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2011 ANU Myanmar/Burma Update Program As at 10 May 2011 Hedley Bull Lecture Theatre 1 Day 1 Monday 16 May

9.00am Opening remarks: Professor Paul Hutchcroft, Director, School of International, Political & Strategic Studies, ANU Keynote Address: Thant Myint-U, formerly UN Department of Political Affairs White Elephants and Black Swans: Thoughts on Burma/Myanmar's Recent History and its Possible Futures 10.15-10.45am B. Political Update 10.45am-12.45pm Chair: Trevor Wilson, Department of Political & Social Change ANU Coffee/tea break (HB Centre Atrium)


1. Richard Horsey, Independent political analyst, former ILO Liaison Officer Yangon Myanmar's political landscape following the elections: a glass nine-tenths empty? 2. Nicholas Farrelly, Regulatory Institutions Network, ANU Returning fire? Kachin politics after the stalemates 3. Marie Lall, Institute of Education, University of London Space for citizenship? Perceptions of the State after the 2010 Myanmar elections 4. Larry Jagan, Independent Journalist, Bangkok Myanmar Remains a Millstone Around Asia's Necks 12.45-1.30pm C. Economic Update 1.30-3.30pm Chair: Peter Warr, Arndt-Corden Division of Economics, ANU Lunch break (HB Centre Atrium)

5. Khin Maung Nyo, Chief Editor, World Economic Journal, Yangon Taking stock of the Myanmar Economy in 2011 6. Sean Turnell, Burma Economic Watch, Macquarie University Myanmar/Burma: Emerging Economic Issues, 2011 7. Tin Htut Oo, formerly Director-General for Agriculture Planning, Yangon Devising an Agricultural Strategy to Enhance Myanmar's Rural Economy

8. Renaud Egreteau, Hong Kong University Gems, Diaspora, and the (Relative) Impact of International Sanctions on Myanmar/Burma 3.30-4.00pm Coffee/tea break D. Role of the Media 4.00-5.30pm Chair/Discussant: Monique Skidmore, University of Canberra/ ANU (HB Centre Atrium)

9. U Pe Myint, Chief Editor, The People's Age, Yangon Development of Weekly News Journals in Myanmar during the Last Two Decades 10. Aye Chan Naing , Chief Editor and Director, Democratic Voice of Burma The role of expatriate media such as DVB 11. Nwe Nwe Aye, Journalist, Mainichi Newspaper, Yangon Corruption, the media and the bureaucracy Comments: Violet Cho (Independent journalist)

Day 2 Tuesday 17 May

E. The Rule of Law 9.00-10.45m Chair/Discussant: Andrew Selth, Griffith Asia Institute, Griffith University

12. Kyaw Min San, Hong Kong University Critical issues for the rule of law in Myanmar's judicial system 13. Nick Cheesman, Department of Political & Social Change, ANU The business of criminal justice in Myanmar 14. Myint Zan, Multimedia University, Malacca The "new" Burmese Supreme Court and new Constitutional Tribunal: Marginal improvement or more of the same?


Coffee/tea break

(HB Centre Atrium)

F. Information sessions

Venue: Hedley Bull Lecture Theatre 2


Chair: Craig Reynolds, School of Culture, History & Languages, ANU


New Mandala: Past, present and future Nicholas Farrelly and Andrew Walker, Joint Managers (30 mins) Introduction to the National Library of Australia Burmese Collection: Nick Cheesman (15 mins). Book Launch: Professor Hilary Charlesworth, Regulatory Institutions Network, ANU speaks about Richard Horsey's Ending Forced Labour in Myanmar: Engaging a Pariah Regime (Routledge 2011) (30 mins)




Lunch break (HB Centre Atrium)

G. The Continued Importance of International Assistance 1.30-3.30pm Chair/ Discussant: Richard Moore, First Assistant Director-General, AusAID 15. Morten Pedersen, Australian Defence Force Academy, UNSW Past Impact & Future Potential of International Assistance to Burma 16. Thaung Tun, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore European Union - Myanmar/Burma Relations in a Changing World 17. Adam Simpson, University of South Australia The Asian Development Bank in Myanmar: Managing risk in the Greater Mekong Subregion 18. Anthony Ware, Deakin University Contextualisation of INGO Development Approaches to Myanmar

H. Conclusions 3.30-4.00pm Panel Discussion Participants: Thant Myint-U, Monique Skidmore, Trevor Wilson,


2011 ANU Myanmar/Burma Update Proposals

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