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Prog no. Salutation Presenter firstname P2126 P22 P116 P2113 P2119 P2120 P2188 P2164 P2114 P2121 P139 P11 P268 P255 P269 P162 P195 P2127 P2128 P196 P2129 P150 P24 P25 P2130 P185 P2187 P153 P163 P275 P197 P2179 P146 P256 P257 P276 P277 P278 P199 P2165 P2166 P270 P27 P2131 P1100 P279 P2132 P2133 P15 P154 P1134 P280 P28 P126 P140 P155 P177 P2134 P147 P141 P29 P258 Prof. Ms. Dr. Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Ms. Mr. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Prof. Ms. Dr. Mr. Prof. Dr. Prof. Prof. Mrs. Ms. Prof. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Ms. Ms. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Mrs. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Mr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Neil Enil Gholamhossein Elif Mohammad Esmaeel Mohammad Esmaeel Derya Tatsuo Elizabeth Oluwatoyin Mohammad Nicole Kanako Ali Lena Marina P. Zeynep Kimlin Kimlin Kimlin Chioma Yasmin Manar A Sylvie Mikkel Edurne Elcin MarieFrédérique Filipe Sabien Sara Jennifer Cristiane Decat Cristiane Decat Cristiane Decat Cristiane Decat Cristiane Decat Cristiane Decat Marie Solange Marie Solange Susanne Hilke M. Céline Jennifer Francesco Barry Shaunna Meridith Delphine Simone Chihtao WonJung Chih Huei Cristina Karen Niamh Merydawilda Claudia Paul Tanmoy Sarah MARIE

Presenter lastname Aaronson Afarolu Ahmadzadeh Akar Akbari Akbari Akbiyik Akechi AkinOdanye AlShahri Alston Amano Amidi Ansmann Aralova Armay AshingGiwa AshingGiwa AshingGiwa Asuzu Asvat Atoum Au Aubin AuningHansen Austrich Babaoglu BACQUÉ Barbosa Bauwens Beattie Bell Bergerot Bergerot Bergerot Bergerot Bergerot Bergerot Bernatchez Bernatchez Börjesson Böttcher Brison Brunet Buda Bultz Burke Burles Canivet Cheli Cheng Choi Choo Civilotti Clark Coleman Colon Cormio D'Alton Das Lala DAUCHY David

Title The longterm healthrelated quality of life of glioma patients: An observational study The First Step towards Creating an Anxiety Scale in Patients with Breast Cancer by Means of a Q li i I i M h d How to communicate bad news to patients with cancer and their families? Does culture matter? Cervical Cancer Screening For CommunityBased Screening Area The Effectiveness of Spirituality Intervention by Group Method on the Increase of Hope, Happiness and Lif S i f i i W S i i f B C Spirituality, Hope and Mental Health in Breast Cancer Patients CORRELATION OF DSTRESS AND PERCEVED SOCAL SUPPORT OF THE BREAST CANCER PATENTS N A TURKSH SAMPLE Anticipatory nausea among ambulatory cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy: prevalence, i df di li f lif Pattern of depressive symptoms among breast cancer patients Islamic Perspective of Spiritual Aspects in Cancer Care What Exactly Is A Good Outcome?: African American Perspectives from a Patient and a Nurse Lectures on grief care for the bereaved by cancer and medical staffs in Japan Are Testicular Cancer Patients Cognitively Impaired after Treatment? Comparing Patient Test Scores to N Trends In Breast Cancer Patients' Satisfaction With Psychosocial and Psychooncological Care in Breast C I N h Rhi W h li G Specific Characteristics of Value Orientations and Needs of Oncopathologic Adolescents Reliability and Validity Study of Illness Perception Questionnaire The SocioEcological Model of HRQOL Examining HealthRelated Quality Of Life And Access To Health Care Outcomes Among Chinese, Korean A d Fili i A i B C S i Examining Demographic And SocioEcological Influences On Depressive Outcomes Among Latina A i B C S i Assessing the Cancer Screening Behaviours of Female Healthcare Workers in the University College H i l (UCH) Ib d Change in Exercise Activity and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors (BCS): A Longitudinal E l i Relationship between Serum CA153 Tumor Marker, TNM staging, Estrogen and Progesterone receptors B C F l Unmet supportive care needs in Hong Kong Chinese women confronting advanced breast cancer Reporting on the clinical utility of a coping skills intervention program for AYAC: what have we learned h f Patients Perception of Bodily Transformations after Cancer Treatment is a Predictor of Future Well b i Protocol of Psychotherapeutic Workshops for Cancer Patients and their Relatives Cancer patients care in the country: Supporting families for the cancer patients caregiving tasks Complexity of cellular carcinogenesis vs macroscopic representations of illness in cancer patients. I f i i ll d h d i i Alexithymia traits in hospitalized haematological patients i Differences in (psychosocial) referral behavior of oncologists in a `Practice as usual' condition versus a `S i S i f Di ' di i i A b l C C The Influence of Social Support on Hematopoietic Stem cell Transplantation Survival: A Systemic Review f li Cancer Patient Decision Making and Autonomy Related to Clinical Trial Participation Relation Between Distress and Gender: Adaptation Profiles in OncoHematology Patients in Ch h Quality of Life and Coping Strategies of Cancer Patients in a Private Cancer Center Psychosocial Aspects of Cancer Patients: Correlation Between Distress, Mood Disorder, Quality of Life dC i Gastrointestinal Cancer: Distress and Emotional Disorder among Patients in Chemotherapy Impact of the Diagnosis and Treatment: Incidence of Distress and ProblemRelated in Cancer Patients Can Distress Thermometer Predict Mood Disorders? Sleep Disturbances among Advanced Cancer Patients as a Function of Cancer Type LongTerm Use of Sleeping Medications among Cancer Patients Chemotherapy induced Pain: Impact on Daily Life, Thoughts and Feelings among Women with Breast C The Influence Of Occupational Stress Reported By Cancer Patients On The Subjective Need For O i R l d R h bili i A d Th Ri k Of E l R i The impact of psychooncologists' therapeutic attitudes : from crisis' coping to personal development in b i Weight Gain among Breast Cancer Survivors and Its Association to Emotions of Shame and Guilt Observational study on the evaluation of certain symptoms and psychophysical disorders that affect h li f lif f i hb Screening for Distress, the 6th Vital Sign: A Canadian Strategy for Influencing the Agenda for Person C dC C Examining the Relationship between Pain and Mental Health among Breast Cancer Survivors and the M di i R l f Ph i l A i i Articulating Chronicity in the Ovarian Cancer Experience: Women's Views of the Ongoing Implications of O i C f E d Lif Impact of a Communication Skills Training on Nurses Communication Efficiency: A Qualitative Analysis f E i hM G d l Si l d C P i Ab T ki M hi Narratives and interpreters in psychooncology: a pilot study. A i The misunderstanding and doubt on "Do not resuscitate" (DNR) order among cancer hospital health f i l Relationship of distress with resilience and psychological trauma in the thyroid cancer patients heART An art making support group for cancer survivors A Study of the relational resources and stress factors linked to the diagnosis of cancer Breast Cancer: An International Comparison of ProblemRelated Distress Using Emotion Focused Therapy with PsychoOncology patients: Preliminary Theoretical and Clinical C id i Acculturation and Attitudes of Latinos toward Hospice: No Relationship after All Benefit finding in disease free longterm cancer survivors A pilot training program for health care professionals providing palliative and oncological care to l bi d bi l (LGB) i Role of Gender and Age Differences in Perceptions of Cancer Among Resident Indians Elaboration of a Psychological Intervention for Young Gynaecologic Cancer Women with Fertility I i A P li i Q li i S d A place for otherness in psychooncology. Psychodynamic perspective

