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Do YOU know:

the relative size of all your Wire & Cable industry competitors ­ and their TRUE financial position? whether you're about to be challenged by a competitor you previously overlooked? which Wire & Cable suppliers may be forced, because of their financial position, to negotiate more favourable prices or cut production ­ and which are strong enough to stand firm? if a major Wire & Cable producer is running low on cash?

Wire &Cable

what financial strategies underlie your competitors' current market position?

The ONLY financial report on the world's leading Wire & Cable companies Updated qUarterlY

Financial intelligence matters...

In the Wire & Cable industry, huge decisions are ultimately driven by financial information. Indeed, your company's very success may hinge on it in the months to come. With the proper financial data to hand, you can: conduct comprehensive due diligence on a possible acquisition ­ and make the right decision about whether or not to pursue the deal renegotiate multi-year contracts on more favourable terms ­ using the new insights you have into your counter-party's TRUE competitive stance benchmark your current position against that of your competitors ­ and in the process analyse the corporate strategies underlying their recent performance reassure yourself that your competitive position is not about to be threatened by the emergence of a new market rival safeguard your working capital position from a possible credit default by a major customer ­ using the balance sheet information we give you to assess their TRUE financial position and creditworthiness find out which companies have a strong cash position ­ and which are under threat prepare at short notice for a presentation to your peers, buyers or suppliers ­ or an important management meeting where the spotlight may fall on you. In these day-to-day business situations, and many more like them, it's not enough to have access to production figures alone. You need to know what's happening on the bottom line ­ at a balance sheet level ­ right across your industry, region by region, company by company.

...which is why so many companies rely on Integer

At Integer we understand the essential nature of company financial data ­ and we're experts in its collection, compilation, analysis and presentation. Indeed, we've been working with Wire & Cable industry data for years. We use it every day ­ both in our high-level, consultancy services and across our growing range of published industry reports. That's why so many leading wire & cable companies world-wide rely on Integer to provide them with the company and market data they need to maintain their competitive position and remain profitable. Not just producers, but suppliers and equipment manufacturers too. Now that very same source of business intelligence is available to you.

Integer Wire & Cable Financial Bulletin

Companies using Integer:

These are just some of the world's Wire & Cable industry players that have already used Integer to help strengthen their competitive position:

Aberdare Cables Acome Alcan Cable Alpha Wire Co Anchor Electrical Pvt Ltd Asea Brown Boveri Ltd Belden Brugg Kabel AG BV Twentsche Kabelfabriek Caballe Coleman Cable Inc Commscope Conductores Monterrey Condumex Corning GmbH Datwyler Ltd Cables & Systems Deloitte Central Europe Delphi Corp Draka Holding Du Pont Dubai Cable Co EK Bakir El Sewedy Group Electrical Industries Ltd Elka Encore Wire Enterprise des Industries du Cable Biskra Eupen Finolex Cables Ltd Freudenberg Co General Cable Habia Cable AB Has Celik Ve Halat San Tic AS Hellenic Cables SA Huber and Suhner AG International Wire Group Inc IRCE SpA JS Cable Co, Ltd Kabelwerk Eupen AG Kamskiy kabel Lapp Leader Universal LEONI LS Cable Ltd Madeco Marmon Wire & Cable LLC Middle East Specialized Cables NEPTCO Inc Nexans Nextrom Nicco Corporation Ltd NKT Cables Novkabel AD Okroglica Oman Cables Industry SAOG Owl Wire & Cable Inc Pacific Electric Prysmian SpA PT GT Kabel PT Sucaco PT Voksel Electric Tbk Rea Magnet Wire Riyadh Cables Saudi Cable Co Sevkabel Southwire Sterlite Technologies Ltd Sudkabel GmbH Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd Taihan Electric Tele-Fonika TNK-BP Top Cable Triangle Cables Pty TT Okroglica Tumag Cables Viakable WL Gore & Associates GmbH Walsin Lihwa Wilms GmbH

No other information source brings you accurate, up-to-date quarterly financial analysis on ALL these wire & cable producers ­ worldwide:

ACL Cables Allied Electronics Corp Amphenol Baosheng Beijer Alma Belden Birla Ericsson Canare Electric Charoong Thai Wire Chengdu Putian Coleman Cable CommScope Cords Cable Industries Ltd Corning Daetwyler Dah San Delphi Corporation Draka Holding East African Cables Ltd El Sewedy Cables Electro Cable Egypt EMKA Encore Evertop Finolex Cables Ltd Fujikura Furukawa Electric Gamakabel Gaon Cable General Cable Grupo Carso Guangdong Ronsen Gulf Cables Hellenic Cables Hirakawa Hewtech Corp Hitachi Cable Hold-Key Hong Tai Hua Eng Huber and Suhner Huda Technology Indeco S.A. International Wire IRCE Irkutskkabel I-Sheng Jiangsu Hengtong JiangSu YongDing Jordan New Cable Jung Shing Wire Kamkabel KEI Industries Kelani Cables KMI Wire & Cabel TBK Leader Universal LEONI AG Longwell Middle East Specialized Cables Mitsubishi Cable Mitsuboshi Co. National Cable & Wire Nexans Hellas SA Nexans SA Nihon Electric NKT Holdings NKT Poland/Slaska Kabli Oki Electric Oman Cables Onamba Opcom Holdings Optical Cable Corp Optomagic Pakistan Cables Paramount Communications Ltd Prysmian PT Jembo Cable PT Kabelindo Murni PT Sucaco PT Sumi Indo Kabel PT Voksel Riken Electric RPG Cables SACOM Sai Gon Cable Saudi Cable Shawcor Sichuan Huiyuan South Asia Sterlite Technologies Ltd Sumitomo Electric SWCC Showa Holdings Ta Ya Tai Sin Electric Taihan Electric Tai-I Tatsuta Taya (Vietnam) Electric Tebian Electric (TBEA) TKH Group NV Tongling Jingda Toyokuni Electric Cable Turk Prysmian Kablo Tyco Electronics Walsin Lihwa West Europe Wonderful Wire & Cable YFC-Boneagle

