Scriven Yorks The PULLEINE Family of Carleton and Crake Hall

Robert Thwaites of Marston, Yorks

Anthony Smyth of Brantingham Yorks

Charles Nevill, 6th Earl of Westmoreland

Sir William Ingleby = (1) Anne Thwaites High Sheriff of Yorkshire = (2) Catherine Smyth (son William died an infant) of Brantingham

David Ingleby = Lady Anne Nevill

Francis Ingleby d young

Grace Ingleby = William Byrnand of Knaresborough

John Ingleby d an infant

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Mary Ingleby = Sir Peter Middleton Knt of Stockeld Yorks

Frances Ingleby = Sir Robert Hodgson Knt

Ursula Ingleby = Robert Widdrington

Lucy Ingleby

Sir William Babthorpe of Babthorpe

John Ingleby = Catherine Babthorpe

Jane Ingleby = George Winter of Coldwell Worcs

Isabel Ingleby = Thomas Markenfeld of Markenfeld Yorks

Elizabeth Ingleby = Peter Yorke of Middlesmore Yorks

Catherine Ingleby = Marmaduke Frank of Knighton Yorks

Anne Ingleby = Thomas Dalton of Myton Yorks

Mary Ingleby

Grace Ingleby

Catherine Ingleby = Sir William Arthington of Arthington

Dorothea Ingleby

Susanna Ingleby

Sampson Ingleby = Jane Lambert of Spofforth of Killinghall

Frances Ingleby = John Wynter of Huddington & Hodsham

Cyril Arthington

Sir James Bellingham of Levens Westmoreland

Sir William Ingleby Bt = Anne Bellingham of Ripley (1594-1652) (d1640) Cr 1st Baronet (1642)

Anne Ingleby = Francis Swale Thomas Ingleby of Sth Stainley dsp

Catherine Ingleby d unmarried

Jane Ingleby d unmarried

Elizabeth Ingleby A nun at Ghent

Mary Ingleby = Francis Appleby of Lartington

John Savile of Methley

Sir William Ingilby = Margaret Savile (1621-82) 2nd Bart (d1697)

John Ingleby d young

Sampson Ingleby d young

Henry Ingleby of Harrogate

Agnes Ingleby d an infant

Sir Robert Shaftoe of Whitworth Co. Durham

Sir John Arderne Knt

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Sir John Ingleby = Mary Johnson (1664-1740) 3rd Bart (1699-1733)

William Ingleby d young

Margaret Ingleby = Mark Shaftoe Recorder of Newcastle

Anne Ingleby = John Arderne of Harden Cheshire

Elizabeth Ingleby (d1678)

Mary Ingleby d unmarried

Catherine Ingleby (d1701)

Sir John Ingleby 4th and last Bart (1705-72)

William Ingleby d young

Christopher Ingleby d young

Margaret Ingleby d unmarried




De la Ryver




INGILBY of Ripley Castle I

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INGILBY of Ripley Castle I