P178 P210 P259 P164 P151 P127 P128 P1102 P2167 P16 P211 P212 P281 P2186 P1158 P17 P260 P213 P179 P129 P18 P2115 P261 P1159 P19 P2135 P2136 P12 P214 P282 P186 P215 P187 P2137 P283 P1146 P1104 P1147 P130 P2138 P2122 P188 P110 P284 P166 P1141 P111 P189 P216 P1106 P1107 P152 P2139 P2140 P2141 P217 P218 P198 P142 P131 P1135 P2142 P219

Mrs. Mrs. Ms. Prof. Ms. Mr. Mr. Dr. Ms. Prof. Ms. Ms. Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Dr. Ms. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Ms. Ms. Prof. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Ms. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Mr. Ms. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Ms. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Dr.

Sue Sue Sue Krystyna Mariska Walravens Walravens Jayita Caroline Wim Sibel Sibel Sylvie Sigrunn Sofie Karima Johanna Christine Mary Jane Jane Sibel Sibel Sibel Sibel ChunKai ChunKai Joanna Joanna Léonor Andrea Richard Lise Juliane Margaret I. Margaret I. Margaret I. Jeanelle Liz Ulla Claire Claire Yoon Caren Maiko Naseem Marieke Laurence Jessica Patrik Jennifer Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Luigi Heather J. Vanessa ANÇEL Christina Sevda Hulya Maki Alix Yaira

Davolls Davolls De Bono de WaldenGaluszko den Heijer Denis Denis Deodhar Desautels Distelmans Dogan Dogan Dolbeault Drageset Eelen Elshamy Ernst Esplen Ewing Eyigor Eyigor Eyigor Eyigor Fang Fang Fardell Fardell Fasse Feldstain Fielding Fillion Fink Fitch Fitch Fitch Folbrecht Forbat Forinder Foster Foster Frederiksen Frost Fujimori Ghazali Gielissen Girouard Gopie Göransson Gotto Grassi Grassi Grassi Grassi Grassi Green Gryspeerdt GÜLSÜM Gundgaard Pedersen Gürsel Guveli Hachizuka Hall Hamama Raz