All the essential financial information you need to:

benchmark your company's performance; assess your competitors' true commercial strength; identify new opportunities for acquisition; assess supplier credit risk; and detect industry trends that may require a rethink of your current business strategy

Where do YOU rank in the global Wire & Cable industry?

In the Wire & Cable industry, size matters. And it's so much harder to win back market share once you've lost it... So it's essential you do all you can to maintain your sales in the face of fierce competition from others. That's why our Wire & Cable Financial Bulletin ranks the world's leading wire & cable companies by revenue. It's an instant snapshot you can use to gauge your relative size ­ and that of your competitors, known and unknown. How well does your company compare against your known competitors? Is your position threatened by a fast-growing company in another region of the world?

How quickly are the different regions of Asia developing?

Overall, Asia is fast dominating global wire & cable production. But how profitable are the various regions within Asia? You can answer such questions in seconds with the Wire & Cable Financial Bulletin. Because our quarterly global survey gives you the full picture on how well the leading producers are doing. Our data is accurate, current and comprehensive ­ including hard-to-find company information on the leading players in China, India, and the Middle East.

Which companies are the most profitable world-wide?

In any business, profit is vital. Wire & Cable is no different. But the underlying picture can often get overlooked. That's why our survey of wire & cable producers delves deeply into individual companies' financial performance, providing you with a simple, yet fully rounded, picture of company performance. So now you can find out, in seconds, exactly how profitable your competitors really are. There's nowhere to hide... We even analyse results by company type, so you can see, for example, how data/ telecoms-focussed companies compare with metals/cable-focussed ones.

What's the quickest way to benchmark your company's performance?

Nothing ever stays still in this industry ­ least of all your competitors. They're constantly doing all they can to seize your position. So you need to make sure you're always at least one step ahead. That's why our Wire & Cable Financial Bulletin includes data on every company's key performance ratios. So you get an all-round perspective on how you're performing relative to your competitors ­ and take any necessary corrective action.

Where is the global Wire & Cable market really headed?

Every quarter, our global Wire & Cable industry survey tells you how things really are, based on the officially reported financial data we collect on the world's leading companies. It's a unique industry perspective ­ because only Integer collects and analyses this information. So if you want to understand what lies underneath the industry's headline production numbers, talk to Integer. And read our Wire & Cable Financial Bulletin.

Integer Wire & Cable Financial Bulletin

What are your competitors' TrUE reserves of strength?

When all is said and done, cash is king ­ especially in the Cable sector, given the volatility of the copper price. No company can survive for long without adequate financial reserves. As profit on a P&L basis is not always a reliable guide to a company's viability on a cash basis, we also rank all 108 producers in our survey by cash on hand, and by cash-flow from operations. After all, cash is the true bottom line. How well does your company compare with its competitors? And which companies appear best placed to survive a downturn in the market?

A wealth of digital data, for your convenience...

Thanks to Integer, you no longer have to spend needless hours of your valuable time sourcing, collecting and inputting company data from around the world. We've done all the time-consuming work for you ­ and made it available to you online as well as in print. Use it to quickly research individual wire & cable producers, run customised searches, compare one company's performance against another, and so much more. You can also download data, graphs and tables to your desktop for use in-house, be it in your company's own database of industry information, in management reports or investor relations presentations. It's a tool that'll save you hundreds of hours of data collection and input ­ so you can focus instead on analysing what the data means for your company's current position and future profitability.

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About Integer

Integer is a specialist provider of research, data, analysis and consultancy services across a growing range of global commodities markets. Headquartered in London, England, the company was set up in 2002 by three experienced industry analysts who wanted to move away from the traditional, production-centric approach to understanding companies and markets. Integer takes as its starting point the detailed analysis of company financial information, believing that only then can one make sense of an individual company's true competitive position. Or, for that matter, the industry in which it operates. Integer's staff skill-set includes financial analysis, macro-economics and engineering, enabling them to bring a sophisticated focus to support company and market analysis. Its services are used by a range of clients world-wide, from commodity producers, financial institutions and shippers, to plant contractors, trading companies, government agencies and trade associations. Clients are served with a variety of information services: bespoke research commissioned by individual clients; subscription products (hard copy and online) that enable benchmarking and competitor analysis; tailored reports covering investments, producers, distributors and traders; and annual industry events. For more information please contact us at: Tel +44 20 7503 1265 Email [email protected]

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