Cancer in the Elderly: The Influence of Life Stage on Psychosocial, Supportive and Informational Needs ProblemFocussed Interactive Telephone Therapy [ProFITT©]:Results of a Feasibility Study The Psychosocial Impact of Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation on Relative Donors Diagnosis Problems of Depressive Disorders in Cancer Patients Body Image and Psychological Distress after Prophylactic Mastectomy in Genetically Predisposed W AP i L F ll S d Family intervention for cancer recurrence: a multicentric pilot study Psychosocials factors associated with patient's communication difficulties Delusion or reality? Managing patients with schizophrenia during cancer treatment The Role of Dysfunctional Beliefs and Attitudes about Sleep: Do they Predispose or Maintain Insomnia in C ? The Life End Information Forum (LEIF) in Belgium: impact of peer review on the quality of EndofLife D i i M ki Art Therapies As Complementary Therapies For Cancer Patients "Feelings are chemicals which can kill or cure" : HUMOR THERAPY: The way of benefitting from power of f li f i SCREENING FOR DISTRESS AND SUPPORTIVE CARE NEEDS DURING THE INITIAL PHASE OF THE CARE PROCESS QUALITATIVE EXPERIMENT IN FRANCE Between breast cancer diagnosis and surgery: women's experiences of social support The Belgian government funds the post academic training program in psychooncology, organised by h Céd i Hèl i i The Information Needs of Egyptian Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Women Undergoing Surgery and Th i L l f S i f i ih h P ii fI f i Parental Cancer Are the needs of affected families and children met in psychosocial cancer counselling i ? Development of a Measure of SelfConcept in Youth Diagnosed with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) H i bl C di i Measurement Properties and Validation of Satisfaction Instruments for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYA) i h C Bl d Di d d h i N i dC Quality of Life and Psychologic Status in Primary Caregivers of Cancer Patients Communication Satisfaction with Treatment Team in Cancer Patients with Completed Treatments Fatigue, Depression, Sexual Problems and Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients Pain, fatigue, sleep and quality of life in elderly hospitalized cancer patients Demoralization among Nurses among Oncology, Palliative Care, and Intensive Care Units To Facilitating the Communication Skill Training of Bad News Telling for Cancer Care as a National Health P li i T i Predictors of longterm cognitive outcomes due to oxaliplatin chemotherapy; the role of dose and i h l hi Docetaxel chemotherapy affects cognitive function shortly after treatment in laboratory rodents Spousal experience of cancer patients `endoflife. A qualitative study. The comprehensive development of a psychosocial and educational program for caregivers: Integrating i i l fi di li i l i d i i Targeted screening for distress ­ identifying who is at risk Canadian Professional Navigation and Personcentered Approach: Model, Tools and Competencies Predictors for patients' perceived needs for psychosocial and psychotherapeutic support after breast h bili i Models for Peer/Volunteer Navigation Programs Implementing Survivorship Care Plans: A Canadian Experience Screening for Distress: It must be more than simply completing a standardized instrument Model for Providing Supportive Care Services to Pediatric Patients at a Comprehensive Cancer Center Risk perceptions of prostate cancer: health promotion implications for early diagnosis Ptss and growth among parents whose child have had a Stem Cell Transplantation (SCT) Exploring information and support for relatives of cancer patients Understanding recovery and supporting self management of cancer related problems following primary Faith Among Patients With Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma In A Secular Society Developing a Sustainable Supportive Oncology Care Model: A College of Social Work, Hunstman Cancer I i dM li N i lC H i l C ll b i Effect of Communication Skills Training Program for Oncologists Based on the Patient Preferences for C i i B dN AR d i dC lT i l Longitudinal Trends Relating to Fear of Recurrence AmongstHead and Neck Cancer Survivors Cancer Worry Scale: a screening instrument for Fear of Cancer Recurrence WellBeing in HomeBased Family Caregiving at the End of Life: Current Conceptualization and Future C id i Immediate Impact on Distress Following Complications after Implant or DIEP flap Breast Reconstruction Developing and integrating a cancer rehabilitation process, in order to achieve a patient focused and h H ll d h i l H l d il j Enhancing Psychiatric Triage by Developing and Implementing Interactive Innovative Education Modules f S i lW k i h W b Fatigue during and after cancer: a crosssectional study involving patients and longterm survivors The self assessment of cognitive functioning in cancer survivor and healthy people Genetic counselling for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer susceptibility: emotional states and i f h ik Cancer behind the shoulders: Health status and posttraumatic growth in longterm cancer survivorship. Sexuality and intimacy in longterm cancer survivors: explorative results from the first Italian Cancer S i Cli i Using the Commonsense and Transtheoretical Models to Understand Health Behaviours After Diagnosis i hP B C Early detection of depression and anxiety disorder within patients with breast cancer and a l INFORMATION NEEDS OF CANCER PATIENTS: A COMPARISON OF NURSES' AND PATIENTS' PERSPECTIVES Use Of Nutritional Supplements And Herbal Medicines Among Danish Patients With Metastatic Renal C ll C i P li i R l F Th MRC CAM S d Breast Cancer Screning In Cancer Early Diagnosis Screening and Education Center The Impact of Gynecologic Cancer on the Family Relationships: A Case Report Associations between pain and psychosocial factors using a computerized ecological momentary h i i h h i i The unmet needs of haematological cancer survivors: An international comparison between Australian d C di i Title: Do early breast cancer patients want to participate in group intervention?

P220 P1148 P2180 P2116 P1108 P2143 P167 P221 P1136 P112 P13 P143 P113 P2123 P2144 P180 P1160 P1109 P1110 P1111 P1112 P132 P262 P222 P223 P2168 P224 P225 P1113 P272 P226 P227 P1114 P114 P1115 P133 P190 P2181 P1116 P1162 P1137 P299 P263 P1117 P1138 P157 P2124 P228 P1118 P2146 P1139 P191 P229 P285 P230 P168 P231 P115 P1119 P2147 P192 P232 P148

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ms. Dr. Ms. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Mr. Mrs. Dr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Ms. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mrs. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Dr. Dr. Ms. Dr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Ms. Prof. Dr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Ms. Ms. Ms. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Mr. Ms.

Helle Ploug Felicity Fay Alison Josette Marie Nick Nick Figen Pinar Mayumi Aulia Eva Najmeh Diana Haley Didem Mehmet Mehmet Mehmet Mehmet Mehmet Angelos Dipika Vildan Aysin Tahereh Saoussane Anna Anita Tamara Tamara Nazmiye Ryutaro Amy Veronika Atsuko Andrea AnneMarie Perihan Yujiro Aslihan Wendy WT Marie Elsa Ka Po Mark Dianne YunHsiang Sujin Sophie Concha Concha Concha Yves Marinella Toni Elizabeth Carmen G. AnnaLena Bridgette Frédéric Sophie

Hansen Harper Hlubocky Hocking HoekstraWeebers Höyer HulbertWilliams HulbertWilliams Inci Isçen Ishida Iskandarsyah Jacobs Jafari Jupp JusticeGardiner Kafadar Kantar Kantar Kantar Kantar Kantar Kassianos Kaur Kaya Kayis Kermany Ranjbar Kharmoum KieszkowskaGrudny Kinney Klikovac Klikovac Kocaman Komuro Kossert Koutná Koyama Krawczyk Krebber KUCUKKAYA Kuroda Kurt Lam LANGE Lau Lau Lazenby Ledesma Lee Lee Lelorain LeonPizarro LeonPizarro LeonPizarro Libert Linardos Lindsay Lobb Loiselle Lopez Lord Maddalena Madsen

MifoHuK: A Danish Milieu for Humanistic Psychosocial Cancer Research. A Longitudinal Study of Parent Caregiver SelfEfficacy and Parent and Child Coping with Pediatric Cancer T P d Psychosocial issues and decision making in clinical trials: Associations between symptom burdens (SB) d i fb fi (EB) f d d i (ACP) l i (SC) Uncovering data on the psychosocial needs of cervical cancer patients. d Implementation of psychosocial screening in daily oncological practice: experiences in the North E i f h N h l d The Influence Of Clinical, Sociodemographic And Workrelated Factors On Return To Work 16 Months F ll i A B C Di i AP l i b dC h S d The MiniMAC Scale: Reanalysis Of Its Psychometric Properties in a Sample Of 160 Mixed Cancer P i Does Psychological Acceptance Correlate With Positive Adjustment In Cancer Patients? Findings From A C S i l Pil S d Important variable affecting the quality of the end of life care: nurse's death anxiety Examination of Conflict Tendencies and Ways of Coping With Stress of Oncologists Distress of bereaved who lost family members with cancer, and asked for medical help Psychosocial and Cultural Factors Related to Nonadherence in Indonesian Women with Breast Cancer: A Q li i S d The Cédric Hèle Institute implements communication training for physicians, nurses and paramedical ff i l f d db h B l i N i lG The effect of Spiritual Therapy for Improving the Quality of life of Women with Breast Cancer: A R d i dC ll d T i l Evaluation of an intervention to promote breast cancer awareness and early presentation: the Train the T i B H l hP i C Providing Ongoing Support and Education for Hispanic/Latino Community Health Workers or P Giving Psychosocial Care to the Cancer Patients Has A Dual Effect: Patientwise and Professionalwise Psychiatric Followup of the Children Treated for Cancer Psychiatric Diagnosis and Behavioral Characteristics in Survivors of Childhood and Adolescent Leukemia dL h Cognitive Profiles of Childhood and Adolescent Leukemia and Lymphoma in at least 2 Years Remission Quality of Life of Children and Adolescents in Remission Period of Lymphoma and Leukemia Cancer and Family: Evaluation of Parental Attitudes and Characteristcis of Children with Lymphoma and L k i Di i Information needs and informationseeking behaviour related to prostate cancer To understand mental health related issues and the importance of regular counselling in medical f di i d i i i d i E i f SUICIDE IDEATION INTENT AND BEHAVOUR IN CANCER PATIENTS CANCER PAIN: Prevalence of cancer pain in outpatients who are registered to a cancer therapy center Cognitive existential group therapy, an effective way to improve depression in women with breast The psychosocial impact of cancer in Moroccan families Quality of life of cervical cancer patients after radical radiochemotherapy with comparison with the l l i Feasibility and acceptability of a randomized trial of Tai Chi Chih in senior female cancer survivors "National telephone for the psychological support to oncological patients and their family members" Media promotion of the project: "National telephone for the psychological support to oncological i d h i f il b " The Relationship Between Communication Skills, Stress Perception and Mental Symptoms in Nurses Wh W k A O l U i A Report of Medical Support for Disaster Victims in East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami An examination of the feasibility and efficacy of exercise in attenuating symptoms of anxiety and d i b i l did Quality of life of partners (closest people) of oncology patients The significance of a specific psychooncology outpatient service for cancer patients run by h i di l d What do they know and what do they think they know? The Influence of Knowledge and Perceived K l d H P ill i (HPV) V i i D i i ki Prevalence of depression in cancer patients during or after treatment: a metaanalysis TURKISH NURSES' EXPERIENCES WITH CANCER PATIENTS IN A PUBLIC HOSPITAL: A PHENOMENOLOGICAL STUDY Efficacy and Feasibility Study on the Use of PatientReported Outcomes by Palliative Care Teams in J Comparison of the psychological factors (depression, anxiety, coping) of cancer pain and nonmalignant h i i i Interpreting patterns in Supportive Care Needs between breast and colorectal cancers Cognitive function of elderly patients treated for a localized breast cancer: preliminary results of a li i l i di l d The Influence of PsychoExistential Profile on Biomarkers of Immune Response in Advanced Cancer A meaningcentred psychosocial intervention for terminally ill patients in Hong Kong Reliability and Validity of the Arabic Translation of the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy S i i l W ll b i The effect of a 6week group psychoeducational program on Philippine breast cancer patients: a pilot d Quality of Life and Symptom Burden in Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Receiving Imatinib Th A Pil S d Comparison study on distress from Cancer survivors and General population in Korea Focusing on d i d i id id i Needs, Priorities, and Concerns of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients: a Literature Review Complementary therapies profile in cancer patients. Preliminary data Comparison of two group intervention methods in reducing emotional distress: an exploratory study Previous history of emotional disorder, and not actual distress, predicts which patients would ask for h l i l i Elderly cancer inpatients' desire for psychological support during the diagnostic phase or before a new li l d i li i f i h l i l d how to reach a correct diagnosis of depressive disorder in breast cancer patients: a comparison study b diff i i di i h l "But it must be the chemo that makes me sick...."Does Integrating Psychological Care into the adult di l d lf h d 30 d h l i l ? Patient and caregiver perceptions of communication of prognosis in high grade glioma Contributing Cutting Edge Knowledge While Mentoring the Next Generation of Psychosocial Oncology R h I C d L di h W ? Supportive Care Needs of Gynaecological Cancer Patients and Survivors Exploring psychosocial needs when implementing new models of care: Assessing the impact of rapid di i i i d i i ih db Interdisciplinary in Oncology: Role of care coordinator in oncology in setting up the procedure for d li i i i f di i b diff k h ld di i Cancer and the risk for divorce: A systematic review and metaanalysis of gender effects

P1120 P233 P234 P2169 P1121 P134 P1149 P2148 P235 P286 P264 P1150 P117 P236 P237 P169 P170 P171 P181 P2117 P2149 P2170 P287 P288 P289 P238 P172 P2150 P2151 P290 P135 P144 P118 P291 P14 P1122 P1163 P2171 P239 P158 P240 P292 P293 P241 P1123 P2182 P173 P174 P136 P1151 P1140 P242 P294 P295 P296 P297 P298 P2173 P145 P2145 P1124 P243 P2183

Dr. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mrs. Mr. Dr. Ms. Dr. Ms. Ms. Prof. Dr. Dr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mrs.

Catherine Geeta Tokuzo Hiromichi Deborah Deborah Jordana Jordana Jordana Anja SUCHITRA José Isabelle Carolyn Carolyn Alex J Alex J Alex J Alex J Alex J Alex J Alex J Alex J Alex J Alex J gholamhossein Anne Floortje Floortje Ali Ignacio Ignacio Hunter Fariba Masatoshi Maria Giulia Sokhna Sylvain Hazel Emma VINCENT Serap Serap David Julianne Toru Ozen Elvan Yasemin Aslihan öznur Sedat Sedat Sedat Sedat Sedat Mine Hye Yoon Andrada Michelle Anette Tomislav Isabelle

Mancini Mathur Matsui Matsuoka McLeod McLeod McLoone McLoone McLoone Mehnert MEHTA MéndezVenegas Merckaert Messner Messner Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell mobaraky Moller Mols Mols Montazeri MoraMagaña MoraMagaña Mulcare Nabavi Aleagha Nakao Nanni NDIAYE Néron Neser O'Brien ODIGIE Oflaz Oflaz Ogez Oktay Okuyama Onen Sertoz Ozalp Ozan Ozcan özdoan Ozkan Ozkan Ozkan Ozkan Ozkan Ozkan Park Parvu Peate Pedersen Peharda Pellegrini

Anxiety in Cancer Patients: Future Considerations Benefits of PsychoOncology Care on Breast Cancer Patients Moderate but consistent teamsupport is useful for mental care in disaster area. The effects of chemotherapy and spouse's existence on the appearance of delirium in cancer patients The Interprofessional Psychosocial Oncology Distance Education (IPODE) Project: Three Years Of I f i l Ed i O An Online Relationship Focused Intervention for Young Couples Affected by Breast Cancer: Findings of a F ibili S d School (Re)Entry After Paediatric Cancer: A Qualitative Examination Risk, Psychosocial Need and Clinical Satisfaction: The Experiences of Australians at High and Moderate Ri k f D l i P i M l A systematic review of psychological and psychoeducational interventions developed for individuals ff db l Distress among patients during cancer rehabilitation A prospective study using the German version of h NCCN Di Th Breast Cancer patient support: Need versus Resources studied at CICRI Nagpur,India Psychosocial factors related to the abandonment of the treatment in pediatric patients to Acute L k i Predictors and correlates of low patient satisfaction with resident communication in clinical rounds Volunteer Management: An Important Role for Psychosocial Cancer Educators Providing Global Cancer S Innovative Integration of Communication Technologies for Global Support of the Oncology Community How Common Are Symptoms of Depression in the General Cancer Population? Results from an E h i ll Di B i i hP l i Validation of the Clinical Significance Criterion of DSMV Major Depression. How Often Does Depression F Di D f i i C P i ? Towards a New Definition of MDD following Cancer: a Fundamental Reexamination of Symptoms for DSMV Does Mental Illness Adversely Prejudice Receipt of Mammography Screening for Breast Cancer? A Meta A l i fC i S di How Common is PTSD following a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer? Pooled Estimate through MetaAnalysis Is there an Increased Risk of Depression in LongTerm Cancer Survivors? a MetaAnalysis of 15 C i S di How Many People with Cancer Related Distress or Depression have Suicidal Thoughts and How Many W H l f h ? Longitudinal Changes in HADS defined Anxiety and Depression following Cancer: a UK study in an h i ll di l Perceived Value of Rapid Screening for Distress in Routine Care: Opinion of Cancer Clinicians During the I l i Ph Evidence Based Screening for Distress and Depression in Cancer Settings: An Expert Consensus Survey f 2011 Psychiatric Rehabilitation of Patients with Esophageal Cancer. Reading as a therapeutic tool. Type D personality is associated with increased comorbidity burden and health care utilization among 3080 i Type D (distressed) personality is associated with poor physical and mental health status among 3080 i Is emotional functioning subscale of the EORTC QLQC30 could be indicative of anxiety and depression i i ? Psychological reactions of parents to the diagnosis of cancer in their child. Risk Attitudes in the Detection of Cervical Cancer in women 20 to 45 years. "A bit scared to know too much, but wanting to know at the same time": A qualitative study on the i f i d i l i hl The Risk of Cancer among Children of Mothers who Experienced Distressful Events during pregnancy Emotional distress among family members after the death of cancer patients in Japan Major Depression and Demoralization in Cancer Patients: a comparative study between two countries fS h E P l dI l "A qualitative evaluation of burnout in professionals working on a paediatric oncology unit in Senegal (W Af i ) " The Pain and Anxiety Trajectory for Rectal Cancer Patients During Brachytherapy Evaluation of Kia Ora E Te Iwi: An Innovative Psychosocial Cancer Education Programme for Indigenous M iP l fN Z l d Opera Project Creating a new opera with five people with cancer bridging the world of medicine and HOW MUCH DO AFRICAN MEN SHARE IN THE BURDEN OF BREAST CANCER IN THEIR WIVES IN NORTHWESTERN NIGERIA Effect of Anxiety and Depression to llness Perception of Patients With Gynecological Cancer The Relationship Between the Illness Perception and Depression in Patients With Breast Cancer The systematic consultation in psychooncology and its objective to refer patients to an appropriate Th i i B l i i hF h ki i Webbased modules to educate social workers on breast cancer: A social worknursing partnership. Competency To Consent to Initial Chemotherapy Among Elderly Patients With Hematological M li i The Psychometric Properties of WHOQOLBref on Variety of Turkish Cancer Patients Assessment of body image and sexual adjustment in breast cancer patients Supportive Psychological Therapy to Families Who Have Children Who are Diagnosed with Leukemia Psychosocial Support for Pediatric Oncology & Hematology Patients PSYCHOSPIRITUAL APPROACH TO CANCER PATIENTS The prevalance of Anxiety,Depression and adjustment disorder in cancer and the association with h i l Self Esteem in Adoleseents with Cancer The study on level of Anxiety, depression and expression of emotions in mother which have a child with To Comparison anxiety, depression and quality of life in women with made of breast conserving h i ih li d l Malignant melanoma patients' anxietydepression levels and quality of life The Investigation of Posttraumatic Growth and Effecting Factors in Cancer Patients. Effect of escitalopram on depression and quality of life in ambulatory female patients with breast Religious Coping with Acute Leukemia An intervention to help women `OVERcome' dyspareunia and sexual problems after breast cancer The Monitoring Process Model and patient delay THE IMPORTANCE OF MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH TO CANCER PATIENTS A PILOT STUDY Tumor Gene Expression Analysis To Target Chemotherapy: Attitudes Of Breast Cancer Patients

P1130 P175 P176 P1125 P265 P2100 P137 P1164 P193 P2101 P2102 P2103 P244 P119 P138 P273 P1142 P2152 P2153 P2154 P2104 P1126 P266 P2105 P2155 P159 P2174 P1152 P194 P23 P1153 P2175 P2176 P1127 P2156 P2157 P2158 P1154 P274 P2106 P2159 P2107 P2177 P2160 P245 P1128 P21 P1129 P2161 P1155 P120 P2108 P2125 P246 P247 P125 P2178 P1165 P2184 P267 P121 P248 P2109

Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Ms. Dr. Dr. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Prof. Prof. Mrs. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mrs. Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Dr. Ms. Dr. Ms. Ms. Ms. Ms. Mrs. Dr. Ms. Dr. Ms. Dr. Ms. Ms.

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Pereira Pereira Pereira Petterson Pianigiani Ploos van Amstel Pudumjee Rezende Rhondali Rhondali Rhondali Riepma Riepma Rivas Rix Rix Robitaille Romito Romito Rosberger Roshanai Ruel Rukhadze Ryan Sabiston Sabo Sagawa Samardakiewicz Santiago Saral Kabatas SARISOY Savard Savard Schofield Schofield Schrauwen Schrauwen Schulte Sekse Seok Serpentini Shakhurova Shimizu Smith Soares Steel Stevenson Suzuki Takahashi Takei Tang tavassoli tavassoli TEL TEL Terakye Thekdi Theodoropoulou Thong Tondo Travado TrudelFitzgerald Tu

Psychophysiological Reactivity, PTSD and Distress in Adult Children of Cancer Patients Portuguese Validation of the Impact of Event ScaleRevised (IESR) in Adult Children of Cancer Patients Psychometric Properties of the Portuguese Version of the Posttraumatic Growth Inventory (PTGI) in Ad l Child fC P i In With Both Feet: Developing an evidence base for the provision of reflexology in a daycancercentre The Regional Cancer Counseling Center: Teleconferencing for terminal patients and family. Distress in Breast Cancer Survivors measured with the Distress Thermometer. Family Support and Depression in Patients of Colorectal Cancer To think, to feel, to talk and to realize: a construction of a psychoanalytical work developed with health f i l d li ih i Suicide prevention for home care patients Patterns of practice of medical oncologist with regard to assessment and management of depression Prevalence of depression in outpatient oncology clinic and association with others symptoms Prevalence of depression and depressive symptoms in palliative cancer patients: a metaanalysis Power of the past: a randomized controlled trial testing the efficacy of a life review therapy in d d lli i i Evaluating and Implementing an innovative and interactive educational series on problemsolving, i i d i i ' j d id f h Evaluation of a national counseling service for families with a parent with cancer A national strategy for cancer rehabilitation and palliative care in Denmark Strategies to improve Endoflife care in the Intensive Care Unit as Perceived by Nurses Quality of life, fatigue and depression in Italian longterm breast cancer survivors POSTCANCER PAIN IN LONGTERM CANCER SURVIVORS Reproductive and Psychosocial Health Profile of Young Men Diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, H d ki ' d N H d ki ' L h A i i Ch h AC i i hC i Is Genetic Counseling for Hereditary Cancer a Stressful Event? Are Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression Associated with the Occurrence of Infections in Cancer Patients? Opinion and Importance of Adequatness of Spiritual Pain Assasment Beatween EndofLife Patients R i i h P lli i C (H dI i C ) Correlations between pain and distress detected by brief screening tools Goal Adjustment Capacities, Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior, and Emotional and Physical H l hA B C S i "I was six months ahead of myself." Waiting: the Experiences of Spouses of Patients Undergoing H i i S C ll T l The anger and its underlying factors in patients with cancer Acute Psychiatric Episodes During Intensive Treatment Course In Pediatric Cancer Patients Aged 812 A d 12 18 Y The health facility closer to patients and their communities: decentralized attendance model for a h i i l SLEEP QUALITY AND RELATED FACTORS IN CANCER PATIENTS THE EFFECT OF `ENCOUNTER GROUP APPLICATION' ON MOTHERS' PSYCHOLOGICAL SYMPTOM LEVELS AT THE PEDIATRIC ONCOLOGY CLINIC Cortisol Levels Predict Insomnia in Patients Treated for Prostate Cancer AndrogenDeprivation Therapy is Associated with Increased Insomnia in Patients with Prostate Cancer What doctors don't know about adherence: A qualitative study of adherence to Imatinib amongst i i h Ch i M l id L k i Psychological Distress, Unmet Needs, Symptom Prevalence, Benefit Finding and Social Support in Cancer S i C l i P i ll C i Pi T Results from a Pilot Study to examine Perseverative Cognitions and Personality and their effect on S bj i C ii F i i Cognitive Impairment and Affect Regulation during and after Curative Treatment for Breast Cancer Bridging the Gap: Parent vs. SelfReports of Health Related Quality of Life Among Survivors of Childhood C Rehabilitation of Women Following Treatment for Gynaecological Cancer; A Randomized, Controlled S d AD i i f M li S d dE i f Mental adjustment and emotional symptoms of the thyroid cancer patients with psychological distress Quality of Life and Psychological WellBeing in Melanoma Survivors Patients Screening diagnosis of anxietydepressive disturbances in patients with head and neck cancer. Treatment response to psychiatric intervention and predictors of response among cancer patients with dj di d Losing Your Marbles: Understanding the Psychosocial Issues Faced by Testicular Cancer Survivors Psychooncology: a pilot study to integrate psychiatric services into cancer care at a regional cancer i H il O i C d Depressive Symptoms and Life Satisfaction among Bereaved Cancer Caregivers: A Longitudinal I i i When students weep: The psychosocial needs of students conducting research with advanced cancer d lli i i Nurses' Current Psychosocial Care May Fail to Help Prevent Distress Impact of the earthquake in Japan on cancer survivors and the healthcare system Psychosocial dimensions of cancer in adolescents with childhood cancer The difference between the opinion of students of Department of Medicine on truthtelling and their b i h l li i l i f di h i i Studying the difference in coping styles among cancer patients, undergone surgery patients and healthy Studying the difference in religious orientation among cancer patients, undergone surgery patients and h lh SOCIAL SUPPORT AND DEPRESSION AMONG THE CANCER PATIENTS DEPRESSION AND SELF CARE AGENCY AMONG THE CANCER PATIENTS QUALITY OF LIFE DETERMINENTS FOR THE CAREGIVING FAMILY MEMBERS OF CANCER PATIENTS Curcumin for Depression in Cancer Patients Occupational Stress In Health Professionals Quality of life of older rectal cancer patients is not impaired by a permanent stoma Perceived Emotional Intelligence, Job Commitment, Perception and attitude of Oncology Health W k d O l P i i h U i i C ll H i l Ib d Promoting Communication Skills for Cancer Physicians in Portugal ­ preliminary results of a national il i i Passive Coping Strategies as a Mediator between Perfectionism and Psychological Symptoms Resource loss, resource gain, coping styles, and distress trajectories following a breast cancer diagnosis: A i b d j d li h d

P1143 P249 P1144 P250 P2185 P1145 P2162 P149 P2111 P160 P1131 P1156 P2163 P122 P161 P123 P124 P2112 P165 P251 P252 P2118 P1132 P253 P1157 P254 P182 P183 P184

Ms. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Prof. Ms. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Ms. Dr. Dr. Dr. Ms. Ms. Ms. Prof. Dr. Dr.

Véronique Sevinç Sati Sati Corinne Ruchan Elke Tiny Isabel Sigrun Helle Andreea Andrea Joel Joel Adam Adam GingLong Lisa Samantha Ewa Addie Shelagh Hanne S. K. Sul Ki Robert Amy Amy

Turcotte Ulusoy Unal Unal Urech Uslu Van Hoof Van Keymeulen van Schie Vehling Vendel Petersen Vidan Vodermaier Vos Vos Walczak Walczak Wang Whop Williams Wojtyna Wootten Wright Würtzen Yang Yang Zachariae Zhang Zhang

Evaluating the Economic Loss of Caregiving for Palliative Care Patients Cognitive and Emotional Regulation Styles in Cancer Patients Communicate with cancer patients: Breaking bad news and handling difficult questions The Views Of Cancer Patients On Receiving Bad News Fertility preservation in young female cancer patients a study to assess knowledge, attitudes and i i f ili i Palliative Care in Turkey Psychosocial predictors of breast cancer survivors' intimate partners' needs for information and support f i b Intimacy and Sexual Health Care Program for Breast Cancer Patients Psychosocial Screening of Patients with Mamma Carcinoma Perceived positive and negative life change after cancer diagnosis as assessed by a modified version of h P i G hI (PTGI) LONGTERM EXPERIENCES FROM LIVING WITH LYNCH SYNDROME;a phenomenological approach to d di h h d f li i h l h hi h i k i di id l The Behavioral and Psychological Changes in Adolescents Coping with Cancer Anxiety and Depression as a predictor of diseasespecific and allcause mortality in patients with i i l A i h d Opening the psychological black box in geneticcounselling: a counseleeoriented integrative approach Four perspectives on bridging the worlds of cancerpatients and everyday life: a theoretical review with h h i i li i Discussing prognosis and endoflife issues with patients in the final year of advanced cancer: A new i li d d l f i id ifi d i ii f Discussing life expectancy and endoflife care: Preliminary results from a RCT/prepost trial of a i i i i d i i f i l i Physical problems and psychosocial distress in breast cancer survivors d Supportive Care Needs Survey for Australian Indigenous Cancer Patients. The unmet needs of individuals who have an ill parent: A comparative literature review of research in d h h i ill Cognitive behaviour therapy to enhancing selfesteem concerns improves smoking cessation outcome i hb Developing an online psychological support intervention for men with prostate cancer Evaluation of the first eighteen months of the first running of an MSc in Psychooncology through the S h l f N i D bli Ci U i i I l d Who participates in a randomized trial of MBSR after breast cancer? Analysis of registry based clinical i f i f l ibl D i h (N 1208) l db l i f h i Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Korean Mothers of Pediatric Cancer Survivors lf Development of the 6item screening tool for the childhood cancer survivors: comparison with the CBCL CancerRelated PostTraumatic Stress Symptoms of Palestinian Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors f h G S i A i i i hN C T i E dC li fE Discord of Biological and Psychological Measures In a Group of Depressed African American and White C P i What Precipitates Depression in African American Cancer Patients? Triggers and Stressors



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